Bin Laden: Everyone Is Missing the Big Picture

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Laden1 Bin Laden:  Everyone Is Missing the Big Picture

Painting by Anthony Freda:

Obama and Romney Are Both Ignoring the Real Issue with Killing Bin Laden

The anniversary of Bin Laden's death is big news.

Obama is bragging about how he whacked Bin Laden, accusing Romney of being too soft to take out bad guys.

Romney supporters accuse Obama of "spiking the football" and inappropriately showing off to score political points.

Both sides are missing the big picture.    Specifically, we noted last year:

I’m as happy as the next red-blooded American that Bin Laden is dead.


For more than a decade, the government has said that Bin Laden is the world’s worst terrorist, a terrorist kingpin, the head of the worst terrorist group in the world.


But if we captured and interrogated him, he could have spilled a lot of beans which would help prevent future terrorist attacks.



But as the Atlantic reports today:

There’s one option the administration appears to have never seriously considered: taking bin Laden alive.




The administration had made clear to the military’s clandestine Joint Special Operations Command that it wanted bin Laden dead, according to a senior U.S. official with knowledge of the discussions. A high-ranking military officer briefed on the assault said the SEALs knew their mission was not to take him alive. ***

And Gareth Porter reported yesterday that the U.S. didn’t even consider capturing Bin Laden as part of its Afghanistan war strategy:

The absence of any military planning to catch bin Laden was a function of Bush’s national security team, led by Vice-President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld, which had firmly opposed any military operation in Afghanistan that would have had any possibility of catching bin Laden and his lieutenants.Rumsfeld and the second-ranking official at the Pentagon, Paul Wolfowitz, had dismissed CIA warnings of an al Qaeda terrorist attack against the United States in the summer of 2001, and even after 9/11 had continued to question the CIA’s conclusion that bin Laden and al Qaeda were behind the attacks.


Cheney and Rumsfeld were determined not to allow a focus on bin Laden to interfere with their plan for a U.S. invasion of Iraq to overthrow the Saddam Hussein regime.


Even after Bush decided in favour of an Afghan campaign, CENTCOM commander Tommy Franks, who was responsible for the war in Afghanistan, was not directed to have a plan for bin Laden’s capture or to block his escape to Pakistan. [Background.]

We tortured a bunch of innocent farmers, children, grandparents and reporters … supposedly to get information about Bin Laden. But it doesn’t seem like the government was very interested in actually interrogating Bin Laden himself.

We pointed out the next day:

The Christian Science Monitor reports today:

Some US military intelligence officials also lament that bin Laden was not taken alive – and privately wonder whether concerns about the political “headaches” involved in trying detainees may have led the Obama administration to favor killing rather than capturing the architect of 9/11.


The opportunity to glean valuable intelligence from the leader of a powerful terrorist organization was lost, says retired Army Col. Stuart Herrington, a military intelligence specialist who interrogated generals under the command of Saddam Hussein and evaluated US detention operations at Guantánamo.


It is a misconception that ideologues don’t talk, he says. “The opinion that, ‘Oh, he’s such a fanatic, he won’t tell us anything' – that’s uninformed blathering by people who don’t understand the business,” Herrington adds.


The Christian Science Monitor article also confirms that torture doesn’t work to produce actionable intelligence, and points out that even Bin Laden could have been made to talk if other interrogation techniques were used.




The ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee. – Senator Chambliss – says that the executive order stated that Bin Laden should be killed ....

As we noted  in 2008, Bin Laden was useful to the U.S. as a prop in the so-called war on terror:

Former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats, a 23-year senior CIA analyst, who “drafted or was involved in many of the government’s most senior assessments of the threats facing our country [and who] devoted years to understanding and combating the jihadist threat”, writes today in the Washington Post that the neocons have whipped us into an irrational fear of the terrorism. In reality, “Osama bin Laden and his disciples are small men and secondary threats whose shadows are made large by our fears” and our leaders.


This is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention. The BBC produced a documentary called The Power of Nightmares in 2005 that showed that politicians were greatly exaggerating the terrorist threat for political ends.

Indeed, we noted in 2009:

A United States Congressman claims that the Bush administration intentionally let Bin Laden escape in order to justify the Iraq war.




Many people claim that Bin Laden died a long time ago. According to Israeli intelligence, Pakistani intelligence, and other sources, Bin Laden is dead.


According to video experts and and top Bin Laden experts, recent Bin Laden videos are fake.


So if Bin Laden is alive, American leaders have to explain why they have repeatedly chosen not to pull the trigger.


And if he is dead, they have to explain why they are claiming that he’s alive and authenticating his videos.

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Widowmaker's picture

Fuck Paul Wolfowitz.

He personifies many of the reasons the Holocaust occurred, and unfortunately his ancestors lived so that he could throw countless US soldiers to the dogs of war in the desert (twice) for USA Incorporated war profiteering, instead.

It's obvious to anyone with common sense watching both Bush clusterfucks that Sadam/Bin Laden were worth more money alive to keep the Big-Oil-Bush war cartel at wide open throttle.

Paul deserves an oven and anything else bad that happens to he and his family of war repute.

You and Rumsfeld and all the other neofucks Inc. are a disgrace to the stars and stripes and all who actually fight on it's behalf.

Stay isolated Paul.  Better yet, go back to Israel.

FrankThinkTank's picture

Fuck you scumbag. You are merely a parot for the other side of the mis-information paradigm. Just as much a sheeple as the rest

Widowmaker's picture

Is that all you got, Ms. Wolfowitz?

Misinformation my fucking ass, do some research and get a clue.

Why is the US in Iraq again -- Hope and change?  Where did all the money go?  Why has every validation of fact turned up a lie?

Wolfowitz has the blood of thousands of manufactured US deaths on his hands, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, too, but I wouldn't expect a fucking synapse in your fascist neocon-dick-sucking corpse to even open your eyes to look.

Truth always hurts faggots and jew-denial, I understand.

FrankThinkTank's picture

Not a neo-con. Not Ms. Wolfowitz. Simply someone who recognizes unintelligent  biggoted blathering diatribe when I see it. GW presents some good info but attracts a horde of losers compensating with ego driven interwebz puffery...

I am not the straw man you seek. You have some character projection issues, and you do have my pitty.

In fact I agree with most of what you say up until the call for a French Rev. Redux, et al...

You also appear to be a pea brained scumbag. Enjoy your mind-cage!  

(P.S.: the fervor looks reads a lot like butt-hurt) 

Augustus's picture

O'bummer was president for three years.  That makes Bush / Cheney / Rumsfeld responsible for not taking bin Laden alive?  So, O'Bummer actually did no planning or thinking about capturing bin Laden?  Maybe it was because spineless Joe Biden advised NO.

HungrySeagull's picture

One day they will realize that the "We the People" no longer give a goddamn.

However I am typing this out because we set out to catch and/or kill the scum bum who had done some bad things. That was taken care of.

Now it seems like Politics is being used as a gigantic bullshit fluff to whip the people into a froth and keep them running in circles.

They should try out the Klingon Method for Power; and leave the real work to the Folks that can get it done.

CH1's picture

Politics is being used as a gigantic bullshit fluff to whip the people into a froth and keep them running in circles.

Well said, my friend. Well said.

Cathartes Aura's picture

nothing new here, same as it ever was. . .

+1 and a *nod*

Gully Foyle's picture

Fuck dude you missed the Bin Laden "Big Picture".

May 1 1776

Adam Weishaupt founds the Bavarian Illuminati, the secret society which controls your mind as part of its plot to overthrow organized religion and control the global economy. If you don't believe it, ask yourself what novus ordo seclorum is doing on your dollar bill.

May 1 1889

The first of May is designated "International Workers Day," in commemoration of Chicago's Haymarket riots of 1886. The new holiday is actually an appropriation of the banned Beltane (Day of Fire), or May Day, traditionally celebrated by encircling a phallic maypole with delectable fertile virgins

May 1 2011

The spiritual leader of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, is shot and killed by American troops at a mansion in Abbottabad, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan.

9/11 truth Switzerland : Osama Bin Laden Killed on Illuminati May Day

Why the Death of the Man Who Was Not Behind 9/11 Was Announced on May 1st

May 1st, or May Day, was considered by several cultures to be an important holiday, especially in occult circles due to celestial alignments. In Illuminati lore, it is regarded as the second most important day of the year. In fact, the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1st 1776.

In Europe, it is called the Beltane festival, an ancient Gaelic celebration of sexuality, fertility…and blood sacrifices.

The Ritual Sacrifice Of Osama Bin Laden

I understand it is difficult to come terms with the idea of the death of Osama bin Laden as a sacrifice, but there you have it – the death of Osama bin Laden on 1st May, Beltane .


Osama Bin Laden, Adolf Hitler both declared dead on May 1

The Occult Holiday Events of May 1st

The ritual mass to celebrate the beatification of Pope John Paul II is going to be held on May 1, which just happens to be the highest of pagan holidays known as Beltane

Fish Gone Bad's picture

That May day stuff is certainly interesting.  On the general topic of winners and losers though, Bin Laden is dead.  I am sure he had "his side" of the story to tell, but no one will hear it.  Think of all the cultures that have been decimated and their history wiped out for forever.  All we have now is one side of the story.  The story that the hero wants to tell anyone who will listen.  I do not know if Bin Laden was anyone's friend.  Then again, I do not think Rumsfeld was anyone's friend either.  If I met him in passing he wouldn't even give me the time of day.

History is written by winners.

Gully Foyle's picture

Fish Gone Bad

I swear one of the reasons we invaded Iraq was to steal not merely antiquities but those of mystical significance.

Can't prove it, but it fits the profile.

nmewn's picture

Mystical significance you say?

I can't believe you didn't have Mother Earth Gaian's and atheists crawling up your backside for that

God I love GW threads ;-)

CutterJeff's picture

The thought crosses my mind that if I captured OBL, I'd want to tell all his friends he was dead...

If his friends knew he was alive and captured, they'd know what info he could be giving me, and adjust accordingly.

If they figured he was dead, and thus I wasn't going to get info from him, they'd not change as many of their plans, and thus the intel I gathered during the interrogation would be more valuable.


Money 4 Nothing's picture

27 million dollar reward in total for OBL Capture or Kill.

I would give my mother up for that reward, yet, his closest confidants didn't. Nor did the reporter that had an interview with him when nobody knew where he was, this reporter readily gained access 13 days after 9/11 while there was a Kill or Capture on his head.

George Bush 6 months after 9/11 remarks about capturing OBL.

"I'm not that concerned about finding him." Listen very closley to his speech, he is announcing more wars to come in that area when we didn't even know that at the time.

The former CIA officer Bruce Riedel has seen the intelligence on Bin Laden and his blunt conclusion is that "there is no trail any more".

"It's not cold," he says, "it's frozen over".

Riedel, who has advised three US presidents, admits that despite the biggest manhunt in history "we haven't had eyes on target now in over eight years... and we don't have a clue where he is."

Nowadays, if there's a situation where there's no certainty, in jump the conspiracy theories.

Over the last eight years, Osama Bin Laden has become shrouded in myth and rumour.

There have been reports from some leading news organisations suggesting Bin Laden has been seriously ill with kidney disease and even some claiming that he is dead.

The leading French newspaper, Le Figaro, and Radio France International reported that Osama Bin Laden was given emergency kidney dialysis in the American Hospital in Dubai, a few months before 9/11.

CBS ran a story on their main evening news suggesting that Bin Laden was given kidney dialysis at the Pakistan Military Hospital in Rawalpindi, on the day before 9/11.

Often these reports emanate from smaller newspapers, such as one in the Pakistan Observer, which claimed that Osama Bin Laden had died of a lung complication during the battle for Tora Bora at the end of 2001 and was buried there in the mountains of eastern Afghanistan. That report was then picked up around the world.


They need to just stop all the lies. But they won't.


forexskin's picture

emmanuel goldstein bin laden

pragmatic hobo's picture

it coulda been a lot worse ... john edwards could have been the president.

RiotActing's picture

No he couldnt have! Why are people on ZH so stupid they believe the Presidency is up for chance, like voting fucking matters. Nothing is left for chance, voting doesnt do shit. John Edwards could never have been president because the powers that be didnt want him. Wake the fuck up sheeple.... they dont want Romney either. Obama is a lock, Mr. Dimon loves him...

optimator's picture

"They" own every candidate except Dr. Ron Paul.  It does not matter who gets elected, except for Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.  He makes them very nervous just running.

Cathartes Aura's picture


he's run before, he's still "around" and still in party - how nervous can that make them?  how can "others" be taken out for seemingly lesser "nervous" making gestures?   how is it that his son is also in office as a Repub?  

Paul Wellstone is an example of a politician that made some "nervous"

come on people, stop "believing" and start thinking.

nmewn's picture

Ok...lets chase this rabbit a while.

Some choose to believe Bin Laden wasn't killed a year ago by the military...whatever, free country still somewhat...but the inference here is Wellstone and half his family was killed by someone in a plane crash. Really?

By who? Al Gore ;-)

hedgeless_horseman's picture



Thank you.  I needed that.

I am on to you's picture

The Christian Science Monitor?

Have forgotten what the pray for,and that the fifth Commandmend, is the pricipal foundation of the socalled Bible,and so has the hole freaking hipocrazy!

This was why Moses had to go back to stay fifty days more that expected,than he already spend,up there with his god.

Oh my, Blind is realy leading the blind,down the vortex of the Holy Pope of dope!

And no,i am not a member of the, Tribe of the sheeps,just a simpel Bricklayer.

But ill tell a secret here,i did walk on water????Dont tell anyone,it was a froosty clear day!

Love your work: William Banzai7:Could you do one of Obama,imploding through his,yes i will not, mouthpiece,and going out Through the Gazzometro,just a wild dream.Anyway thanks for the laughter,her on the 1 May day of the Bernanksters!


MFL8240's picture

The 1 thing Obama was involved in (even though he had 0 to do with catching this scumbag) so let him boast, most of us know what this Obama man is and that everything he says or does is a TV commerical while the US is collapsing from his communist rule.  So, if it makes the fool feel good and the media wet their pants, let them, we know it was Dick Cheny who is responsible for getting Bin Landen, not this Obama ("Forward" a classic Marxist trademark) .

blindman's picture

don't forget to include your organ donor status and your
constant location on your face book page.
holy cows man.

Everybodys All American's picture

I knew GW would find a way to blame Bush for not taking Bin Laden alive. Unreal. The insanity of Bin Laden being taken out years ago no matter who writes an article does not make it so. Try explaining that to the Pakistanis who harbored somone who looked incredibly like Bin Laden. GW you are a fool and I feel dumber every time I click on your stupid articles.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Fox News already reported his death on December 26, 2001. One time, and one time only. Everyone was busy with Christmas festivities and missed it I guess?,2933,41576,00.html

That's the reason why we battled in Tora Bora in mid 2002, it was over control of his grave site. His body was removed from the ground and flown out, and placed on ice.

Everyone from SEAL team 6 is not alive today, their Characters were all killed off in a supposed helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

If you think back to late 2001, do you remember a story in the news that they have located high ranking members of Al Quada attending a funeral in the Tora Bora region? non descript.

The funeral was spotted by one of our weaponized spy drones and they showed the live video feed of a funeral procession on the news.

That was Osama Bin Ladens funeral.

Click this link for Death his death notice:

The pilots were told to stand down and not to fire on the funeral procession because there was a Saudi Diplomat sharing the same airspace and that it was too dangerous to take "the shot"?

Remember this? Madeline Albright's reported '04 October suprise? 


R.I.P. Pat Tillman.


Viewers of Fox News may remember Madeleine Albright accusing George W. Bush of hiding Osama Bin Ladin away for an "October surprise." Albright, the former Clinton Secretary of State made her prophecy on a December 2003 episode of Fox News.

On 12/18/03, David Adams, writing for The Guardian (UK) asked "On December 17, in a Fox News interview, while musing about the alleged capture of Saddam Hussein, Madeline Albright said the Neocon/Bush regime may reveal bin Laden's capture as an "October surprise", just before the 2004 presidential elections. We are now How did the US confirm Saddam's identity so quickly?hard-pressed to find the actual transcript of those comments on Fox News, but they are reported elsewhere, verbatum. The actual transcript Fox News is now downplaying Albright's comments featuring her claim that the comment was made "tongue in cheek". But Fox News analyst and Roll Call executive editor Mort Kondracke. "She was not smiling."

Of course Bill O'Reilly had his say over Albright's comments. Fox bashed Albright a few days later for even suggesting such a thing.

Now with Obama's approval ratings low and facing a tough challenge for reelection, Albright's prophecy appears like it could be eight years late--accurate to some degree, but late. After all it does seem ironic that Obama continues to fail to produce credible evidence of Osama Bin Ladin's death. He quickly buried Bin Laden at sea claiming he was honoring an Islamic tradition, despite an Islamic expert saying otherwise. Now the Obama administration is backing away from the promised pictures of the corpse with the fear they may be insensitive to Muslims around the world.

The drama over Obama proof of kill continues to build. What's funny again is the words of Democrats seem to haunt their own. Consider what we already know about Democrats and Obama's approval ratings. Remember what Mark Penn said Obama needed to jump start his approval numbers.

Gully Foyle's picture

Money 4 Nothing

But the symbology lives on. Read my post regarding significance of Beltane, May 1.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Will do. Thank you for that support, the Psyop's is so thick right now and everyone is forgetting their history.

Something else that's bothering me is the date May 20th, the NATO conference in Chicago, just happens to be the anniversary of Stalins Birthday. Kinda creepy.

 April 20th is the same date the Jimi Hendrix, Janice Joplin and Jim Morrison died. Just a coincendence though.

Cathartes Aura's picture

Hendrix died Sept. 18 1970

Joplin died Oct 4 1970

Morrison died July 3 1971

what all their deaths DO have in common is they died at the age of 27 - as did Kurt Cobain, and other "lesser known" artists over the years - I only mention this because comparison studies have been done by some, including myself.

Stalin's birthday is listed as 18 December 1878. . .

not sure where you're getting your info from? 

BUT, this May 20th is a New Moon Solar Eclipse, which may just have significance to. . . some.

takinthehighway's picture

Ah, his heart was in the right place; just had a tad much 4/20 on the brain...

MassDecep's picture

M4N you are spot on!! They always need a bogy man to exact their agenda's. Anyone who even chooses sides in this election, (except Ron Paul), are falling into their web of deceit.

blindman's picture
The Gary Null Show – 04/30/12
with guest max keiser speaking of price propaganda, the only prices
we know.
Webster Tarpley vs. Jonathan Kay on 911 Conspiracy

Historian and author Webster Tarpley explains the state sponsored false flag terrorism , This is an Excellent debate. So important for all of us Americans to? be able to access this information and be able to see what is happening here in America. Many Americans are blinded by the fear propaganda that the Neo-Cons have created. Wake up Americans and see how you are being used; We are giving away our country, our belief in God, and our freedom! Mass Media should be ashamed of themselves. They are suppose to be the watchmen on the wall. But they have sold out to the neocons too! You won't hear truth from Fox, or other mainstream media. They are too busy pushing propaganda for the Treacherous terrorists who have over taken the White? House.

forexskin's picture

i no longer consider (if i ever did) webster tarpley a reliable source of opinions. he's said austrian economics has no relevance in America, because it has no place in the roots of our culture. (???) he's carrying water for someone else, probably someone that wants to discredit any opposition to the status quo.

claims RP is part of the NWO, is in league with romney, wants a globalist one world currency (misrepresenting asset backed currency).

tarpley is a tool.

blindman's picture

everyone is a tool. dylan also said that ..
"you got to serve somebody" .
but what tarpley says about the potential paul alignment
with romney is interesting. if paul aligns with the mutt
then that is the signal that he has succumbed to politics
as per the ruling class, imo. this is the point of departure,
back in the water moment, for me. trust no man.

nmewn's picture

Geopol aka Webster Tarpley has always been a fucking moonbat.

NotApplicable's picture

Interesting. I've always wondered about him. Now it makes sense. It's his job to spill the beans on the Bush family in such a way as to avoid serious scrutiny due to the tin-foilish nature of his website.

Ignatius's picture

"This is an Excellent debate."

This was no debate at all.  One the one hand we have Mr. Kay spewing platitudes and generalities trying to tie 9/11 skeptics to space aliens, and on the other hand we have Mr. Tarpley mostly trying to hawk his book.  What was missing?  Time and hard evidence (they were each given apprx 20 minutes).

What might have been presented?

* 9/11 informed trading (see Poteshman and Chesney for peer reviewed papers)

* Conspiracy happens all the time.  All covert acts are conspiracy

* WTC 7 was not hit by a plane and fell for 2.28 seconds at free-fall speed -- impossible (NIST final report)

* WTC 1 & 2 were always accelerating during the apprx 2/3 free-fall speed (Chandler, etc.) -- impossible

* Fire has never -- except on 9/11 -- brought down steel framed super-structure towers

* Van packed with explosives stopped near George Washington bridge (CBS, etc.)

* Van stopped in New Jersey after reports of occupants "celebrating/filming" impacts/collapses

* Pentagon hit over half an hour after second tower hit.  Minetta testified under oath that PEOC was monitoring the flight the last 50 miles or so.  Most protected airspace and no defensive response

* 118 witnesses to explosions from NY 9/11 responders plus scores of others

* No one held accountable

* And much more....

blindman's picture

excellent summary. someone will come along and
say it is no summary at all, they will be correct
and right. thanks for the links and information.

DaveyJones's picture

and some of my favorites:

NORAD - never behaved that way before either

Cheney's 5+ flight exercises that very same day

"Mr. Vice President do the orders still stand?"

"we pulled it"

(almost forgot) his very unique insurance policy - what timing, what a coincidence

seizing and never releasing all pentagon area camera footage - except a few frames - which do not show a plane

immediately seizing and shipping off all the steel evidence - in violation of numerous laws

what little steel remained, tested independently, showed very unique evidence of thermite  

tedstr's picture

Locked in a home with three women for years.  He called the Marines himself.

mailll's picture

Only the insiders know the truth.  We can only speculate.  But if Bin Laden was already dead, then the job to kill him was easy.  But if they decided to take him alive, this would have been more difficult since he was already dead.  It's easier to kill a dead man than to capture a dead man alive.  The only thoughts I have on the Bin Laden mission (Geronimo) are:

  1) He was already dead

  2) He was not really killed, but taken alive for interrocation 

  3) It happened just as Obama said, he was killed and buried at sea.

  4) He had nothing to do with 9/11, he was only an instrument of blame for the real terrorists, so political agendas can be met.  So taking him alive would have revealed nothing except this lie

  5) Nothing happened.  Bin Laden is still running his own convenience store somewhere here in America

If one of these is correct, then any one I pick I will only have a 20% chance of being correct.

Did I mention that the only ones who know what really happened are the insiders?


Woodyg's picture

i thought bin laden was in paris sipping a latte........

azzhatter's picture

He's got a 7-11 in South Boston, I saw him Sunday. Pleasant chap I might add but an occasional shower would do wonders

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


5) Nothing happened.  Bin Laden is still running his own convenience store somewhere here in America

Osman Brothers Quickie-Mart chain of convenience stores, Tim Osman, CEO.


mailll's picture

I forgot to mention on the above post that personally, I would take number 4.

Urban Roman's picture

I like numbe 5, myself. And a 20% chance of being right!

disabledvet's picture

Hey folks! SAY HELLO TO INFORMATION AGE! This is NOTHING. As the inventor of the internet US companies have first mover advantage in downloading EVERYTHING about EVERYONE. YOU'RE STILL NOT SCARED ENOUGH! These folks are now called "BILLIONAIRES." Capturing OBL? NOTHING next to ability to predict both the manner and time of all our deaths and "for a price of course." The Government has COMPLETELY FAILED to protect the American people...their very BEING. OBL was doomed. "Once you have a television we have you." I do agree "not holding a trial" is a GROSS miscarriage of justice for the people of New York City...amazingly Holder hasn't even brought the other perps up from Gitmo. Is there to be no closure? NONE? WHO THE PHUCK ARE YOU PEOPLE SERVING?

bank guy in Brussels's picture

For real truth about bin Laden, must-see videos on Al Jazeera,'I knew bin Laden' ...

Video interviews with people who really met him and knew him in the 80s and 90s, including a number of witnesses who are now dead, and videos of bin Laden himself (authentic, not the later fake ones by US-Israel).

These people who knew bin Laden, often speak very positively of his character ... and tho Al Jazeera does not quite draw the conclusions, these videos do effectively cast much doubt as to whether bin Laden was involved in the either the twin towers collapse on 11 Sept 2001, or in some of the other 'terra-rism' against civilians ...

The trail of the real bin Laden fades away as the American era of fake bin Laden videos gets underway - it does seem clear that the real bin Laden was not who the Americans say he was

Absolutely compelling: