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It's time we all focus on queers
To keep us from seeing our fears
Man marries Man
Is part of their plan
To embrace the sharp pain in our rears

The Limerick King


Yesterday two things happened in North Carolina:

1. BAC held it's Annual Meeting in Charlotte and over the howling protests of an angry mob, including irate shareholders, awarded an obscene bonus package to a CEO totally undeserving of same for a myriad of reasons, including his intimate involvement in the creation of America's Mother of All TBTF shit lockers.

2. The people of North Carolina, in their infinite wisdom of the meaning of privacy and personal liberty, decided to pass a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage.

As a result, Barrack Obamney announced his support of same sex marriage and Mitt Obamney voiced his continued opposition. The line has been drawn in the sand.

Those naive enough to think the withdrawal of Rick Saint Moron would clear the way for a rational rather than religious public debate of the reasons behind the sad state of the American economy, will be sadly disappointed.

The same sex marriage issue will generate an abundance of distraction running straight into the Democratic Convention, which will be held...where else?
In Charlotte.

So which city gets rewarded with the substantial economic shot of the Democratic Convention? BAC Gay Basher Town USA.

What a nice piece of misdirection. Pure coincidence? Perhaps...then the following won't surprise you either:  

FEB 12, NYT--The Human Rights Campaign, a national organization that promotes equal rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, has persuaded Lloyd Blankfein to be its first national corporate spokesman for same-sex marriage.

Persuaded? As I have said before, in matters of crony capitalism, nothing happens by accident.

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Fuckin christians are at LEAST as big a problem as the Muslims.

What hope have we when so many believe that God guides their hands.


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Which one is gonna take it up the ass ??  Will the pile driver be kind enough to provide a complimentary reach around ?   I don't know about all the rest of you, but I am tired of taking it in the ass from politicians.  I would be glad to see them fuck each other and leave us all alone.

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nice one Banzai!!! LMFAO

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Have you ever sent any of these splendid works of art to CNBC? I'd be happy to if you let me. In fact maybe we should all do it. Flood them with it.

Heh funny I have never ever seen Max K on CNBC...his guests yes, but not him. I wonder why?

 Maybe we could get Julian Assange to interview Max and Jamie together for his latest RT show. It may liven it up a bit.

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No, never...I assume it would blow over their heads.

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once i wrecognized the faces i couldnt read... and just posted the same

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Another stellar post Banzai.

More cowbell and more bullshit...it started with the preppy from Georgetown U and her desire to have someone else pay for her $10.00 a month birth control pills.

Now that we've trudged through...the war on women, the war on white-hispanic-Peruvians, the war on dog meat in Indonesia, the war on man meat in Colombia, may I suggest a war on corruption aided and abetted by government?

"The allegation springs from an alleged disparity between an inventory TSA provided Congress for the equipment in its centralized Dallas logistics center for security screening equipment and what investigators found when they visited the warehouse in person.

"My staff was given documents that were not accurate as to the day they were given," said Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, during a Wednesday hearing. "They were a projection of what you were planning to shove out the back door in the days before [investigators] came in. I would propose that we have the ability to criminally refer that as lying to Congress."

According to investigators, warehouse managers admitted that they had disposed of roughly 1,300 pieces of equipment in the two days between the time when TSA gave Congress its inventory and when Congressional investigators arrived in Dallas in order to make the actual contents of the warehouse match the previously-provided records. Warehouse workers were brought in at 6 a.m., ahead of their usual shifts, in order to remove the equipment before congressional investigators arrived, the report suggested."



Show yourself douchebag junker...I'm in a mood.


No fucking guts huh junker?

Here ya go, you statist fucccking whore...a One Hundred Thousand Dollar Fisker Karma...a "Green People Foreign Car For the Masses"...From Joe Bidens Delaware Factory...goes poof...inside the owners garage...



The only good news here...is it was an asshole like you who's garage got smoked...ROTFLMAO!!!


How bout some Sweatshop Presidential Sweatshirts?


There's a giant Leap Forward...Mao Meow.


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"including his intimate involvement in the creation of America's Mother of All TBTF shit lockers"

If it weren't for lines like this, public domain insanity would be too much of a cross to bear for the individual.  Somebody's going to open the door on that shit locker and we'll all be sliding out the loading dock into the feed lot.

Meanwhile somewhere a spindly seventy six year old man stands up to a hurricane of straight fucking diarhea.

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Voice of Peter Griffin sings to accompany the photo"

They were having butt sex,

Cowboy butt sex,



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What business is it of government who marries whom?


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It's just a distraction ploy to keep your eyes off of things that matter... like JP Morgan losing 2 billion... and then another round of QE stealing that 2 billion out of our collective pockets and putting it back into the hands of corrupt corporate bankers. If they can distract your attention long enough, say with Dancing with the stars, or American Idol, you won't even notice your money and your freedoms disappearing before it's already too late, and they are already gone. 

Oh shoot... it's already too late. 


Its the right of the people of each state to determine their own laws.  The great thing about living in the US is you can pick up and move.  If you don't like liberal majorities you can move to the south. If you don't like christians you can move to the left and right coastal cities. If you like low taxes you can move to Texas or Florida. If you want to be required to be a union memeber then move to the rustbelt. If you support the Mormon faith you can move to Utah. This nation provides economic, cultural and social diversity.  States have a right to detemine their own social norms and if a majority of people in a state find that they don't agree that marriage is anthing other that conpact between a man and woman, well thats their right.

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you expect sheeple to make decisions without the govt??  Wow,

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What's wrong with you people are you ALL prejudiced against horses and chickens?

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Do all married gay men where hats?  Just wondering

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What happens when horses are flown to the Kentucky Derby? Do TSA agents grope their nut sacks?  And what about rodeo bulls flying? Do they look up their bung holes for bombs?  I mean this is scarring me. They need to keep me safe. A bull could explode on a plane or something. A Muslim Bull could be a terrorist and needs it's anus examined and it's ball sack groped or I don't feel safe.  This is an important issue, one Oboner should look into.

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And one has to ask, "What about chickens?"

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Don't even get me started about the mistreatment of gerbils.

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It's always about men...men boning this butt, men boning that butt, men kissing this man men kissing that man.  Where is the woman's right to marry a horse?  I mean WTF!!!!!

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This is TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!!  What about horses?  What about equal rights for women wanting to marry horses?  Thuis country is soo prejudiced!!  Horses deserve equal rights too!!  What kind of country is it when a horse can't get laid!!???  Oboner is racist against horses.

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especially race horses. He's a race horse racist!!!

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Fuck the Obamney! WTF is wrong with those people

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Do what you can do to help Ron Paul.

hangemhigh77's picture

went to Ron's rally at Cornell a couple of weeks ago. SRO and plenty of people that couldn't even get in.  LOUD LOUD LOUD!!  You want to know what makes Ron different in a simple sentence?  Ron Paul is NOT a politician, he is a STATESMAN, a man who represents his country and the PEOPLE for whom it was fought for.  I LOVE Ron Paul The TRUTH TELLER!!!!

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TPTB will never let Paul win...time for strategic air strikes....a good chance was missed last night in Hollywood at Clooney's gala turd fest

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The economic toilet that we're all in is clearly the main political issue of the day - but that doesn't mean no other issues exist.  Since the goobernment has insisted on entering into the bedroom and attempted to assert itself into nature's definition of family, they have made this an issue.  For the purposes of natural pro-creation, a family is clearly a man, a woman and their children  - and no others fit that natural definition.  And for you religion bashers, my statement has nothing to do with religion.


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Marriage isn't procreation, unless your futile excuse for an argument is very much about religion.

Go smack yourself in the peepee for being evil on your own fucking time, I cannot abide you vampire cult fetishists and your need to be stupid in public.


SeattleBruce's picture

Do you agree that human beings need to procreate to stay alive?  Have you noticed the motto for this website?  I'm just explaining nature's way that that happens, and your big qualm with this is what exactly?  Say something sensible, if possible.

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You notice that I don't feel like debating this issue because I see it as a smokescreen.

But I will point out that from the governments point of view marriage is a civil contract. You don't need a religious ceremony to join in marriage and for all practical purposes issues relating to marriage a dealt with contractually. Divorce is essentially a breach of contract action.

Taking this one step further why distinguish between a male and female couple who adopt a child and a same sex couple that adopts a child. You can't convince me it is unnatural for two women to jointly raise a child. It happens in many cultures. The males inseminate and then suddenly vanish leaving the women to communally raise the children.

In any event this is not the type of philosophical conundrum that needs to be unraveled to save our basket case corrupt economy.

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"In any event this is not the type of philosophical conundrum that needs to be unraveled to save our basket case corrupt economy."

I agree with you that the corruption of the current economic 'arrangement' goes well beyond the discussion of nature and family.  But that doesn't mean that there is no impact of the topic on economics, poverty, etc.  Nature observed all over the world shows that family units that have a father, mother and children, are the most successful, and best off financially, allowing the next generation the best chance at success.  That's certainly true when you look at the causes and consequences of poverty related to single parenting - unless that too is considered a 'distration' and a 'smoke screen' by you.  Whether two women raise some children is not the point.  There is a predominant pattern that nature dictates, that children benefit from learning from both genders, and it's observable throught the planet.

I agree with you that politically, this is a disctraction and smoke screen for both red and blue, as they don't take these topics, or hardly anything very seriously, other than their own power and need to survive, and they're certainly not willing to ACT with consistency as were citizen-leaders as of old, on what really matters to all of us.

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Leopards never change their homophobic stripes. Do the honourable thing and send Mr Romney the ObamaRom Kiss. He might get shocked enough to withdraw from the prez race.

Another slickster reeking of sociopathy. Reminds me of my PM where the amygdala has grown so big it has squished out any socialized, imaginative part of the brain.

More nausea.

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Elizabeth Warren Sells Out To AIPAC


um ... she like worked at the FED ... didn't she?

What a scumbag she's revealed herself to be.


United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
It was designed to consolidate employees and responsibilities from a number of other federal regulatory bodies, including the Federal Reserve, the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and even the Department of Housing and Urban Development.[3] ... The bureau was set up by Elizabeth Warren, who was passed over for director [2] in favor of Richard


... can supervise the compliance of banks with existing laws, but the Dodd-Frank financial legislation dictates that it cannot supervise other financial companies or write new rules. On 4 January 2012, President Obama named Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray the Bureau's Director in a recess appointment.[33] ... Speaking to a podcast of Massachusetts bloggers, when asked about being derided by opponents for being from Oklahoma and on the other hand spending the past seventeen years teaching at Harvard, Warren said, “I’m a new category, an elite hick.”  She also joked, “I’m going for the hick vote here, I just want you to know. Maybe we could start wearing stickers that say ‘Hicks for Elizabeth’ – could we do that?”[40]




Snake in the grass.



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Now this is reportage:

Agent Abdul of the Saudi Intelligence Service

Tom Ashbrook, on NPR, was absolutely gushing in his panties about the Saudi intelligence agent, and kept chanting:

“It sounds like Mission Impossible!  It sounds like Mission Impossible!”

One can almost imagine the scenario:  Abdul is enjoying his usual Friday noon lunch in Riyadh, taking in the weakly beheading of innocent women.

Suddenly, a woman’s severed head rolls in front of agent Abdul.  Abdul gazes at the glassy-eyed stare on the bloody head and quickly reaches down and rips off her crystal earring.

Holding the earring towards the noon day sun, a holographic image appears, with a caftan-wearing man intoning,

“Agent Abdul, you will proceed to Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and retrieve the latest underwear explosive.  We will call this Operation Calvin Klein.”

“Should you be successful, the CIA will pay you a fortune and reward you with endless nights with the pink slime lady, Ann Coulter.  Should you fail, it’s sloppy seconds from the US Secret Service and no more lunchtime beheadings for your viewing pleasure.”

Abdul tosses the earring into the hot desert sky and watches it fizzle into dust, while suddenly the Lalo Schfrin theme blares in the background, scaring the crap out of Abdul!

Stay tuned for agent Abdul’s next adventure when he confronts Al Qaeda on Wall Street (AQWS) and closes in on Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Phil Gramm, Hank Paulson, Hank Greenberg, Larry Summers, Timothy Geithner, Neal Wolin, Gary Gensler, Fredric Mishkin, Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Stephen Friedman, Sandy Weill, Kerry Killinger, Gene Sperling, Martin Feldstein, C. Fred Bergsten . . . .



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I think I threw out my back.

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Un-be-lievable....thanks WB..for sharing the truth...that NO Lame Stream Media turd here won't....


Oh...TIME.....I stopped reading that rag decades ago....when it stopped being a true "news" source.

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You know its TEOTWAWKI when your looking at a pedophile gracing the cover of Time as you wait to swipe your EBT card in order to feed yourself and your kids.

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Well, when everything sucks I guess the best weapon IS tits.

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"When you're a mouth, everything looks like tits."

williambanzai7's picture

Exactly? Not very subtle, are they.

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Wow, talking missing stuff.....


The United States on Wednesday opened its banking market to ICBC, China’s biggest bank, for the first time clearing a takeover of a US bank by a Chinese state-controlled company.

Just days after high-level US-China economic talks in Beijing, the Federal Reserve approved an application from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to buy a majority stake in the US subsidiary of Bank of East Asia.

The transaction will make ICBC the first Chinese state-controlled bank to acquire retail bank branches in the United States.


shovelhead's picture

Yeah, but will a gay Chinese bankster be allowed to get married in the US ?

Seer's picture

Appears that the big corporate socialists ARE winning.  They're coming back to shake the last out of all of us...

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Geez. I hope ZH does a piece on this. This is important stuff that is so boring it may not make MSM.