Does 12-Year-Old Canadian Victoria Grant Understand More About the Most Important Truth in Life Than You?

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I love this girl! If 12-year old Victoria Grant can explain how banks that print our nation's currency and their puppet global banks are the most immoral criminal institutions on our planet responsible for oppression, mass suffering, and misery, shame on anyone else that is too lazy and/or too misanthropic to take the time or effort to watch this six minute video to understand this essential truth that is probably the most important misunderstood truth in the entire world. No humanitarian efforts will ever make a sustainable impact in this world if we first don't tackle the fact that our modern banking system is criminal and must be destroyed, the truth of which 12-year old Victoria already understands. Trying to implement measures to solve poverty, hunger or war without first correcting the great injustice that we call “modern banking” is akin to never letting your children out of the house as the solution to the presence of an insatiable child rapist that lives in your neighborhood. It is absolutely the wrong approach and one that is destined for failure.


I will always have loads more respect for men like Pablo Escobar, "El Chapo" Guzman and “El Señor de los Cielos” Fuentes than any banking executive like Jamie Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Ben Bernanke, Mervyn King, Evelyn Rothschild, David Rockefeller, Vikram Pandit et al. For the feeble-minded that will seek to twist these words into an unintended meaning, no, I do not admire or believe that Escobar, Guzman or Fuentes are or were good people. However, I absolutely hold more respect for criminals that are honest enough to be 100% aboveboard about their criminality so that we never mistake or misunderstand their intent versus criminals that deliberately seek to deceive us so that they can utilize our misinformed and ill-gotten trust to enslave us. Even among criminals, a hierarchy of respect exists, as rapists, serial killers, and child molesters are the least respected of criminals within the penitentiary system and the most likely to receive a brutal beating for their sins while incarcerated.


Lords of brutal drug cartels, when they despise someone, will spit in the face of the person they despise or simply tell that person that he or she will be executed. There is never any doubt about their evil intentions. On the flipside of this coin are the lords of our banking system. Despite being misanthropes, lords of our banking system will smile in our faces, perpetually lie to us about how banking really works, and tell us that they want to help us. However, the second we turn our backs, they will stab us six inches deep in the middle of our backs or deliberately create massive inflation that silently and secretly sentences people to death from starvation. As John Maynard Keynes stated, “By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and, while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. The sight of this arbitrary rearrangement of riches strikes not only at security but [also] at confidence in the equity of the existing distribution of wealth." Keynes went on to explain, “There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic laws on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one in a million is able to diagnose.” For those that have internalized banker-cartel propaganda and still fail to grasp the unquestionable and indisputable immorality of our current banking system, simply put, bankers are the equivalent of modern day slave owners and we are the slaves. We will never have freedom, but only the illusion of freedom sold to us by politicians and bankers, as long as our current fractional reserve banking system persists. This is an indisputable fact that even Central Bankers have admitted from time to time. Remember that the notorious Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan once stated, “gold and economic freedom are inseparable.”


In conclusion, some may say that the title of this article is slightly misleading because the most important truth in life is love. For those that believe this to be the most important truth, remember that multiplying actions of love and generosity in this world is an exponentially more difficult proposition under our current immoral banking system than under a sound honest one. And for those that don’t believe that we can disable our current banking system, remember that there are nearly 7 billion of us that would benefit enormously from the destruction of our current banking system while there are only a few thousand in the entire world that reap tremendous ill-gotten gains from this morally reprehensible system. Our power is in numbers and it is a power that those of us on the right side of this fence have yet to fully utilize.


Can 7 billion people defeat a few thousand morally bankrupt people? Without hesitation, the answer is yes. Thus, I urge everyone to forward the below video not to anyone you know that fails to grasp the evils of our debt-based monetary system, but to everyone you know that fails to grasp the evils of our debt-based monetary system. Even those that have been brainwashed by the banking cartel into believing that our banking system is not the reason for failing economies worldwide today will likely suspend their skepticism for a New York minute and grant 12-year old Victoria Grant the benefit of the doubt in that her plea to return to sound, interest-free money as the mechanism to restoring freedom in our world has nothing to do with “selling her book”. Furthermore, who can possibly resist listening to an adorable 12-year old child dropping enlightenment in a concise, articulate six minute speech?




About the author: JS Kim is the Founder & Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU. Follow us on Twitter: @smartknowledgeu and like us on Facebook for more information about how we can defeat the banking cartel and regain our freedoms.

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The young girl correctly diagnoses the problem, but gets the solution totally wrong. If she were American she would advocate ending the Fed and then pass the reins over to Timothy Geithner and the good folks at the U.S. Treasury. How delusional.

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I don't think that she learn that in school! To paraphrase George

Clemenceau, War is too important to be left to generals, education is too

important to be left to the state!

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Preaching and organ riffs...they just go together!

This speech is interesting.

and this;

and this;


Art 1. Sec 8 "...Coin Money and Regulate the value thereof..."

This interview is interesting.

See 4:30 -> statement about 'toxic ink'


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Wow, she doesn't need a teleprompter. She's smarter than Barry of Manchuria, the first Gay President.


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wow the junk brigade has descended in force on this thread, can someone explain to me how like Mercury said it is not GOVERNMENT that is enabling this whole thing ? Why does giving more power to the government through control of the printing press solve the problem? This is the same argument brought by Zarlenga and the greenbackers, if only the govt had the power to create debt free money etc etc... Now is the start of the real discussion.

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I will give you that all parts of government that have control in our monetary and financial systems currently function as nothing but subsidiaries of the big banks.  It's pretty easy to tell that their interests are the same when you look at Wall St and Fed, treasury, etc and most leaders the exact same people at both. So enabling, yes. However the banks create the parysitical financial system that allows them to become insanely wealthy and buy our government so they will enable them.

The vast majority, over 95% of circulating money is created by private banks, not central banks. This allows banks to collect seniorage profits as well as expand and contract the quantity of money to create boom/bust cycles that damage the overall economy but allow banks to stock up on assets at firesale prices. The banks create money through issuing debt which always comes with interest, but since they create almost all of the money this interest has to either come from 1) principle and interest payment that another borrower can't make or 2) an expansion in new loans. Unfortunately growth, especially growth thats' profits are being sucked into an expanding financial sectors, doesn't last forever, which has lead to speculation followed by crashes far before the fractional reserve bankers won their central banks with mandates to lend to them when the market won't. 

Zarlingas argument is that someone will always create money and if governments don't establish independent branches with democratic oversight to do this, the banks will usurp the power to create money for their own benefit and then will always be able to afford to purchase our politicians. I agree with him on some of this and like his method backing claims of historical precedent instead of pure theory - I also agree this is a better way to evaluate any economic theory. I don't read history entirely the same. My views differ in that although banks have been more irresponsible creators of a money supply then governments - this seems to be the worst monetary system I've been able to locate anywhere in history, eventually governments with this power become too powerful, and although it may take centuries to complete the transformation become empires at endless war that benefit their rules while commoners become serfs. The US does not need  to go further in that direction, so unless we are creating a new government at the time I would have some fears here. 

This does lead me to some different conclusions. If fiat money were to be used as circulating currency I agree it shouldn't be debt-based and issued by private banks, but I would prefer competing state currency. Additionally even if gold coinage has proved to scarce that doesn't mean fiat is the only option - we could back currency with anything. I believe currencies backed by locally abundant natural resources and agricultural commodities would hold long-term value while naturally expanding with productivity and contrasting as society needed to conserve better then gold which has has times of its' own counterparty risk (inflationary bubbles occurred when new sources were found and productivity wasn't rising but the ability of a nation to produce food would line up); a MPE is also an option I plan to research further. 

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Under the old system, we had free coinage of silver and gold at the mints.  Debt free money was created when you brought your gold and silver into the mint to be made into coin.  Coin money and regulate the value thereof.  When they have good coinage laws to regulate the value of the coin to the market value of the metal, you have good, solid, capital in circulation as money.  People freely accept that type of money because they want it! It is made of Gold and Silver! They don't take it because they have to have it to pay some tax or debt.

Good coinage laws along with free coinage draw all of the Silver and Gold out of vaults and sock drawers and into circulation as coin.  This gives ample supply of money and allows people to pay their debts, settle accounts fairly and creates prosperity.

The coinage laws of the United States were changed after Kennedy was gone.

Then this happened.



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Of course it is the government enabling the whole thing. Banks don't have guns and jails and police. Governments do. The banks are important players in a gradual, but increasing, accumulation of power and money in the hands of our rulers in Washington. But if your rulers had not arrogated to themselves, virtually unlimited power to do or enact anything, the banks wouldn't be all that important.

So if we want folks to blame, try:

* Banks feeding at the government trough

* Unions feeding at the government trough

* Large corporations feeding at the government trough

What do they have in common? A full to overflowing government trough. A system where the guys who fill up the trough take vig on what the pigs get out of the trough. Without guns, jails and police, the trough but is a trickle. So who do we blame? The pigs at the trough or the architects of the trough? The answer is pretty obvious. Destroy the trough and the pigs will find something useful to do or die.

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If you follow your argument to its logical conclusion, all governance is enslavement.  Yes, the U.S. Government, both in its political arm (Congress, president) and bureaucratic arm are corrupt.  But you leap to a very illogical conclusion - the evil politicians and bureaucrats are corrupt (acting in ways not in the public interest) because they wish to enslave us.  Try another one on for size - the government is corrupt because it serves its corporate masters.  To obtain money for endless political campaigns, politicians sidle up to monied interests and do their bidding.  To please their political bosses and carve out future opportunities bureacrats look the other way when the big banks get into shenanigans.

Solving the current financial problem is not enough.  We are going to have to find a way to prevent money from corrupting our political class.  Part of that is taking it away from the banksters.

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a debt slave speaks up


The kid and the speech are light years ahead of Bernanke and the Fed.

The rest of the commentary here is intellectual camels through the eye of a needle.  

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I found the background logo "Banking in the Public Interest" to be particularly humourous.

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The title is misleading, let me fix it for you: "12-year old trained to memorize a speech for cute presentation"

Matt's picture

... and Mozart's parents actually composed all his music for him. True Fact!

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Bernanke failed to educate this girl. She will soon replace Bernanke.

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I'm afraid that both you and this 12 yr. old are mistaking symptoms and agents for the disease itself.
The problem isn't the banks per se it's the government.

I don't want to live in a system where consenting adults can't lend other consenting adults money with either the expectation of being repaid in full plus interest or seizing pledged collateral - and neither do you.

The government is the only interested party here who can transfer private debts to the public fisc, rewrite bankruptcy/contract laws ad hoc, debase the currency, bailout private firms with public debt and in general throw up all kinds of barriers to delay financial equilibrium from being reached and markets from clearing.

The banks are merely the instruments by which the state does these things.  Take away TBTF, ZIRP, the endless bailouts and makeshift band-aids and can-kicks (all government actions by the way) and pretty much all of what Ms. Grant is fretting about will melt away.

In a nutshell, these are perfect examples of why limited government and individual rights against the state are so important - ironically two things that are not only even more important and easier to understand than the modern banking system but are also two things that every 12 yr. old kid (in the US anyway) used to understand and be taught in school.

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"I don't want to live in a system where consenting adults can't lend other consenting adults money with either the expectation of being repaid in full plus interest or seizing pledged collateral - and neither do you."

You are quite wrong there.  First, this is a strawman argument - she is not arguing that your freedom to scam a worker out of the fruits of his labor - she is suggesting that a commonly owned bank - one run by the government to the benefit of its people, would be fairer - at least your interest payment would go to the depositors, not the fat cats.  

Your argument that private banking helps to limit government, which is bent on stealing our freedoms is simply whacky.  Spend a moment to conceptualize what has actually happened.  In the bankster's zeal for profits, they broadly accepted risks that were "not in the public interest."  That is, banksters encouraged asset price inflation, led RE buyers to high-value biased appraisers, hid the risk when selling MBS to investors by gaming the ratings agencies, even to the point of creating securities designed to fail so they could short them.  In a publicly-owned banking system, the profit-seeking incentive disappears - and with it the tendency toward fraud.  Ayn Rand was wrong - individual profit seeking does not necessarily serve the public interest. 

"Take away TBTF, ZIRP, the endless bailouts and makeshift band-aids and can-kicks (all government actions by the way) and pretty much all of what Ms. Grant is fretting about will melt away."  Yes, and if wishes were kisses, we'd all have a Merry Christmans.  I happen to agree with you, but I think you miss some of the ramifications of NOT doing these things.  First off, had this occurred, a giant upheaval would also have occurred.  Basically, the government would have to become a bank, virtually overnight to keep the system moving (e.g. without letters of credit, many companies could not even make payroll).  FICA would have gone broke.  And we would have ended up with a nationalized banking system anyway - so you suggestion ends up at the same location as our young Miss - government run banking.

Some have argued that severe regulation would do the trick.  Regulation designed to protect the public interest, enforced aggressively likely would do the trick.  Sadly, politicians are easily corrupted by campaign contributions and regulators overlook all but the most egregious tactics due to regulatory capture.  Hence, I have concluded that the only true answer is publicly owned banks with no profit sharing.  I would agree that this might slow the economy by reducing the appetite for risk.  Good - aggressive risk taking has not served the public very well.

Revert_Back_to_1792_Act's picture

Consenting adults loaning each other money is something completely different.  You are right about the Government.  We have a world where someone can set up a franchise and then use that franchise to loan money they dont' actually have and collect ususry on money they don't actually posess.  Under this system, they will eventually alienate all property from the people and eventually acquire the people themselves as slaves.


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doing god's work. market making
Matt Taibbi: Accidentally Released – and Incredibly Embarrassing – Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in ‘Naked Short Selling’
Posted on May 16, 2012 by maxkeiser

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limited government : Manifest destiny. You better be on the winning side. Slave labour. You better be on the winning side. Rule of the gun. You better be a Pinkerton shill working for the feudal landlords. Lets see what other marvels of moral rectitude, utopian paradise,  limited government provides us with over the past. If you live on Pictairn's island, or in Iceland, maybe. Never in a major country where the stakes are too high. As there, any feudal structure can run the whole shooting match. Maybe we should break up continental masses into small Pictairn's islands, where Fletcher Christian can rule like Robinson crusoe raising a family. 20 men on an isolated island... If we let the world go to rot maybe the lucky 20 could start life all over again! Lets pull at straws to decide who will live in Utopia and who will die in "statist run dystopia"; where private enterprise is KING; where a 12 year old sings that truth and people run around saying it ain't the financial market that created this crap. True it took a president to create the system; all in the name of MINIMAL government! Oh, the irony of this circular reasoning. RR and MAggy, were the catholic kings of this world order. 

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The real political spectrum is 'liberty' on one side and 'security' on the other. One increases at the expense of the other.


Both extremes are undesirable for most people for different reasons: When everyone is at liberty to do anything, new power structures develop and most people don't actually enjoy much liberty. Security from an ever expanding list of major and minor unpleasantries means that those who provide the security get to call the shots...and much of that security ends up being false.


Right now we're in serious trouble because the slider on the above scale is set too far on the 'security' side.

That is all.


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the USSR had a great big public owned financial system.  they invested a lot into "infrastructure".

Freddie's picture

the USSR had a great big public owned financial system.  they invested a lot into "infrastructure".

Like gulags or FEMA camps.   Each morning you can sing songs of praise to dear Hussein Bar-a-ck then get frisked and groped by TSA agents then eat that pink McDonald's Soylent foam "meat" for lunch.

Seer's picture

Fruitless Freddie and Obama... it's like that Star Trek episode "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"!

tony bonn's picture

thank you smartknowledgeu for calling crap on crap and bullshit bullshit.....our monetary system is morally reprehensible because it is fiat money based upon interest bearing debt....fractional reserve banking is unstable and evil in its own ways, but the real culprit of evil is the interest bearing debt based fiat money.....

it is the cause of the croaking, shrinking, productive economy....

god bless you!!!!!!!!

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Bottom line: the system is deliberately designed by and for the benefit of the elites to control people, cities, states and countries via debt enslavement and the sooner people become aware of this and take action, the sooner a fairer system will materialize. Let's stop quibbling about who wrote her speech or who coached her, less you miss the forest for the trees!

Seer's picture

"the sooner people become aware of this and take action, the sooner a fairer system will materialize."

1. This shit has been going on for thousands of years (toss out the moneychangers isn't a notion that just popped up);

2. Go out and create what you want, if you sit and wait for something to "materialize" you can be sure that it won't be tailored to your needs (and nor should it be if you aren't an active participant).

dexter_morgan's picture

Children taught to think critically are amazing, aren't they?

Sheriff Douchenik from AZ's picture

In Canada, Victoria will be branded as a racist, anti-gay, oil devouring satan for this speech. Simply speaking any truth to leftists who are raising taxes at every step will result in this branding.

Victoria welcome to Golden Dawn.


Seer's picture

More Fruitless Freddie.  Can we never get enough of his endless schtick?

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

apparently they'll be learning a new song 1-20-2013

dexter_morgan's picture

you left out neo-con and facist..........

It's all Bush's fault.....oh wait, he wasn't PM of Canada. I'm sure some conservative group or person will get blamed, cause them there liberals never run deficits, and if they do then deficits are good - a stimulus,  just like here in the ol US of A under Obama...........

Seer's picture

Look!  Another Party Pussy!

Idiot, did you not watch this video?  Did you not catch the biblical reference to the money changers?

TrulyStupid's picture

What a pile of bullsh*t... the main perpetrators of Canadian deficit spending are the current Neo-con (fascist) Conservative gov't. They inherited a multi year surplus from the Liberals (leftist?) and proceeded to turn it into record deficit spending including foreign neo-con wars. My guess is that Victoria is a dreaded leftist who understands climate change, peak oil, wasteful consumerism and the need for debt repayment. Her obvious intelligence and confidence is a testament to the quality of a functioning public school system and qualified unionzed teachers, If she was American private school educated she would be appearing in a Christian Miss Utah pageant speaking about the evils of gay sex.

Seer's picture

Ah... it was just like in the US, the big "surplus" was the result of bubbled up economics.

All you party pussies/ideological hacks need to fucking jump off this planet- it is YOU who are the problem!

CCanuck's picture

Watch your frothiness now.

dogbreath's picture

you forgot the sarc tag.    are you MDB's brother by chance

Chupacabra's picture

I see that you are aptly named.

CCanuck's picture

Not all Canadians see her like that, I see a very smart young lady that has been taught to see past the MSM BS!

Everyone needs to see this video. Not all kids are plugged-in and doped out, more kids need to emulate what Victoria is doing.

That said, her family willl probably get a visit from Children Aid Society, as it will be said that her parents are trying to brainwash her into terrorism.

Help this vid go viral, bitchez.


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Not sure if she's just parroting what her parents have primed in to her, but nonetheless, the message is correct.  NOTE: if she really wants to be wise she'll need to address how to enable sound trade in a world that is contracting (no growth); this will be the world that she'll be living in for the rest of her life.

I've seen too many instances of children being used as political/ideological props to make quick leaps of judgement that what is seen is a "wise" child.

RougeUnderwriter's picture

I have just learned I am not smarted than a 5th grader! Well thought out and delivered!


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Check out the latest from the Capital Research Institute (CRI)

The Greek Dilemma

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Wished someone had told me at age 12 that the world is corrupt and to not trust anyone.

Seer's picture

So, you fell for the candy did you?

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She is adorable, but I don't like it when parents use their adorable children as a mouthpiece.

Seer's picture

I don't think that you can say with certainty that she's just parroting her parents (I mentioned this possibility above, but noted that it doesn't matter because it's an issue of the message and messenger).

But, really, don't all children learn from their parents?  As to the merits of parental indoctrinations (other than basic survival stuff), I'm pretty indifferent, as some things might be good and others bad.

Always use caution with any information.  The messenger shouldn't be the focal point, no matter how "cute" the messenger may be: govts are made up of people, govts are known to push propaganda, people don't have to be agents of govt to deliver propaganda.  NOTE: I'm not serving judgement on Victoria here, just making a point that one needs to be, as "Lost Wages" attempts to note (but does so in too much of an absolutist way), cautious.

rrrr's picture

I agree. She's very cute. But there is reason to believe that she did not put that talk together by herself and that the concepts are not fully understood by her. She's not speaking the way a person of her age thinks; rather, she is speaking as if she has memorized the words. And the verbal constructions resemble more those of a mature adult with many years of writing experience. If I am wrong, please say why and prove it. If I am, I will apologize, but not till then.

Revert_Back_to_1792_Act's picture

Children are able to learn far more than we give them credit for.  Get a 3rd, 4th or 5th McGuffey's Eclectic reader  You need to find one that is 1853 edition or earlier.  Ebay is a good source for these.  They are cheap because they printed thousands of them.  A McGuffey's 5th reader from that era contains what would be considered medium to advanced College level material.   They are worth finding because many of the reading selections inside are fantastic.  There are writings from diverse authors - Jefferson, Shakespeare, etc.   I enjoy sitting down and reading through some of the selections.   It exposes you to types of literature that you might not find on your own. 

After reading through some of the material, think about the staggering fact that that a 5th reader would have been for the 5th grade.  No wonder our nation produced such fantastic thinkers and writers.  It is also instructive to find the versions published after 1853 and notice how they were 'dumbed down' over the years.  I think one of the main reasons kids have problems in school is that they are not given material that challenges them and holds their interest.