Is Spain’s biggest problem Spain?

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The Trader has written timely pieces on the imploding Spanish economy. Here is an authentic piece from one of our readers, living in Spain as an expat. Courtesy Anna Billqvist.

Spain is now suffering severe cut packages, in order to save money, but very few ideas that will get us back on feet. The Spanish people feel that there is very little we can do. Perhaps we need something different, a change of mentality.

Why not try quality rather than quantity at work? Who says we need to work more hours to achieve better results? What if we organize ourselves and use our time more efficiently? Written procedures, so that things can be done even if the key person is not there. More confidence between boss and employee, so they feel that they work together towards the same goal, instead of continously suspecting that they are being used by the other. Nine-to-five working hours, not the split working days that we are used to; loosing time driving to work and back twice a day, coming home at nine in the evening and totally dependent on nannies and family if we have children. That would make us more productive at work and at home.

Police fight black economy – by fining teachers who put up notes for private lessons and arresting africans selling illegal CDs. Meanwhile prostitution sales reach 50 million euros each day. Young people from poorer countries are exploited and abused, brothel owners call themselves hotel owners and claim that they only rent rooms to prostitutes. Nobody cares, because judges, lawyers and politicians are among the customers.

Drugtrade is a another huge market. Nobody cares for that either, for the same reasons. Spain is one of the biggest consumers of cocaine in the world. A a recent political scandal revealed that millions of euros from a fund for unemployed were spent on cocaine. By politicians. Then they apply to tax payers´conscience in order to collect more taxes.

In school – aren´t we a little blind when we accept our new so called “billingüal schools”, without questioning them at all? We´re happy that our pupils will be experts in english, but we don´t see that their teachers´knowledge in english is not good enough to teach chemistry or history in that language. The children don´t understand them and don´t dare to ask, because it has to be in english. Nobody asks why children in central and northen Europe have better skills in language, without bilingüal schools.
Is it productive that pupils use two hours to do their homework every day, because they have to copy all the questions? Or is it a waste of time,energy and paper? Why do our pupils have longer school days than the average in Europe, but have among the worst results, accordning to the PISA report?

Spain has hardly any resources to spend on environment right now. But couldn´t we just pick up the trash from our own pick-nicks? Or stop trowing cans from the car window? Meadows and lakes are full of trash – at the same time we spend huge sums of the taxpayers´money promoting rural tourism. Everybody sweep outside their own house, shine their facades and polish their cars. But “nature” is too far to care about.

There are still things that can be done, without spending money. Recessions come and go, but society seems to remain the same, no matter what ecomomical measures are taken by politicians.


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In my latin america travels i noticed trash everywhere. The roads were just a big garbage dump. No one knows how to stand in line. They yell across the restaurant to get the waiters attention or reach out and tap them and they stand way too close

I guess the nut doesnt fall far from the tree

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They could really try to mix it up by defaulting on the euro debt, exiting the EZ, and nationalizing their banking system.  Why not try some monetary reform instead of accepting the inevitable collapse of the debt based monetary system?  I know.  I know.  Stupid question....

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There is no guarantee that any person (unless you have made your deal with Satan), people or country will be wealthy and/or comfortable. However, what I believe to be true is that a person, people or country that has the ability to function independently without resources, slave labor or governing from outside its boundaries will be much stronger and able to weather the storms than someone who has let themselves grow soft through dependency.

And, while ultimately there is most likely nothing wrong with a global community of adults who cooperate with with each other, the elitist who want to force dependency and violence upon us seem to be anything but fit leaders for a global community. They do not have the right qualities to lead and unite people. This being the case, until those conditions develop, whereby leaders mature to the point where they can handle a world full of diverse populations, countries such as Spain (and IMO all countries) are seemingly much better served saying "thank you, no" and go off and make their own way.

Give time for those who feel compelled to lead, the time to mature into adulthood.

Joe The Plumber's picture

Wow teachers are getting arrested for offering private lessons?

Withdrawn Sanction's picture

Hunger and desperation are huge motive forces...unfortunately, their outcomes are unpredictable.  Into a new world of freedom following debt repudiation?  Or into the hands of a strongman wispering sweet promises of security and salvation (if only you'll give him your sovereignty)?  Which way will Spain (we) go?

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You know... liberals in their enlightened state enjoy shitting on religion, or anything that appears to constrain their "rights"... Many say that religion is mind control, a relic from our primordial past... nothing more than a cabel of pedos enjoying themselves...

Filth, perversion and deviance have always been with us... but when you get the widespread acceptance that filth is enlightenment where politicians, judges, lawyers and the common person accept perversion (aka prostitution) as OK... know that nature (aka God) tends to clean this stuff up... with rather severe medicine. The Noahmadic flood is not just some story, or psychological meme that is part of the human archetype which is nothing more than mythology (as liberals are quick to point to). Scientists have confirmed that 6,000 years ago, a massive sheet of ice fell into the ocean off the north east of Canada, created a massive tsnuami which washed over much of the Middle East (via the Mediteranian). So don't think something is not coming.

Spain, Europe, North America and the western world in general are in the state we are in because of lack of morality and ethics -  which are conservative words for lack of God in our lives. You have leaders who view the law as something that you work around and if you're caught, then pay the fine, as if money solves the damage that has been done. In fact, if you are caught, you are a celebrity. Clinton, Spitzer... the list is endless. There is no more shame or conscience left in many people. This artificial construct (the modern world) that we live in is a wonderful fabrication... but yet an illusion, disconnected from legitimate purpose and meaning. How many people have sacrificed their marriages, relationship with their children, siblings and friends in the pursuit of "I'm a somebody", or "look at me".

We're getting what we deserve... and you ain't seen nothing yet.


Bartanist's picture

JMHO: Morals, ethics and spirituality are all internal. Religion is external. The battle is fought within each one of us and cramming someone else's idea of what "religion" should be most likely is not the answer. People need to find it within themselves.

web bot's picture

You're right... but the problem is that nothing is being "found" within in. This is the failure of moral relativism. The assumption in what you are saying is that we can do it on our own... which is a falacy. We can't. If you believe in God... then you must believe that we are in a constant communion with him... meaning that we rely on God for internal and external needs. Religion (and its laws) provide guidance towards objective truths that we live by.

Instead of looking at religion as some sort of mind control or social code, realize that it is a legitimate form of living one's life in a way that betters society and ourselves.

Nachdenken's picture

God is a social projection.  The god in any given society reflects the ideal mores of that group.

If one really followed what ones religion (God concept) envisions, then think about thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steral.  The God of Abraham is the God of three major religions, which control mind and social codes differently. 

web bot's picture

If you ever decided to turn your start-treck vocabulary off ("God Concept") and realize that we have been given free will... which means deciding to kill, or not to kill, you'd realize that God allows us to do as we will. God has his rules... we have ours... and he only interferes when we ask, or when we have degraded to the point that we don't represent what we were made for.

You interpret God (or his lack of existance) through the evils that you see around you and quickly ascribe Darwinism as the sole reason things happen... and then say that if God was real, he would not allow these things to go on. There is a natural boundary between the corporal and spiritual which many of you athiests don't get.

Why not try to think about God and his laws through the responsiblity that each one of us has to do objective good.

EuroSovietSerf's picture

This 'god' does not exist, and that which does not exist cannot give 'free will'.

But if it did exist, why does it refuse to cure amputees? Is it not omnipotent?

And have you ever stoned a disobedient child as required per bible/Jesus/'god'?

web bot's picture

The essense of your breath is dependent on God. You are like a fish, unaware that you are in water.

battle axe's picture

Web bot: The doctor will see you now, and he has nice pretty pills to give you. Usually the guy who yells the loudest about moral decay has the most to hide, ie: television preachers who do coke and bang hookers or boys on the side...  

web bot's picture

You know... I think we agree on this...

Mine however is not a yell... its just frustration at watching things come apart. If you have kids or have worked hard your whole life to see this shit happening and the level of corruption, you have to ask "why"... and that's what I'm doing.

What's your assessment of what's going on?

Bartanist's picture

Maybe it is the final exam.

john39's picture

one leg of the NWO is to destroy exiting cultural structures...  family, traditional values etc.  because, for the people to accept the satanist religion that they follow and plan to roll out worldwide, the people must first be totally broken and desperate.  in which case, the people will accept the NWO as their savior.  this is not to suggest that most religious institutions have not long been controlled by the same people, but now is time to roll out the next stage.  expect chaos...

crawldaddy's picture

go live under taliban rule then if you think strict religous societies are the answer.

john39's picture

the taliban ended the opium trade in Afghanistan...  NATO kicked back into high gear.  The court system is so corrupt in Afghanistan now, that many provinces have reverted to taliban courts so that people can get justice.  point being, while the taliban certainly are not perfect, the western societies are no better, and in some cases, are clearly worse.   turn off the propaganda.

web bot's picture

You #uckin liberals are all the same... reach for the lowest common denominator to denouce what is common sense. Smear with the most extreme tool and pathetic comment you can find (taliban) to justify your smug liberal arrogance. You just proved what you are.

EuroSovietSerf's picture

Religion by definition isn't common sense. It is utter fiction. And over the past 1500 years or so, religion is the leading cause of death (after natural causes).

Especially the two major abrahamic monotheist variants. Read the books, and you will discover supremacism, intolerance and endless calls to arms for the 'faithful' to either enslave, kill, subjugate, maim etc... the 'non-faithful'.

Oh, and since ol' Jesus said old testament law is unalterable for all time (not one letter... not one iota of the law... will be altered...) it means that in order to be a true 'christian' you are obliged to stone disobedient children.

cdevidal's picture

web bot, if you are a Christian, 2 Tim 2:24-26 is a great response to liberals: "And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil, correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant them repentance leading to a knowledge of the truth, and they may come to their senses and escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will." (ESV)

web bot's picture

I am a devout Catholic and am not very proud of how I talk on here sometimes... but I've learnt that sometime, there is a time for rough talk.

Thank you for your reply and Bible verse. I will ponder it. Perhaps I need to tone down my viceral wording (just a bit).  :) 

GCT's picture

Maybe a different way of stating it.  Alot of you commentors on this very site talk about greed, hubris, the lack of honesty and criminals getting away scot free.   Although Web bot is a Catholic he is correct in his assumptions that for the lack of any other word we have taken our morals/values out of society. People can now do soemthing stupid like put a hot cup of coffee in their crotch and when it spills sue and win millions, people can go to McDonalds and super size become obese and win a lawsuit because it is not their fault they are a frigging pig and made the choice.

The same thing happens in schools, work and even with friends.  You can no longer do work based on your hand shake and your word.  At one time we did.  We must now be politically correct and not teach values and the need to try to have a productive lifestyle.  People are taught in school and on TV to get the freebies and the government is here to support you.  Vote for me and I will get you 2 dollar gas.  Give me a brake. 

Web bases his beliefs on faith in God and that is ok with me.  As is almost everyone else who has a solid moral base and is thying to do the roght thing and be honest.  Is'nt this stie all about finanaces and corruption as well as investing?   

web bot's picture

Welcome to the fight club my friend...

GCT's picture

Sorry for the piss poor Grammar and typing but did it on a 14 inch screen.  I apoligize.

cbaba's picture

"The Spanish people feel that there is very little we can do. Perhaps we need something different, a change of mentality."

Not True, there is something big they can do . Why not Spanish people stop making 4 hours of Siesta everyday ? they don't even discuss this idea yet. They are Lazy people.

Tsar Pointless's picture

Classy comment. No generalized stereotyping taking place there.

I'd bet you wouldn't classify a 300-pound Amerikkkan who sits at a computer all week and hasn't exercised in 20 years as being "lazy", right"

I loves me some pointless sterotyping!

Marco's picture

Government employing more people to improve the environment is certainly a worthy cause in a depressed economy, better than welfare with no strings attached ... but it has to be done at the same time as reduction in wages. Spain needs to reduce wages to the point where they achieve a current account surplus ... it's that simple.

foxenburg's picture

entry in eyeonspain today


And finally, is this an indication of Spain’s future ?   Valencia is offered one-week courses at a cost of 100 euros, to prostitutes or those considering going into the profession, which include information on legislation, economic analysis of the profession and sexual techniques.


HomeBrewPrepper's picture

More coke and prostitutes please! At least they are going out with a bang.

Alejandrito's picture

Spain is in default.

Total Debt: 4.2 billion euros

Gdp: 0.9 billion euros


KidHorn's picture

Are you sure you aren't missing a few zeros?

AlaricBalth's picture

Yes he is. Spain's GDP is €1.068 trillion.

hugovanderbubble's picture

Spain is in default. Period.

KidHorn's picture

No one will default. They can't risk the CDO's being triggered, Instead they'll have writedowns and back door bailouts.

Marco's picture

That depends who issued the CDSs (CDOs don't trigger so much as implode). If they were issued by the German banks then sure, if they were issued by the US and UK banks we might see a split in TPTB. They usually protect eachother, but desperate times and all that.

SokPOTUS's picture

For the CDS's to trigger, there has to be a Credit Event.  Credit Events have been banned; haven't you heard?  No worries.

GeneMarchbanks's picture

Unintelligible. Is the premise now that the Spanish need a change of mentality to make up for the huge speculative bubble in RE and shady banking practices that no one has been held accountable for?

It seems this article is a huge diversion from the core of the problem in Spain.

battle axe's picture

But, but, the head of Banco Santander said that everything is fine....BWAAAHAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Stuck on Zero's picture

Not unintelligle. I think the Author has Spain and California mixed up.