Will Rogue Fundamentalist Christian Military Leaders Start a Nuclear War in the Middle East?

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Before You Write Off This Threat … Read This

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that if the U.S. invades the sovereignty of countries like Syria or Iran, it could lead to nuclear war.   And see this.

Russia and China have previously stated that an attack on Iran would be considered a direct threat to their national security.

And Iran and Syria have had a mutual defense pact for years. China and Russia might also defend Syria if it is attacked. So an attack on Syria could draw Iran into the war … followed by China and Russia.

The House approved a resolution Thursday preventing containment as a method of making sure that Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons, rejecting:

any policy that would rely on efforts to contain a nuclear weapons-capable Iran.

The next day, the House authorized the use of force against Iran to keep it from developing nukes.

Of course, while the Middle Eastern wars are mainly driven by oil (and perhaps protecting the dollar) – and while real conservatives are anti-war-  many in the U.S. military view the wars as a literal crusade, and see Islam itself as their mortal enemy.

For example, Wired reported last week:

The U.S. military taught its future leaders that a “total war” against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists, according to documents obtained by Danger Room. Among the options considered for that conflict: using the lessons of “Hiroshima” to wipe out whole cities at once, targeting the “civilian population wherever necessary.”

If this sounds nuts, remember that … and atheist Neocons and Neolibs are using religion to rile them up to justify war against Iran.

And Professor Michel Chossudovsky documents that the U.S. is so enamored with nuclear weapons that it has authorized low-level field commanders to use them in the heat of battle in their sole discretion … without any approval from civilian leaders.

What could possibly go wrong?

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March all of the chickenhawks, religious leaders, religious fanatics, and armchair generals into a row of airport snowblowers running at top speed. Turn them into something useful. Pet food.

Think of the amount of money saved in eliminating these folks.. No expensive political campaigns, no need for armies of chiefs with few Indians, no more child molesting priests, no more Muslim fanatics. All that money spent uselessly, and all the human misery created by these parasites would no longer burden humanity.

It is surgery for the human race cancer. Eliminate the sick and evil amongst us. The world would be a better place.

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Smoking too much bud, George.

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GW....... love ya, but you look like an ass clown when you post such nonsense.  Has the US military ever taken action without direct orders from the elected Commander in Chief, the President? No.  Did the military ask for NDAA powers? No, they lobbied against it.  Elected leaders passed it.  Do military members contribute to Ron Paul more than all other candidates combined?  Yes.  I've served for 20 years, attended War College, and never heard of such nonsense strategies.  I'm vehemently against imperialist positioning of military forces and military adventures built on manipulated intelligence, but that is a function of the action or lack of action on the part of elected leaders. This country is losing it foundation in individual liberty because of collective failure to preserve it.  To point your finger at the military as an institution of tyranny or rogue action is naive and juvenile at best.  We have ourselves and the leaders we have elected to blame for the military's actions and strategy.

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@ QuantumCat.

You served the Empire for 20 years and end up in denial that you did, despite the fact that there are 800+ US military bases around the world (large and small).

You say, "I'm vehemently against imperialis(m)", but you see nothing wrong with extending the Washington Empire throughout the historic conquest of the Spanish/Mexican Empire, nor in waging at least "Cold War" against the Soviet Union, nor the latest attempts at imperial conquest in Libya, Syria and Iran.

Good grief!!  Smedley-Butler served for longer and at higher rank than you.  He saw through it all some 80 years ago.  And, about 60 years ago, Ike also woke up and warned about the way the US imperium was headed.

I find it hard to get my head around you Usans/Yanks/whatever.

I grew up in England and it was no secret that was, or had been a British Empire.

The French know that there was a French Empire, similarly Germans, Belgians, etc..

Back in ancient history the Greeks, Persians, Incas, Romans, etc. ALL factually knew that they were part of an empire.

Usans are probably the only people in history to not know that they are part of an empire, centred in Washington DC ... and now gone global, since the conquest of mainland states, formerly inhabitted by Native Inians and Hispanics.

Sorry, but the US mainland IS an empire, let alone the purchase from Czarist Russia of Alaska; let alone the "Louisiana Purchase" and let alone the acquisition of Hawaii.

OMG you are SO naive, but maybe that is what War College encourages.

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"Indeed nations, in general, are not apt to think until they feel; and therefore nations in general have lost their liberty: For as violations of the rights of the governed, are commonly not only specious, but small at the beginning, they spread over the multitude in such a manner, as to touch individuals but slightly. Thus they are disregarded. The power or profit that arises from these violations centering in few persons, is to them considerable. For this reason the governors having in view their particular purposes, successively preserve an uniformity of conduct for attaining them. They regularly increase the first injuries, till at length the inattentive people are compelled to perceive the heaviness of their burthens — They begin to complain and inquire — but too late. They find their oppressors so strengthened by success, and themselves so entangled in examples of express authority on the part of their rulers, and of tacit recognition on their own part, that they are quite confounded: for millions entertain no other idea of the legality of power, than it is founded on the exercise of power."   The Political Writings of John Dickinson, Esquire Vol. I (1801), Letter XI

I'm not in denial, Jackass.  What's your story, Fucktard Briton? Have you had it all figured out from the beginning... please share? I continue to struggle. I'm admitting the faults of a great nation that has lost its way from the first day we won our independence.  I'm not so naive as the 18 year old who swore an oath to the US Constitution, but I haven't given up hope for the principles of individual liberty and Rule of Law.  

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Sir, I actually agree with your views much more than you might assume. For example, some of the greatest, most dedicated and honorable people I've ever met are in the military.

They put their butts on the line every day to save the cushy lifestyles that Americans take for granted.

I also agree with you that it is mainly the chicken hawk civilians leaders who beat the drums of war. Those who have actually served their country in war know that it is hell, even under the best of circumstances.

One of the most highly-decorated military men of all time, Smedley Butler, knew that war was often a racket, where civilian leaders started military aggression in order to promote their own selfish economic interests.

Moreover, those who have really served know that the most important thing to protect America's National security is to save and preserve our forces for when they are really needed to protect against an imminent threat.

Many of our top American military commanders and intelligence officials have said that the so-called war on terror has weakened our national security.

However, the civilian leadership promotes military leaders who are ass-kissers or ideologues. The many good men and women in the military who are honorable are often weeded out in the promotion process because they will not follow orders blindly which hurt our national security.

As one of the links in the article shows, the head of the prosecution of the Iraq war, Boykin, was a fundamentalist who believed that the Iraq war was a crusade. There are many others as well. This is not a reflection on the majority of good people in the military. Rather, it is reflection of the warped promotion system which currently exists in the military, due to the selfish goals of the civilian leadership.

As the last link in the main post describes, there has been a change in military procedures which would allow on-ground military commanders to initiate nuclear strikes at their own discretion.

So it only takes 1 rogue crazy to start a nuclear war.

Most military men and most Christians are good people

This article focuses on ROGUE individuals within both institutions.

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@ GW

"Most military men and most Christians are good people."

I have served in a military and I was forced to be amongst Christians as a child.

Most, of both, are not good people; only a few might be ... but then why are they in an army or church anyway?

Armies, air forces and navies serve the single purpose of killing whomever politicians tell them to ... and I never met anyone (aside from myself and one other) who quit in disgust at being used.

As for Christians/churches!  Words fail me. Or perhaps not.

Chaplains 'bless' troops going to kill, or be killed.  Ever been sexually, emotionally and physically abused by a "good christian" who no one protected you from?

Sure, as a child, I knew some nice people.  But the nicest one was an atheist.  Go figure.

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I agree with your positions, but take exception to the idea that a rogue Christian military leader is a likely spark to world confrontation.  I consider it highly more likely that massive Wolrd War will take place with the unprincipled, naive, and easily misled collective will of the people.  "Rogues" will always be a potential problem, but I still believe the military has sufficient policies and procedures in place to prevent that action.  It could happen, but I tend not to worry about such small probability occurences, especially if there is no action I can take to prevent it. 

You are right about politics pervading military promotions.  Meritocracy has suffered in the military in the past couple of decades.  Networking, ass kissing, and special interest seem to be the path to promotion over operational excellence and going to the battlefield.  It is sad to watch.  Pick up a copy of the Navy  or Army Times on any given week to see the result... failures of leadership are rampant with more commanders being fired than ever before.  That does scare me for the future of our country should a hawkish populist president come to power with a bunch of head-bobbing, politically driven military leaders at his disposal. 

When major war comes, and it will, it will come from the top... and it will likely be for questionable purposes.  That's worth worrying about.

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War is always around the corner and always has been.

Chickenhawk this while denying that the dirt is brown.

The repeated naivete is beyond even your usual ludicrous level of ignorance.

Exist as if not only that the US invented war but the mere existence of the US has reduced war.

traditional causes such as famine and pandemic disease are all but gone largely thanks to the folks that you believe invented war.


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Is there any religion which is truly monotheistic?  I know x-ianity has a trinity god and all kinds of angels and devils plus humans posthumously declared to be saints.  Akhenaten was the only one I've heard of who established a monotheistic religion, but it didn't last long.

By the way, why do so many x-ians want the rapture to occur while they're still alive?  I'm sure their mythical god would frown on gloating and wouldn't approve of mass nudity.

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Excellent piece George,

No one could have possibly put it any better.

Tony B


At some point maybe can address some questions from the 3rd graders.

1)How many Iraqis did Saddam murder with WMD before the US invasion?

2)What has happened to all of the judeao christians in the middle east? There used to be 500,000 from Morocco to Eqypt with plenty of churches and synagogues, there are now 10,000.  What happened to these people? If this is not ethnic cleansing, what is?

3)If Iran and Syria want to avoid conflict with the US why have they been waging war against the US via proxy for a long time now? If they really do not want war why did they arm and fund the opposing forces in Iraq?

4)The dollar is responsible for 65% of global commerce down from 73% 40yrs ago despite the creation of the Euro which was purposeflly created to replace the dollar in essence the dollar;s relevance is unchanged despite dying 12 times in the interval-why would a country go to war to protect something that doesn't need protecting?

5)IF the US is imperialist and the zionists are taking over the world, why is it that Islam is the one flourishing and swallowing up vast swaths of real estate and not the zionists?


Really the 3rd graders want to know why reality and output from George Washington are so detached?

Why does George Washington repeatedly and perpetually stand up for the some of the most violent oppressive religious fanatics that the planet has ever seen?

Does GEorge not have a mother and could give a shit Islam treats women worse than dogs and is taking over the world?

Does George not care that Islam means no freedom of expression? Is George so fucking stupid that he doesn't know his mere political dissidence on a public forum is cause for torture to the caveman?

It was the kindergarten kids that knew Russis is no position to defend jack and that the chinese don't care.

Aslam Alekem Brothers!

Was getting worried with little to no outlet for the usual delusional caveman hate the zionist fairy tale rhetoric, that the brothers may be doing something a lot worse to makind,

so good on George for providing a forum for the brothers to demonstrate modern thought circa 1850.


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Xkwisetly Paneful:


“2)What has happened to all of the judeao christians in the middle east? There used to be 500,000 from Morocco to Eqypt with plenty of churches and synagogues, there are now 10,000.  What happened to these people? If this is not ethnic cleansing, what is?”




My comments:


I don´t know what you mean by “judeao christians in the middle east” and “there used to be 500,000 from Morocco to Egypt with plenty of churches and synagogues, there are now 10,000”. The fact that you state the number 10,000 indicates that you are referring to the number of remaining Jews in North Africa and the Middle East rather than the number of remaining Christians in North Africa and the Middle East. It seems as if you somehow want Christian readers to identify themselves with Jews that formerly lived in the Middle East and North Africa rather than Christians in North Africa and the Middle East. Modern John Hagee-style Christians seem to do that.


John Hagee-style Christians, and light versions of John Hagee, don´t care at all what happens to Christians in North Africa and the Middle East (except perhaps when they can use attacks on Christians in, let´s say, Egypt as a means to prove that Israel is good and the Arabs are bad). They generally don´t care what happens to Christians. Take the extermination of millions Christian kulaks in Ukraine in the 1930s (on the other hand nobody else cared or care about that either). However, I think that it is very hard to claim that Israel has been more friendly to Christians than Arab and Muslim nations in North Africa and the Middle East. As far as I know, no Arab/Muslim country has confiscated real estate owned by Christians on a large scale like Israel did 60 years ago. I think that it will be very hard to find examples of when John Hagee style Christians have said that this was bad, despite the fact that the Christians living in Palestine probably were descendants of the Jews which converted to Christianity about 1900 to 1950 years ago and probably should be regarded as the very core of Christianity (see Rom. 11:17-18) and probably has more original Jewish blood floating through their venes than 20th century immigrants to Israel. And if they would have complained about this I guess the TV networks, which usually are not headed by Christians, which grant people like John Hagee airtime would have pulled the plug.


But it is true that Libya confiscated Jewish property after Israel was created 1948. Jews living in Libya were either expelled or thought it was to risky to stay in Libya.  


I think that it is very hard to deny that the dispensetionalist Christianity, which emerged in the 19th century, and the Scofield Bible and the TV evangalists have transformed the nature of American Christianity to a very substantial extent. My impression is that a majority, or almost a majority, of American Christians are now embracing this new kind of Christianity which has very little to do with traditional replacement theology, such as Catholicism and traditional Lutheranism. Therefore, it does not seem unlikely that this shift in the nature of Christianity also has affected the American foreign policy.


I don´t know whether it is true that American military leaders no longer have to ask the President if they want to use tactical nukes on the battle ground if there is war in the Middle East. Furthermore, I don´t know whether there are American military commanders who are entitled to use nukes who also are more trigger happy than Obama. It is very hard for me to have an opinion about that. But in theory it is perhaps somewhat more likely that the US will use nukes if military commanders can use nukes without asking Obama.


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My comments:

Exactly, it is ethnic cleansing and there are no two ways about it.

No amount of spinning it changes it one iota.

It seems as if instead of addressing the question as to why the middle east is being perpetually drained of judeo christians chose to go off on some largely irrelevant tangent.

Funny as there are multiple questions there? Think of all the missed opportunities to try and blame the zionists.

Next time go with either ctg-swedenstan or maybe Abudllah from Stockholm.

Not fooling anyone.


Hero1957's picture

What could go wrong?

You may have a thought other than blame christians for everything.


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well, just looking at this, and acknowledging that it is only a sample, somehow I wonder about the Russians moving beyond geopol rhetoric to launch nukular weapons with the US -- seems tactical, even as we know the middle east does have a lot of dry powder and matches lying about..


Last time the 2 above met, Obama said, don't worry on the Eastern EU missile shield stuff, after the elections I will have more flexibility, and Medvedev was happy to say, "thank you I will pass that back to Vladimir".

And here the old chums share a laugh over Chelsea's win..


Yes they rip and roar in the press, but it's a tactical game in the end..

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An old Mennonite once told me,

"Never in the history of the world has a church ever been reformed. Whenever a reform takes place, it always starts a new church."

Think about it- it's true. Islam was a reform movement of Christianity. Christianity was a reform of Judaism. Judasim was a reform of Egyptian/Sumerian religion... and you can take it forward as far as you want, too.

Objectivity, if it exists, exists only with God.

slobbermut's picture

Islam a reform movement of Christianity.....you are an absolute ignoramous, and that is being charitable.

xavi1951's picture

Saddly, you obviously know NOTHING about Islam.  It was not a reform of Chistianity but Muhammed did steal from the Bible and from the Torah, parts he liked.  I use the word steal because if you study his life you find he grew in stature and power by stealing from everyone around him, including his followers.

onelight's picture

I am not an expert on this, however back in college I studied middle east history and there was a case for Mohammed's rise having been a deliberate, studied response to the messiah movement in Judaism, and how it had unified a rather disunified people during the preceding centuries; the Arabs saw that as both a threat and a winning concept were they to fashion their own version to unite their unruly tribes, and so they did a Microsoftian, embrace-and-extend on all that had preceded them. Such were the origins of Islam.

The total submission thing in Islam had as much to do with the requirements for any kind of political cultural order operating within a fundamentally tribal (disunified) form of society. A kind of totalitatarianism therefore, and yet it worked because practice of the religion gave a measure of dignity and prestige to even the poorest of men in society, together with property in the form of a wife. It lifted men up, while demanding submission to a concept of the Absolute, with the political order standing in and ostensibly protecting the latter. All humans feel a sense of awe regarding the realm of phenomena, if not a subtly felt connection to an ultimate origin, and Islam thus awakened and channeled (and rather forced) that into a measure of both social and interior cohesion, for those who may not have had either.

Now, much later, finding itself in another state of relative poverty, parts of the Islamic world tilt overly toward the dignity-producing side of its heritage, albeit perhaps at the expense of its ancient capacity for learning and innovation, with its potential for growth and integration amid a secular/relativist world still an open question. 

Zoroastrian friends from Iran say something similar, that the Islamic Arabs rolled over the Egyptians and Persians, absorbing their ancient cultural gifts and incorporating them into the general Islamic rise, from which both learning and imperial expansion grew. Interestingly, those Zoroastrians that left Persia for India, the Parthians or Parsis of today, have done well with their learning, and comprise the leadership of Tata and many other leading Indian firms.

From a christian perspective, although Muslims destroyed the storied library of Alexandria on the one hand (horrid loss to humanity that was), they preserved much of classical learning on the other (during the heyday of Islamic learning, up to 1000 years ago, after which they have long declined, without the will to reform, and there are various reasons for that), to the point where in the 1200's Thomas Aquinas could spot, with reunifying purpose, the advance back into Europe of Aristotelian thought (preserved by the Moslems, coming in via the Spain conquest) and re-integrate it with (neo)Platonic thinking that had long journeyed alone, in what passed for centers of learning during the so-called dark ages following the Roman Empire's demise.

Thus the knowledge by use of intellect (Aristotle, preserved by Moslem scholars) was re-joined in a healthy dialectic with knowledge by direct illumination (neo-Platonism, preserved by christian monks). Aquinas was celebrated and denounced briefly for this re-joining of classical philosophy.

As with so much innovative thinking, the fruits were taken in various competing directions afterward, into both a help for the rise of science and also a rationale for bureaucratic organization and then corruption in religion and state, with perceived logic versus perceived illumination tacking against each other ever since, in myriad group formations and philosophies. 

And so the Moslems pursued power but also learning, and their preservation of classical intellectual thought fed back into Europe in time, joining again with Platonic ideas. This prefigured the rise of both competing/mutually-informing strains of science v religion, deductive v inductive reasoning -- a conflict that we have lived with as humans ever since. Islam has been stuck for 1000 years, for various reasons, and there is much debate over whose fault and responsibility that is. It is what it is. 

Such is the history of what humans do with ideas, not simply for enlightenment but for their own advantage and convenience. 

My two cents, from what I think I recall from college days (many years, and beers, ago..)

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when ever an article begins with -


Before You Write Off This Threat … Read This

you know a troll is under the bridge

Everybodys All American's picture

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

George once again shows he is no where near comprehending the world as it exists today and yet he gets a column here on this web site. Amazing. Do everyone a favor George and read up on the Islamic fundamentalist who have never ever ever reformed their religion. And then tell me who is more likely to cause trouble. Second thought that probably will not matter because reading comprehension would be necessary.


The more I read of this article and GW's arguments one fact comes clear. This is about his anti Christianity ranting. Typical.

slobbermut's picture

Truly amazing that ZH would give space to such tripe.....at least GW said 'rogue', and not mainstream Christian military leaders.

All this time I was thinking like 99% percent of all terrorist attacks were perpetrated by Islamics in the name of Allah - lucky it is a religion of peace I guess, and here GW informs us that those sneaky fundamentalist Christians are the real threat!  GW - an anti-Christian wingnut.....who would have thought?   LOL

BTW GW.....isn't it Christian doctrine to pray for your enemies, whereas Islamic practice is to 'prey' on your enemies, and your fellow Islamics who don't agree with you, and on anyone else who doesn't agree with your form of Islam, and of course the Jews!   

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"Will Rogue Fundamentalist Christian Military Leaders Start a Nuclear War in the Middle East?"


Next question (but next time only ask the rest of us if you are really too stupid to answer it by yourself first).


Winston Smith 2009's picture

This nicely sums up my opinion of absolutely everyone's Superfriends in the Sky de jour (Zeus and friends are nowadays right out!):

If you live in America, the chances are good that your next door neighbors believe the following: the Inventor of the laws of physics and Programmer of the DNA code decided to enter the uterus of a Jewish virgin, got himself born, then deliberately had himself tortured and executed because he couldn’t think of a better way to forgive the theft of an apple, committed at the instigation of a talking snake. As Creator of the majestically expanding universe, he not only understands relativistic gravity and quantum mechanics but actually designed them. Yet what he really cares about is “sin,” abortion, how often you go to church, and whether gay people should marry. Statistically, the chances are that your neighbors believe all that – and they can vote.

In other parts of the world, there is a good chance that your neighbors believe you should be beheaded if you draw a cartoon of a desert warlord who copulated with a child and flew into the sky on a winged horse. In other places, there’s a good chance that your neighbors think their wishes will be granted if they pray to a human figure with an elephant’s trunk.

Even if your neighbors don’t hold any of those mutually contradictory beliefs, they probably take it for granted that we should unquestioningly respect those who do. And the huge majority of American and British newspapers and periodicals go along with this abject kowtowing to what their educated editorial staff must know, in their heart of hearts, is nonsense. – Richard Dawkins, Evolutionary Biologist

smb12321's picture

If I've said it once I've said it a thousand times to fellow atheists - sarcasm, ridicule and scorn are counter productive in the extreme.  There is something deep and human about religion - otherwise it would not occur in every society around the world in some form.  Ritual, theology and ceremony give it an added emotional value.

Try pointing out facts (nicely) instead of pissing folks off.  One effective way is pointing out that Christians no longer accept Biblical teachings on sickness, earthquakes or storms now that we know there are perfectly natural explanations.  Good Luck.

hootowl's picture


I really thought you had left the planet and had been hustled off into the darkness where you belong.

It is sad to consider the number of poor fools that have been deceived by your pernicious, sophomoric, dark dementia.  I hope they have a chance to personally repay you for your malevolent work here on earth when you encounter them in the unending darkness of your chosen hereafter.



An evolutionary biologist is a person who denies all the evidence of his own senses, intelligent analysis, the scientific method, the incomprehensible complexities of the DNA double helix, the mathematical impossibility of life creating itself;  and opts instead to claim to believe that EVERYTHING was created by NOBODY out of NOTHING.

TSA gropee's picture

Nicely stated. +100  The poster reveals his willful ignorance of Christianity and his two dimensional thinking. No other religion that I know of can invoke such base hostility towards it, and I think it has everthing to do with the fact that it teaches that there is an accountability for our actions here. We deny it at our own peril...IMHO.

Xkwisetly Paneful's picture

Posted like the offspring of a single cell organism that came out of thin air from some coincidental big bang.

At one time the Richard Dawkins of the world believed the sun was dragged across the sky by horse and buggy.

Not long after they denied the earth was round and advocated killing the non believers,

ironically not long ago, same call for murder from the tree huggers against the non global warming people.

Notice a pattern? The Richard Dawkins of the world are always right to the point of threatening violence until they are conclusively proven wrong time and time again.

and not that it matters to a cracker jack scientist but religion obviously evolved from anxiety regarding death.

man evolving from ape when he shares more DNA with a mouse has more holes.

perfectly rational evolution.  One day maybe an ant will adopt religion so this obviousness  becomes apparent to the oblivious biologist.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

If everyone would just think the same there would be no more wars..it's just there is nothing more human than to think "  I am unique". Human's will never think alike until we are robotized by a world culture of some "ism" or faith in some higher power mandated by NWO government..I used to think it was not possible until we got the green movement and man made global warming as examples of how so many must be part of the big thing when reason and facts become meaningless.

hootowl's picture


Once again you expose your lack of understanding of the overall/historical/fundamental premise of the fundamentalist muzzies.

That is to destory, murder, mame, suppress, subordinate, denigrate, annihilate, and ruin anybody and everybody who doesn't think and worship exactly as they do......Including those of ALL OTHER religions and ideologies.  There is no such thing as a "moderate" muzzie.  Intransigent infidels will be allowed to live only until the muzzies acquire the strength to overcome and annihilate them.


Ultimately, you must either convert to muzzieism and 5 times daily scrub your face on the ground in worship of allah/satan, or die.


In your ignorance, or hatred, of Christianity, you attribute the aggressive, murderous, muzzie attributes to Christian soldiers, whose sworn duty is to protect those for whom they fight......and whose understanding of the threat the muzzies pose to our Western/Christian civilization is far more correctly comprehensive than yours.  Christianity and muzzieism are NOT compatible and cannot survive side-by-side,.....or intermingled.


resurger's picture

are you a member of the AIPAC?

what GW has written is true ... you have to understand that Bush and the TPTB they want to start a nuclear holocaust to pave the way for Anti-Christ.

at the end of times, there will be no people with religions, that will be something of the past .. so you will have people coming across chruches, synagogues, mosques and say " this is where those people used to pray" .. its sort of tourists visiting Egypt to see the pyramids and its chambers, humanity will go back to the old ages.

you have no right to say that this religion is compatible and not compatible like Judasim and Islam cant go together, or Christianity with Judasim  can go together, they all came with a message. if you at work and you see a christian, jew or a muslim do you say "yo i wont deal with you because you behead people" or a muslim saying to a christian "i wont deal with you because you are killing us in our countries" that would be so absurd.

Not all Jews are Zionists, not all Muslims are Terrorists, and not all christians are Crusaders.

I dont want to troll this further, but dont attack/stereotype with your ignorance.



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sadly funamentalist islam had at best been fostered and at worst made by the west.

the assholes behind the curtains nurture the boogeymen then make otherwise innocent  muslims into zealots by bombing their houses.

as for nuclear war. it wil likely be brought about by fundamentalist "jews." 

smb12321's picture

The idea that fundamentalist Islam is a creation of the West is popular only in an alternate universe.  Islam has NEVER accepted the equality of other religions hence, no pluralistic Islamic states. Oh sure there's a few mosques and churches that have not been burned down but since, under Islam, the state is part of the culture, non-Muslims carry lower status.  (Example, proselytizing is proscribed against any but Islam). 


Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Islam as a religion which encompasses politics and religion is not benign, but you have to be a mongoloid or ignorant of history to not understand the brits initially got the ball rolling with th emuslim brotherhood, fast forward today and you have al quaeda doing the west's dirty work in libya and syria, all while we've wasted billions supposedly fighting them everywhere else.

If one can't read, that isn't my fault. If one is too insecure to understand the truth, that isn't my fault.

smb12321's picture

Unless I am terribly mistaken, the UK was not contributing too much when Islam launched their "crusades" that spread over Africa, part of Europe and Asia.  These, by the way, are still viewed by Muslims as the height of religious glory.  One can acknowledge that our actions have contributed to a rise in Islamic fundamentalism without going hog wild and declaring we purposely try to aid their radicalism.   It's like our spending policies - we are not purposely trying to go bankrupt, it's simply a consequence of foolish actions.

F. Bastiat's picture

Agree; Islamism is simply a totalitarian ideology masquerading as a legitimate "religion". It's fundamentally incompatible with civilization.

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I have spent my entire life as a member of what is perjoratively called the 'fundamentalist Christian' community.  During that time I have known thousands upon thousands of fellow believers.  Not once have I heard any of them espouse or even hint at the idea of starting WW-III or doing anything to accelerate the end times.  Accelerating the end-times is not within our control or influence, it will happen when God has determined it to happen.

That is not to say there may be some errant believers that feel that way.  But they are a minuscule fraction of the Christian community.

There is a concerted effort to portray radical Islam and evangelical Christians as equally dangerous.  The facts and the tenets of the respective faiths don't support it.

In Chrisitanity, there are no bonus points or breathless virgins awarded for killing non-believers.  There is not a seperate code of conduct for dealing with believers oand non-believers.


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Don't let him bug you too much. Sometimes GW forgets his meds. He'll be back to Fukashima in a few days. His problem is that he is so ignorant about Christianity that he can't tell the difference between the wolf is sheep's clothing and a real sheep. He probably thinks the guys on TV selling blessed prayer handkerchiefs are real.

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yawwwwnnn.........time for daily dollop  of MFC!

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John Kerry won the medal of Honor, LOL..to this day he never allowed his discharge documents to be public..my guess a less than honorable discharge was what he got ..left nam after 4 months after putting in for purple hearts for wounds his medic/doc said required a band aid at the time..Kerry has made a wonderful pol and is best at finding rich widows ..Kerry is one sick elite butt boy supporting all the efforts to bring in the NWO  ..

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Re. Rogue Christian Fundamentalists to start Middle East Nuclear War?


Uber-Warmongers Joe Lieberman, Eliot Abrams, Douglas Feith, Richard Perle, William Kristol (you know - the usual kosher suspects) and the too-many-to-count-here Israel-Uber-Alles 5th-Columnists in Congress and the Administration ("Hellooo... Hillary!")are Fundamentalist Christians?

Wow! Holy Bible-Belt Batman! Some redneck Timoth McVeigh-clone Chrristian Fundie - no doubt with a Stars 'n Bars Yamaha stuck on his head - with his finger on the trigger of a nuKular Armageddon???!!!

Who wudda thunk? Who cudda knowed? I'd nevva haff guessed! Someone pass the moonshine!!

But - hey... OK... yeah... if you say so... sure... why not...



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Seems to me real Christians get...

burned to death (Branch Davidians)

shot (Randy Weaver and his family)

framed (Timothy McViegh)

by whom? hmmm...I wonder...

who really, REALLLY hates jesus and all he stood for? Not Pilate, he said Jesus was a just man, but he went along with the crowd...

And the crowd, though they brought a curse down upon themselves and their progeny, were the same ones that hailed Jesus as the Messiah just a few days before.

But the High Priest rent his garment, which was forbidden(!), and with the Judas and the Sanhedrin, set up the chain of events that led to Jesus capture and trial, and it was these men who whipped up the crowd into a frenzy, and who lobbied Pilate behind the scenes...

These are the ones who hate the Christ, and who still hate the Christ, even to this day. To be one of them is to be illuminated- you know exactly what you're doing, and why. To know who they are and what they're up to is to be illuminated- you know what and who you're up against and what the stakes are.

But if you don't know any of this, you're just a f**king tool.

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I never thought of Branch Davidians, Timothy McVeigh or Randy Weaver as particularly Christlike.  If they're the best examples of that religion, we are in a hell of a mess.

I agree with other posters.  Get some help for anger management issues.  It's not healthy to act like madman over a stupid blog posting.  Get a drink or a lay - whichever will calm you down.    It's also not believable to quote a 2000 year old collection of religious writings as if it was acctual history.

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Take your meds and calm down.  Put that gun away before you hurt yurself.

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if world war 1 tot us anything its that 3-8 people can cause endless suffering as states are left with no practial option


save violence and global commitment to 'modern' politics