Must See Film: Michael Moore Meets Hunter S. Thompson

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Former lawyer John Titus has made a fantastic movie called Bailout: The Dukes of Moral Hazard.

It’s a cross between Michael Moore and Hunter S. Thompson.

Titus walks away from his mortgage, and uses the money to take his buddies – including professional comedian John Fox – on a Winnebago tour around the country

They go on a bender, meet some of the Americans hurt by Wall Street and D.C. financial fraud, and show outstanding interviews with some of the top financial minds in the country, including Karl Denninger, Yves Smith and Christopher Whalen, as well as journalists Chris Hedges, Dylan Ratigan, political commentator Noam Chomsky and former hedge funder and publisher Steve Megremis.

Viewers also hear from Tom Dart, the Cook County Illinois sheriff who’s stood up to the banks by thwarting various foreclosure efforts more than once.

The movie contains amazing soundbites such as this, from America’s leading independent banking analyst Chris Whalen:

We’re going back to a monarchy/corporate statism … That’s really what it is.  It’s not left and right anymore. It’s the individual versus the corporate state.

  Viewer beware. This is a gritty movie, with frequent swearing, and heartbreaking interviews with down-and-out people who have lost their houses.

It is also a must-see movie … both because of it’s hard-hitting expose on Wall Street fraud, and because it shows the effect of that fraud on the 99% more viscerally than any other movie I’ve seen.

William Banzai was involved with creative input in the movie (and provided some of the graphics). Mr. Banzai tells me:

It was a pleasure providing Titus with creative input.


I enjoy watching this film because it presents the Subprime debacle and the continuing financial frauds being perpetrated on ordinary Americans as viewed from the perspective of ordinary Americans. The kinds of ordinary Americans that I love to be around. They joke, they use profanity, they care about each other and they know when they are being fucked , in this case by Wall Street, even though the details of how it is happening seems elusive at times.


The music is great, the filming is gritty and the dialogue ranges from hilarious, to touching to inspiring. What more could I ask for.

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Every once in awhile some people lift my spirits, by fighting back and encouraging others.

Kudos WB7 and Cwhalen

You guys are fucking heroes IMHO

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channelling Raoul Duke:

Eat some reds and try to calm down. Smoke some grass, shoot some fucking smack! Shit man, do whatever you gotta do.

williambanzai7's picture

Just to clarify. These are ordinary people who decided to make a film. Many people were willing to help them. My role was basically to look at it when it was almost finished and say what I thought about it.

As usual I had plenty of ideas. But the film works mainly because the people are likable people. Watching them balances the Wall Street horseshit we are all used to hearing about over and over.

The late push is often what makes a creative endeavor outstanding. That was my main point. And the end product proves it.

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You know, if you go up to a child in the corner crying, 99.9% of the time you'll hear a story that will pull your heart strings.

When ask the parent why they are there and get the full story, you often end up laughing. And sometimes think the parent has the patience and compassion of a god.

DaveyJones's picture

not sure who you think the parent is in your analogy but if you don't think "reality" is nothing more than a collective experience from infinite points of view think again. Does the parent lie to the child on a daily basis? Steal from it. Kill it and others for its own selfish gain. Pledge allegiance to anyone and everyone but the child. Destroy the child's backyard and the rest of its environment, feed it poisonous food, and above all else practice not one of the principles it force feeds its offspring every day.

More films like this need to be made and those who do are heroes showing us cummulative reality from a thousand personal perspectives.   

Cathartes Aura's picture

home run DaveyJones.  and you'll know that this,

"reality" is nothing more than a collective experience from infinite points of view

is my favourite bit!  but I also agree, more films, etc. need to be made so as to witness many more perspectives - part of the death of empathy that has put us in this mess is the over-emphasis of ONE way of being in the world, that of accumulation of stuffs, be it money or power or "things" - the grasping hands pulling everything they can towards themselves, like children, "MINES!!! you can't have any!!" and media elevates this type of behaviour as admirable. . ."greed is good" mantra.

in order to be this way, other peoples must be de-humanised, so their "stuff" can be pulled into your pile - be it within communities with local governance or law enforcement shake-downs & confiscations, or shady business methods that steal by dishonest representation, to governments waving flags & sending volunteers to other people's sovereign nations to murder & steal their resources. . . it's all the same archetype in the end.

a thousand personal perspectives. . . and more.

DaveyJones's picture

"the death of empathy" - not bad yourself

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Don't forget to give us a reminder by the time the movie will actually be released, please.

Btw, there was another movie, about money, with the top proponents of gold, it was mentionned a few weeks ago, never heard about it again.

illyia's picture

Margin Call? It was excellent: Jeremy Irons, Demi Moore (she was okay), Kevin Spacey and Simon Baker. Should have been given an award - but was sandbagged...

Or Inside Job? Also Excellent but more of a documentary.

williambanzai7's picture

Margin call is what we are witnessing now. It's uncanny.

Mercury's picture

The kinds of ordinary Americans that I love to be around. They joke, they use profanity, they care about each other and they know when they are being fucked ,...

Well, after the fact perhaps.

Jena's picture

Typically because of the STD they test positive for later on...

VelvetHog's picture

The GOP has already reviewed this film.  Their official opinion is that noone should watch it as the down-on-their-luck "U.S. Citizens" featured in the movie are just lazy liberals who need a bath.  Newt says these people don't represent good Family Values and "Only got what they deserved.". 

odatruf's picture

Velvet - either you have never been to any sort of GOP event or you've only been to one in Washington, DC.  The local party events I see all the time are filled with exactly the type of people in this movie.  Salt of the Earth, a little goofy, sometimes down on their luck, patriotic to the point of being blind, etc etc.  I too love them for all they are - warts and all.

The DC based party, in contrast, all all about people of power and wealth.  Sure, some of these local people are brought in for a dog and pony show, but they are not its core.

NewWorldOrange's picture

The idiots on the Left don't want anyone watching it either. Their official opinion is that people should not be misled into movie theatres to watch guys riding around in a Winnebago because the gubmint should just BUY everyone a Winnebago and a free unlimited use gas card.

VelvetHog's picture

"Clowns to the left of me Jokers to the right.  Here I am........"


Where do I sign up for that free gas card?  The gubbermint has given whole zip codes  to Jamie Dimon.  All I want is one gas card, damnit!

DaveyJones's picture

Yes, Newt is the pinnacle of family values

dogbreath's picture

Noam Chomsky?????????????????

Cheyenne's picture

One of the points of the film is to berate the red-blue puppet show for the diversion that it is. Thus Chomsky is featured bashing Obama.

Additionally, I'd wager Chomsky's grasp of American history--and we are at a pivotal point in that regard--is stronger than most.

williambanzai7's picture

I don't agree with everything Chomsky says. Actually there are many things he says that I don't agree with. But there are things that he says that are absolutely right. His views concerning the MSM being at the top of the list for example.

Spastica Rex's picture

Yeah, I don't agree with everything anyone says.

Cheyenne's picture

Right on. His book "What Uncle Sam REALLY Wants" is pretty much on the money. And it's short, maybe 105 pp.

williambanzai7's picture

I recommend the first chapter of Manufactured Consent which sums it up on the MSM industrial complex.

And as an example I turn everyone's attention to the bullshit spewed by Andrew Ross Sorkin this morning regarding the myth of Glass Steagall.

A fine example of Wall Street sponsored media bull shit.

Shizzmoney's picture

And as an example I turn everyone's attention to the bullshit spewed by Andrew Ross Sorkin this morning regarding the myth of Glass Steagall.

A fine example of Wall Street sponsored media bull shit.

From Dean Baker:

It is understandable that the spoiled brats who run big banks on Wall Street think that they should be able to get handouts from the government with no strings attached, but that is not the way a market economy is supposed to work. If the banks don't want the government's guarantees for its deposits no one is forcing them to take the guarantee. But, if they take the guarantee, then they don't get to take big risks like Jamie Dimon's big bet.

This tradeoff is pretty straightforward. Even an NYT business columnist should be able to figure it out.

Jena's picture

And here is the Andrew Ross Sorkin column in question.  He seems to miss the points that given the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the banks engaged in riskier behavior over time, greatly increased their leverage positions and reduced their lending standards.  Money flows where it can.

williambanzai7's picture

Sorkin is an Investment Banker wannabe who would up being a groupie instead. 

What qualifies a guy who graduated from Scarsdale High School in 1995 to say anything about what he remembers happened when Sandy Weill got rid of Glass Steagall?

Has he ever worked in finance? No

He is a cheerleader.

illyia's picture

Yeah, but don't get the movie (Manufacturing Consent). It is 2 hours and 45 minutes of ancient Chomsky love-fest by his badly hand-held late 80s starry eyed students. I could not get past 15 minutes... Still appreciate many of his ideas in a starter version sort of way.

williambanzai7's picture

He literally gets 3 seconds on point.

Centurion9.41's picture

Well I'm sure the creator could have found a similar 3 second sound bite to support his position from say... Stalin, Mao or Fidel....

What's left out of the truth is essential to understanding the full truth.

NewWorldOrange's picture

"What's left out of the truth is essential to understanding the full truth."

STILL spewing anger and misery eh? Sheesh. Maybe you should have taken Raoul Duke's prescription (above.) No two hour movie tells the "full truth" about anything. And at least thousands of people who have spent years studying what happened with the financial turmoil still argue about what the "truth" of it all is. So what exactly that is "left out of the truth" is essential? Enlighten us Toothless One. Does this mean you hated the movie "Titanic" because it left out the "full truth" (and surely YOU know what THAT is?) Or that you disliked "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" because iit left out the "full truth" that "drugs are bad"? LOL Whenever you're done making a fool of yourself on this thread, there are plenty more where you can easily find things worth criticizing AND where you actually HAVE something to base it on.

TruthHunter's picture

" Well I'm sure the creator could have found a similar 3 second sound bite to

support his position from say... Stalin, Mao or Fidel.... "


Taste no Whine before its time...


Ponzified Plebe's picture

Then make your own fucking movie...dipshit.


Spastica Rex's picture

No points from you for the brilliant quote at the end?

Nah, me neither.

BeetleBailey's picture

Excellent WB! I am sure you'll keep us apprised as to the opening date(s), places to see, etc.

I smell OSCAR!

Bahamas's picture

4th of ...independence day

Bob's picture

Dukes of Moral Hazard:

Hilarious!  Sounds like this will be well worth the wait . . . DVD goes on sale July 4.

williambanzai7's picture

Yes this film gets the Banzai7 seal of approval by all measures.

Cheyenne's picture

Thanks, WB7, you pulled us up by the scruff of the neck when it counted.

As a zh commenter for 2 years (and reader from inception), I felt I had to make this film to stave off insanity.

In honor of my zh brethren, I included an homage to the Big Lebowski.

chunga's picture

Is there a way to pre-order a DVD?

I think the last movie I saw in a theatre was "Young Frankenstein".

chunga's picture

"What knockers"

"Why thank you Herr Doctor"

The reason I ask is because my understanding is; the movie is not financed by a big Hollywood production company.

It sounds to me that this was put together by a very small group of people.

If it helps, I will gladly pay in advance (hopefully

williambanzai7's picture

You are right. Basically one guy took his nest egg and blew it to make the film. Others donated time and resources. You have to respect that.

mrdenis's picture

Oh I saw this one it has the same ending  as Thelma and Louise 

gmrpeabody's picture

I hope there's a matinee.