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OK but try to watch

I first saw this in Libya, though the movie was made "in the West" with facts ... now totally rejected, since everything is now Fascist anyway ... way beyond the dreams of Mussolini and Hitler.

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I try to post further comment, but I get the message, "You are not authorized to access this page" ... something like that.

What is that about?

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If you ever happen to be in South Australia, maybe we could could have a beer or six.

On a serious note or three.

No one should imagine that Australia is a "safe haven" from economic turmoil, political farce, nor the fall-out from Fukushima in all contexts ... fill in your own dots between, for instance, the demize of Japan as "the second largest economy in the world" - ongoing for some 20 years before Fukushima - and Australia having been little more than a "hole in the ground", e.g. just digging iron ore for export, with zero value-added.

Luckily China replaced Japan.  Our whole economy is totally dependent upon continued industrial growth in China.  Our housing bubble is due to burst.  Our per capita debt is extreme.

I could maybe give you some some ideas williambanzai7 about how to do your "artistic polemicist" stuff on Auatralia, based around "hole in the ground", which includes the clear-felling of what little forests we have ... aside from the Antarctic, Australia is the most arid continent ... with ALL "modern development" clustered in narrow coastal strips.

A few months ago you said that I could also have your skills, in what you now identify as "artistic polemicism", but I cannot.  You are as unique as the best of graffiti artists.

I used to play guitar, but why would I want to compare myself with Jimi Hendrix, or attempt to equal him:  e.g.

Sorry mate, but you have a gift that very few have ... all I can do is offer some possible inspiration.

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I've been down under three times and I love it there. It seems to me that one of the advantages Australia had has dissapeared, namely it was reasonably priced place to live a healthy life.

Two things have screwed that up, the financiers and Asian money.

I coined that artistic polemicist term last night. That is what Visual Combat is. Confronting controversy with the artistic medium. Some might say it is a type of political propaganda. But I say no. I'm not engaged in any campaign other than trying to unveil the truth from under all the bullshit.

There are plenty of artistic types doing pretty OWS posters. Most of them have no clue about what is going on. It annoys me to see them using the socialist poster motif without incorporating the sarcasm I use. They make it look like another left right slug fest, which it should not be. They depict the OWS movement as a leftist struggle. I depict banksters as communists.

You and I can count brother Jimi, my No 1 hero, in common. I'll let you in on a secret, I play guitar much better than I draw ;-)

Also, Tommy Emmanuel is another one of my heroes. I even have his Signature Matone which I bought in Sydney. IMHO he is the greatest living guitarist, actually a tie with Eric Johnson.

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ah, now I get it, you're a muso!  I played lead in bands for about 20 years.  I think I've owned every top-shelf bit of kit that the ZOOM factory has made.  In short, I do to sounds what you do to images.

I used to have beers with friends and watch Phil and Tommy Emmanuel playing gigs at my local pub.  Mind blowing to think about that now.  Each time I saw them play you didn't ever forget it.  Don't know if you're also familiar with Phil but he's just as awesome a player as Tommy is, but turned a touch to the Dark Side of the axe.  Been awhile since I've seen either, but you never know what you've got until it's gone.

More recently I decided to move beyond the guitar to one of these, check this thing out WB:


You can hook this up with a GR-55 synth pickup then write real-time into the 16-channel integrated sequencer.  Once in Kronos you can design and create a sound patch using 9 internal synths layers with 200 note poly and multi-effects on whatever you want.  Then you can use that patch as the starting point for the internal Oasys-based Karma (algo) generation of 100 percent dynamically-continuously-evolving sound layering (based on the patch you made for it) and it's altered and triggered via your own finger-input dynamics. And of course there's the option of seemingly infinitely evolving Karma arpeggiations on any part of the patch, from a specific note, chord, bend, or hammer-ons ...  {:-D

But wait, I've got more!  There's also real-time algo-generated constantly-evolving Karma rhythm progressions that are likewise based-on and triggered by notes, chords, strums, picks, beat, etc, but also from the input expressions and dynamics of your fingers ... SICK!!

But all that is just the initial sound model! 

Now you 'sound sculpt' (the 'bastard') the data, from there via endless production and editing possibilities.  When done with that process (and there is no end to it) you save.  Then you can jam in some hooks and lead lines, or else record real guitar and import into Kronos's internal 16-channel mixer ... then burn a disk, or USB to PC.  Also has comprehensive PC and Mac integration to allow full interactive control of all functions from PC software interfaces.

Guitar will never be the same again.

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I have a box, actually a small trunk full of all kinds of effects which I bought over the years, but I got tired of carrying them around. So I'm basically and over drive and twinge of reverb man now. Clean tone with a Tele or a Strat. One thing I did was replicate Eric Johnson's set up because I love his sound so much. The other tone plates I like to emulate are Robbin Ford and Mark Knopfler.

I love playing with digital sound shaping, but it just ate into my precious playing time, if you know what I mean.

My philosophy on playing has evolved over the years. Now if I play one note, I want it to be clear and I want the tonality to be distinct. It's very hard to narrow your stylistic signature with digital processing because of the temptation to do some many things. And it has become amazingly simple to diversify.

But I love hearing people come up with new sounds.

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I know exactly what you mean about time and clarity.  I was a gob-smacked by Robin Ford's first CD, "Talk to your Daughter".  Everyone who heard me play it just started smiling and asking what it was and where they could get it.  I've always played Knopfler's songs live, a big influence, but Gilmore was HUGE for me, he drove me to develop because his music and sound tormented me for a few years.  I just wanted to know what he was doing that made me respond that way?  His first solo album really blew me away.  And it was also how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Tele.  I really didn't understand their attraction until I heard Gilmore wringing several dying angels out of one.

I love to be able to do it all, every pickup wiring combination possible, as many coils as I can fit between bridge and fret.  About 15 switches on my guitars!  Interfaces and LEDs!  And it all must work, do something useful and generally kick butt--no BS, no dud settings.  All sounds must make you drool to hear more, never stale, no compromise.  I'm sure you know what I mean.

At gigs I literally deliberately imagine someone walking past the venue and hearing the music.  I try to 'listen' in to the music and the feel and the sound that they are going to hear and start to experience, even a few hundred meters away.  Because I want to wake them up, they think they are awake, but they aren't, and I want them to discover that. I want to subvert them to lose themselves in it and become mesmerised, unable to bring themselves to walk past, they'll just have to stop for a few songs, just have a listen, to start to smile, tap a foot, then to suddenly drop or change their plans and just feel good about coming inside for more. 

That's what I've always wanted to do to people with music and sound, because it happened to me while walking past a gig at about 17, when this guitar through a Marshall 2x12 Combo just took me completely by surprise.  I was in a band and had heard all this before, but not like THAT.  It was clear, tight, visceral and the timing and tone was perfect and shockingly unexpected and totally captivating.  The effect was electrifying.  So I wanted to work out how this player had done that to me, so that I could do it to other poor unsuspecting punters, transfix them, make them stop what they're doing despite everything else, to pay involuntary total attention to the sound, and naturally mesh with it.  So since this I always aimed to do that to people, simply because that's what the music and sound does to me when I do that right, and it's most definitely a very good-thing.  For a few years I though it was going to be some combination of hardware, setups and techniques ... WRONG.

And when you really focus on doing that to passers-by it's almost like meditation, as you're playing and listening for what the other person will hear, you're actually sending them a message, a subliminal invite that they can't resist, and they don't know you've done it.  But the band also suddenly starts to hear it too, it sneaks up on them, then suddenly you're as-one, real tight, innately knowing what the other is going to do, before they do it.

That's what Gilmore and Robin Ford do to me, and also to who they play with, and to their audiences.  They simply created a situation where most people were going to wake up from mere consciousness and resonate with what they were doing.  That was their extra gift or 'talent' that set them apart from the other merely 'impressive' players, writers and singers.

To go from one simple big tone to another, that's real complex but also just a compelling while losing nothing ... I really love that.  But above all, no mater what it is, it has to have definition a sound that just makes your jaw drop, forces involuntarily smiles and movement of extremities.  So I don't stop with sounds until they do this, even clean dry sounds.  I've gotten really good at it.  I can zero in real fast on sounds because I can hear into it and pick it apart with confidence.  I can see you have similar skills with images. 

So wave-shaping and composition is the nataral place to be for me now as it's challenging again, so making me develop, because I know some people actually know how to use these devices, artfully.  They're the few though, as most people are merely impressive with the technology, and their technical playing, but are not compelling or transfixing.

Like you said, getting the one note to work.  It has to snatch you away from the world and show you what's just happened inside, make you feel something happening that's suddenly shockingly good and surprising.  What people are suddenly feeling when they wake up like that is what's really in there, their real person.  But you knew that.
I love your work WB ... that always makes me smile too.

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It's a performance so you have to always think of the lister. Any form of entertainment, such as this stuff I'm doing as well, requires the performer to respect the audience. If you don't respect the audience and you are not Miles Davis or John Coltrane, or Monk, then what are you doing. That's how I look at it.

I have all of Gilmores albums as well.

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Tommy Emmanuel is a legend.

An open secret is that I went to the same school - Harvey Grammar, in England - as Noel Redding and knew him and, but for circumstance, could have actually met Jimi at Noels parents house in Seabrook.

Small world, in some ways.

Another open secret is that I have been a total failure at everything I have attempted.  Seems that my father was right,  "You have a mind like a flying kite."  But if you, anyone, would like to discuss Plato, Descartes, David Hume, Kant, Newton, Marx and so on, then I am your man ... always, to my peril, as contrary as Socrates ... hence my backward tribute 'Setarcos'.

I agree with you that there should not be a "left right slug fest", BUT I don't think it helps to call banksters (Obomber, etc.) 'communists'.  They are Fascists and FAR removed from when many strands of socialism emerged during the 19th Century, in opposition to very similar circumstances we face today, i.e. total social destruction by financialists and corporatists.

It is no coincidence that, since about 1970, neo-classicism gained ground via such as Milton Freidman, who such as Alan Greenspan pay homage to.  The general thrust, since "Reagonomics", has been "back to the 19th Century".


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I don't limit myself to calling them communists. I've done every possible angle. I was the first to depict them as mafioso, terrorists and fascists. But the socialism for the rich capitalism for the poor slogan still rings absolutely true. Hence, my May Day presentation.

Redding and Mitchell were both unsung virtuosos. The music changed dramatically when Cox and Miles came in. Still great music, but very different.

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I get your drift but, considering past propaganda about "the communist threat" - which seeped deep into lumpen minds via the MSM - I fail to see how it helps.

Propaganda has moved on.  Now it is all to do with Islam taking over the world, rather than 'communism'.

It so happens that I lived in Libya for a while ... that country is now totally destroyed and people I knew are probably dead.

What could be your reply to that?  Genocide no less.  Fuck popular imaginings.  I give you this, from when Italy ruled Libya:

Look, watch and learn, if you have about three hours to spare.

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Hollande'  ? Is that a " Smoke Shope' " In France?

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really? ... thought it was a type of sauce

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I got duped this had nothing to do with a blow job

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I'd say you're welcome to drop by in Arizona anytime, but now is not the time of year to visit.

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I've been there twice and had a great time...after midday ;-)

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PFC P.P.Pennington!  Banz, that was me before payday.  Now look at EuroPa.  How many P's does it take to spell "BANKRUPT"?

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Hey, WB7, where can I get some 'o those eyeballs like you put on 'peanut brain'?


(I'm thinking about doing a standup Rodney Dangerfield act!)


If I ever open up a bar, I'll call it 'Wolfie's'  and It'll have a neon wolf head, tongue hanging out, with

bulging eyes staring strait at a 'trucker girl' hanging on a pole!

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That is actually a vintage image I came across in my wanderings. I added the caption, which made it very funny. At least I think so because I smile every time I look at it.

You can get glass eyes in any serious novelty shop or marble supply operation.

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Haha.. banzai, yer sh|t rox...


And even better when ztoned.... : D

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Eurobonds on the way, thanks Barrosso. Wreck it some more will you.

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This is an expression I grew up with. ;-)

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so, what is German for "Oh FUCK?"

- Ned

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Just give her a sedative and call Dr. Heinrich Von Loeb.

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that's what she said.

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Except the HEART of this ponzi aint in Eurozone, the true Mafia boss is in DC/WS. I know when you are 100% american its not easy to reconcile with whom you be. Mais c'est la vie.

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The original blog link has vanished, but I think the man was on to something:


The Trinity of Global Empire


The Global Government System:
City of London (finance)

Washington DC (military)

Vatican City (religion)


The aforementioned city-states listed above are sovereign, corporate entities not connected to the nations they appear to be part of. In other words, the City of London (that is the square mile within Greater London) is not technically part of Greater London or England, just as Vatican City is not part of Rome or Italy. Likewise, Washington DC is not part of the United States that it controls.

continued at the link...

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Lots of whacky things out there, but this really seems to be on to something.

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This particular episode is Europecentric, althought there are strings leading to Wall Street and Washington.

And I dont think anyone here has any illusions about who is behind the curtain. Some would even argue that he is or they are somewhere in Europe.

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the europeans built this firewall of technocratic construction to "copy" the USD hegemony construct as a "defensive" wall post USSR default; which was clear and imminent even in 1984 when the Maastricht experiment started. THe idea was to find a counter structure to NOT get sucked into the USD hegemony of post USSR world. It worked fine until the US debt spiral sucked in the EUro banks, all mesmerised by the RISK asset bonanza of post Reagan construct; not understanding that the NWO outsourced  hegemony would create a hubris of unknown proportions that would tilt the table so blatantly, that those who were "cutting and pasting" the Reaganomics global ponzi would be the FIRST to pay; like all typical Quisling type surrogates.

The Euro technocracy NOT having the GUTS to ask the people of Europe to participate in this new adventure, did it sleathily behind their backs; thinking that "cut and pasting" the US model was sufficient in itself as route to future. You never win at being copy cat; you end up as the useful idiot for all those who want to make a quick buck at your stupid gullible, gready expense. Thats what being an Empire truly means; shitting on others when its time to pull the plug.

We are there and Europe will have to pay the price which is necessary for having been a surrogate shill of PAx Americana gone berserk. Doesn't mean that at the global level the guys who started this whole perversion will get away scot free. Nope, the rope is also around their necks. But freedom always has a price and there are no short cuts for Europe. Its time to grow up the painful way. Thats part of becoming an adult generation; we learn thru pain.

I know there as those who believe that the Bilderbergers of Rothschild strain control US capitalism. Its an argument I don't feel competent enuff to warrant I participate about debating its merits ...

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The European banksters were fucking with us when we were still less than a century old...



Meanwhile in Britain a truly incredible editorial in the London Times explained the Bank of England’s attitude towards Lincoln’s Greenbacks.


“If this mischievous financial policy, which has its origin in North America, shall become indurate down to a fixture, then the Government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce. It will become prosperous without precedent in the history of the world. The brains, and wealth of all countries will go to North America. That country must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.”

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I will only add that many of those European copycats plied their trade in the US (Agricole, DB etc) and exacerbated the damage in the US. they were also at the top of the AIG bailout list.

Banksterism transcends national boundaries. As we now know, the Square Mile is bankster Liberia.Trying to pinpoint the situs of origin becomes a huge distraction in the end. Who they are becomes less urgent if we attack their institutions like Keiser is advocating with JPM.

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what a big happy banksta uberista, cabalista, vampire breed of all around TBTF fartassed bumkissing baloney pushers. Transnationals all, they should be fed to the sharks in international waters where they love to spend their holidays, as off the books CDO'd salami sliced transexual bait for carnivores more greedy than themselves. Send em to devil's island in the Virgins. Where Branson fries his mosquitos.

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Yet more Swedish and Brit unicorn poop,

as the court finally announces it will render their extradition decision on Wikileaks' Julian Assange:


And for my almost-daily rant:

Let us hope, with all the publicity surrounding the corrupted past behavior of the Met police (Scotland Yard) and the corruption of UK pols involved with Rupert Murdoch's crowd, some semblance of real law is invoked!

And let us not forget Naomi Wolfe's highly intelligent explanation of the flimsy "case" against Wikileaks' Julian Assange:

And let us not forget the thoroughly dishonest and unscrupulous Thomas Bodström and his involvement in this matter:

Swedish courts have found in favor of several Arab-Swedes who were erroneously extreme renditioned – or kidnapped  -- for torture.

The Justice Minister at that time (who was OK with the CIA's kidnapping), Thomas Bodström, recently went on a tour in America, and lied his butt off, falsely claiming that Assange “fled Sweden” to avoid a trial, when clearly the facts prove otherwise!

Assange stayed in Sweden for questioning, after the case against him was dropped for lack of evidence, then restarted due to political pressure brought to bear on the Swedish Prosecution Authority.

Assange’s attorney asked for permission for Assange to leave Sweden, since they refused to question him during the month he remained available for questioning!

Yet Thomas Bodström lies and lies about this, just as he colluded with America in their illegal kidnapping when he was justice minister.

During this same time, the United Kingdom is being sued in European court for the forced criminal removal of the indigenous population of Diego Garcia --- the wholesale theft of their country!

Abominations abound, and the guilty should be damned and not allowed to hide and cower behind their corrupt governmental positions.

Sweden has enjoyed the existence of freedom-of-information laws since the 1700s; they should actively use their own laws to uncover governmental guilt and corruption!

[Official disclaimer:  I am all for the extreme rendition of Cheney, Bush, both Clintons, Obama, Biden, Carl Bildt, Thomas Bodström, Beatrice Ask to the torture chambers of Syria.]

And from a previous rant, connected to both Facebook (the Narus "Hone project") and Wikileaks' Assange:

Narus is presently a subsidiary of Boeing, also well known for another of its subsidiaries, Jeppesen Dataplan, a k a “extreme rendition airlines.”  Another Jeppesen subsidiary can be found in the Swedish city of Gothenburg which, curiously enough, is the city the Swedish government is trying to extradite Wikileaks’ Julian Assange to, not Stockholm, as one might logically presume?


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Sweden's been the 51st state since after WW2, so nothing new there... 

OT - recently I found an interview with the man who'd been offered the task of murdering Olof Palme, maybe the interested would like to see it  ->

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T.W.D. SAPO killed Oluf Palme,not Christer Peterson like they told the world and his wife did!

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Yes, the assassin was an ordinary policeman at the time (1986) and today he is an MP in the Swedish Parliament. In the interview, Ivan Birchan discloses the ties between SÄPO and CIA and their reasons for executing Palme.

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I believe we may have just entered the golden turdball.

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im going to neg you on this post. 

with love, of course. 

+1 for prolificness. 


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Sit back and wait for today's main Banzai7 event.