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Draghi is feeling the load

The debt is about to explode

It isn't a shocker

He's in the hurt locker

The hopium line he has towed


The Limerick King



Merkel knows things can't go on
Keynesian growth is a con
The bill has come due
Her options are few
Embracing the final black swan

The Limerick King






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WB7: OT, but your merkel-gothic lookin' like granny warren, here in the Commonwealth.  She's digging a hole deep enough to expose the whole race-baiting industry.

http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2012/05/25/Report-Warren-Opted-In-... (but, white is a color)

and bald-face lyin':


She's in a box and will be bringin' Havhad down as well.

- Ned

Trimmed Hedge's picture



Would u recommend the brunch, perchance..?

Mareka's picture

Good god bOnZaI7!!! How do you generate this stuff every day?!?!?!!!

You are one sick genius!

Draghi at Dwarf scale in the Hopium bomb disposal suit, serious as a heart attack.  ..I'm cry'n here!

Yen Cross's picture

 Naked Germans and Germaphobic Socialists. I can't stop laughing. Well done Banzai -7

Manthong's picture

Disgusting, Demented, Demeaning.. brilliant..

And that is one hideous mutant black swan Angela is hugging.

TSA gropee's picture

That's some funny-ass shit WB. Although Frau M lookin' hot.

pasmurf's picture

OMG-pray more-fogedaboutit, switch to Buddhism and good luck bowing to the statue of the fat guy, maybe even the fat lady will start singing for the end of the Euro.

ReligiousAtheist1's picture

This is an instant classic from WB7

Dr. Kananga's picture

Best. Flowchart. Evah!

skepticCarl's picture

Great job, Banzai and King.


The Eurozone always took care of me

Promised to love me unto eternity

But the PIIGS is broke,

...and I'm going to choke

When I'm up to my neck in austerity!

oldgasII's picture

Und how many frogs have you boiled  in der last hour?

One Fra. Merkel!

Enough of dat ineficient process. Here, you put a dozen frogs into das pot. No flame under das pot.

Then you back off 2 meters and throw en der 5 grams of  fused SEMTEX.  

Boom! Frogs stunned and dead. Collect and cook rapidly for effiecient use of fuel. 

Nachdenken's picture

Full Friday, your Muse is turned on today.  Thanks again.  Your pictures are worth more than any words, say it all. 

The crown of thorns needs a cross.  Bin gespannt.

Nobody For President's picture

I though Merkel with the blalck swan and crown of Euro thorns was one for the ages - then I got to the flowchart. 


The partnership with the Limerick King is a match made in heaven - may you both live long and prosper!

nope-1004's picture



The Limmerick King beautifully opines

Bonzai's Art adds to the chimes

They both don't say very much

But get right to the clutch

And do it in only 5 lines


moofph's picture

...maybe we should take another look at the frog in the boiling water again...it seems to be made out of paper and is just gettng all soggy and droopy.

shovelhead's picture

Not really sure Merkel is embracing that black swan as much as she's she's trying to restrain it from eating some nice juicy children.

And then herself.

Funny how those black swans get loose and eat everything in sight.

 Hedge swan droppings with golden eggs.

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

Merkel's Murkin must have been removed for our viewing pleasure.

Very nice Banzai.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Wowser! Two underappreciated geniuses, Banzai7 and The Limerick King, under the same roof? I think I'm gonna swoon.



old naughty's picture

Wowser2! everyday he's being appreciated more...and more, cog dis. poetry in pics.

Thanks for sharing.

Zero Govt's picture

Wonderful chart Banzai ...even a dickhed (PIIG) could follow it

wherewasi's picture

Ahhhh... great ref. WB.  Guernica is the perfect rep. for the devestation and savagery wrought by these scum.

greyghost's picture

pony up dude....and let's follow the bombers

diogeneslaertius's picture

It’s a game called the New World Order

A big gang and they thrive on disorder

Surrounded by debt

We are caught in their net

As the web feeds back bits to the spider

Mr Kurtz's picture

There once was a European Keynesian named Gates,

Who danced a monetizing fandango on skates,

Till he slipped on a Merkelian cutless,

Rendering prosperity ponzi's schemes nutless,

And will soon end up begging Bernanke for dates.

Al Huxley's picture

I love those flowcharts.

diogeneslaertius's picture



nice try Hans


now are you ready to go to Double Austerity Jeaporady where the scores can really change?

that Hopium Locker Image is going to keep me awake at night with its elegantly damning reality


Hulk's picture

The limerick king rings true

The bill is about to come due

The can has been kicked

were about to get dicked

I hope everyone is well stocked in lube!!!

DaveyJones's picture

math is a wonderful thing

in reality and science it's king

but people in power

use it like a golden shower

from DC all the way to Beijing   

diogeneslaertius's picture

you poor PIIG clusterfuck


oh banzai, you slay me

diogeneslaertius's picture






falak pema's picture

borrow more ! lol, the magical potion. In for a drachma, in for a trillion. And with maturity dates in next century!

Terminus C's picture

nice way to start the day.  I'd be laughing if it wasn't so true.

"did you fuck up with debt"? --> "You stupid fuck"-->  zeitgeist.