The Banking Elite are Not Only Stealing Our Wealth, But They Are Also Stealing Our Minds

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In the past several years, people worldwide are slowly beginning to shed the web of deceit woven by the banking elite and learning that many topics that were mocked by the mainstream media as conspiracy theories of the tin-foil hat community have now been proven to be true beyond a shadow of a doubt. First there was the myth that bankers were upstanding members of the community that contributed positively to society. Then in 2009, one of their own, Paul Volcker, in a rare momentary lapse of sanity, stated “I wish someone would give me one shred of neutral evidence that financial innovation has led to economic growth — one shred of evidence.” He then followed up this declaration by stating that the most positive contribution bankers had produced for society in the past 20 years was the ATM machine. Of course since that time, we have learned that Wachovia Bank laundered $378,400,000,000 of drug cartel money, HSBC Bank failed to monitor £38,000,000,000,000 of money with potentially dirty criminal ties, United Bank of Switzerland illegally manipulated LIBOR interest rates on a regular basis for purposes of profiteering, and though they have yet to be prosecuted, JP Morgan bank, Goldman Sachs bank, & ScotiaMocatta bank are all regularly accused of manipulating gold and silver prices on nearly a daily basis by many veteran gold and silver traders.


Over the past several years, many of the things that have been passed on to us as “truth” both in schools and in the media regarding financial principles have now been exposed as pure lies. We are in the process of coming full circle with the bankers and banks that were once consistently, regularly and deservedly vilified by US Presidents and US Congressmen in the late 1800s and early 1900s as “vipers and thieves” and as “evil institutions” that “impoverished and ruined the [American] people”. During the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s’, banking jobs, due to their high compensation and pay, remained the most highly sought after positions among recent MBA grads, and Presidents today still falsely laud bankers for their character (i.e. President Obama on Jamie Dimon: he’s “one of the smartest bankers we’ve got”). However, throughout history, we have often experienced cycles when the truth predominates for a long period, followed by a period when lies predominated for many years, and then ultimately followed by a period when a return to truth was ultimately realized once again.


Consider the case of Christopher Columbus, who historian Samuel Eliot Morison correctly identified in 1954, despite being a courageous explorer, as also undoubtedly an unconscionable murderer: “The cruel policy initiated by Columbus and pursued by his successors resulted in complete genocide” of native Indians in Cuba, Hispaniola and other places Columbus visited during his trek across the Atlantic. However, as time passed, the truth about Columbus was washed clean by American storytellers, and Columbus incredulously morphed from a genocidal mass murderer into a “hero” admired by millions of American school children for his “discovery” of America. Consequently, the US government followed up this revisionist delusional accounting of Columbus by bestowing him with the honor of a national holiday, Columbus Day. Finally, as the cycle of truth came full circle as it often does, and thousands of Americans learned of Columbus's genocidal activities, the US government responded to this movement of truth by revoking the status of Columbus Day as an official national holiday in America. This week, as we observe a Bloomberg journalist submit an article titled “UBS Libor Manipulation Deserves the Death Penalty”, I am confident that the circle of truth about banks and the banking industry's despicable transgressions against humanity will once again return to its rightful place as common knowledge among the masses and not just among the few.


Though the banking elite are now increasingly being exposed for their criminal activities against humanity in their theft of citizens’ wealth, rarely is another one of their greatest transgressions, their theft of citizens’ minds and the process by which they target and transform young adults into docile, obedient creatures through institutional academia, ever discussed. Below, please find a video of how children are targeted at a young age with psychotropic drugs, Skinner operant and Pavlov stimulus-response behavioral modification, and outcome based education (OBE) in the institutional schooling system to literally “dumb down” the critical thinking skills of young adults and turn them into zombie-like unthinking robots. Through behavioral modification and the heavy use of drugs, the banking elite are not only stealing wealth globally at this current time, but also stealing the minds of children to ensure that they will mature into obedient citizens of the state with very little capacity to exert their free-will and determine for themselves the dirty truth of the global monetary system and of our consequent enslavement. If you do not know of the intimate connection between the banking elite and their foray into, and their control of the global education system, then the below video is for you.



References included in the above video:

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, by Charlotte Iserbyt 

The Illusions of Psychiatry, by Marcia Angell

Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America, by Robert Whitaker

Unhinged: The Trouble with Psychiatry—A Doctor's Revelations About a Profession in Crisis, by Daniel Carlat 

Doping Kids with Ritalin for ADHD, by Kelly Patricia O'Meara

Ritalin use for ADHD children soars fourfold, by Jamie Doward & Emma Craig

Raising the Ritalin Generation, by Bronwen Hruska

Infants receiving the most vaccines are the most likely to be hospitalized and die, by Neil Z. Miller



About the author: JS Kim is the Founder & Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment & research consulting firm with a focus on Precious Metals and a mission of fighting the debt enslavement goals of bankers with a return to sound money principles. Follow us on Twitter @smartknowledgeu (Our promise to all of our clients is to keep them informed of the criminal banking cartel's movements in global financial markets to the best of our abilities every year. Despite the year-end banking cartel raid on gold & silver and the PPT pump of stock markets in 2012, our flagship Crisis Investment Opportunities newsletter still outperformed the US S&P 500 in 2012).

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Clesthenes's picture

It gets rather intense when you realize that taxes are always laid most heavily on the weakest members of society.

And, who are the weakest members?  Children and those yet to be born.

When property is taken from a man without equal compensation, it makes him less able to provide wants of his children.  Taxes are such takings.  When taxes are imposed on men, they are legally mandated to deprive their children resources, companionship or other needs.

Thru government debt, the same is done to children and those yet to be born.

I’m sorry folks, but we live in a society that is cannibalizing its young.

If you want to register a small protest to this madness, you could attach your signature to a petition on the White House website that requests removal of legal impediments against child rearing.

Here is the full text,

We hereby observe that child rearing is the first industry of every species.  It was reserved to us by the 9th amendment.  It is now a right on paper only; for, when property is taken from a man w/o equal compensation, it makes him less able to provide wants of his children.  Such takings drive him to vagrancy or banditry, ill health or poverty; his wife, to prostitution; his children to lethargy, confusion or anger; all, to a promise of youth broken.  Taxes are such takings.  If a man does not neglect, abuse or abandon his children by his own folly, the law will force him to do such despite his best efforts.  A Turncoat at the Gate could not cause a more complete destruction.  Therefore, all taxes that subvert the activity of child rearing should be reduced or abolished.

Radical Marijuana's picture

"We live in a society that is cannibalizing its young."


I repeat what I posted on Reggie Middleton's article about the USA student loan bubble:

The paradoxes of "education" are particularly acute, and poignant, since there the gap between the ideals and the reality is greater there than anywhere else. The reasons are the same as everywhere else, just more so. Our entire civilization is based on organized lies, operating organized robberies. Education is the way that we reproduce that system.

The history that made War King then morphed to make Fraud King. The Fraud Kings control the real world, through their legalized frauds, backed by legalized violence. The fantastic amounts of money that they made from doing that were channelled back into funding the educational and research activities sufficiently to be able to capture control over those. Thus, our education system is just another racket run by the Fraud Kings, to advance their agenda.

The younger you are, the more you are being lied to, cheated, and robbed by the political system that you were born within. There would have to radical paradigm shifts in human sciences, to make education become less insane a system than it is to today. Furthermore, that would have to embrace the paradoxes inherent in human sciences, in order for that kind of education about social reality able to operate.


Since we live in a Bizarro Mirror World, some of the best drugs tended to be the ones where the most insane laws to criminalize those better drugs were enforced the most. While some of the worst drugs tended to be legal, and so enabled the Fraud Kings' corporations to make more profits from those. (Of course, the Fraud Kings also make money from illegal drugs, by laundering the profits made from organized crime.)

Overall, everything is as backwards as one can imagine, indeed, even more backwards than one could imagine! That is the automatic consequence of the runaway triumph of dishonesty backed by violence being what ACTUALLY controls the world! What works best in the short-term, for a few, tends to destroy everything for everybody in the longer term.  Energy goes through the path of least resistance, which, in human terms, is the path of least morality.

Our education system is just another of the oxymoronic aspects of the scientific dictatorship that dominates the world today, where knowledge is primarily employed to be better at being dishonest and violent. ... It will be a very long and hard process for any better ecology to be rebuilt, after advances in science have pumped powers which are trillions of times greater into the old established system, and thus, astronomically amplified them, in ways which became runaway social INSANITIES!

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

All I know for sure is they are laughing at us.

Michaelwiseguy's picture

I feel like the so called elite of the world are my cattle animals, and they're there for my entertainment enjoyment. It's funny they never get any rest these days because they have to be constantly jumping through hoops to try to keep their monetary system from crumbling. They also have the most hilarious demonic characters in their fold for me to make fun of. If I didn't have them, I'd have to find different avenues of enjoyment to entertain me.

shutdown's picture

The six million myth from WWII is the Grand Daddy of all propaganda lies. The fact that most people still believe this nonsense shows how docile and compliant we've become. 

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

And what happens if you question it?  Or what happens if you give equal dues to the other 40m who died during WWII?

You will be called a NeoNazi, a racist, anti-semite...  And please don't mention Prescott Bush (Granddaddy Bush) funding the Nazis... That was all just a misunderstanding.  /sarcasm

falak pema's picture

Here is an example of how the Oligarchy steals our minds in a critical domain : PEAK  OIL

How the global oil watchdog failed its mission (1/3) | Oil Man


This is a very interesting series about Energy shenanigans.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"Through behavioral modification and the heavy use of drugs, the banking elite are not only stealing wealth globally at this current time, but also stealing the minds of children to ensure that they will mature into obedient citizens of the state with very little capacity to exert their free-will and determine for themselves the dirty truth of the global monetary system and of our consequent enslavement."

THAT's where you lose me. 

Sociopaths particpating in mostly legal, but highly unethical activities that are actually theft - yes. 

Sociopaths participating in illegal actrivities who aren't prosecuted because of their wealth - yes. 

Sociopaths planning to control the world by giving kids mind altering drugs - nope.

sgt_doom's picture

The commenter, Winston Smith, on the brilliant Mr. Kim's blog article, responds with his opinion, but fails, as usual to address the facts behind Mr. Kim's analysis.

Would the commenter care to state for the record the owners of said pharmaceutical companies, and the owners of the banks, etc., and how they match up (and please do not respond with the usual indoctrinated pablum, that the shareholders are the owners, that those companies are owned by pension funds, "our 401(k)s" and other such trivial nonsense -- shareholders have existed for centuries, but those owners we could all once name, have somehow mysteriously disappeared --- perhaps alien abductions, Mr. Smith??????)?

Their great con job was making themselves disappear --- when I was a kid, everyone knew how owned General Motors (du Ponts), and the major banks, oil companies and pharmaceuticals and munitions companies (the same bunch, i.e., Rockefellers, Morgans, du Ponts, Mellons, etc., but now nobody believes any owners even effing exist!

Un-frigging-believable, to anyone not sucked into their Matrix, their Grand Illusion!

A full frontal assault, from all angles, has been their econo-war.

Before one can fight the enemy, one must first identify the enemy.

Thanks, Mr. Kim, for another great expository blog.

laomei's picture

Lets be honest here.  This is really nothing new at all.  Shit's been going on forever, and like the scandals before, this will be conveniently forgotten and buried in a year or two.  People 10 years from now won't even know what the fuck you're talking about and will just call you paranoid if you mention it.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, the chronic political problems are inherent in the nature of life, and therefore, ALWAYS THERE! What is NEW is the breakthroughs in basic sciences, making technologies trillions of times more powerful. THAT is what is driving everything to become astronomically amplified ...

sgt_doom's picture

True, if everything continues as it was a year ago, but things have become progressively worse with each passing 5-year period, with each decade.

True, Mr. Kim didn't even mention JPMorgan's hiding of loans to Enron, back in the late 1990s and early 2000s, in the form of commodities trades, nor any of their other perfidious activities.

True, Mr. Kim didn't even mention the Ambac, MBIA, the FCIC's report clearly damning of both the banksters and the ratings agencies (surely I'm not the only one in America who bothered to read the honorable efforts of Phil Angelides and Brooksley Born, and recognizes the contributions of Clayton Holdings and Ms. Vicki Beal, and the amendment tacked on to the Bush administration's bankruptcy unfairness bill, giving creditor preference to derivatives dealers and bondholders?), nor the biggest insurance swindle in human history, AIG's selling of $460 billion of unregulated insurance (i.e., credit default swaps, especially naked swaps) with a potential payout of from $20 trillion to over $40 trillion with no capital reserves to back up their financial fraud, which was taken full advantage of for further perpetration of colossally profitable financial fraud by John Paulson and his hedge fund, Goldman Sachs, Magnetar Capital, etc., etc., etc.

And the beat goes on.....

Until that rock bottom is hit, and the zombies rise up.

combatsnoopy's picture

Mr. Kim is on the money.  THe only link missing here is are the drugs handed out to the boomers in the 60's and how the boomers today think.  Who else would permit this to happen to their kids?  THe other trouble is that our stupid American government give couples too much incentive to have meal tickets instead of families.  They care for their own kids less than owners care for their dogs and cats.

I wouldn't have kids until I could afford to send them to a private university where the faculty isn't afraid to challenge them on things like MATH.  Math, like self worth--- IS a life skill.   

I too have a Tiger parent, who unfortunately is too sycophantic to uphold her "wisdom" values.   The sycophantism stems from the other person who is a devout member of the Sick Cult of John Lennon worship.  You know not what it's like trying to get past them in order to register for a class that involves math.  Nobody ever aspiring to be a software engineer would get past them because they're conditioned to be threatened by anything that requires anything harder than Katie Couric's line of interrogation on CBS. 

It's really scary.  THe latino affirmative action puppets in Fremont were whining about how the Asians in the area were making it "too hard" for everyone else.  Who is setting the US up for success in the Global Markets?  It's definately not them, the Asians might as well raise their kids in Asia for school.  A 4th Grader in Japan can outperform a 7th grader in the US public school system.  It's really not that hard. 

THe trouble is that my boomer parents did everything they could to get in my way.   This is no joke.   The boomer fiscal and voting majority fessed up recently that they (who the advertisers cater to) enjoy putting down the younger generation because they're self loathing, lazy incompetant and unattractive @$$es need to feel superior to somebody else.

I can blame everyone else for my setbacks.  Yes - I do have people to blame.  Here's another thing.  DRUGS ARE BAD.  Drugs are just a stupid stupid chemical.  The chemicals are not bad, it's all in how you use them.  The business involving drugs is bad blood.  I have been held back by junkies, for some reason they're military retirees too.  Who wants to bet that James Holmes and Adam Lanza were methed out of their minds when they shot up public places?

I'm sorry, methed laced pot is NOT worth the trouble from the 30 year old infants. As the lazy boomers pointed out, this character infancy will continue throughout the NPD familihood and well into their 60's. 

However ,I refuse to live with the outcome which means I have to step it up regardless of who is in power.  I was already successful in getting by big pharma's games (with my doctors). 

Power hungry narcissists are too arrogant to see past the nose on their face, they won't notice anyone modestly moving past them. 
Mr. Kim is right.   Your heads are being fucked with.  The outcome is still up to you, "Bilderberg" is a lame excuse because people are too friggin' scared of, well being normal.   It's your friggin' right to be normal.  What are they gonna do?  Send the normal Stassi after you? 

Seriously, if you really put it into perspective; you have everything to lose by succumbing to the vacant existance that becomes a blind wolf pack mentality.  A suicide bomber can tell you how well that worked out for him.


sgt_doom's picture

Combatsnoopy is the PERFECT EXAMPLE of the banksters indoctrination, the "divide and conquer" strategy of the oil company people like Pew Charitable Trusts (and Pew Research Center) which releases a perfectly timed "report" claiming that the old, then the young, then this minority group or that age bracket, are being hardest hit ---- remember, it was the Pew people who put out that report proclaiming the Corporate So-called Media as being "liberal" ????

No, David Rockefeller, Peter G. Peterson, Henry Kissinger, the Koch boys et al., aren't "boomers" --- they were most definitely not born between 1946 and 1964, sonny.

Blame the bad guys, and think for yourself for once in your pathetic, noncognitive existence.


Radical Marijuana's picture

Yeah, I agree.

Regarding Combatsnoopy's "DRUGS ARE BAD:"

Drugs are tools.

Tools are good!

Freddie's picture

The Baby Boomers were are real greatest generation.  They were the coolest, hippest, smartest generation. They loved Dylan, Hendrix, etc etc.  The same old shit the media has been spewing for the past 40 years.

Turn off TV and Hollywood because they want you disarmed and they have been telling us for 40 + years that Baby Boomers are the greatest thing that ever happened to teh world or universe.

ebear's picture

Are the Beatie Boys nostalgia yet?  How about Nirvana?

Give it time.  Eventually you'll see Ice-T on late night infomercials promoting his Golden Age of Hip-Hop CD collection.


sgt_doom's picture

Step away from the tube, Freddiebot, and think for yourself for once.

flattrader's picture

Push away from the keyboard, Freddie.  Turn off the computer.

Jugdish's picture

Freddie.... Put down the lotion. Drop the napkin. Turn off the vintage porn. Close the laptop.

adr's picture

I remember getting an 8th grade math test from 1918 one time. There isn't a student in public high school today that could pass it.

sgt_doom's picture

Sadly, such is probably true --- and when one mentions temporal similarities of interlinked variables to prove a point (differential equations) the response is the programmed "conspiracy theory, conspiracy theory" (from idiots who have no conception of the amount of times PER DAY people are convicted of "conspiracy to commit...").

And explaining arithmetical relationships to the citizens (consumers???) is pretty rocket science today.

For instance, when one repeats the public domain information concerning the public news conference of the Pentagon's comptroller on 9/10/01, where he stated that his auditing team (DIA's Financial Management staff) uncovered an unaccounted for $2.3 trillion in missing DoD funds, and the very next morning a plane crashes dead center into the (reinforced) west wall of the Pentagon, killing almost all the members of said auditing team, who had been notified of a last-minute, on site meeting there by 2:00 am email, nobody believes there may be anything suspicious of such events.

Now that is one seriously dumbed down population.  Jane Jacobs, in her final book, "Dark Age Ahead," was seriously right on target.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Poor Pentagon accountants.  I bet they were the most honest citizens in that whole building.  And for their efforts... 

The problem is, people don't know enough even to know how much 2.3 trillion is.  We can barely fathom 2.3m, never mind trillion.

One thing I will give the elites a bit of credit for is the way they introduced the term "conspiracy theory" and made it into a vehicle for social ostracism, and ridicule.  "Conspiracies, ha!  Are you crazy?  Everyone knows conspiracy theories are crazy, and you are telling me you actually BELIEVE in them?"

I tell people I deal with conspiracy fact, I'm not in it to speculate, but when no more information is available (or disinformation cannot be separated from legit information) you have to be able to develop a coherent framework to test your predictions on.  If no more information is available, due to cover up or disinformation tactics should we just stop asking questions, just stop digging?  Of course not.

The problem really is very similar to Stockholm Syndrome.  I for one hope society snaps out of it, sooner rather than later.  Its clear why critical thinking is discouraged though.  Because that means questioning basic assumptions like "The government is looking out for the common man"

Conax's picture

In the late 1970s if the teacher caught you with a calculator, you were in trouble.  By the 1990s it was part of every kid's back-to-school shopping list.  They can no longer do the math, but they can be taught to muddle through simple problems if they have their silicone diode crutch with them.


cosmyccowboy's picture

this is an age old battle that goes all the way back to the garden of eden, able and cain! the son's of God versus the son's of lucifer!!! satab seed... john 8:44! as celente is so fond of saying the only time the price of peace got angry was when he drove the moneychangers out of th temple, well this is those same people we are fighting now! the color of God's money is silver and gold and  it is satan's offspring who control the printing presses... you don't expect them to farm do you?

sgt_doom's picture

I dunno, you may be confused (although I agree with Celente, "Harvard, Princeton, Yale, bullets, bombs and banks" are most certainly the problem, but Lucifer was the "light bringer" while God was that talking snake in the Garden of Eden.....I'd put my trust in Lucifer, all things considered!

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

Corrupt systems do NOT correct....

adr's picture

exactly, they must be corrected.

weburke's picture

Good to see this, I have 4 boys, and the reason I cherry pick "truth" to tell them, is that this power fight has gone on for centuries. In 1776, the old order declared war on the constitution. They won during the civil war when Lincoln made the us a corporation. The rest has just been mop up. So, let go of the illusion there is a need for understanding and a correcting. Get to know the power as it is, and believe or disbelieve it's claims for a Pheonix future. And prep for the fire of transformation. Knowing what goes into your body would be a first step, that includes radiation, and second, where do you live? Does it have a future? If you see a threat coming, be the first to move out of its way, dont stand around in disbelief. Ultimately, I have chosen to believe the designs end up good.

sgt_doom's picture

"...when Lincoln made the us a corporation.."

Why oh why do the indoctrinated talking bots always fall for the same bullshit, the bankster cartel which blames everything on their murdered victims: Alexander Hamilton, Spencer Perceval, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bobby Kennedy.......???

blindman's picture

and there is this.
.."One source of disclosure has been Richard Dolan. We are including his presentation made in 2011 in Amsterdam. It provides, I believe, key insights:" ..g.d.
Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013
Counter Intelligence Agency: Asteroid to threaten Earth in 2013

By the Counter Intelligence Agency with Gordon Duff

“The asteroid, known as DA14, will pass by our planet in February 2013 at a distance of under 27,000 km (16,700 miles). This is closer than the geosynchronous orbit of some satellites.

Neo1's picture

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

sgt_doom's picture

WTF, WT-bloody-F, does "communism" have to do with JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, UBS, GE, AT&T, Blackstone Group, Carlyle Group, Bain Capital, KKR, etc., etc., etc.?

Are you a complete and total, drooling Sarah Palin/Glen Beckerhead fan?

shovelhead's picture

Lazy assed kids...

Back in the day, if we wanted drugs in school we had to get them ourselves.

mirac's picture

Yes.  You could add and understand weights and measures.  Pretty good chance you earned your own money too.

Neo1's picture

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers' associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
The Communist Takeover Of America - 45 Declared Goals

Benjamin Glutton's picture

Want to see how disgustingly pathetic our young men have become?


Thank You Anonymous.


On a personal note I can remember standing up to a group of acquaintances behaving similarly, knocking out the ringleader after he suggested I "have some" and carrying the young lady on my shoulder directly to her mother. I just cannot comprehend such carelessly disrespectful callousness towards a defenseless individual.

Colonial Intent's picture

Fascism is when you can't put a cigarette paper between the interests of the government and corporate business interests.



“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group,”
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

lakecity55's picture

Read everything you can on Andrew Jackson.

LawsofPhysics's picture

While I generally agree with the vast majority of Mr. Kims' points and commentarys, there is a very real limit to the intellectual ability of most individuals.  I am in agriculture, one thing I can tell you for sure is this, that which cannot be sustained, won't be.  The major structural problems that need to be fixed are two-fold;  First, compensation is not going to those who are the most creative/innovative (it is currently going to those who are the best at playing a corrupt game).  Second, the lack of any real consequences for bad behavior, at any level of society, is the ultimate underlying problem.  


The American sheeple have always been malable to propaganda in the past (why so many volunteered to die in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc.) and this country has never before experienced a real crisis of confidence.  Until now...

Hedge acordingly, because when the supply lines for essential goods and services breaks (nothing changes until then), we follow a slightly more violent path than the former Soviet Union.  Such is the way with the collapse of countries and "unions" when the laws of Nature and physics re-assert themselves.  History is very clear on this point.

BanjoDoug's picture

Not all are sheeple.....    more Americans are buying guns & ammo than ever before - they know something is seriously wrong, and gun possession is seen as a protection mechanism.  What's really shocked me recently is all my VERY LIBERAL relatives that are buying guns and taking concealed carry classes.....  I never thought I'd see that happen !!!!



Freddie's picture

I agree about a lot more people buying guns. The sheep still watch Tv and Hollywood who want to disarm them.

Your very liberal realtives voted for this. Show them how to off themselves with their new toys. Show them how to save money by mixing around the bullet calibers in ther new guns.  Tell them guns are dangerous.

The very few O voting relatives that I have got caught off from any future contact forever.  They can go F themselves.  They voted to destroy this country.

Middle_Finger_Market's picture

The people sorry sheeple are so hopelessly inert and dependant on that system...the standard of education has been steadily decreasing for a reason. The biggest enemies to the state are those that have 'awakenend' to the truth and are trying to educate others to the fallacy that is right in front of your very eyes. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Yes, why I suspect that home-schooling efforts continue to rise.  Even a simple laborer recognizes that it takes a significant amount of energy to actually do anything.  Innovation is very risky, and requires even more energy and capital.  When the world really begins to feel the pain from all the capital and resource mis-allocation and mal-investment that has occurred and continues to occur, I sincerely hope we all remember who the real theifs were.  History is certainy not on our side.  With every crisis/war that has occurred since the inception of The Federal Reserve, the central planners have become stronger.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"I sincerely hope we all remember who the real theifs were"

Most readers of this site and similar ones will.  The vast majority won't because they have absolutely no correct ideas whatsoever about what will be the eventual cause of their impoverishment or who the thieves were behind it.  They rely solely on the superficial reporting and propaganda they might pay only casual attention to coming from the government and mainstream media.  Much more of that will follow after the fall at which point they will pay more attention, including attention to any charismatic persons offering easy, but incorrect, solutions to their problems.

Which brings me to this excerpt from the excellent column, "The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance" found here:


You may be thinking that what happened in places like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Mao's China, Pol Pot's Cambodia and scores of other countries in recent history could not, for some reason, happen in the US. Actually, there's no reason it won't at this point. All the institutions that made America exceptional – including a belief in capitalism, individualism, self-reliance and the restraints of the Constitution – are now only historical artifacts.

On the other hand, the distribution of sociopaths is completely uniform across both space and time. Per capita, there were no more evil people in Stalin's Russia, Hitler's Germany, Mao's China, Amin's Uganda, Ceausescu's Romania or Pol Pot's Cambodia than there are today in the US. All you need is favorable conditions for them to bloom, much as mushrooms do after a rainstorm.

sgt_doom's picture

Now you are making some truly awesome points, Mr. Winston!

And for additional suggested reading:

The Hellhound of Wall Street    by Michael Perino

Wealth, Power and the Crisis in Laissez Faire Capitalism    by Donald Gibson

The Billionaires’ Ball    by Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks

Extreme Money     by Satyajit Das

Treasure Islands    by Nicholas Shaxson

Debt:  the first 5,000 years    by David Graeber

The Web of Debt    by Ellen Hodgson Brown, JD

Retirement Heist    by Ellen Schultz

The Fine Print    by David Cay Johnston

Battling Wall Street:  the Kennedy presidency    by Donald Gibson

The Bubble and Beyond    by Michael Hudson  (All of Prof. Hudson’s books)

Wall Street Capitalism:  The Theory of the Bondholding Class    by E. Ray Canterbery

Greenspan’s Fraud    by Ravi Batra

Other People’s Money:  the corporate mugging of America    by Nomi Prins

The Rich and the Super-Rich    by Ferdinand Lundberg

Into the Buzzsaw     by Kristina Borjesson

Thy Will Be Done    by Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett (if you can obtain his books on Du Pont, they will be highly rewarding!!!!)


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And what should the politicians get if they do the banksters bidding? Fuck you Bernanke.

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Please spread this link far and wide if you want to know the game plan for the new American Revolution. Assymetric warfare can succeed and does not require centralized command.

This is the game plan

 Our rulers want to disarm us peasants. We cant be trusted.