U.S. Government Using Terrorism Against the American People

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Year of the Snake(s) by Anthony Freda

We've documented that - by any measure - America is the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world.

But remember, terrorism is defined as:

The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

The American government has also been using violence and threats to intimidate and coerce the American public for political purposes.

For example, the U.S. government is doing the following things to terrorize the American public into docility and compliance:

U.S. constitutional law has taught for hundreds of years that chilling the exercise of our liberties is as dangerous to freedom than directly suppressing them.

For example, as we've previously noted, reporters censor themselves:

Initially, there is tremendous self-censorship by journalists.


For example, several months after 9/11, famed news anchor Dan Rather told the BBC that American reporters were practicing “a form of self-censorship”:

There was a time in South Africa that people would put flaming tires around peoples’ necks if they dissented. And in some ways the fear is that you will be necklaced here, you will have a flaming tire of lack of patriotism put around your neck. Now it is that fear that keeps journalists from asking the toughest of the tough questions…. And again, I am humbled to say, I do not except myself from this criticism.


What we are talking about here – whether one wants to recognise it or not, or call it by its proper name or not – is a form of self-censorship.

Keith Olbermann agreed that there is self-censorship in the American media, and that:

You can rock the boat, but you can never say that the entire ocean is in trouble …. You cannot say: By the way, there’s something wrong with our …. system.

As former Washington Post columnist Dan Froomkin wrote in 2006:

Mainstream-media political journalism is in danger of becoming increasingly irrelevant, but not because of the Internet, or even Comedy Central. The threat comes from inside. It comes from journalists being afraid to do what journalists were put on this green earth to do. . . .


There’s the intense pressure to maintain access to insider sources, even as those sources become ridiculously unrevealing and oversensitive. There’s the fear of being labeled partisan if one’s bullshit-calling isn’t meted out in precisely equal increments along the political spectrum.


If mainstream-media political journalists don’t start calling bullshit more often, then we do risk losing our primacy — if not to the comedians then to the bloggers.


I still believe that no one is fundamentally more capable of first-rate bullshit-calling than a well-informed beat reporter – whatever their beat. We just need to get the editors, or the corporate culture, or the self-censorship – or  whatever it is – out of the way.

Former Fox News reporters say the same thing.

Any reporters who don't censor themselves are harassedWhistleblowers are prosecuted ... or even tortured by the government.

The fact that the government is spying on all Americans - and using the information to launch political witch hunts - makes us all watch what we say, and makes us careful about who we talk to.  As the ACLU notes:

Peaceful protesters should not be treated as potential terrorists nor spied upon by federal government agents.  Not only is this a misuse of public funds that could be used to find real terrorists, it chills free speech activities and inhibits the public debate on important issues.

A federal judge found that the NDAA's provision allowing indefinite detention of Americans without due process has a "chilling effect" on free speech. And see this and this.

The threat of being labeled a terrorist certainly dissuades and chills our willingness to  exercise our rights.

Especially when power has become so concentrated that the same agency which spies on all Americans also decides who should be assassinated.

And fear of terror makes people docile and stupid ... and the government has intentionally whipped up an exaggerated hysteria of terror by "others" in order to scare the people.

The bottom line is that - like Stalin, Mao or Hitler - the U.S. government is using  violence and threats to intimidate and coerce its own people for political purposes ... to consolidate power and suppress dissent.

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Freddie's picture

I don't like Bush but Colon Bowel is a douch bag.  MAdeline Albright was worse plus Holbrooke, Hillary, and Condi Rice. 

I don't like NWO Bush but he was not trying to disarm us with like NWO Mullah O.  Yes - he is a muslim.

john39's picture

Bush and Obama are cousins:


Picture getting clearer for you yet? Neither bush nor Obama are Christian or Muslim. And the central bankers certainly are not Muslim. Muslim vs Christian is just another flavor of dem vs repub. a total mind control psyop.

Anusocracy's picture

Bush or Obama, the difference is in your mind.

You don't build a three million square mile concentration camp in a day.

verum quod lies's picture

Okay, actually it would seem that today it can happen that way; just declare a 3 million square mile area a camp, then there you have it, and you even have a shitload of prisoners and guards already trapped in your so called "camp" (i.e., the day you declare it). The whole point to things like the NDAA and associated "executive order" type stuff is to declare things and make it so (i.e., whether or not it is nominally legal or Tyler or Jesus would do it). Clearly, most camps take some time, but also the type we are talking about tend to be rather slapdash affairs for your aims generally do not involve providing housing until old age takes the lives of your prisoners/citizens. In short, making a "camp" wink, wink, intended to kill someone can be done in a day laregly thanks to the likes of Barry and his fellow travelers.


smlbizman's picture

cocksucker shut howard stern down...fuck him..just as fucking bad....

willwork4food's picture

Bush/Cheney & company allowed the flowing of hatred/torture and personal dis-liberties that accelerated after Clinton's brush with the blue dress...even if you discount 911...which would be stupid, and I know Freddie's not stupid. O's doing a Pelosi fake then allowing Summers , Geithner & Bernenke into the cesspool of DC AFTER promising to take down the ones responsible for the financial crisis was unforgivable.

Every single one of them should be tried and hung on a DC lampost on MTV.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

They may be hung -- though I'll bet only Pelosi is -- but they definitely need to be hanged.

Freddie's picture

You were doing so well until you mentioned MTV.  You are a moron and you EMPOWER them by watching TV and Hollywood's shit. Wake up stupid.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Valid point. Anyone that watches TV may as well be attending a Redcoat's training session. They become walking propagandist's for the enemy.

DaveyJones's picture

don't forget the military anthrax

that one's still my favorite

Bob's picture

Mine too, especially because everybody forgets about it.  In spite of the long, tense brouhaha ending with the supposed culprit's suicide, this alleged terrorist's funeral was attended by over 200 colleagues who were best positioned to understand the issue AND at great risk of taking a large shit on their own careers for doing so.  That's not how it would go if the govt narrative was right.  Not in the Global War on Terror world. 

But, hey, guy kills himself, all's well that ends well. 

lakecity55's picture

(hyuk hyuk. wait'll they get this is the mail, homer. the patriot act will be sure to pass! Let's get back to HQ).

Stuck on Zero's picture

I think the bomb in the picture is actually a debt bomb.  Very nasty.


Element's picture

It's a fantastic graphic.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture

Redcoats. Don't shoot till you see the whites of their eyes

lakecity55's picture

Klink! Who iss dis man?

Do these prisoners run ziz camp?

It is not so far to the Russian Front, Klink!