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Where are the Allies WMD's?  CHuck's (as in Norris) Universe Melting or CHUM WMD (sounds like "choom").

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am trying to figure out why obama (supreme apologist) is appointing a DOD head who has criticized AIPAC, to the chagrin of his own party (both parties actually, who take lots of money from them) recall pelosi fired harmon, from her job on intelcomm when she was caught neogitating with AIPAC, and then shortly thereafter pelosi lost her speakers chair, for threatening to run the lobbyists out of DC. (lobbyists meaning AIPAC)

i suppose it is a sham nomination, that obama will withdraw the nomination after the GOP wastes poltiical capital destroying this guy, who is after all a soldier who takes orders from his CIC. and brennan is the real guy. well if hagel does get appointed, and he does cut off AIPAC, then a lot of these congressional types will have to work for a living. haha, but it won't happen, obama likes to compromise, and this has more to do with fiscal cliff II the sequel.obama wants to keep spending lots of money and much of it on israel.

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Is AIPAC the dyslexic version of AICPA?

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i'm from Mississippi, my rhythm/timing is different;
the government works for the banksters,
the workers are employees to do the will
of the systemically essential financial
noose squad, here a song about it.
Comedian makes fun of Government Spending Tim Hawkins "Will make you Laugh
Gary Null - The Natural Living Show
Monday January 7 12:00pm
1 hour
don't eat that.

Navy SEALs commander commits suicide in Afghanistan
Published: 24 December, 2012, 22:49
forget about it, everyone else has.

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There are now two Americas. One America cherishes individual liberty, respects the Constitution and honors the ideals and traditions that made the United States a great country. The other America, composed of liberal fascists, hates all those values and is pursuing an agenda that will lead to tyranny and oppression.

Author Bio

Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq. Colonel Sellin is the author of “Afghanistan and the Culture of Military Leadership


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and where, pray tell, does this "America" exist?

One America cherishes individual liberty, respects the Constitution and honors the ideals and traditions that made the United States a great country.

where is it?  today.  who comprises this "America"?

29 years of service in the USArmy Reserves, and a vet of the illegal occupations of Afghanistan/Iran.  ok.

from the link,

The Obama Administration openly violates the Constitution, is hopelessly corrupt, has brought us to the brink of bankruptcy, has opened our borders to illegal immigration and has permitted a fifth column promoting Sharia law to infiltrate our society.

Many Americans now realize that Obama is the nation’s first openly illegal President and unindicted felon. He has reigned over a lawless administration and, in November 2012, Obama stole the Presidential election through voter fraud. The US Government is presently occupied and supported by liberal fascists, who are intent on destroying our Constitutional republic and our liberty.

the "Obama Administration" is a governmental continuum, and is merely the latest placeholder to inherit all that is currently taking place from decades of the same behaviours un-corrected.  "stole the Presidential election"?   yeah, "voter fraud" that was clearly a first evah event *cough* Dubya vs. Gore, Supremes decision, etc. etc.

sigh.  call it anything you like - "liberal fascist" is a great tag - but at least acknowledge that in the 29 years of serving the corporate military industrial tax-payer funded gov't complex, you are a beneficiary, no doubt financially.

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Pretty quick on the gun there today CA.  We aren't occupying Iran - youre getting ahead of the op tempo now.  And COL in the reserves means he spent some fraction of those 29 years collecting pay from the government.  

Out of curiousity - what do you think of the legality of the first Gulf War?  Its possible the COL was there and not in round 2 - hard to say from a quick read.  There was no unwanted occupation then except perhaps in Saudi.

If you have a minute take one step further and click thru to the article linked on the topic of his book.  It is a pretty sharp critique of today's Army.  Might even, if implemented, lead to better thinking and lower expenditures in that Army.

Agree with you that the current regime is a bad continuum.  And that we really need much different/better.  Some of the America he's talking about is right here around us.

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out of respect for your post, I went ahead and read the article you recommended.  the writing style is intelligent, and he makes some very good points - within the carefully constructed "military" world.

and yes, he has critiques and points to the inevitable co-opting of observations from those within the culture, the silence to maintain career trajectories, etc.  how could one not agree with many of his points raised?

Last autumn the US government announced that after eight years and $27 billion, the results of the Afghan Army and Police training program were so bad that it was declared a failure. If the effectiveness of the training was ever questioned internally, it had no obvious effect.

It was a program on automatic pilot, where everyone was being reassured that everything was going according to plan and “progress was being made.” Despite the fact that symptoms of failure were already appearing in the press years earlier, no one in the chain of command spoke up and hence, no one should be surprised. The pressure to conform is enormous.

One wonders how much American, Coalition, and Afghan blood was shed while the program was heading toward failure and how much more will be shed before the Afghan security forces are ready to defend their country.

According to a recent report of the Special Inspector General for
Afghanistan Reconstruction, more than eight years into the war, the
U.S. government has spent billions of dollars on the “build” component of the “clear, hold, and build” counterinsurgency strategy, but no one knows what that money has bought and there remains no clear way to track the spending.

which, in my opinion based on all I've read over the years, is how ALL military adventures sum up, and that leads me to believe, strongly, that everything is working as intended, despite the rhetoric.  military industrial complex war machine, according to design, working.

those pallets of fiat went somewhere, those depleted uranium WMD used on humans liberally, with the inevitable contamination of "our own" troops conveniently denied, going all the way back to Gulf War "syndrome" - all of this is reality, and still gets little attention paid.   for all the reasons he mentions, and many, many more.


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Well, it seems to me that eventually our military will be weakened to the point of having to pull back quite a bit by the coming failure of the dollar.  How long will that take?  Who knows?  But that it will happen is a virtual certainty now.  And when that time comes, it will be a good opportunity to return the military to a more limited force, focused on defense.  

BTW a friend of mine who does business in Kuwait was there recently and reports that the Kuwaiti people - perhaps the only ones in the Gulf region today - still really love America for liberating them from Iraqi occupation.    

I spent enough time in the Army to know very well that once you unleash the violent machine far away there are all kinds of potential bad consequences - intentional or not - for anyone within range.  And for that reason it is only under the very most limited, well justified and properly authorized circumstances that we should ever do that.  It seems from your writing that you know this very well.  It is really too bad there are not more who feel this way.

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I wonder if the amrkn military won't just continue to roll on in some form, perhaps re-branded for a global market?  I can't imagine that all this effort/expense would just cease to exist, that the new "order" wouldn't need some enForcement of a high tech type, that the bioweaponry they've spent decades tweaking won't still be used somewhere on the planet.

personally, I don't see this nationstate functioning without a military, the culture is so dependent on the meme now, and bases are flung far and wide, staffed & funded - it's a machine to be sure, a behemoth that has no beginning nor end, apparently.  but what amrka will exist as in the future, that's still quite un-imaginable.

I lean towards hoping something completely in-credible arrives from left field, something chaotic that upsets all "plots"

thanks for a thoughtful exchange.

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Your posts are very thoughtful CA so the thanks are mutual.  I don't see the MIC completely ceasing to exist either but it should be tightly constrained by lack of resources soon.  

One source of hope for me is that I was part of a generation who left the military during the "peace dividend" years after the end of the Cold War.  It was perhaps the biggest unremarked organizational downsizing of the last 2 decades.  Many of us completely left the MIC for other more productive work.  I'm looking forward to the day when I might be able to employ my hard learned private sector expertise in "restructuring" in the government sector.  Won't ask for a very big paycheck.  In fact just might do it as a volunteer pro bono if the opportunity presents itself.

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You are both welcome to post on Banzai7 threads anytime.

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Thanks WB - really appreciate all of your good work here on ZH.  A good laugh now and again is great medicine.

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yes, my bad/typo - and of course, locked out of redressing the mistake now. . .

my opinion of all "amrka's" undeclared "wars" is consistent - they're all opportunist engagements designed for profit and to maintain a "military" - or maybe grow a military is more accurate, given the current circumstances.

"Operation Desert Storm" was/is an undeclared war, as have all of amrka's military engagements globally, since WW2.  and this is how they maintain the control over the "nation" - through backdoor patriotism games, sucking fiat down, and keeping the home flags waving, all the while testing their biowarfare shit on "other" people, under the "war" definition radar, with all the special secret privileges awarded whoever is the current figurehead-in-chief.

as to the "America" he's talking about, for now all I see are the favourite words du jour - "individual liberty"?  yeah, spent all of last year reading about which "individuals" were allowed liberty, and who gets left out, just like the fabled "ideals and traditions" of the Constitution.  I'm sorry, but at this point in history, I need specific definitions for the words being used, really clear language that is open to being questioned should some arise.

trust needs to be earned, and I don't have a lot to spare lately.

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Having had "insider access" to a significant amount of information re. biowarfare capability (unfortunately ALL of it covered by the UK Official Secrets Act!) you'd be quite surprised by the capabilities of most NATO Countries in "biodefence" - can't call it warfare sicne that's banned under the Geneva Convention - of course there is the obvious "get out" clause that you have to develop the offensive capability in order to develop an effective defence . . . . . 

Whilst there's the recurrent theme of "them" coming for "your" weapons, and the regular-as-clockwork response that "They'll have to prise them from our cold, dead hands", implicating a firefight of some kind, the unpleasant reality would be that in cases of "Widespread Civil Insurrection threatening The State" (or words to that effect), their weapons of choice are going to be short persistence half-life neurochemical, or biological agents. Believe me when I mention that the capability of fairly exquisite selective targeting already exists courtesy of the Human Genome Project.

"Your Tax Payer's Dollars hard at work for the Safety of The State!"

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aye, I've been researching biowarfare for years, and I've also read enough reports to make the case for stratospheric geoengineering aerosol'd skies above all NATO countries, and I'm familiar with the agenda behind Porton Down (though I realise only the very obvious facts are admitted to) - add to this the admitted toxins in the water supply, the amrkn GMO food supply (being banned in other nations), and "mistakes" in pharma labs that accidentally make it to human bodies. .

which is all to say, I doubt "they" are bothered by amrkns out shopping for weaponry, just more stats for the economic recovery stories - the tug-of-war drama will continue in the media, and escalate the anger laterally, until some tool goes off on another "rampage" - working as intended.

but anyone with half a brain knows that the gov't has already used massive force against "citizens" - Waco, MOVE, etc. - and the military has been using biowarfare on "other" nation's peoples for decades, denying it all the while.  anyone can still search the "experiments" done on amrkn cities, sprayed and otherwise, not so distant past, and no doubt currently.

when people start to comprehend that the State is not them, and they are not the State, that they are in fact expendable when the State decides. . . then maybe we'll see some real wake-up calls.

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Thanks for sharing the link.  Super op-ed piece.  The term "liberal fascist" really needs to get into circulation broadly - it is an excellent descriptor.  Does that make the other wing of "Propaganda Kibuki Theatre"  the "traditional fascists"?

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The Federal Trade Commission closes its antitrust review; approves acquisition of North Korea January 8, 2013 The U.S. Federal Trade Commission today announced it has closed its investigation into Google after an exhaustive 19-month review that covered millions of pages of documents and involved many hours of testimony. The conclusion is clear: Google’s services are good for users and good for competition.  And even better for North Korea, according to dictator-ceo kim chee wee, who happily welcome's Google's anticipated investment in hookers, toys and bombs his country. Larry and Sergey founded Google because they believed that building a great search experience would improve people’s lives, especially in downtrodden of totalitarian states like the USA North Korea. And in the decade-plus that’s followed, Google has worked hard to make it quicker and easier for users to find what they need. Now the challenge moves onward to global domination helping poor Koreans find lies food faster—because truly great search is all about turning your needs into actions in the blink of an eye. 

As we made clear when the FTC started its investigation, we’ve always been open to global improvements that would create a better experience. And today we’ve written (PDF) to the FTC making two voluntary product changes:

  • Close off information flow to North Korea for the indefinite future.
  • Foster more mind campaign control: Dictators everywhere will be able to subscribe to Google's MindAnalytics based on the new big data resource that is North Korea. Advertisers can already twist your thoughts from Google AdWords. They will now be able to mix and scramble your critical faculties from third-party services that use our MindAnalytics API.
In addition, we’ve agreed with the FTC (PDF) that we will seek to resolve any international conflicts arising from these developments with all involved central banking authorities.

We’ve always accepted that with success comes regulatory scrutiny. But we’re pleased that the FTC and the other authorities that have looked at Google's business practices—including the U.S. Department of Justice , and the Brazilian courts have concluded that we should be free to combine thought control with search. So we head into 2013 excited about our ability to innovate for the benefit of abusers everywhere.

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That's very funny. It occurred to me that it is bizarre yet appropos that North Korea is where Google commences a visible foray into foreign cooperation.

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No EBT WMD or does that just roll up into Debt Bro? ;-)

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At last - some WMD food taken off the market !!




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Do you think his real name is Kunstler?

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The word means "artist" in German so could be a pen name.  From Wikipedia:


Kunstler was born in New York City to Jewish parents,[1] who divorced when he was eight.[2] His family then moved to the suburbs in Long Island. His father was a middleman in the diamond trade.[1] Kunstler spent most of his childhood with his mother and stepfather, a publicist for Broadway shows.[1]

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Who are all these bozos working for anyway?


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if its silicon valley its CIA psy-ops


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I thought Goldman was in New York, on the island. Is there anywhere they haven't been yet?

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Quotes from James Howard Kunstler today:

"The euphoria that greeted the end of the fiscal cliff ritual has settled back into the feckless collective state-of-mind that we call "bullish." It's all noise and the madness of crowds now. And black swans shitting on your head some sunny day."

Great stuff William! Really good one!!! Only you could do the WMD thing with this kind of spin!!

I thoguht you might like the image of "black swans shitting on your head" for something special!!


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Where can I get me some of them Lego characters?

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North Korea is a fucking CULT.


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So is the Catholic Church, and the EPA. Human beings like cults, they eliminate the headaches you might get from trying to actually think. The "great teleprompter" was on the tube the other pm whining at China to sell more "rare earths". What the Mass Media didn't get clearance to tell you is that rare earths are not rare; there is a mine pending epa approval in Arkansas that can supply the entire US tech. economy with rare earths; they shut down an actual operating rare earth mine in Calif. several years ago. Reason? Hysteria at the EPA over the tiny background radiation from Thorium 232 that is found in the same ore bodies as the rare earths. Mining Thorium doesn't increase background radiation levels at all; it has a half-life equal to the life of the universe; which means an atom only fissions every once in while; and it's an alpha emitter; range in normal air; about one inch. it does produce Xenon; but all the Xenon that it is going to produce it will produce anyway and it will all work it's way into the atomosphere anyway; because it's a gas, and it doesn't make any difference to anyone. Unless, of course, you're a member of a cult; like the EPA. So, the only reason we're begging China to sell us more rare earths, instead of hiring Americans to use our own rare earths, is because of massive ingrained ignorant superstition; plus the fact, that a Federal Agency has to "do" something; to "justify" its existence. If we survive the EPA, I'll be surprised.

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It's my understanding that the Chinese undercut MCP & that's why they shut down the mines. Then, with the trade tit for tat, China cut us off & MCP proceeded to reopen the mine as this made them profitable again. It's no different than when the Japanese bankrupted our steel producers. They pelletized & shipped our scrap, severely undercutting the industry here.  

I never heard anything about the EPA on this. Which means nothing, but you sound like you're making your coffee with frack water. 

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I'm a Catholic and I think-so fuck off cunt

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Look, we are making China use up all their natural resources before the critical strategic phase, OK, its not that complicated.

American Oil stays in the ground, Saudi and Iraqi oil gets pumped to the last drop.   Critical resources, like silver, and rare earths, also stay in the ground, while China digs up as much as they can, as quick as they can, with as little thought given to sustainability as possible.   What happens 5 years from now, if that continues?

China will have harvested and exported most of their 'low hanging fruit' while the US and EU will have their 'low hanging fruit' still sitting in the ground.  Meanwhile the value and possible uses of silver, graphite, rare earths just continue to increase.

Cathartes Aura's picture

upvoted Herd Redirect, amrkn "resources" are in da bank for now.

however, I don't downplay "china" as another manipulated nationstate (rockyerfellers have been there for decades, it's all part of the plot), so who's to say "they" don't go to "war" (ka-CHING) for anything they're perceived to "need" in the "future"

also on "hold" are all the rare earths promised from Afghanistan, once they've DU'd the population off the actual land. . .

future's bright!  invest in shades!

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All GREEN (slimey) shades.

Good to keep the lights out !

Mind you, the big chunk coming in might make any rare abundant.

We shall see.

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Don't forget the part of the plan that dictates that by not picking the low hanging fruit, as you call it, America goes belly up, eyes open to the sun and our last view is our low hanging fruit being picked by the Chinese.


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it's a police state and a model for the NWO

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And a horrific example of what can be done to humans, given a couple of generations inside a closed system.

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American WMDs - a bombs, h bombs, bunker busters, DHS purchases of 1.6 billion bullets, drones, ICBMs, et alii.

If I understand this incorrectly, I guess if you have all this, you are not a terrorist.


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Surely not,if you have all this,your from the Land of the Free and the Brave:

Freezz and Braves,drones children on the other side of Kingdom Come,who would call,that,an act of terror:

Move along,no one to se this!

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No, evidently you are a freedom fighter. I'll have mine with freedom fries please.

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What would a Linda Green LEGO WMD look like?

Might need 20 different versions at least for each signature.

All that fraud and NO JAIL!!! 

How different are we from Iran, China, or North Korea when our property and rights can be subsumed with fake signatures and we can be jailed indefinitely with no trial thanks to N.D.A.A.?

Drones indeed! 

Love the LEGO villiains WB7! 

ebworthen's picture

Bet that Linda Green serves five years for posession of 1/2 ounce of pot.

She'll probably be put on the Chase EBT card production line.

Meanwhile, the MERS and LIBOR thieves drink champagne.