BaRaCK OBaMa'S NeW ViSaGe oF WaR...

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With drones taking over the skies
It's time to give out the next prize
His bombs may be loud
But there's peace in that cloud
Right after the last person dies

The Limerick King

DRONE MAN (Slight Return)

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wb7 - "I have a drone" - that is great, savage, biting parody!  Frames Obama perfectly as the black-hearted megalomaniac who parrots pseudosincere Left speak while dealing death autocratically in the manner he would decry in another.

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Yah wb7.  thge dream of every libtard come true - absolute power over life and death with no oversite.  when do they open the reeducation camps or is that what the public schools, colleges, and administrative state is all about?

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And the believers thought Obama was going to come in and stop all that Bush "war stuff"; but he turned out to be just another cog in the military/industrial and banker machine.

And yet...elected again.  I suppose in many ways people realized there is no choice anymore, besides the one who is going to say what you want to hear regardless of what they do.

The droning of funerals really bothers me; such a cowardly un-honorable thing to do.  Of course droning itself is, but killing 40 people at a funeral because one or two might be valid target...hell...may as well carpet bomb entire cities.

What does the U.S. stand for and what are we doing over there anyway?

I haven't heard a sensible answer to that question.

Not to mention why in the hell drones are allowed in U.S. airspace.

Skynet, 1984, Farenheit 451, Animal Farm - we are well on the way.

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Funerals, weddings, first responders. What would we be saying if these tactics were employed by our foes.

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about Obama and drone, have you ever used the glovey lovey theme from Beatles Yellow Submarine? - think it would fit right in - love your work, thanks a lot!



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Just to give you an idea of how I work, this is the first iteration of the second picture.

DRONE MAN (return of Mr Bombhead)

The first picture is a superimposition over Salvador Dali's famous Visage of War.

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i have a drone... wow... the civil rights activist against institutional racism, conducting a policy of institutional racism.

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Make those fleeing children white American children and you'll have a truer picture.

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It's a famous image. And I like the connection back to the Vietnam war given the CIAs involvement then and now.

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Hey WB7, how about a Alfred E. Newman portrait on a trillion dollar coin.

Get ahead of the curve and submit to the treasury, who knows.

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I'm sure the guys at Mad Magazine are thinking the same thing. I'm glad that they are still with it after so many years.

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You all in Illinois need to register your gold & silver.


Wheels are in motion . .  .


Awful Awful stuff....and no one seems to care. No one seems to mind. legislation/ fulltext.asp?DocName=09700SB3341&SessionID=84&GA=97&DocTypeID=SB&DocNum=3341&print=true

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I don't think so.  Looks like this is both old news (introduced 2/7/2012) and perhaps targeted at fly-by-night buy gold operations and thieves.  The legislative session ends this week and the bill still appears to be in committe in the House.


SEN Dillard the sponsor of this bill is often on the right side of issues - especially bills involving 2nd Amendment rights, incidentally.

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don't buy gold in illinois and don't trust anyone with any information about what you may or may not have under your floorboards?

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Drones can be an efficient means to rid the world of 6,000 banksters.

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"There's an old saying in Pakistan— I know it's in Pakistan, probably in Yemen— that says, drone me once, shame on — shame on you. Drone me — you can't get droned again."

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where's mushroom cloud bozo? I miss mushroom cloud bozo.

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B52 carpet bombing in Vietnam [seen a few of those] got us nowhere; just what are these onesie,  twosie Sidewinders supposed to accomplish?.........

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gotta let the non-people know they can die at the whim of a fat finger

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After all is said and done he is just another killer.

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you mean, when all is said and drone?



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Hearing rumors that The Supreme Court will soon rule that drones are people too. 

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They hate us for our freedoms.

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I'm getting a big DRONER

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That first image reminded me so much of the album cover for Slayer's South of Heaven.

The lyrics for one of the songs on the album, Ghosts of War, is rather fitting, too:

Target assassinate, time of your life has expired.
Hatred victimize, gaze in their eyes as they die.
Violence inflicting of pain, savage morticians deny
Drive the salt in the wound, arouse the subconscious to lie.


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You've got to remember that Obummer has tear ducts at the outside edge of his eye, not near the nose.

Remember his pretend tears after the Sandy shootings? Watch him wipe the tears from the outer edge of his eyes, three times. Well practised, but just as stupid as his falsified, multi-layered passport.

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Do not, Sir, insult our Commander-in-Chief who has a subtle nose-job and a highly doubtful birth certificate, draft card and SS card. He has been through enough already.

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Careful WB, you may find yourself indefinitely detained. Or droned.

IMO, the clock is ticking for the first domestic drone strike. Within 6 mos of the inauguration, tops.

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Way off Topic

as I am listening to Gundlach and scanning Twits these two seem to nail it with respect to Alex Jones

@verumserum Gun control advocates have sympathetic Gabby Giffords and we have ranting Alex Jones? Good grief.

@EugeneMirman Alex Jones is probably the very government plot he's been warning us about. He's got too much solid intel to be working alone.

(I think the Eugene fellow is on to something, the timing of AJ's meltdown ties perfectly with O's agenda)

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When people have to be afraid

Of what is published and displayed

That what once you held dear

Which you have traded for fear

Is only the proof your of Freedom decayed

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Thanks for this, William. It has been on my mind. In the last week, I have seen two small 1 paragraph reports in the Wash Post that the President of the US has twice ordered the successful killing of "suspected" terrorists in Yemen, performed by drones. It makes me want to grab and shake 300 mm fellow Americans, whose current distraction is Newtown, in the hopes of reminding them that Rome was a republic before it was a dictatorship, and not the other way around. This is not a right/left dem/repub issue.

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Some of the people who are targeted are undoubtedly bad people. However, that does not justify the civilian collateral damage which is reported to be statistically overwhelming. And then there is the question of blow back since the people who are dying originate from a tribal culture of vendetta.

More troubling is the complete lack of accountability in who is deciding who lives and dies as highlighted by last weeks NYT FOIA case. The judge lamented her hands are tied by the law, but something is not right.

And this is coming to your neighborhood soon. Someday law enforcement drones will watch you and neutralize you if deemed necessary.

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I can't see anything that justifies the bizarre silent sneak attack killing because people are deemed "bad".  Holy fuck what does that make us?

We need to take a look in the mirror.  We've become shitheads.

williambanzai7's picture

It is another cowardly form of combat. The guys flying the drones take lunch breaks and sleep at home every night. A different danger surfaces when killing becomes so safe and easy from great distances.

The definition of badness is always in the mind of the beholder. Whatever the appropriate definition of a legitimate target, our government is always more than happy to discard all of the principles defining a war crime when convenient to serve its own ends. We have apparently moved beyond terrorists to so called enemy combatants.

But innocent civilians are always innocent civilians and we are not supposed to be country where the ends are purported to justify the means.

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We're passing through Augustus' first year as we blog. - Ned

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I am surprise as hell that you are not at Gitmo. 

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Here lies poor old William Banzai

Cause of death - a drone in the sky

From old Preszee Obama

Who said "I'll alsol f__K yo mama"

And all we have left is a Banzai'd sky


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fuck those cockroaches

only thing Obama's doing that's worth a shit

New_Meat's picture

'cept maybe for the AMCITS getting aced without due process.

Action Jackson nowhere to be found, and, well, most of the ace-eez are "his people."

- Ned

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Banzai7's image of bloodthirsty executive murderer Obama as a grinning death cloud looming over a fleeing Kim Phuc is as prize-worthy as Nick Ut's original.

* bangs spoon on pudding bowl *


Out this jive-ass sociopath, and out him good.