DaN LoeB FoR HeRBaLiFe...

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if they want so solve the deficit they should roll the trillion dollar joint. about half the tax money would go to regulation and distribution licensing (which creates a entirely new bureaucracy, and lots of jobs) and they put the rest as down payment on the debt. ina few years we'll all be very high, and very well off, fiscally that is.

dope will get you through times of no money, better than money will get you through times of no dope.. free wheelin franklin

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a spleif and a half!

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Your humor is just a wee bit more "Blunt" than normal today WB!

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Been awhile since I have seen a chairman Mao propaganda poster... Says something about chairman Mao saving the revolutionary spirit around the world.

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Erbalife? I prefer the magnetic belt I saw advertized on TV. It promises to reduce your waistline down to a size 38, producse "six-pack abs" while enlarging your penis 4 inches. All you have to do is wear it at night. Simple!


It sounds much better to me then Erbalife, plus, they promise it's the Real deal!

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What about the Trillion Dollar Coin?

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... Trillion Dollar Plutonium coin ist THE solution of all the probs ...

Platinium is an typo ... :-P

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Is our response. 

Call it the Plutonium Coin, and wait for the sheeplies to get it, ask questions, and learn.


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If Herbalife is a pyramid scheme then Loeb is the all-seeing eyeball at the top.

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That looks a lot like my back yard in August.

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I'll bring plenty of munchies if you throw a BBQ.

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I'll start sorting seeds tonight.  The days are getting longer.

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Exxxcelllent.  Love a good cook out.

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what is the deal with herbalife, is it people

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NRBQ IN FULL HD "Wacky Tobacky" live at The State Theatre in Falls Church,

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See,there is money in the green shit!

Gota be why,Banks launder the stuff.

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Hey, the TBTF banks are doing great today, so why not Herbalife?

Just buy some, and some Apple, and some Chipotle, and some Green Mountain Coffee then buy a burrito, burn a spleef, and enjoy a hot cup of joe while you iFriend Jack Lew and Dan Loeb on the twitterverse.

Buy!  Buy!  Buy!

This time is different!

You can't lose with these products!

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You mean Lack Jew? Bernie "I" Madoff with your money? The TPTB are just making things up to fuck with us, Who is the next head of the fed, Petty Fiat? 

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"Herb for life" it is. I thought that other billionaire was jumping on board this pot wagon. Long free product? Who was the bad guy in Live and Let Die? Dr Kananga was it? "Corner the market in weed"? Hmmm. Or should I say "phhhhhssssssttttttttt....

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As Mr. Big said, 'names are for tombstones, baby'

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Live to smoke, smoke to live.

Dat be da Herb-o-life, mon. Pass me da ganja!

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Marijuana field is never complete unless there is a half-naked Mary-Louise Parker in the frame.  Banzai, I am disappointed that you do not give us more T & A here.  

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Lord, just imagine what Da Vinci could've done with photoshop!

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where is goldman scahs sending guitner now?

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my uncle(also a scientologist) used to sell herbalife and the only thing i can remember my parents buying were some vitamins that were remarkably similar to my kids' gummie vitamins that we get at Target. what a scam. it's gotta be a front-I'm guessing this herbalife "product" is "hecho en mexico" and they are really importing pot in their uninspected(grease some palms) shipments

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you quess this and that .. but have nothing more  to add .

the scam is your mouth .. and wild eyed diaper rash



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i am guessing that a very large number of privately owned corporate franchises are at least somewhat involved in laundering drug money, which is the river which flows beneath our stagnant economy. at the top of list is restaurants, where there is no direct connection between meals sold and food costs, (they use a ratio, so their accounting is always a guess) 

more importantly the restaurant supply business has always been an easy spot to work kickback schemes with the distributors. so if you don't really want the stuff, you can kick it back to the supplier, put the dirty money drug sales in the cash register, and run off a bunch of phony receipts. no one walks in the place for days at a time, but you keep ringing the register.

there is also a huge opportunity in venture capital groups, business fronts. during bush2 jack abramoff was working this angle, and the money went to caribbean banks through an internet casino. when bush busted the federal bank it wasn't through overspending, because all (legitimate) government spending has some stimulative effect. 

i am guessing that a good part of the trillion W went through is in private hands, where no one can touch it. this is what happened in russia after the fall of communism (fall of democracy 9/11/2001) high ranking officials were selling nuclear material to bill clinton, and using the money to buy property along the mediterranean coast.

and W was no stranger to the stuff, having blown coke in the WH while bush1 was president.  having basincally robbed america blind, they then pulled the plug in 2008, [and look what crawled out of the drain]

its all about the doob, [and the doob-w. follow the money]

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Don't forget convenience stores and small hotels which are about 30% cash basis from what I read.

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Don't forget car washes and foot massage joints.

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duh.....the concert buisness? did anyone notice it became a complete monopoly in the last 10 years. house of blues with backing from the harvard mngt group went around "small fish eating ever bigger fishes" until - poof! it's all one big behemoth now. yeah, sure sure, it was sold out! see? we have all these digital ticket stubs to prove it.


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that was a plot point in Breaking Bad, the existing drug distributor was using a dry cleaning plant, and walter white and his wife tried to set up a car wash.

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Very good observation. The other issue for restaurants is theft and food loss. From my experience from a food joint, everyone is eating on your dime, admit it or not. (McDonalds doesn't count, it's an assembly line, not a restaurant.) Herbalife would be a perfect shell, if HBSC isn't available. 

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and ron paul is (suggesting) that the Fed has a history of aiding politicians in laundering money. [i only know what the big boys say in the locker room, and vietnam was really the first, and definitely not the last brush war which gave CIA cover to import drugs - and weapons. during bush1 when LA was a war between crips and bloods, someone ask one of these guys, where did all these heavy weapons (AK47s) come from? one of the gangsters said, ask the president, we pick them up at the port of los angeles, no questions asked] corruption and corporation are similiar words. i'm just suggesting that wall street is a huge (legitimate) front for laundering dirty money, [and campaign money while we're at it] otherwise, really how do some of these companies make earnings?

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"Ha ha ha! .... this wrinkled-up muzungu is a hoot! .... and look at here, he has the idiocy to declare that gold is worthless! ... HA HA HA HA!!"

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Whilst there are similarities, our genius Hedge Fund managers (Especially WT) don't seem to understand the difference between Multi-level marketing and a Ponzi. For an example of the former, they should read up on Amway, for the latter, JPM can assist.

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Akak, it's only worthless if you don't have any! I came to believe the same thing after my donkey, who was carrying my stash fell off a bridge into very deep waters...losing my entire booty in the fiercely rushing waters of snake canyon.

Oh, and hey... Did you know that the plural form if mzungu is wazungu?

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"Nta amafaranga mfite! It is all just waste paper!"

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you are like a god damned eagle, constantly soaring and waiting to strike with photonic precision


you fucking rock WB7

may you live a hundred years and want for nothing