Take “The No Facebook, No SmartPhone Challenge” & Don't Fear the Tiny Dot

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Someone commented on my last article that no one was going to read the whole article because it was too long and that I needed to present my points visually instead. While I respectfully disagree with the premise that no one would read my last two articles just because they were a little bit lengthy in comparison with newspaper articles, I wholeheartedly agree that the use of visual mediums is often a more effective tool in conveying one’s message than the use of only words. Last week, I stumbled upon a YouTube video from LarkenRose called “The Tiny Dot” (thanks to a comment on one my videos) that explains how just a few people can easily control the actions of many. So I am presenting it below.



Secondly, the use of social media has been beneficial in many ways, allowing people to share ideas very quickly with strangers in far away lands. However, there are also some very definitive drawbacks to social media as well, including the granting to tyrannical governments of an instantaneous digital “footprint” that records a person’s thoughts and movements over many years. Furthermore, given the exploding popularity of the instant-gratification paradigm of social media, social media has also been very detrimental in many ways to our quality of life by decreasing our levels of patience and our socialization skills, while simultaneously increasing OCD-like behavior among many of us. Thus, I plead of you to “Take the No Facebook, No SmartPhone Challenge” with me. You just may discover that this challenge will greatly improve the quality of your life for a week. See you in a week!




About the author: JS Kim is the founder and Managing Director of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent investment research & consulting firm that focuses on gold & silver as a means of resisting the tyranny of the global banking cartel and of restoring sound money that would lay the foundation for the reintroduction of sustainable, organic economic growth to the world. Follow him on twitter @smartknowledgeu, & sign up for his free newsletter here.

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AnAnonymous's picture

I have no FB nor cell phone, smart phone but my secretaries do. Does it count?

akak's picture

I have no face nor phone nor flush toilet, no smarts, but my secretions on the roadside are doody. Does Chinese citizenism roadside crap mount up?


Signed: AnAnonymous

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Does Chinese citizenism roadside crap mount up?

Indeedliness it does doing so, like a brown smelly pingo.

The blobbing up pingosity of Chinese citizenism anaqism is eternal.

Demogorgon's picture

Challenge accepted and won!

I have a pay-as-go dumb phone that costs me $100/year and have never and will never have a FB account. 

no cnbc cretin's picture

I don't have a smartphone, and I don't want one.

I hardly use FB, and I really hate all of this crap.

TSA gropee's picture

Well at least the hippees of yesterday seem to have gotten one slogan right. "kill your tv" and modern hippees might add, FB, IM, and processed foods. =)

I no longer watch tv, but try to exercise out of the box thinking as often as possible by viewing supposed evidence for a number of different conspiracy theories and trying to connect the dots. I've had family, friends and other commenters ridicule me, but it is of no consequence. I've chosen the red pill life would rather ponder evidence for 911 or Sandy Hook as false flag ops than be bombarded with mindless reality shows or the completely retarded sitcoms. Besides that, it's a great mental exercise and seems to keep my mind sharp. I would add though that some conclusions I'm coming up with are disturbing if not unbelievable. But yet if one lays emotion, and normalcy bias aside and opens one's mind to all possibilities, things can often times become quite clear...

If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

jughead's picture

I was an early adopter of smart phones...and an early exiter too.  I was a later adopter of FacePlant...but it didn't take me long to send it to the trash bin of worthless social fads too.

People who depend on this crap are going to have some very bad days going forward.

WTFUD's picture

My smart phone aint too smart and as for FuckFaceBook well the sheer face of it!

Conax's picture

I'd go a bit further than getting rid of the smart phone and the tv- When the modern world is about to burst your skull, find a quiet piece of woods or mountain to hike, find a little clearing on the hill, lean back against a tree and catch a few z's.  When you wake up, look around without moving or making any noise.

Listen.  Be quiet and calm for a few minutes.  Then you'll remember what we have lost.  Peace and tranquility.

The world is a clammering bitch that never stops nagging.  Get away from it to gather strength and compose yourself.  One time I woke up with a doe browsing the bushes a few feet away.  Even when I sat up, she paid little mind to me.  I talked in low tones, she looked at me then moved off slowly, back into cover.  It was very cool.

Intoxicologist's picture

I live in that quiet piece of woods, and you are right.  There's no problem a 5-mile walk in solitude and nature can't overcome, or at least give you a different perspecive about.

No TV, no newspaper, no facebook, and my ancient samsung tracfone gets practically zero reception out here in the boonies where I live.  I use it to text if I need to get ahold of someone, and I never answer it when it rings.  I bought it a few years ago in the event I slid off into the ditch coming home from work at night, or broke down, and would be able to dial for help.  Its not my cowbell.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

OK, JS Kim, or Larkenrose, YOU be the first one to not pay, to fight back, to pull this bastard out of the white house.  Let's see how far you get.

You all dream of a revolution and taking it back, it will not happen, you are too few, and the cows and sheep are fattened and don't care.  that's the problem with the video.  it's right, but only if the people care.

OK, gotta go, Honey Boo Boo is on.  You guys fgure it out, okay?

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Why dream of a revolution, when you can start one in your own personal life/space, and then evangelize your good choices?  Start with "the kingdom of God is within you" and work from there.  

Karl von Bahnhof's picture

No teevee, no fakebook, no newzpaypa!

Books, HIFI, meeting with friends, wine and sex (my plan for 2013)


etresoi's picture

..."I wholeheartedly agree that the use of visual mediums is often a more effective tool...."

Try visual media and you may earn a little credibility.

CPL's picture

Couple of questions?

  • Do thousands of troll facebook profiles count?
  • I still have a phone that has zero keyboard capabilities.

Do I win a prize?

forwardho's picture

thanks CPL, good to know I'm not alone.

Prison Justice's picture

Smart phones and facebook aren't allowed in prison.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

Call Having NoFB & SmartPhone A Challenge?

Are you some kinda joker?

I'm still quite happily using my black rotary-dial ATT phone (with rubber-cup modem); the US Postal Service for long distance communication (Priority Mail in emergencies); and first typed out this message on my trusty Remington Portable Typewriter for proof-reading before submitting on  my Radio Shack TSR 80 for your perusal.

Titus's picture

Rubber-cup...that has to be some sort of sex toy. I couldn't finish the video, am I allowed to use my smartphone for porn?

CPL's picture

which was intercepted by my wire service running down the copper to chicago at a blinding relay rate of around 200 mph.  Where upon the exchange took the ticker and passed it to a man on a horse.   Galloping at full speed to the floor to announce your willingness to purchase my shares. 

Quiet forays would break off into huddled packs to measure the value of the bid and the finances of the man behind the money.

A counter bid would ensue; scribed, noted, duplicated, notorized and then sent by man on horse to the telegraph assistant before 4 o'clock.  At 3:57 the courier arrives and the relay is sent by the telegraph attendant.  Which is sent by my wire to your Trash80...


Entire process took weeks kids to sell a stock.  And we walked against the earths rotation all the time.  It's was hard.

etresoi's picture

And I thought I was the only one.  I have been given several cell phones but I quickly threw them away, because I regard them as an intrusion.  Fir FB, I saw the scam on day one.

Lendo's picture

No Faceberg for over 2 years now and I explain to others that I value my privacy over being like everyone else.

I'd love to ditch the smartphone but work pays for it and it makes my life easier.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

Me too, I feel FREEEEEEE.   No longer worried about whether Margaret's baby wonder will get through the day without shitting its pants and worrying whether my 'friends' will 'like' my celebration of Jerry Garcia's birthday.   No spam from the Farmville Mafia.


  I'm free I tell ya!

Cachao's picture

Jeeezuz, 9 minutes to describe the benefits of not using FB? No wonder no one wants to talk to you in person.

otto skorzeny's picture

I got rid of my electricity-top that bitchez

akak's picture

I stopped wearing clothes five years ago.

loregnum's picture

Hmm...I don't have a facebook acocunt and I don't have a cell phone so a pretty easy challenge for me.

trav777's picture

I have a smartphone AND facebook

How else can I post HD videos of myself sitting in seat 1K on Emirates?

Long-John-Silver's picture

I've never had Facebook or any other Social Internet account. I am the perfect example of an Anti-Social person.

Not only do I not have a Smart Phone, I don't have a Cell Phone at all (I'm Anti-Social after all). It's nothing more than the human version of a dogs invisible fence. I have no one yanking my chain.

Mad Mohel's picture

Guess what you're participating in now pal? Oh shit! Social commentary = social media

Mi Naem's picture

BTW, "The Tiny Dot" may be the first infomercial that I ever actually liked. 

indio007's picture

Wow Larkin Rose on Zerohedge? This is unexpectedly awesome.


You should check out the seminal "I'm allowed to rob you"


MassDecep's picture

Larkin fails to mention the mindless sheeple that love their servitude and support the 100's. The hundred could do nothing without the brainwashed slaves.

Loose Caboose's picture

That's why those of us who are awakened to the matrix have to take up the responsibility and challenge of awakening the sheople around us.  I was asleep once upon a time (sometimes I wish I could go back there) but something sparked an awakening.  I can't remember exactly what anymore but probably just the constant feeling that something was not right and then grasping a thread and pulling so that the whole matrix started to unravel.

We have to give those around us that thread.  Whether they pull or not, is up to them.  But, it's the best chance we all have of awakening a critical mass of the populace required to stand up to the thugery that has taken over our lives. 

I'm not as popular as I used to be with friends and family and some look at me like I'm batshit crazy.  However, I'm getting over the need for approval from sheople.  I much prefer to be myself, tell the truth, and I'm getting more and more comfortable on the fringes of a society that is asleep in robotic lock-step with their oppressors. 

What's that line?  It's not a healthy thing to be part of a society that is essentially sick.  Something like that.

I don't own a smartphone and I don't do Facebook.  My cable television is going this month and I'm going to Netflix for my entertainment.  I had kept the cable for sake of family who visit from time to time but not any more.  The internet offers a whole world of documentaries and excellent learning opportunities to pursue with the time you get back from hours in a stupor in the blue glow of the Soma tube. 

Be a beacon of light in this fog of deception. 


pine_marten's picture

Once you've nixed the TV & social media, start working hard on not patronizing corporations.  You cannot do this completely of course but you can keep more of what you earn doing without their shit.  Trade barter & work for cash.  Fuck the dot......

Brindle702's picture

Yes, not patronizing corporations is extremely difficult.  I do my part to slow the corporate beast down by buying used.  With all of the desperate people and businesses going bust you can get one year old technology for next to nothing and starve the beast of new revenue.  As well, try to repair before replacing.  Try to buy things that are repairable.

therearetoomanyidiots's picture

You can also choose to patronize corporatons that are supportive of freedom liberty and free market, non crony business.   They're not all bad, are they?

Navymugsy's picture

Deleted my FB account and I've never owned a smartphone. I have a dumb 30 Euro phone that dials numbers and sends texts with no graphics or apps.


I did start to read the story above and I must admit that I... uh, what? Snack time?

Mad Mohel's picture

Only problem is that the mass of multicolored dots are a herd of animals waiting to stampede. Without that little dictatorial dot keeping the music going, then every one of those dots would grease it's neighbor and the whole thing would be red. The alternative to the little prick is mayhem. And again since the mass is a type of livestock they prefer being milked and having it quiet, rather than out and out mayhem.

Winston of Oceania's picture

No it's called Liberty. You would be suprised at the good in your neighbor verses the good in a politician.

Mi Naem's picture

Unfortunately, Mohel is basically right Winston. 

True liberty works wonderfully in a moral and fairly homogenous culture. 

We certainly do not have one of those. 

Most of us buying guns and stocking up on ammo , food, and water fear our fellow citizens at least as much as the government when the reset begins and the remnant of our "Social Fabric" is shredded. 

Liberty is a responsibility to which most are unqualified.  Changing that will take many generations, and steps which most here at ZH and elsewhere are unwilling to acknowledge.  The western traditions which might otherwise have been a foundation for our reconstruction have been largely co-opted, discredited and dismembered by (mostly) unwitting 4th and 5th generation students of the Frankfurt School. 

Mad Mohel's picture

My neighbor is cuntlip and the one on the other side is a dirty cop on the take. Like it or not the masses are one meal away from eating your fucking eyeballs out. Maybe you are a senior citizen and are remembering your neighbors, the Cleavers, but people now are for the most part motherfuckers. And go to some of the shittier areas near where you live, the populace is being kept in check by butthairs. Once the Free Shit Army stop getting the hush money from .gov lookout you will see the "good" in your neighbors.

GeezerGeek's picture

I have a problem with the thesis behind "The Dot". It seems to me that 1) the enforcer dot should be much bigger, since it includes not just the IRS but also DHS, TSA, etc., and 2), I keep reading that there are as many 'normal' dots urging the small dot to keep on taxing as there are dots in the 'throng' of taxpayers. It's not as lopsided as the video would have one think, unfortunately.

Pool Shark's picture




There should be two, nearly equal-sized groups of dots, with a third group of 'enforcer' dots between them. The "producer" dots pay the taxes, which are collected by the 'enforcer' dots and given to the "taker" dots who are demanding the money collected by the enforcers...


Mi Naem's picture

Never had Facebook; don't want it. 

Phone is a vintage 2005 Nokia candy bar that still makes and receives phones call just like I wanted from the beginning. 

No Cable TV.  Just have broadcast which I occasionally watch for the amusing (and sometimes sickening) cultural Marxism of PBS and the regurgitated toilet water of commercial circus TV for the masses - Got to check the status of the slo-mo train wreck now and then. Usually see one or two Netflix DVDs on weekends and/or stream some of their programming via my wireless router. 

These days, I guess that makes us Luddites.  Soooo, what's the big challenge?

Pool Shark's picture



The only time my family watches cable/broadcast TV is in hotel rooms when we travel.

Not being exposed daily to the dreck helps us see just how far modern culture has slipped in just the ten years since we've been without cable...


Freddie's picture


I have also cut out air travel because i do not want to be groped or irradiated by the TSA thugs.  Staying out of airports and off airplanes keeps me away from CNN (in most airports) and the sh*t TV network stuff like 30 Rock and that sweaty fat leftist pig and wife beater Alec Baldwin.

I hate TV and I am so glad I dumped it years ago.  Hollywood is the same filth and propaganda.  Full on mega violence but they want you disarmed.

I really don't miss crap like CNBC or Bloomberg.  I can get Santelli here or Jim Grant or RT off the web.

johnQpublic's picture

no cell phone

was never on facebook, and never will be

and i think what the video forgets is that the dot has been spending our money on stuff we are not even allowed to own, so when its band of enforcers come around, they are the heaviest armed group around

even better for the dot if we are unarmed

also imagine if you will, trying to convince a few of your drinking buddies to come over on a sunday afternoon, all guns blazing of course, to repel a hoard or enforcers

aerojet's picture

You misunderstand how that will go down, if it goes down (there's still time to stop it).  You're "drinking buddies" won't require convincing because they will already be on the run from the same enforcers.  Read up on some German and Austrian history sometime. 

Also, it would be stupid to take on any enforcers head on.  Better to work around the edges--hinder supply lines, disrupt communciations, make their lives hell.  Americans are smart enough to shut the whole thing down without firing a shot.