BaNZai7 and THe LiMeRiCK KiNG UNLoaD A CaVaLCaDe oF CRaP!

williambanzai7's picture



NATURALLY KRUGMAN (Trillion Dollar Dork)




Krugman's displaying his coin
It's helping to highlight his groin
This Fruit of the Loom
Is the Father of Doom
Spawn of the Keynesian loin

The Limerick King





The newest of Barry's inflators
Young Jack liked to feed local gators
Giving them bread
Until they were dead
Like all other Kleptocrat traitors

The Limerick King


Thanks to the MSM we know what his signature looks like.

Anyone have any idea what his ideas are about those Chinese "currency manipulators" or systemic risks?




The world has a wonderful lube
It comes by the barrel or tube
Some new printed bucks
From Psychotic fucks
With theories conceived by a boob

The Limerick King



Young Ben had a dangerous pet
He wondered how big it could get
It's gut would inflate
The more that it ate
It taught him a lot about debt

The Limerick King


The theory is hard to explain
Some positive flow from a drain
Like banging your head
To prove you're not dead
The premise is simply insane

The Limerick King


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Jena's picture

WB and LK, I don't say this lightly: Individually you are fantastic.  Together you are sublime.

blindman's picture

Vincent (Starry Starry Night) Don McLean
this hd one is real clear!
Vincent -- Don McLean (in HD)

AssFire's picture

You had me at x-ray sex...

that is some funny shit- many thanks!

d edwards's picture

Lew's signature (scrawl?) like a snake. Hey, this IS the Year of the Snake. Could explain a lot!

lakecity55's picture

I was trying to read the fine print to see where to order the fake shit.

BanksterSlayer's picture

The Jack Lew scrawl also reminds me of the famous graphic art Illuminati logo ... the one where the first half mirrors the second half. See:

Jena's picture

Jack Lew's signature reminded me of pubic hair.  Somehow I thought someone else here would have already said that.

Yen Cross's picture

I'm really tired. New Zealand open./ New York 1700b hundred  G.M.T.

Yen Cross's picture

Women are art. I have had plenty of girls/ Women are special

Setarcos's picture

I get your drift and myself find females very attactive, but if, as you say, "Women are special" then you would not have had "plenty" of them, because one does not just use special things like objects.

Besides ask any man who has been ripped-off by some gold-digger, or ask anyone who has been severely abused by a woman.

So happens that I was talking to a woman friend of mine who is ten years older than I am, i.e. she is 79.  And she told me of how her mother used to beat her with the buckle end of a belt, until her father put a stop to it ... so who is "special" in her case and in my similar case, though lacking a father to stop abuse?

OK heterosexual men are suckers for a pretty face and pussy, but never confuse that with women being special in any other way.

I don't know why you felt it necessary to "air your laundry" in ZH, but I do know why I have responded, though I won't go into more complex detail ... not least because I do not have a full grasp on why we males so often fly in the face of reality, nor why females also often "see" more in males than is actually available.

Yen Cross's picture

You are  a genius billy.  You are the best of the best. I'll dicuss my picasso experience later.

Setarcos's picture

Good one or six WB and you (almost) did not drag J M Keynes into it!  He'll be spinning in his grave on account of Krugman and other deficit spending lunatics.

Past sore point between us, but the fact is that Keynes essentially said to save (via taxes it's true) during good times, so as to be able to spend during bad times ... NOT to do Bush tax cuts and then borrow from the banksters to cover the inevitable deficit.

It's now beside the point that BIG GOVERNMENT cannot allocate money and resources for the common good, because of corruption.

J M Keynes, J K Galbraith and many others (including myself) existed during a period when it was believed that governments would, or could be "socially responsible" and that was not an unreasonable belief until the late 1970s and early 1980s, when "economic rationalism", "neo-liberalism", the Chicago School (Milton Freidman), monetarism (financialism), Reaganomics and Thatcherism began totally destroying socially responsible governance.

The repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act was the last nail in the coffin of anything resembling Keynes' ideas, because that repeal led directly to "casino banking", corporate fascism and where we are today on the brink of WW3 ... with idiots like Krugman cheering the whole process along, i.e. banksters running the whole show by lending money to the military/industrial complex at compounding interest.

BTW I gave you 5 sincerely.

OK, rant over; but it's a fact that Keynes, Galbraith and others of that era could NEVER endorse what has happened since the 1970s.

williambanzai7's picture

I'm sure they would be horrified to see the mutation of their ideas.

I am horrified by what has been happening this past month. It seems TPTB are in full tilt "sweep the shit under the rug" mode.

ShakaZulu's picture

I want ten of those Oprah masks.  It's scary enough to stop the DHS agents dead in their tracks when they come for my guns.  

lakecity55's picture

Nah, we need Butch Napolitano suits. When they crash the door you appear and say "they went that way, boys..."

Yen Cross's picture

The Middle East is flushing petrol $'s

Yen Cross's picture

 They all Bitch and wonder why. Manup Bitchez!   Treat your women with respect,

 Iron ,man 2 bitchez! I'm erternally gratfull Tylers  [cobras and  A-*-8s]  I'm a 458 man my_self.

  I'm erternall

WTFUD's picture

WB7 Detailed Graphic First Degree Summation of Petulant Flatulence. How do you plead?

monad's picture

Search "14 hour technicolor dream poster" on Psychedelic style ideas, memories.

Yen Cross's picture

AAAHHHH, Green Fields.  Swirls of roof tops.  Fields of poppies, and suits.  {let's trade} don't caugh. I don't smoke<

 A' Limerick

the grateful unemployed's picture

honestly i think those are crocodiles

The Limerick King's picture

You may be right...but crocodiles have a longer and pointier snout than aligators, and these look short to me...but could be young crocs!

geekgrrl's picture

I'm still waiting for Limerick King's book of Limericks. Can we get something on Zazzle, WB7? I'd love to get a first printing. (Acid-free paper, please, this stuff is going to be relevant forever)

And I really like where you've gone with combining images and limericks. I have a fondness for Zen poetry, and most of LK's limericks are like Zen. Right. To. The. Point.

The Limerick King's picture

I'm blushing...thanks. There was talk of a coffee table book collaboration a while back...but nothing lately.

williambanzai7's picture

We can do it. We have enough material to pick and choose our theme.

geekgrrl's picture

I will donate $1000 to ZH for a signed copy, if you guys are up for it.

The Limerick King's picture

The Tylers may want to mark the date and time of that post. A very generous offer geekgrrl...we'll have to see what we can come up with!

geekgrrl's picture

OK :-) I'm good for it.

I'm glad to see this might actually happen.

monad's picture

I'll buy. The MSPublic really needs to be exposed to WB7. A table book will do until we can get it into an aerosol dispersant and a vaccine for the kids. I want mine signed too, and the sigs of all the Tylers and contributors /even aliases would be a plus. They make silver and gold ink pens for this (though Dr. Leary used a crayon in one of my collection). Gold would be most appropriate. Even a scrapbook of zh predictions and news articles when it came to pass, with criticisms from yellow debunking msm zh denialists would be cool. Like The ZH Anthology, with the evil eye on the cover. The kind of thing found in the ISBN 4800.*-6800* section of college libraries. If Warhol was here he'd be selling posters on Amazon to fertilize the market. I think you could generate a lot of sales if you add a 'buy now' link to your fresh releases. I want the federal reserve stool chart in every public toilet.

geekgrrl's picture

I'm not really a signature collector (I have one signed book), but I've been building a modest library of books that I want to make sure survives power down. It's a decade old long term pet project and I plan to pass them along to a friend that will do the same when I croak.

I like your anthology idea, but I sure wouldn't want to be the editor on that. How do you whittle down so much into something that might have a chance of creating a bit of cog dis in the sleeping, without causing them to go into self-protect shutdown mode? Big challenge. Maybe as you suggest, better to just go all-in and put the evil eye on the cover.

monad's picture

I don't look up to idols. It will be more intimidating if its signed. Like the DoI. Or Krugman's diploma.

geekgrrl's picture

Idols is perhaps a strong and misleading word. I have no interest in celebrity or fame for myself (I have avoided it), nor do I value it in others. But I do value speaking truth to power with all that one is, holding nothing back. I see that value reflected in WB7s, TLKs, and all the Tylers' work, and because of ZH, not only do I not feel alone in this world of lies and fraud, but I find inspiration to continue fighting for the truth.

In asking for a signed copy of the book, I felt a bit like I was asking them to sign my yearbook rather than just a book signing. This is a journey we're all on together, all of us seeking the truth. I may not have ever met WB7 or TLK, or any of the Tylers, but I bet if we ever did get together, there would be a lot of common ground and a lot to talk about. 

williambanzai7's picture

The Tyler's will have to come to me to discuss that kind of an offer ;-)

Skateboarder's picture

I'm poor and stuff and only just set foot on the road of earnings greater than brokedom... but I can give you a couple hundred bucks on top of printing costs for a signed copy as such. The "Definitive edition from the Banzai-King academy of satirical arts" would make the most excellent bedtime stories to any kid who doesn't want to end up a ward of the state.

Of course, what makes this particular 'book' great is the necessity for new pages to be added... until that necessity is no more (which means we live in an acceptable society).

Kindly let us all know if you two plan on making something in print. I would be more than happy to be of help.

The Limerick King's picture

Sounds like a capital idea to me Will. I'll DM you with an email address you can use to flip me your thoughts regarding material/themes.

Yen Cross's picture

Monet vs Goghan/ Picaso vs Rembrant/ Henri Matisse?

 The sciences are even better.  I'm not taking sides/

malikai's picture

Like Farage, I'm about to puke.

malikai's picture

HAARPO was scary. This is stomach-turning creepy.

the grateful unemployed's picture

van gogh cut his ear off because he couldn't paint it. krugman would burn all his money because he couldn't print it?

Jam Akin's picture

Opposite of Van Gogh - he is a whore who cuts off his ear because he is unloved.

nmewn's picture

He's hiding a mutilation on the other side of his face.

geekgrrl's picture

Whoa! I am seriously impressed. This is amazing.

machineh's picture

If Justin Biebers' testicles were worth $2,500 each, why can't we scrape together a $5,000 bounty for one of Kurgman's hirsute ears?

After all, it's useless to him -- Kurgman don't listen to nobody except the shrieking voices in his head, commanding him to ritually sacrifice some evil Austerians.

geekgrrl's picture

Fortunately I managed to miss the news (?) of Justin Beiber's testicles, but I think Krugman has set the bar very high for outlandish, stunningly ridulous "solutions." Still, I pretty much expect the craziness to escalate, since people like him essentially have the job of hiding from the people the fact that the entire system is a ponzi that has one, and only one possible outcome. Plus, I think in his case he really enjoys all the attention.

I get a sense that there is some desperation among orthodox economists because the economy is not working the way their models say it works, and so instead of facing facts they come out with gimmicks and parlor tricks to extend for another day the public's desire to believe in an economy that is plainly broken. How this is different from a vanilla con, I'm not sure, except to note that the scale and consequences of this con are much larger than simply losing ones' life savings.

pd303's picture

Holy cow I'm away for a few weeks and your art has ascended by a magnitude of levels.

incredible stuff sir.