Deaths From All Causes: The Short (But Not Necessarily Happy) Life Of Americans

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Wolf Richter

Americans under fifty are paying the price. We don’t know exactly why. Even the panel of experts that authored the massive report, U.S. Health in International Perspective: Shorter Lives, Poorer Health, admits that it can’t entirely pinpoint the reasons. But we do know how Americans under fifty, particularly males, are paying the price: with their lives.

The US health disadvantage, as the report calls it, is more prevalent among “socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.” But even if you’re “white, insured, college-educated, or in upper-income groups” and live a healthy lifestyle, you’re less likely to make it to 50 than your counterparts in the other 16 wealthy “peer” countries of the study—Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. And if you do make it to 50, you’re going to get there in worse shape.

The report, based on mortality studies for the years through 2008, carves out three categories, “Deaths from Noncommunicable Diseases,” “Deaths from Communicable, Maternal, Perinatal, Nutritional Conditions,” and “Deaths from Injuries.” The latter, which I discussed in yesterday’s post, distinguished between deaths from “intentional injuries” and “unintentional injuries.” Grisly statistics. [Read.... How Americans Stack Up In Dying From Violence, War, Suicide, And Accidents].

“Deaths from Communicable, Maternal, Perinatal, Nutritional Conditions” is divided into dozens of categories and subcategories, and every country has its own nightmare. In Portugal for example, 7.4 people per 100,000 die of HIV/AIDS, more than double the rate of the country next in line, the US (3.4), and 246 times the rate of Japan (0.03).

Do the Japanese cover up their deaths from that scourge by declaring a different cause of death, such as pneumonia? Or is their reliance on condoms for birth control responsible for that immense success, at least in the hetero community? For example, in love hotels, and they’re everywhere, there is always a condom near the bed. One. If you need more, bring your own. One of thousands of tidbits I discovered in Japan—that all became the backdrop to an awesome story. And then a book. It started in France with a Japanese girl. Check it out on Amazon.... BIG LIKE: CASCADE INTO AN ODYSSEY.

Yet in Japan, 29.7 people per 100,000 die of respiratory infections, three times the rate in the US (9.7) and almost eight times the rate of Finland (3.9). On the other hand, in Japan, with its socialized healthcare system, the infant mortality rate is only 1.3 per 100,000. In the US, it’s 7.1. Over five times the Japanese rate. By far the worst in the group. But is it an endorsement of socialized healthcare? The second and third worst countries in infant mortality, Canada (5.9) and the UK (5.2), also have socialized healthcare. No easy answers.

Another conundrum: in deaths due to nutritional deficiencies, France is in the hot seat with 2.0 deaths per 100,000, twice the US rate (1.0), and way ahead of third place, Finland (0.14).

Overall, Finland has the lowest rate of “Deaths from Communicable, Maternal, Perinatal, Nutritional Conditions,” with 11.1 deaths per 100,000 people. On the other end of the spectrum: the US (33.7), the UK (36.1), Japan (40), and Portugal (45.5). So the chance of dying from these diseases in the US is three times higher than in Finland; but in Portugal, it’s four times higher.

Non-communicable diseases are the biggest killers. And easy answers remain elusive. For example, melanoma and other skin cancers kill 5.8 Australian per 100,000, the worst in the group. So we speculate about the ozone hole, the brutal sun, and people spending time on the beach. In Japan, the death rate is 0.47, by far the lowest in the group. So we speculate about people wearing gloves, hats, and protective garments every time they step outside. But then Norway has the second highest rate of deaths (4.7), followed by other northern countries, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The US (2.8) is in the middle of the pack. And sunny Italy (2.0) and Spain (1.8) are outdone only by Japan.

Wedged between “Deaths from Neuropsychiatric Conditions,” such as unipolar depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and epilepsy are deaths from “Alcohol Use Disorders.” Danes succumb to it at a rate of 9.9 per 100,000—not including accidents. Next the French (4.0), the Germans (3.9), and the Austrians (3.9). For the latter two, the culprit may be per-capita beer consumption [Beer, A Reflection Of The World Economy?]. The US (1.6) is in the middle of the pack. At the bottom: Spain (0.38), Italy (0.25), and Japan (0.16).

In another conundrum, Alzheimer and other dementias kill Finns at the highest rate (34.9) followed by Americans (24.8)—both countries with relatively low life expectancies. At the bottom, Germans (5.9), Austrians (4.4), and the people who live longer than just about anyone else, the Japanese (2.5).

Cardiovascular diseases are a scourge in all wealthy countries, led by Germany (174.9), Finland (163.6), and the US (155.7). Least affected: Mediterranean countries Spain (115.7) and France (99.2), and finally Japan (97.3).

But there are some areas where Americans are lucky. Stomach cancer, for example, kills 2.76 Americans per 100,000, but six times more Japanese (16.8); and liver cancer kills 3.9 Americans per 100,000, as compared to 11.1 Japanese, almost three times more. Overall, non-communicable diseases kill Danes at a rate of 440 per 100,000, Americans at a rate of 418, and Japanese, the healthiest in that respect, at a rate of 272.

So, life expectancy for Americans is ugly:

“Something fundamental is going wrong,” lamented Dr. Steven Woolf, who chaired the panel. “This is not the product of a particular administration or political party. Something at the core is causing the U.S. to slip behind these other high-income countries. And it’s getting worse.”

The panel tried to nail down the culprits: a health-care system that leaves millions of people uninsured, the highest rate of poverty, education, eating habits, socioeconomic and behavioral differences, cities built for cars not pedestrians.... But it determined that these reasons cannot adequately explain the differences—because even wealthy, educated, insured whites with healthy lifestyles are getting the short end of the stick.

And worse: high infant mortality, traffic accidents, violence, HIV and AIDS, and alcohol-related mortality hit younger age groups the hardest—leaving them with a lower probability of surviving to age 50 than their peers in wealthy countries. And the lucky ones who do reach 50 get there “in poorer health than their counterparts.”

All this despite the costliest of all healthcare systems that eats up 18% of GDP. But now anecdotal evidence is coagulating into numbers that weigh down corporate earnings calls. It appears the wily consumer is having second thoughts about prescription drugs. And is fighting back. A paradigm shift that is causing “unprecedented concerns” in the industry. Read.... The Consumer Revolts Against Prescription Drugs.

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alfbell's picture

The low life expectancy and its continual drop is because it is a reflection of this civilization on a micro level. It's getting sicker and sicker and is dying.

A new civilization is coming over the decades. Hope it is an evolution for humanity instead of a devolution.

VelvetHog's picture

The low life expectancy in the U.S. is cleary because we don't spend enough on heath care.

VelvetHog's picture

The low life expectancy in the U.S. is cleary because we don't spend enough on heath care.

The Heart's picture


Just darn forgot that we went through all this a few years ago.

Close your little eyes Yackie Doodle, you just do not want to see THIS!

Warning! Graphic Truth!! Quick, before it is too late, turn on another distraction and go somewhere else.:

Shirt! Really did not want to open this Pandora's box, but it is what it is.



The Heart's picture

Boy oh boy, just when you thought it could not get any freakier. Check this out and then run out and get your vaccine shot. Hurry hurry now!!!

More? The greasiness of evil only gets uglier and uglier.

Can you say...population reduction agenda? What fool thinks they will escape the WORLD-WIDE kill off of every single human biobot? Even if you have a ticket to the undergrounds, do you REALLY think you will escape babylons plans for you?

Panic!! Fear fear fear!!

Take your vaccines or die!~!


Esoteric Extra Credit class study Treatise # 111.: Watch the first three Star Wars episodes for a real vision of the possible future.


SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

I would think one factor of the "greatest country in the world" would be how long its people live.

But hey, I'm sure Shawn Hannity and the like know alot more about what makes a country great than I do.

American exceptionalism:   Hoo-boy.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Corporate food and other corporate practices.

GNWT's picture

the food and medical industry have had a wonderful symbiotic

relationship, with fake science and diseases made to fit drug


it is a perfect paralell to the financial repression that causes a good 

deal of the dis-ease as well...

acupuncture, chinese medicine says if you are not straight between your ears

your body will know...

been vegan 25 years, weigh 60 pounds less than my 20s, try it, it works...

ask the lizard king bill clinton...

being vegan is as much a political act of rebellion as any...


stay liquid my friends

tony bonn's picture

it is no wonder why american health rates are substandard for its class.....the medical industry - it is not a profession - is built around high-tech gee-whiz drugs and surgeries which do nothing but line the pockets of the plutocratic few.....trillions are spent on bankster bailouts when people are mal-nourished, hungry, and homeless...

the drugs, vaccinations, and medical procedures are lethal - most vaccinations are criminal death warrants....the cia springs diseases on the people so that they can study these phenomena.....

there are horrendously lethal chemicals in plastics which are ingested and never ever expunged...the gmo foods are pure death and they are everywhere....and then there is the fat, caffeine, sugar, grain laden diets for obesity in 4 easy steps.....

all of this crap is supported by the government....americans are lead by quacks and liars....and then all of those god-damned lies americans tell - corporations, politicians, newsfakers in the state controlled media, hollywood, main street people, everywhere, takes its not be deceived...

rwe2late's picture

 Also worth mention are the crime-making and disease-generating Prohibition II and the ancillary mass imprisonment system.

janchup's picture

Bravo Tony, one hell of an accurate post.

847328_3527's picture
DNA pioneer James Watson takes aim at "cancer establishments"


(Reuters) - A day after an exhaustive national report on cancer found the United States is making only slow progress against the disease, one of the country's most iconic - and iconoclastic - scientists weighed in on "the war against cancer." And he does not like what he sees.

espirit's picture

Perhaps it's time to cull the highest age population in their respective countries, so the U.S. is safe for now.

Time for a new strain of influenza.

Watauga's picture

None of this can be explained without reference to thousands of pieces of data interrelated in various ways.  It is very, very complex.

That said, to generalize, for people in need of medical care, I'd MUCH rather be here than in any other country.  I have lived in both Asia, including Japan, and Europe (have had medical care from London to Warsaw), and if I ever had a life-threatening illness while living there, I'd be on the first plane back to the States for my treatment.  When it comes to anything serious--from surgery to cancer treatment--the U.S. system is 1st world compared to mostly 3rd world type care--yes, even in Europe and Japan (I have not experienced health care in Switzerland or the Scandanavian countries).

SO, and my point is, I reject the author's lean toward Obamacare or some other form of socialized medicine here.  He seems to want to get on board that train to serfdom, but cannot bring himself to outright advocate for it.  But he is wrong if he is going down those tracks.

SmoothCoolSmoke's picture

Maybe the US has the best cancer/heart treatment etc..... because like in America gives our MDs so much practice dealing with them.  Perhaps if you had lived in Sweden all your would never get the cancer you have to fly to the US to get treated.

alfbell's picture

Not true! I have special screens on my windows, special socks, wear a scuba mask and snorkel at all times, wear two condoms at all times; use a potato as an anal suppository to prevent seepage via the anus, never take a shower or bath and never brush my teeth, all to avoid dihydrogen monoxide contamination. I didn't mention it because by now I would think that everyone is taking the same precautions.

monad's picture

Don't be such pussies. Noone here gets out alive. Act accordingly.

alfbell's picture

Mainly it's toxins. Chemicals are in everything now... air, water, food, soil, seeds, fertilizers, household cleaning products, etc. etc. And there is also EMFs from cordless phones, cell phones, computers, tablets and all electronic devices. Better living through chemistry and electronics = shorter life span as a result of degenerative disease.

Human bodies can't metabolize this synthetic crap. Clogs up the body and prevents cells from respiration (the cause of cancer).

Protocol: drink the purest water you can; live where the air is the cleanest; eat the Paleo diet (quality fats and proteins are essential, grains and dairy = death); exercise; get any person, thing or subject in your environment that causes you stress out of your life; avoid TV, movies and media that is non-supportive or destructive (mind pollution); love yourself and your family and friends; enjoy the beauty on this planet; be affluent.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Dihydrogen monoxide is one of the biggest killers, worldwide, not just in the USA, and here alfbell is apparently more than OK with it   :-)

TBT or not TBT's picture

Dihydrogen monoxide is used extensively in nuclear reactors, and provides a primary vector for distibuting radioisotopes and in destroying containments.   We must ban its use in nuclear reactors too.

TBT or not TBT's picture

They even put that crap in the concrete used to build the things.   It's a chemical, people!

Totentänzerlied's picture

The difference is not even 4 whole years, out of nearly 80. Somehow that's "ugly"???

Seychelles's picture

It's the diet of lies, fats, fillers, salt, toxic industrial fossil fuel derivatives, high fructose corn syrup and psychoactive chemicals.  Our poor livers (and brains) just can't handle the overload.  And the suffocating visual and auditory pollution constantly emanating from MSM.

The Heart's picture

"...admits that it can’t entirely pinpoint the reasons."

Oh gee, lets see. Prolly does not have anything to do with the slow purposeful irradiating of the entire planet, mostly the usa and china from all the different nuklear meltdowns and fallout and leaking untold disasters in both the northern and southern hemispheres. And surly it has nothing to do with all the GMO's in every kind of food, to include organics that a human can consume, or even the brucelossis/aluminum oxide/barium salts/strontium, etc containing chemtrails causing the water and soil contaminations, not to mention at all the nanotechnology in EVERYTHING!!! And nothing at all to do with the horrid beast of the the big PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS and VACCINES and CHEMICAL Oil companies making all manor of sorted evil for mass consumption. And surly, there can not possibly be any connection to the constant barraging of electromagnetic energies from many harmful frequencies hurting the human system. Forget the psychotronic warfare cell phone towers disguised as almost anything ready for the high powered juice to be turned loose. Heck, even all the insane-o bass-ackwards propaganda media spewage is good for your mental health. All human life is after all, based on lies and deception so the few world domination freak bankster puppeteers can profit, murder, and plunder from those who can not defend themselves.  Black is white, and up is down. Two plus two equals nineteen, and the sky is green! Hail satan. Our govt loves us and everything is good for you. Hail satan. Take your vaccines!!!! Fear! Fear!! Fear!!!!!!! It is such a wonderful healthy world after all and there certainly is no population (WE WANNA KILL YOU ALL) agenda at work here. Now go back to sleep.


sarc off/


Cabreado's picture

Periods of prosperity open the floodgates for all that is shallow, selfish, myopic in a critical mass of the human-ish.
Consider it to be the most sobering symptom of a society in decline, as truth always finds a way...

Direct causation will never be found.
It is the curse of the Self-Absorbed society to have lost the wherewithal to even investigate, let alone truly care.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

Hey Wolf....

Until this panel of fucking dolts,oops,I mean experts brings Chemtrail spraying,or whatever you want to call what those fucking terrost jets are spraying on us,this whole story,and any study by some fucking dolts,oops I means experts is a waste of reading time.

Wake the fuck up,you are being Chemtrailed.

Think that makes you live longer..?

dolph9's picture

Americans tend not to age well.   I know this is a generalization, but I've seen it as a physician.  It might be changing now that people realize that "healthcare" might bankrupt them so they decide to shape up.

We start out pretty good.  Throughout our teens and well into our 30s Americans have a wealth of recreational opportunities at relatively low cost that may not be available to people everywhere else.  And we have a very robust outdoors and fitness and media culture that celebrates looking and feeling good.

But then for alot of people it starts to go to hell.  Maybe too much work, stress, and cheap food takes it toll.  Maybe people realize they won't accomplish their vision of the dream life, so they decide to give up.

NoDebt's picture

Stress and diet.

Diet's pretty obvious- we are BAD in the US, by and large.  Too many "made by DuPont foods", water supplies laced with a million trace chemicals, etc.  No one thing to point your finger at but cumumlatively, they add up, even if you're one of the few who doesn't over-indulge.

And never underestimate stress.  Hard to measure, but it takes it's toll.  I consider it like diabetes without the blood testing.  Stress makes every other thing you encounter worse.  Minor things become major things.  Major things become life threatening.


Louie the Dog's picture

So there's less than a 4 year difference between #1 Switzerland and #17 US.  Don't think I'll stress out over that until I reach 75.64, and even then not so much.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Most of that four year difference is the USA being dragged down by certain solid Democrat constituencies.   Like with homicide stats from nation to nation, the comparisons get less dramatic when you delete our just about systematically fatherless, destroyed-by-government basketcase minority group.   Thank you identity politics.  Thanks so much electioneers and race hustling demagogues of the past and present!

ALSO the US counts ALL babies' deaths, whereas in many countries anything below X number of weeks even up to a year old get elliminated from these stats.   We have bigger numbers than other countries from that source in the divisor.  

Finally, for what it is worth, France for example will be a hell of a mess before someone born there today reaches 80.   Rapid evolution in demographics in a lot of those countries will make the predicted stats today get all bent up by a thing those sophisticated europeans do every half century or so, and they're overdue, and that is to say, kill a whole lot of their own populations and those of neighbors.   In France there will be a largely muslim population by then, and they don't play well with their minorities, nor run countries...or anything at all...very well.

kareninca's picture

Yes, the infant mortality numbers are BS.  As you say:  some countries don't count what we would as an instance of infant mortality.  Also, we really try to keep premature babies alive:  that is not the norm, and skews the numbers a lot.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Word.   In post-christian post-judeochristian, state-as-religion, social-democracies with heavily regulated or nationalised healthcare systems they save euros and pounds by writing off preemies even to the point of never counting them as a person.    In the US, a person who lives for half a day adds 1 to the divisor and zero to the denominator.   I'm not cheeleading for religion or statism, just stating things.   They also avoid spending as much at end of life scenarios, and save money there, skewing their cost-per-capita of healthcare down that way too.

formadesika3's picture

Affordable Care Act will fix all that.

q99x2's picture

More people are dying from outright disgust over the Federal Government and banksters.

Radical Marijuana's picture

Yes! Although diffuse, and indirect, and taking a Century plus to develop, Americans have governments that hold them in contempt, and are deliberately soft-killing them in every possible way. After the international banksters took back control over the American government, they have systematically worked through the list of destroying everything that might ever stand in their way, which mostly means the American people generally.

Profit from junk food, profit from disease, profit from war, etc,. are all global phenomena which are driven by the USA in the lead. Public relations and advertizing, done as scientifically as possible, to advance profits from junk food, profits from diseases, and profits from wars, etc., ALL became the mainstream of American civilization ... and, tragically the USA was able to force everyone else to follow them, more or less.

The single simplest symbol and most extreme example of that was criminalizing cannabis. Hemp is the best plant on the planet for people, for food, fiber, fun and medicine. However, the huge lie that "marijuana is almost as bad as murder" was promoted for decades. That is the general way that everything else in the USA is controlled, and that is what the USA has been forcing everywhere else to become like too! Destroying the best, while forcing people to do something worse, because that makes more profit for few, regardless of how tragic that becomes for many many more ... THAT IS WHY, as the answer to the question posed in this article above.

Of course, the deeper problems with our human ecology are that people DO agree to NOT understand, and not WANT to understand, their own reality. Therefore, the money system, the murder system, and everything else, are operated through the maximum possible deceits, and the MAXIMUM deceits regarding those are the promotion of impossible ideals regarding what the combined money/murder system should be, which therefore makes any actual fixing of those problems impossible, since impossible ideals can never actually work to fix anything.

Therefore, through and through, everywhere one looks, one will find triumphant deceits, regarding nutrition, and medicine, as the STRESS upon people to make their living inside of a runaway debt slavery, headed towards debt insanity system, manifests everywhere! Furthermore, the DEEPEST DECEITS MATCH UP, in the senses that the highest global ruling classes intend to destroy America, while most Americans desire to continue believing in false fundamental dichotomies, which deliberately refuse to take responsibility for doing the debt/death controls any better.

Americans are being softly killed because they have been brainwashed to believe in bullshit, and they are probably not going to get better, because they want to continue to believe in the bullshit that they were already brainwashed to believe in. TOO BAD, SO SAD!

TyrannoSoros Wrecks's picture

Those numbers mean nothing unless you break them down by demographics.
The country is being flooded with savages from barbarian lands, that's going to skew the numbers toward "3rd World problems".
Not to mention our own Welfare Race that was rioting this morning for Section Ape housing vouchers.


Vooter's picture

"The country is being flooded with savages from barbarian lands"

Wait...the United States is being flooded with Americans? That doesn't make sense...

Notarocketscientist's picture

And what about the tens of millions of trailer trash slobs

sun tzu's picture

What's the murder rate in the boonies of Georgia or the hills of West Virginia compared to the ghettos of Detroit or Newark?

Parrotile's picture

Might not be an inappropriate time to mention that, in this time of Global sabre-rattling (Pakistan vs. India, China vs. Japan, US / Israel vs. Iran, etc., etc.) that everyone's life expectancy would be significantly shortened should we have any regional conflict resulting in even a small nuclear exchange.

Remember that there is not ANY Country on this planet with the national peacetime medical resources to cope with the casualty numbers arising from a SINGLE "modest yield" detonation over a single major population centre.

This nasty little fact was part of the basis of the UK mini-series "Threads", looking at the aftermath of a small engagement, in an era well before the Thatcherite decimation of the "Too Socialist" NHS - with the significant reduction in bed availability.



Tango in the Blight's picture

Threads was about the results of a full scale nuclear war on an English city. They mentioned that hundreds of megatonnes were unleashed on the UK alone. And it was a TV movie not a series.

Racer's picture

Hmm, they don't know why? Perhaps if they looked in the mirror and saw the rolls of fat and the rolls of fat on their children something in their brain cells stuggllng to fire between the synapses between the fat cells might finally work it out

Schacht Mat's picture

When you compare the US to most of the other countries on the list, it is instructive that our sense of community tends to be lower here.  Even in Canada, when I was once posted there, I noticed more tightly knit communities - people just knew each other better, spent more time together and were there for each other.  And this was in typical large city suburban neighbourhoods which would be similar in affluence to many of our gated communities.  In Europe, there is definitely a stronger sense of community and family ties (although living in the expat world it is often difficult to really experience that).

I also believe that it is not so much the increased stress of American life (which is culturally evident when compared to many of these other countries), as our degraded ability to cope with it, as lethargy, diet and most importantly, community, reduce our ability to destress our hectic lives.  In the Far East, many people work longer hours, but again, their more communal culture and lifestyle enables them to better cope.

Additionally, it is not that we don't work as hard as others, as the opposite is true, but that we get so little for it due to the disparity between the very top and the rest.  This just adds to the stress.  In one US company that I worked in, it was a running joke that the HR folks were maximizing stress and limiting stress reduction opportunities to bring the pension fund back into balance (for those still on defined benefits [DB]).  Curiously, we also noticed that those on defined contribution were often treated much better - the typical answer is that they are rentals and can leave anytime, while the DB folks are leases, and not so easily separated, but perhaps reducing DB longevity also has a darker profit motivated side.

847328_3527's picture

No 'communities' anymore as Wall Street companies buy up neighborhoods and turn them into rentals. Renters have little interest in knowing their neighbors since they tend to be transient. Also, they have less interest in talking care of the property.


Thus, we see more suburbs turning into slums, especially the 'zero down' areas where people have little stake in the outcome of 'the community.' 

It's the 'New Paradigm.'

JethroTull's picture

A little communism never hurt anyone (A little Seinfeld sigh here).


steve from virginia's picture




I wonder how the starvation is going to show up in statistics for Greece and Portugal.


How are 1,000,000+ radiation deaths over the next 20 years going to show up in Japan ... under current conditions? If spent fuel pool in Fukushima Daiichi reactor number four collapses a large part of the country will receive lethal doses of radiation ... how will those deaths be tallied? Keep in mind there are only 140 million Japanese so there is an upper limit to the body count.


"Clinically Depressed ..." sez the Japan government. Heh heh heh ...


Can't wait to see the French radiation statistics when the inevitable French reactor meltdown occurs. Because of the 'Gloire de France' the Franco-melt will likely be the world's worst -- 1000 Chernobyls -- and half of France will be evacuated. The Gauls both die and lie with such savoire faire! Sugar coat that mother-fuquaires!


Americans die like rats because we live like rats: the car business has turned what was once a nice country into an ironic, Beelzebub-ish hell hole. To be a free man in the US of A is to camp out in a cardboard McBox under an expressway ramp. To cope, a large percentage of the population self-medicates. Peeps abuse prescription drugs, over-consume alcohol, refine/manufacture street drugs like crack, crank, PCP and meth, import cocaine and heroin. Shifting to pot puts the medicant into prison. Life-enhancing, right?


Americans and Americanische wannabes fetishise death, they are made sick of living by the worthlessness of the dreck they've spent their entire energies' accumulating. The West is sick with the demands and pollution from the Matrix ... out of ignorance the people allowed this monstrosity to form around them. The humans want to live only long enough so that they might take 'the others' with them.


Death by ignorace and greed ... those categories are all-inclusive.


How many of the ,"white, insured, college-educated ... in upper-income groups" are there? Are there enough to move the needle or have these become extinct in practical terms like factory workers.


Haole's picture

To death!!  *clink*

Dying is easy, living is the hard part.

ebworthen's picture

If healthcare and medications are too expensive you don't go to the doctor or pay hunderds of dollars a month for the latest pill.

It doesn't matter how "good" your healthcare is, if you can't afford it you don't go; or you wait and end up in the emergency room.

Making conclusions based on countries (between them) could be confounded by differing genetic homogeneity (similar genetic backgrounds in Japan/Finland compared to the U.S. or more diverse genetic populations).