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my brother's a pilot with Allegiant out of FL. Every plane has a list of things wrong with that particular plane or jet; they just can't be things necessary to fly.

we live in a post-judeo-christian era, so you can expect people not to care beyond just doing their job (and no one else's) and maybe not that well.

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Excellent discourse to wake up to - brilliant!

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 Merv. The swerve  had a nice send off. I have a memory, and Canada is fucked

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 Trade maximus/ gbp/jpy. base currency " Merve the Swerve" pass>over to Marc Carney?

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  Man you guys will miss it.  Poor is better.

 Risk can't be in two places at the same time./  You're welcome

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 New EU person? No more Fuck me Junkers? Hint Hint?

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  •      GRASS
    • PILE the bodies high at Austerlitz and Waterloo,
      Shovel them under and let me work--
      I am the grass; I cover all.
      And pile them high at Gettysburg
      And pile them high at Ypres and Verdun.
      Shovel them under and let me work.
      Two years, ten years, and passengers ask the conductor:
      What place is this?
      Where are we now?
      I am the grass.
      Let me work.
      Carl Sandburg (1878-1967)
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batteries not included is one of the most heartwarming movies ever :D

or maybe its just hume cronyn because he reminds me of my grandfather


it literally is as if the sharks were running the airports these days, (metaphorically speaking) causing planes to crash on purpose because a feeding frenzy is good for business and they find humans tasty  

Obama works for the sharks lol


meanwhile im chalking this incident up to the gangrene economy (Tarpley's phrase) - somebody go find the PR spin about how these batteries were going to reduce the carbon footprint etc.

we rush technology while artificial scarcity and the global corporate borg make real technological innovation truly scarce, sequestering real breakthroughs by sheer force of weight and logistical muscle


its like the cancer industry and AMA, cancer "cures" are good business. all the cure research is a joke because we should be trying to prevent cancer from even occurring, not trying to come up with the latest laparoscopic laser knife to cut it out with - but i guess there is a larger problem nested within that dilemma staring back at us, about how our culture, especially our business culture has declined.


everything comes down to culture

you can have anarchy or tyranny, what matters is how noble people are.


may your palette ever be full of the widest spectrum sir - again, i just want to say WB7, your work is an inspiration, and it is something I look forward to everyday


i cant watch TV anymore really or movies. Your work provides a much needed psychological release as well as being a major broadside against the enemy - indeed, one cannot quantify the viral nature of political cartooning and art etc.


you make pictures that light brush fires in the minds of men and the fractal impact throughout the entire culture is unquantifiably important - i wont say thank you, it would just sound trite, but i Really, really enjoy your work man and always look forward to seeing more :)


i grew up reading and loving Gary Larson, Bill Waterson, B. Kliban


it is like some ambrosia for the mind and perfect food, a blend of humor and insight that puts a smile on your face and emboldens you for the fight - keep up the great work chief!

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 This one is for you billy-7. Short usd/chf.

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(popularscience didnt tell us how we would all be bankster slaves tho lol)

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Batteries is a minor issue. They will change the batteries from Li ion to NiMH and the dodo will fly like new.

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You don't know much about batteries, do you? Also, they most definitely were made to specs for "Boing", which implies non-standard dimensions, output, capacity, auxiliary circuitry, etc. Also, any replacement will now be subject to much more intensive testing than the original were, so don't expect then to just stop by the nearest 7-11 and load a cart-full of AA battery packs and be done with.

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If there is sufficient room for larger, heavier NiMH or NiCd to fit in the space designed for the more powerful, lighter Li batteries.

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Even if it is 100 kg more it is not a big deal - just leave one seat empty.

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I do not have a direct source, but one of the BOEING guys said it is something like  an additional $100K to operate for every extra pound over the life of an aircraft.

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Come fly with me. . . No thanks i'll walk!

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they have serious problems

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787 - Can't the engineers stop using Palindromes?  That's the reason the planes aren't worth shit - they're hexed...

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you're thinking of the Sarah Palin-drome? I can see Russia from my house, where is that damn airport?

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Rumor has it that when Obama was born he could look out the window and see Kenya.

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I heard his first words were precisely "I ken see", to which his father replied "Kenya?", "Yep", he said - and the legend begun...

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a sky without drones?  makes no sense

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So the FAA can just step in and ground all 787's?  This Big Brother crap just has to stop. Let the market decide if these babies are safe or not.

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I am sure every Joe and Sally knows how to determine if a plane is safe... 

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i think its safe for you, but i ain't gonna get on one

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obama's electric airplane, like his electric car (up in smoke)

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  We are a bunch of pre-historic { Ostriches}--- and we deserve every thing we get!

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     You get what you pay for. Outsourcing your build always produces shit. The dumb fucks making the decisions don't have to communicate with the (English as not a first language speaking) engineers designing the shit they are going to sell. They can speak english but they have no fucking clue what you are saying to them. Indian engineers are the best at this fake understanding and when they are caught fucking something up, they really pull the play stupid  card. Globalism shit. Just another lie so they can put more of that toilet paper in their pockets. If every country just manufactured there own shit with there own engineers, then everybody's shit would work they way they would expect it to. But we are told thats protectionism thats bad. Right? Because then you will not be able to exploit foreign workers and fuck your countrymen while pocketing the profit!.

   What large American company builds and R&D's all of its shit in house? GE,Boeing,Xerox,Dell,HP,CrApple, to name a few all shit and run by fucking shit heads. All supported and owned by the same fucking shit heads who run our financial system too. With our corrupt fucking dick licking politicians giving them everything they ask for.

God bless America? There aint NO fucking GOD blessing US!



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Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel.

+1 even though you didn't give it your all

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I can't speak for all the electronics on the 787  but I know a large portion was engineered in the good ol usa, I helped with some of them, not that battery.. the li-ion batteries were a risk but the next generation airplane needed the next generation batteries. I have seen several manufactures stop asking for bids on li-ion batteries on their aircraft, sticking with ni-cd or ni-mh. I do not know if it still holds but initially the manually assembled aircraft batteries had a worse failure rate than the commercial machine assembled batteries that were a fraction of the cost. 




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I was just at the P.O. and there was a big sign that said no Lithium Batteries!

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+1 for the profanity.  That enhanced the rambling against globalism, the financial industry, non-English speaking people, worker exploitation, and politicians.  (somehow, you missed Lawyers).  As a small matter of critique, however, I must point out that "dick-licking" should be hyphenated.

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Excellent grammatical point regarding hyphenating "dick-licking". As a point of interest and perhaps to stimulate further discussion, please note the common version of the word "cocksucker" is not hyphenated in common parlance, yet the two words are actually quite close in meaning. Pardon me, I must now detumesce.

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Now after a good nights rest I should have kept the shit theme by using "prutruding shit encusted rectum licking politicians"

Dreamliner was the first Boeing aircraft built around the world. US based Boeing engineer you are excluded from the rant.

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"prutruding shit encusted rectum licking politicians"

You are getting closer, but not quite there yet.  I green arrow your rant and extra literary efforts.  Keep up the good work!  : - >

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...strongly worded letter to follow....

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What is the problem here? Just print fresh batteries - econo 101.

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same engineers who designed the Pinto?

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The battery is designed by Lexus engineers

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William Banzai. You saved my day. This one is wonderful.  Berlin has build an airport which doesn´t work at all. Security exits infron of glass walls. The problems are that big, that an all live construction reviewer told me, they should demolish the whole 5 Billion euro building and build a new one.

And that in Germany! Contractors, Sub-contractors, sub-sub contractors form all over. Ridicoulous overside from politicians of all parties, denial, ignorance incompetence... the same with an underground train station in boring Stuttgart. a grave for another 2-3 billion Euros....So, you are not alone.
Question: Is this kind of bird a good investment for me? How big are the eggs?


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Say William, is that a "velocity raper"?

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laugh all you want douchebags, boeing's engineers are the world's best, and will fix this minor problem.

you cunts just dont know when to quit bitching