Federal Government Musings And Other Societal Observations

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Reality is becoming more and more weird as we continue onto the Great Reset.  We have playwrights spewing opinions across TV and their CPM slideshow presentations regarding how the US should manage its debt (with talking points from everything except the obvious, cut spending) and no one questions the source or the validity of the suggestion.  People just assume that other "experts" know the real truth, "experts" who never pulled the trigger on a multi hundred thousand dollar trade let alone a multi million dollar trade hedged in ways that playwrights wouldn't understand even with a FRED graph.

Our President yesterday took the stage in front of presumably middle class children, the same middle class the White House keeps in a closet and brings out every so often to show the poor and rich that in one corner of the US there is a middle class.  Yesterday these criminal actors came on TV and played a role a certain BI editor could only dream of and spun a web of bullshit that even the CIA would want to take credit for.  The "dear leaders" of this lemming culture that is Amerika know how to play the simple-minded, emotion driven populace.  All of it is a crock of shit.

We can all point to some administration and highlight corruption or wrong-doing.  When the US wanted to tax its citizens, did it stop at the first rate it chose?  No.  When the Gov't started to expand the military-industrial complex, did it stop after Vietnam?  No.  When the US had its war on drugs, did it approach each substance rationally?  No.  When the US accepted Keynsian spending did it stop when spending became a National Security threat?  No.  When the US goes for the assualt weapons ban, is that where it will stop?  No.

For the Gov't to maintain its power and control over a growing population that has pockets of civilians who are using the advances we have in technology to share and collect information in an effort to fight the on-going information battle, it will need to restrict its citizens in another manner.  So far the intelligence of the average American has been wittled down.  Most won't challenge the Holy American War Machine or follow a corruption line that tangents three other events because well, it's just too complicated and complicated isn't cool when Lil Wayne is considered poetic.

Biden mentioned in yesterdays live Soap Opera broadcast that the US has a "moral obligation" to do something about guns.  Moral obligation?  No obligation to the corrption stemming from false raids, over-zealous cops with weapons, or to the civilians killed overseas so this ignorant Amerikan public can have gas at $3.40 a gallon?  Nope.  And not many care to question events and not many care to have an original opinion.  And they can't.  This world today is full of people who managed to learn how a bunch of other smart people who came before them did things.  To quote a person who shall remain nameless "if I leave you in the woods with a hacket, how long until you can send me an email"?

The irony is Amerikans are energized against murder yet the largest part of our economy is the military-industrial complex which has been responsible for untold deaths and has worked to muddy the waters around investigations into corruption and illicit activities carried out with funds from the US taxpayers.  But again, too complicated so it aint' cool, oh look 24 inch rims!  Word up!  Did you hear about the Kardashian Oreo?

Currently the US is in a state where the ignorant amoung us can't see how fucked up things are so they keep procreating while the smart people are going "wow, shits getting bad.  I'm not bringing more Amerikan slaves into this world just so they can be pawns to the elite ruling class".  The ignorant among us are breeding at a faster rate than the intelligent and it's causing this scenario where entertaining emotion from leaders is acceptable so long as we feel good at the culmination of the speech, no one questions substance or transposes the logic to previous situations.  We are the new Rome.  IE - while we are complaining about Assult Rifles and the deaths of little children, does the public not care about the Boarder Agent killed with a rifle given to Mexican drugs lords by our Attorney General which then subsequently lied to cover it and had the VERY PRESIDENT WE HAVE NOW use an Executive Order to seal the documents?  Nope. Are you not entertained?

I can't believe it's this bad.  Further on with the Holder bullshit, Mexico had 28,000 drug gang deaths.  The same gangs Holder provided guns to.  20 kids in Connecticut or 28,000 people in Mexico.  Amerkan's, being as retarded as they are, fall for nationalism and assume the Mexican humans are less valuable than the 20 Amerikan kids in CT.  What's this about?  We're all the same species yet for some reason if you're not Amerikan, if you're not on "my team", I won't root for you.  This is what we have evolved into?  This is the best we can do with what we have?  What a limited cognitive culture of lemmings we have, lemmings walking around with debt up their ears. 

The Joint Chiefs of Staff used Operation Northwoods to start Vietnam which resulted in 58,000 Amerikan deaths and yet we have not restricted that organization because it hasn't been a talking point on the one of the many state-run media outlets we have in Amerika.  The ignorance of the Amerikan public is causing much larger transgressions performed at the hand of its government to go unchecked while willingly and clearly unconsciously enabling this more violent organization to have more power over the populace merely because of a misunderstanding around the relationship of proportional observation, meaning 20 kids carries more weight than 58,000 educated and economy stimulating Amerikan.

There is no hope for a better Amerika.  We're off the deep end.  This is the best we have and the best we can.  Until you scrap SSI and do something with the geriatrics in this country, we will continue down the debt slope into an ever certain slavery that we can see, unlike the invisible prision bars most Amerikans live behind today.

I have no simple way to wrap this up so I'll say this:  I hope to be around when it all goes tits up. 

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Ya I get it.


But you know what?   Many (most?) of these people with assault rifles are stupid, racist DONKEYS.

And you know what?  When the shit hits the fan the PR machine of the elites will roll in - just as they did when the Tea Party got traction - and they will OWN you fucking idiots.

And you know what?  You DONKEYS will NOT be opening fire on the bankers and other pricks who are fucking your lives up.  You will be manipulated (because you are stupid donkeys) into opening fire on each other - and on people who are legitimately protesting the crony capitalist state of america.


Don't believe it?  Remember how all the DONKEYS were braying for the blood of the OWS protestors.  Calling them anti-American losers... telling them to go get a job etc.

Ya some people get it but for every one with a gun who does, there are 1000 DONKEYS who will be duped into working the bolt action for THE MAN.



(and the big fat Koch brothers and the other elites will sit back with a nice glass of 30 yr old scotch and a cuban cigar and watch you fools go at it on CNN while having a pleasant chuckle about how fucking STUPID people are)

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So, everything else aside for now, what are we to "do" with the "geriatrics in this country"?

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what's going on here? half the thread disappeared. this has happened many times to me recently.


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 does the public not care about the Boarder Agent killed with a rifle given to Mexican drugs lords by our Attorney General which then subsequently lied to cover it and had the VERY PRESIDENT WE HAVE NOW use an Executive Order to seal the documents


Unfortunately, this is complete bullshit.    It was gun-walking which they were investigating and going after, which unfortunately is legal for whatever retarded reason.  Buy lots of guns at a store and then resell them to the drug mafia via private sale.  They knew what was going on, they knew who was doing it, but there was jack shit legally they could do as there was not enough to convict.  Documents are sealed because they have things like names and targets for investigations still on-going.  If you're pissy about agents being killed, maybe you should change your gun laws.

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word, shovel word.

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I wrote my congressmen/senators, you should all do the same...

Please do something to stop this administration from violating our second amendment rights.  I fought for twenty-five years for individual liberty and freedom around the world for this country in the US Army.  I don't even recognize the country we have become.  It is time for you and fellow republicans to be the patriots that once made this country great.


Look at gun control in Mexico.  How is that turning out?  Thousands of innocent civilians are being slaughtered as the only ones that have guns are the drug lords and thugs.  People are afraid to go out.  I live near a border town and we all used to frequent Mexico but none of us go any more because it is too dangerous.  Is that what you want to happen to the United States?


Our nation once fought to get away from a tyrannical king of England.  We didn't want it replaced with a tyrannical government in Washington DC.  I implore you to do something to stop the uncontrolled growth and influence of government, balance our books, and return to the constitution.


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when they stop having children, it's time to start having children, with frequency, which places the premium where is should be. Adjust accordingly. The media cyclopse just woke up, and took a swing at you, at the edge of a cliff....

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Lest we have a Nuremburg type of trial to prosecute and jail the real 9/11 perputrators, the war criminals and the Federal Reserve frauds,.... America is done for.

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Maybe the Supreme Court could do it....wink, wink.

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Ultra Music Fest is coming up. They'll find Mali.

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"There is no hope for a better Amerika."


The US Republic is your inheritance, spend it as you see fit but please stop ranting and instead spend your intellectual energy on coming up with some viable solutions to the problems you face.

The future is yours but you have to fight for it.....


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If "the Republic" is to be reborn - I think it will likely be through renewed associations between certain regional states after a break-up.  See Igor Panarin's hypothesis for details.  I agree that the current system is beyond reform.

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I think what we're seeing is the pharmaceutical propaganda machine going full-throttle to avoid all mention of the one, salient, constant, and pertinent thread running through all these mass shootings: the shooters were all either on, or coming off of, psychotropic pharmaceutical drugs. It doesn't take  much research to find a pattern here. As with the rampant fraud of Wall Street, the corporate media will declare "psychotropic pharmaceuticals" a taboo subject; but the preponderance of evidence is over-whelming.

We should be talking about corporate-lobby control; pharmaceutical control; military-industrial control; fiat currency control; and even (God forbid) central banking control. Instead of gun control, we should be talking about government control.  


decentralizedscutinizer's picture

No; we lack the legal tools (and standing) to control government anymore. If you want to stop this inexorable slide into totalitarianism, we should be talking about corporation control. We should be talking about a firewall between Corporation and State similar to the firewall between Church and State. We should be talking about how to by-pass TPTB and use the internet to enact an Article Five amendment. We should be talking about how to stop the drip drip drip erosion of our Founders' vision for a free people. Let's talk about making incorporation a privilege, not a right. Let's talk about imposing morality on incorporated entities by clearly stating their responsibilities and liabilities in a well-considered charter, with teeth. This would do that:

28th Amendment

"Corporations are not persons in any sense of the word and shall be granted only those rights and privileges that Congress deems necessary for the well-being of the People. Congress shall provide legislation defining the terms and conditions of corporate charters according to their purpose; which shall include, but are not limited to: 1, prohibitions against any corporation becoming so large its failure would pose a threat to national security or harm the general economy; 2, prohibitions against any form of interference in the affairs of government, education, and news media; and 3, provisions for civil and criminal penalties to be paid by corporate executives for violation of the terms of a corporate charter."

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you are seeking gummint solution to a gummint granted sanction.  gummint can't be trusted with that power.  end the corporate status and make companies responsible again.  you may also have to stomp some lawyers and the corrupt courts.  FIJA dudes!

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Great Idea.  Let's include unions and other organizations.   Stop the lobbying. 

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

"Let's include unions."

Unions are corporations too, my friend.

 Seriously; the very nature and dynamics of an incorporated collective render them all non-human, and thus suspect. I include political parties, ACLU, charitable orgs, Small Business Associations; all of them. Especially think-tank type orgs that act internationally. If you read carefully, there's nothing in this amendment that would have any impact on Mom and Pop's Garage Corp. (unless they thought Mom and Pop were a threat to national security or wanted to engage in selling naked shorts or lend 500x their reserves; or create their own shell corps .....or rehypothicate the cookie jar ......or.....or any of the other things that big, bad corps do to screw the public). It is hoped that eliminating the insane notion of "fictitious persons" from the system, some sanity would find its way back to the economy and politics of the former Wall Street Empire.    

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"No; we lack the legal tools (and standing) to control government anymore..."

I liked your comment so much I shared it on facebook.  I think that the government won't let us do anything like this that would really help without a big fight, but it is a great idea.

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Great idea......but we would have to have a new Supreme Court to make it work.  This one is now an extension of corporate Amerika.  The Citizens United decision drove a stake through the heart of this country.  Sold us out, lock, stock, & barrel.

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we were sold out in 1860 and also in 1787.  just sayin'.

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we were sold out in 1860 and also in 1787.  just sayin'.

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SCOTUS doesn't write the amendments, they can only interpret them. I think my language is pretty clear. I understand your disrespect for the system. That's why we need to by-pass it. If the internet community could only agree on one course of action, this would have to be the first. It would lay the systemic  foundation for a restoration of citizen sovereignty. Without that, there is no hope for the redress of the myriad other grievances.  

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Well, first, getting an amendment is virtually impossible, so it is a non-starter.

So, even if laws were passed by Congress, the Supremes could determine the constitutionality of the laws.  Either way, we are screwed.

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Why do you need an amendment to the Constitution at all?

Crimes were committed that we already have laws to address. The problem is that they are not being prosecuted.

The failure is gross neligence of Govt. itself, not the Constitution.

Whats needed is a generous use of the Articles of Impeachment at all levels and a Congress with the balls to use them, lest they suffer being the subject of those same Articles themselves.

And there's the rub.

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decentralized: I assume but am not clear if you mean citizen control of government, not governent control of...well, everything, which is what we have now.

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Did it ever occur to decentralized that the shooters are insane, and therefor almost certain to be under Phych care and prescribed drugs. Just because they occur together, does not mean one causes the other.

I hate to throw Hollywood into it, but the movie Shutter Island illustrates pretty well what our society is up against. What DO you do with the crazies?

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

I hope you appreciate the control TBTF lobbyists have over federal and state governments. Combined with the hedgemony corporations have gained by regulatory capture, fiscal extortion, campaign sponsorship, media ownership, and countless examples of legislative favoritism, their sovereignty over government is undeniable. So government is nominally in control of us, but TBTF (mostly banks) institutions control government. (And we're not just talking US gov't here, are we; they're global)

Isn't it strange that our government is national, but our corporations are global? Makes you wonder who's running The Empire, doesn't it?

AlaricBalth's picture

decentralized - I'm don't know if you had an opportunity to watch the CNN Piers Morgan vs Alex Jones "debate", but when I viewed it I noticed something peculiar. Each time Alex Jones said the words "psychotropic drugs" or anything similar, the sound was edited out. The anomaly occured maybe three or four times as I watched it. I thought perhaps it was my Internet connection, so a played it back a few times. Each time, same thing. Then I went to my office the next day a watched it again, and sure enough, sound was deleted for that brief moment. It was very subtle, but detectable.

I know the pharmaceutical companies are an important revenue stream for CNN, but to be so blatant means they have a total disregard for the intellect of their audience, and no fear of repercussions due to the fact that if discovered they know they can manage the message.

Milton Waddams's picture

Close but not a bullseye.  They are deathly afraid of the repercussions, hence the editing.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

And then, sometimes, the truth slips through the tightest of cracks, in the most amazing of places:


I wonder if that FOX reporter still has a job.

There was a talking head on Lou Dobbs one night that actually used the taboo words  "firewall between corporation and state similar to the firewall between church and state" (It's a concept I've been promoting for two years now. It's true, and I'm hoping against all odds that this truth will somehow float to the surface in spite of my poor communication skills.)

The beauty of an Article Five amendment is that it only requires lip service until enough people believe it to start passing petitions and all you need then is to vote**yes** to ratify it. Our sons and daughters will take it from there. A lot of them are pretty idealistic. Let's leave them something to work with.

decentralizedscutinizer's picture

I definitely mean citizen control; and under the terms nominally written into the Constitution. I think the original intent was immediately twarted by ambitious manipulators and the Constitution needs amendment to close that loophole.

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The Internet Reformation is here. Things are changing very fast but to us it seems like an eternity.

The status quo is losing on EVERY front... heck even physics and cosmology is under seige. The Internet with smart phones changes everything. These last "archetypes" of media imagery are losing. Their lifeblood, usurious money and and viewership is drying up.. rather quickly I might add. 

For more musings:


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He is not ur president sir.

lakecity55's picture

It disgusts me as an American that the "president" is an Exact Copy of Adolf Hitler.

How many are going to die before he commits suicide in the bunker?

SmittyinLA's picture

I read a description of Gengis Khan by HG Wells, it fit Obama as good as Hitler, just a looting mob leader

rufusbird's picture

For those of you seeking enlightenment on Africa, may I recommend a book recently finished reading.

"Africa & Africans by Paul Bohannan."

As I read, I was able to suppliment it with videos on Youtube from BBC on the various countries discussed. I was quite impressed. The history and culture of the various African peoples is quite complex.


nofluer's picture

I had a kid in a Christian school once. I ended up going 'round and 'round with the "principal" over them teaching the kids how much the Scottish "missionaries" were doing, bringing the savages into the modern world.

The book went on at length about the vast areas of empty land between the port and the nearest native village. (Land that the locals had abandoned to get away from the diseased and vicious sailors.)

He refused to accept that those "savages" had been mining and smelting copper for centuries, extruding it into wire and carrying it in coils on their backs to trade to the Arabs, who then sold it to the Brits, who beat it into copper sheets to cover the British ship hulls to protect them from worms on the ships that the missionaries were riding to Africa in. And that when the Europeans were still wearing skins and living in caves, those primitive Africans were crafting some of the finest gold jewelry ever made... anywhere. He just couldn't accept it.

Canucklehead's picture

Going forward, one of the prime talking points should be ... the response time.


In this CNN article, they state the response time was approximately 20 minutes.  Think about that for a minute.

You call 911 and are told to hold your horses for 20 minutes before they get there because they have "protocols" to follow and risk mitigating administrative procedures to implement before anyone can help you.

No wonder some Newtown cops went on leave.  How do you cope with this SNAFU?

What was the principal supposed to do for 20 minutes in order to save some childrens' lives?  I think she "tried"...

dizzyfingers's picture

Canuckle: When life and death is a matter of seconds, the police are only minutes away. They don't prevent crimes, they take notes on the aftermath. Probably not their fault, but this is why we need a well-armed OPEN carry populace, to make criminals' jobs very very dangerous.

Canucklehead's picture

I agree with you.  We had this same discussion in Canada back in the 90's when we were fighting gun control.  If you check with the rural areas, you will find most response times are 30 minutes or more. 

moroots's picture

Not only that, but SCOTUS has ruled the police have zero legal responsibilty to prevent crimes in progress. They are obliged to investigate after the fact, but showing up to a crime in progress is completely optional.

Based on this why anyone would rely on police to protect them is beyond me.

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America is TBTF (toobadtofix)...........

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I have grand kids and my goal before I die is to leave my kids with water, land, a tractor some seeds and enough of my constant observations regarding  the future that they can survive and prosper. They wiil be leaders in the new world. If have to go down fighting the new world order so be it.I hope it ends better for all of us.

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The world is run by kids who will not share their toys, time to grow up people and demand the kids be put in a corner with a dunce hat on.

otto skorzeny's picture

so I should not have kids because shit's fucked up and if I do I have kids I must be ignorant to do so. fuck you asshole-go suck on a tailpipe if things are so bad-or just move out of the country. you're right-people should have stopped having kids in the 1760s and 70's american colonies because it sucked to be under the heal of the brits.

jballz's picture


you should stop having kids because you are a moron breeding new morons into the world.

In the 1760's there were not enough morons so it would have been ok. But we have plenty now so you can stop.

RafterManFMJ's picture

First of all, back then they relied on more kids to raise farm production, insure at least some survived beyond age 3, and take care of them in their old age.

Today we have cheap, delicious GM food, HFCS, abortion to get rid of those embarrassing 'oopsies' and the warming shroud of Medicare to take care of the white hairs.

We've come along way as Amerikans.  And it's heel, not heal.

BTW snark aside, if you're reading posts on the internet to decide if you should reproduce ... you probably are not quite yet ready. Get a kitty. They're easy to adopt and practically free.

shovelhead's picture

And are delicious slow simmered with chiles to kill the gamey taste.