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Ben's printing was simply obscene
He thought that he'd try to come clean 
He wasn't sincere
He shed not a tear
The literal lying machine

The Limerick King




Timmy is asked what he thinks
If the US economy stinks
To no one's surprise
He spouts off some lies
Before the examiner blinks

The Limerick King



Timmy says risk is now gone
This man is a Kleptocrat pawn
This dimwitted liar
Is about to retire
Let's hope it's the end of his con

The Limerick King









Barrack is a poor broken mess
A victim of terrible stress
His horrible sin?
"I helped Banksters win"
The Kenyan did finally confess

The Limerick King




The Sultan ascended his throne
His limited powers had grown
A very proud nation
With drones in formation
Now suddenly felt all alone

The Limerick King


WB7: Let's put the lying and rule braking (pun) aside for a moment shall we.

What great sin is it that Lance Armstrong has committed?

Performance enhancement?

What sin is that in a society that pumps its children full of ADHD medications to enhance educational performance and pumps its financial institutions full of moral hazard, worships teams of steroid gladiators on any given Sunday, pumps it's economy full of QE and fiat stimulus like there is no tommorow, consumes food modified by all manner of genetic, hormonal and chemical agents, is addicted to $8 cups of coffee,  idolizes silicon breast implantation for the perfect female form and consumes viagra voraciously. 

A society that can no longer function without the mass consumption of psychotropic drugs.

One can only wonder...

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What's next?

Honey Boo-Boo permanently brain damaged from blonde steroids?

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the post and the comments are awesome

sure the enemy is hitting us on every front

but for the first time in maybe forever, we actually see the enemy, we see the whites of their eyes.


the worm is turning

dolph9's picture

Liestrong is in indeed an ass for lying all this time.

Still, it's sord of sad to see this formerly heroic white male athlete prostate himself in front of America's favorite TV welfare queen.

Setarcos's picture

I really haven't much followed this Lance-whatsizname thingy, so it's only just now that I've learned that he's confessed all to Oprah Wingnut.

She's got a better scam going than the Pope, it appears.

Zero-risk bias's picture

That said, of all sports I'd have to rate cycling as an interesting sport to both watch and do, thought i always thought Lance Armstrong made major cycle races less interesting, and had a detrimental impact on the sport in that time. If anyone ever watched the 1989 tour de france with 8 seconds between Greg Lemond and Laurent Fignon in the final stage, that was gripping entertainment, (as a child).

Anyway, why am I talking about this, I feel as bad as people who watch Oprah.

Setarcos's picture

Well you'll just have to resort to watching golf, or maybe grass growing.

Sorry mate, but I've NEVER been into spectator/vicarious 'sport' - which is nearly all BIG BUSINESS these days and a far cry from FUN, e.g. "The little dog laughed to see such sport, As the dish ran away with the spoon."

George Orwell was correct about Newspeak, just as Lewis Carrol was correct to have Humpty Dumpty say, "When I use a word, it means anything I want it to mean."

We are living during times when the Tower of Babel legend again has import, i.e. language is confused and confusing, because very many important words have lost original meaning and grounding in reality.

The masses still talk glibly about 'society', whilst the reality is what Maggot Scratcher proclaimed,  "There is no society, just individuals pursuing their self interests."

Evil woman - like her heroine Ayn Rand - because our species' very basis to existence, i.e. cooperation, has steadily been destroyed by socio/psychopaths like her, Ronnie Raygun and all current ideologues of the NWO.

So so-called 'sport' is no longer fun.  It has become intense and destructive competition enhanced with drugs, like almost every aspect of life these days and not least for the military personel fighting competing wars for resources ... Lance Whatever is just one of millions doing some sort of drug to survive this sick world of competition.

PS Come back CD, you'll know what I mean WB.  BTW I gave you 5 again, but that's not a bribe; it's just to say that you've done a good demolition job.


Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

My question is why Lance isn't still doping up. He had it good.

Sports are my entertainment, and I want all my players on enhancing drugs. Just think what golf could become? Imagine the thrill that could be put into bowling? 

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Joke of Day:

A prisoner from Death Row is brought before a secret judicial panel and is given two choices to receive a full pardon. One is to parachute into Russia and whack Putin. The other alternative is to find three divorced women over the age of 50 in the US who are not on anti-depressants. 

After futilely attempting the latter for two months, he's off to Russia. 

williambanzai7's picture

It really is cultural. This is how our society wants us to cope...mothers little helper.

mess nonster's picture

pharmakea.. translated by the divines of the court of King James as "sorcery".

lamont cranston's picture

Watched ESPN some around 6 EST. They are attempting to give Manti Lie-O cover. We southern professional rednecks know damn well what the MSM would be doing if he were from LSU, Alabama or Clempson...he'd be ded meat. And this wouldn't stop for months.

Hey, the asshole lied on 12/8 before the Heisman presentation saying that "the loss of his girlfriend" devastated him. But...he said he knew she was a fake on 12/6???

What a lying, phony douchebag. He'd be 3rd team all conference in the SEC - maybe. 

Online girlfriend my ass. If you ain't banging it, it ain't a girlfriend. 

williambanzai7's picture

I just read about Catfishing today.

So now it is mainstream to have a reality TV show documenting attempts to scam emotionally challenged people into falling in love with a hoax lover on social media.

And it's ok for sports athletes to play along to generate eyeballs.

And the guy who produces the shoe is a complete asshole.

Of course it doesn't occur to these bottom feeders that someone might commit suicide when they learn of their public humiliation.

This has to be a sign of a healthy society, just like the jackass movies.

palmereldritch's picture

  Hannibal the Anabol Armstrong

Yes_Questions's picture



Dimon is a happy girl?

Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

There's a big ole bubble in that syringe. I give the shooter 30 seconds before his heart calls it quits.

Yes_Questions's picture



Those fuckers from District One get all the good stuff.

palmereldritch's picture

 What's Next for Lance Armstrong?

Being a true sociopath (if not borderline psychopath) vampire he smells blood and opportunity in the emerging market of moral relativism, hence his interview with the narcissist's wet dream HRH Oprah...I had to cheat because everyone else was doing it...which will find more than a receptive audience with the same enabling sociopath media who now tries to blame the audience they conditioned with their lack of due diligence through the whole mess...projecting blame onto the same willing idiocracy hungry for blood, redemption and self-immolation....

Who's really to blame for Lance Armstrong's lies? Us

(I'm thinking they mean a 'media-not-included' "us")

yeah, he had to....everyone else was doing it.....

Lance's demonstrated social skill set and established media relations would serve him well with TPTB...perhaps a position with the TSA/DHS...?

kaiserhoff's picture

Brother Barry never looked more..., natural.  You have a rare gift, William.

The Miser's picture

Lance Armstrong is now qualified to run for political office and join the ranks of the real crooks.  Maybe he and Bernie Madoff will start a bank.  Better yet, they may run the Federal Reserve.  On second though, they may do a better job than the current folks are doing.  Scary.  

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Lance beat the pants off of all the other cheaters.  For that he really needs to be admired. 

Since Lance underwent all that chemo, his life will be shortened and he will probably die of some other terrible disease.  This is fate of many cancer survivors.  On the upside, Lance got to have lots of sex with many many important and influencial women like Sheryl Crow and probably the Olsen Twins. 

People like people for their talents.  People love people who overcome adversity.  Lance is okay in my book.

Savyindallas's picture

He also got to ride bikes with the arch criminal at Crawford  -George bush. I actually cannot hate and despise Lance like I do Bush, Cheney, Lyoyfd Blankfein and the satanic Banksters. He is small potatos compared to these criminals  -his sins hurt no one in the way these others criminals sins did.

MrBoompi's picture

If a bankster had been caught cheating to win his 7 trophies, his penalty would be to only give back one, and it would go to the Treasury.



The Heart's picture

Gawd Mr. Bill, is there no funny bone you cannot subdue? Deeze ones took us out of de bench. Lo!


news printer's picture

OK all states are "red" but as I checked yesterday; Texas and California were less flu intensive 

decentralizedscutinizer's picture


"What sin is that,  in a society that pumps its children full of ADHD medications.................................?"

Indeed, what more sin can there be? But to sin is to be human. To perpetrate this level of sin so systematically, and on such massive scale, requires the complete brainwashing of an entire culture. This could only be accomplished by the gradual erosion of normal human values over the course of several generations by fictitious persons that never die and don't reproduce.

Corporations are legally convenient, though. They make cheap shit cheaply if you don't count the social cost. Is there a *corpotropic constitutional* we could give them to keep them under control;  similar to the psychotropics we force-feed the kids?

 Say "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" !  That's it.

old naughty's picture

No, no, no, we have never sinned...

Talking of sins are lies to control us.

ebworthen's picture

So have they called back every urine and blood sample for the past 20 years and tested every single cyclist?

Why not?

The real winners (non-dopers) probably came in 78th to 121st place.

The histrionic insanity of our society:

  1. Armstrong and his team doped.
  2. Armstrong denies it even though he got away with what all the other teams were likely doing.  Naturally, it is a physical competition and "everyone is doing it".
  3. Armstrong admits it to Oprah Winfrey.  Huh?  Why not Dan Rather?  Why not Ted Koppel?  Is confessing to Oprah a ploy to curry favor and sympathy?  Did Oprah give him $2 million under the table to get the scoop?
  4. The persecution (witch hunt) of Armstrong has and will damage the positive things he and Livestrong have done.  Of course doping and cheating was wrong, but attack the culture of cheating - not just one person.
  5. Meanwhile, back in the capitols of the Western world, bankers who have committed generational fraud and theft upon their societies roam free - Libor, Corzine, Mozillo, and the corporations they work for - wage warfare on families AND NOTHING IS DONE.
  6. Meanwhile, governments openly spy on and oppress their citizens with cameras, drones, surveillance of every kind, usurpation of property and individual rights, debase the currency, run up generational debt, and facilitate citizen poverty and suffering to reward the banks and bankers - and the politicians and bankers have not been removed from power or hung from the nearest tree or lamp post!?!?!?

And so we talk and watch and gibber about LANCE FUCKING ARMSTRONG!

Yes, I'm ranting, but this is what WB7 and Limerick King are demonstrating here; there are much bigger liars, dopers, and assholes than Armstrong - why the HELL are they not the story?

Jon Corzine?


williambanzai7's picture

Of course we know why. For the same reason Alan Swartz gets hounded into the ground and an LA school teacher gets fired because she was once a porn actress.

delacroix's picture

who cares about dope and bike racing? the high point of his career was boneing cheryl crow. and he did it with one nut. oh yeah he beat cancer too.

blu's picture

At this rate they are at risk of running out of diversions.

Of course when that happens they'll just invent new distractions out of thin air. Let's hope they get some professional writers at that point. If I'm going to be served stories and fables I at least expect these to be well crafted. Plot, character development, obscure pop culture references. The whole thing.

Mad Mohel's picture

The problem is not so much the performance enhancement. It is that he was a rabid asshole and sued anyone that called him out on it. Just like Clinton, no one cared about a blowjob, but don't be a dick about it and accuse people of slander. 

shovelhead's picture

In light of the high crimes taking place daily in America today, it's seems almost quaintly Victorian now that we once considered breaking into an opponent's party hq's and lying to a grand jury impeachable offenses.

Murdering Americans in their beds is now perfectly legal as long as they are on the 'official turrist' kill list


uncle_vito's picture

Lance needs to do the honorable thing and commit suicide.   On Oprah is optional.

The Second Rule's picture

Should Barry Bonds hang himself too? The truth is most people don't give a shit about performance enhancing drugs. Apparently you do. People like seeing exciting sports. They like seeing the track and field athlete who can break a new record for the 100m dash. They like seeing the baseball player who can bat .400. People want to be entertained. And that's what sports is. It's entertainment. Throw the doors open and let all athletes use PEDs. Then we will see the true limits of human potential. Unless you subscribe to the moral prudery of the religious right in this country. Then you feel the need to stick your nose into everything, wage moral inquisitions, making sure all parties are reading from the same hymn book as you. Same chest pounding, bible thumping, insufferable arrogance that puts people in jail for having a joint in their ash tray. Fuck you self-righteous assholes, always at the head of the line to throw the first stone.

Oh, and as for the argument the justification for anger at athletes is based on the fact that they lied and were revealed as hypocrites, give me a break. More unbearable horseshit. You've never lied for self-advancement? If so you must be some kind of weird angel, not a human being. The fact is these athletes HAVE to lie to protect their careers from the Moral Inquisition and the modern-day Cotton Mathers in this country who would gleefully strip everything away from them--their sponsors, their livliehood, everything they ever owned or dreamed of owning. We don't need no goddamn "Sports Police" or Federal Hearings, or god help us, yet another government agency trying to control yet another aspect of American life.

The Second Rule's picture

Wow. 13 thumbs down and 0 thumbs. OK. A man has to know when to accept defeat. You all win. I will now retire from commenting on PEDs.

Mmm but you all may want to look at this thing called "confirmation bias." Or, just keep thumbing up each other's comments. It's up to you.

lakecity55's picture

Who gives a shit about these wealthy gladiators?

Regular Americans who support their Constitution and Bill of Rights are now Terrorists in the eyes of the DHS/STASI.

Are you going to be watching football when they crash the door and shoot you?

Are you going to the Camps becasue you are pronised 3 hots and a cot (before the crematorium)?

The Second Rule's picture

Camps and Crematoria? Holy crap, stop listening to so much Alex Jones. It makes you sound like a rabid, foaming at the mouth retard. You really want to go around sounding like a complete lunatic?

The Second Rule's picture

Amazing. Guess ZH is a lunatic fringe, conspiracy site after all. Y'all have a nice day.

Tombstone's picture

Armstrong, Obama, Clinton, Woods, Timmy G, and a host of others, you can throw them all in the same boat.  They may be rich and famous, nothing wrong with that, but as far as being models of decency, you have to be joking.  Not much honesty, integrity or a code of values will you find in this bunch.  I will place my bets on the everyday, hard working members of this land who are faithful and reverent.  We all make mistakes, but so many of these bums are given a free pass for truly horrible examples of human existence.

the grateful unemployed's picture

they don't believe they did those things. they could probably pass a lie detector test. Clinton didn't think he had sex, but then when it comes to money all politicians believe in the stork.

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(Not sure who created this ...)