CoRoNaTioN Day 2013

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The Sultan ascended his throne
His limited powers had grown
A very proud nation
With drones in formation
Now suddenly felt all alone

The Limerick King


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Drones are a coward’s weapon. Sure, they’ll kill some “enemies”, here and there, but all that will accomplish is to teach their lieutenants to keep their heads down and faces covered. In the meantime, we’ll be showing the Arabs that we are cowards – afraid to look them in the eyes when we kill them. It will embolden jihad and benefit nobody except the corporate bloodsuckers who sell drones to the CIA. That’s just fine with them, however. More jihad equals more profits for them. How far we’ve fallen that we sacrifice the legacy of our Forefathers for such meaningless slaughter. You’d think that anyone who believed in “enlightened self-interest” would realize that there’s no profit in destroying the nation.

And I must say that of all of the injustices meted out by the Bush Administration and continued by Obama – the Drone murders are the most disgusting. Having remote-controlled bombs rain terror on largely innocent people in violation of all and any international laws and standards is almost as low as it gets. I hope somebody in America is bringing it up in the political arena somewhere – this is purely criminal and must be stopped!

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Those coronation shoes are the same ones he would wear out with Rahm at the bathhouse.

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fitting it is, everyones out of work on mlk day.

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and yet the negroes that voted for brO are strangely silent while negroe unemployment skyrockets- but as long as the EBT cards are loaded its alright

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It was a stroke of genius for TPTB to put him In the White House, as Ralph Nader will tell you.

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Placate 90% of blacks, assuage white liberal guilt, and still accomplish all your neocon goals... yep, brilliant.

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placate 90% of whites for their policy of economic depression as a permanent condition in the black community, assuage social conservatives who complain about the economic costs of welfare to the minorities, and the redistribution of weath these programs require, and still advance the neocon goal of US hegemony across the ME, by eradicating all Islamic pockets of resistance, including the Black Panther party in America (which in principle anyway was always about the black community taking responsibility for itself).

and then with a straight face call the police racist, for arresting a (black) Cambridge Professor who was interfering with a police investigation. (well he is a token black isn't he?)

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He had a dream. It was only a dream. That's all it will ever be.

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WB for President. Limerick King for Vice President.




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God bless the King

Long live the King      Arnie rap style

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I love it, every picture and every limerick.

The steward became the emperor, and the defenders the oppressors.

Thank you both, carry on.

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Give me a home where the buffalo roam
and the drones and the antelope plaaay.

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I've seen this CONroNATION before.

Banksters win.


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This drone is my drone

this drone is your drone

from Afghanistan, to the the Dakota farmland

This drone was made to surveil you and me.



Can't wait for "The King's Speech" as the sheep cheer at their shearing

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This drone is my drone.

That drone is your drone

From Afghan poppies to Dakota farmland,

Barry's drones surveil you and me.

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...and on a wing of the temple, he will set up an abomination that causes desolation...

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WB7, brilliant work as always!

FreedomCostsaBuck-o-Five's picture

I'm speechless! Great art!

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Epic! Great job as always!

George Washington's picture

You would piss off every Redditor if you posted it there ...

the grateful unemployed's picture

don't forget, an arrow pointing at the grey hair he got form working so hard to accomplish all this

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Big bro with the big fro

Stud Duck's picture

Brilliant, William, Brilliant!

I hope your work is appreciated in the future as the predictor of things to come and no one listened, until it was too late.

williambanzai7's picture

Unfortunately I can construct a persuasive argument that the "things" have already arrived :-(

MrSteve's picture

nothing will save

the home of the brave,

a couplet so sad and so true.

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this article (and the book they are promoting) is bit long on the histrionics that war is blood sport but the fundamentals are there

One more level of the conflict needs to be mentioned in this context.  Documents show that, as early as the mid-1960s, the key mistaken assumptions of the war — that the Vietnamese foe was a tentacle of world communism, that the war was a front in the Cold War rather than an episode in the long decolonization movement of the twentieth century, that the South Vietnamese were eager for rescue by the United States — were widely suspected to be mistaken in official Washington.  But one other assumption was not found to be mistaken: that whichever administration “lost” Vietnam would likely lose the next election.


Obama continues (GITMO) and the war in Afghanistan in order to avoid losing the next election. Billions were spent on the largest embassy building in the world, in Baghdad, to prove we didn't lose Iraq. Running against Bush future Sec of State Kerry made no promise to end the war, just to "do it better.." Obama is only too happy to use the war he was given to further his political career, to which he owes a debt of gratitude to Bush2, and for which he rewarded fellow presidential candidate John Kerry with a sweet job.

let the war games continue.




machineh's picture

The great Peace Laureate celebrates MLK day by nuking some gooks.

Keep exposing this vicious sociopath, WB7. 

You da man ...

the grateful unemployed's picture

putting the happy face on a bad war (bush wanted to erase the failure in vietnam with a victory in iraq, but it took an oppressed minority to shit-grin it away)

blindman's picture

war is a sanctioned and collaborative activity
whereby two or more sovereigns or "states"
eliminate the unwanted youth of or immigrated
to their domains while simultaneously enriching
their financiers and productive manufacturing sectors,
global entities with no national alliance,
who have adjusted to the manufacturing of products
that can explode or deliver explosive materials,
thereby eliminating the unemployed portion of the
population/s that are not needed in the monetary and
"economic" model. there is no greater grace in this
universe than adherence to the monetary and economic
model, thank a god, even if it is a lie of historic
and absurd proportions. like black holes and whatnot ...

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Sgt. Salt & Pepper's Spray Heartless Banksters Band.  Featuring "Drones in the Sky with Dynamite," and "With a Few Bailouts From my Friends."  What a Motley Crew you have assembled here!  

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Lord Maynard’s Fiat Frenzy Band

A hundred years ago this year,
The Fed turned the money queer,
It’s been shrinking at a steady rate,
And now everyone can see its fate,
So may I introduce to you
The architects of all this grief,
Lord Maynard’s Fiat Frenzy Band.

We’re Lord Maynard’s Fiat Frenzy Band
We hope you will survive our wars,
We’re Lord Maynard’s Fiat Frenzy Band,
A meager pension will be yours.
Lord Maynard’s Fiat, Lord Maynard’s Fiat
Lord Maynard’s Fiat Frenzy Band.

It’s wonderful to be here,
And run the printing press,
You’re such compliant little lambs,
We have a plan with you in mind,
We have a little plan!

We don’t really wanna stop the show,
But there’s a few billion have to go,
It’s been worked out by PhD’s,
So let’s hear no complaining, please,
So let me introduce to you,
The one and only Bennie B,
And Lord Maynard’s Fiat Frenzy Band!

What would you think if I busted the bank,
Would you hang me from the nearest pole?
What would you say if I sold all your gold,
And put the whole world in the hole?
But I’ll still get by with a little help from my friend$,
Yes, I’ll get high with a little help from my friend$
Did it all with a little help from my friend$.

Would you believe we could make such a mess?
(Sure because you swallowed lies)
But any day now, it’ll be a success,
(Even if the patient dies !)
Yes, we’ll get by with a little help from our friend$.

Do you need another trillion?
I’m not sure that’d do the trick,
How about a cool quadrillion?
I’ll give my pen another flick.

With you and Lord Keynes was it love at first sight?
Well ... speaking platonically,
You glimpsed the Power and then on went the light,
Well ... speaking intellectually.
Yes, I got high with a little help from my friend$

Do you need another trillion?
I’m not sure that’d do the trick,
How about a cool quadrillion?
I’ll give my pen another flick.

Yes, I get by with a little help from my friend$,
Yes I get by with a little help from my friend$,
With a little help from my friend$.


And now ... as Ringo said: Goodnight... everybody ... everywhere.

Setarcos's picture

Oh dear, yet another fixated on Keynes,

Though LC has no clue what he means.

But never mind this,

Just widdle some piss,

And never mind what it demeans.

(Attributed to a fan of J K Galbraith, the economists economist, who had a social conscience.)

Liquid Courage's picture

Oh sure, JKG (fellow Canadian) was a man of integrity. His "A Short History of Financial Euphoria" was an eye-opener for me. Published in the gathering storm of the mid-nineties, I suspect he - sensing that coming storm - intended that much-abridged mini-version of his opus "The Great Crash" as a cautionary tale aimed at as broad an audience as any book on economics and finance could hope to muster. That it was, of course, wholly inadequate to the task is no fault of the author; in fact, that was his whole point. That, however - and much to his credit - did not stop him from trying.

My problem with Keynes is that he assumed that men such as Galbraith were the rule in officialdom whereas the truth - as history has amply demonstrated - is that they are by far the exception. He fostered the creation of a framework for a power that should not exist for no man - or group of men and women - exposed to the tempestuous exigencies of politics - can resist abusing it.

“When it becomes serious, you have to lie." -Jean Claude Juncker

BTW: your fan of JKG has all the sense of rhythm of a garbage can falling down a flight of stairs. And Keynes does not rhyme with means it rhymes with pains, so his rhyme scheme is suspect as well. I'm tempted to say I hope he didn't give up his day job, but given that he would seem to be a Keynesian economist, I think we'd all be better off if he had.

Oh yeah ... one more thing ... go fuck yourself.

the grateful unemployed's picture

will ya still need me, will ya still feed me

when I'm 64..