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Abe is a man on a mission
Japan's in an awkward position
They can't seem to grow
So Abe will print dough
As suicide is their tradition

The Limerick King

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it's high-time janus step in and say a few things about the japan-man.  and though the world has long awaited my verdict on the subject, i've taken my sweet-sweet time in deliberations.  i wanted to cultivate a balanced and thoughtful position on the issue -- as the fate of the japan-man and all his neighbors is of some import these days.

i've known a few japaneese in my days on this earth; but i've always been disappointed in them, as they were basically american and hardly japaneese at all (thought they could trick me).  i always wanted to get to know the real mccoy -- a genuine japan-man.

boston affords such opportunites for curious sorts like yours truly...i've come in close contact with the spawn of the rising sun, and there is one thing about them that absolves any charge you could otherwise level: listening to japaneese girls talk in their native tounge is INTOXICATING!  i want one bad!  there is no greater joy on this planet than listening to a pretty little japaneese girl jabber away without feeling the obligation to communicate.

in fact, i'd say that a pretty girl you cannot understand is the best to be takes all argument off the table...contention is a function of communication -- especially in the world of romance.

if you were to try and interpret the japaneese language as spoken by a gorgeous lil geisha, going by nothing but tone and inflection, you'd have to assume that the lil sweetie-pie were saying something like this, "i want to make you super-happy-lucky, big boy; me likey dry every tear from your eye; your pleasure is my mission."

it is for this reason that we can never count the japanese out...they have some things figured out in this life.  i bow in earnest reverence, mr. japan-man.

okay, i don't think that chic is japaneese -- her face is more continential asian (probably han-chinese, i'd say -- but i'm sometimes an ethnicity off when i make guesses like this -- she may be korean).  whatever the case, i want to pretend she's japaneese for the time being -- she gets me all worked up and she could pass for a geisha if it came right down to it.  did i mention the fact that this thao chic turns me on big time?  well, she does...big-time! (cute and creative and talented is too much for janus)  i intend to give her japaneese lessons; that way she can wisper sweet-nothings into my ear just the way i like to hear them -- in the lilting lovliness of the eastern-most asian language.

...i really think so,


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btw ppl google + the ZH articles you like plz

it helps


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a sobering look into our future = JPN/UK


plz keep in mind max keiser has pegged the yen and JPN as a possible catalyst and why not - they are the oldest NWO laboratory created in the modern age and have been kept alive on fumes and ponzi for decades longer than anyone else


the Japanese are so nice at this point they will likely just take it in the ass and ask for seconds


not because they are weak... but because they have just been gelded


its sad because it seems like that is our future as well, only we will look more like UK with a militarized polce force and cameras on every street corner


(notice i dont waste anyone's time with a lot of meaningless foreground analysis and detritus sifting here)



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Deflationistas versus the Inflation crowd 
I posted this survey, which is mostly meant for entertainment and to try out the new "Survey Monkey" which is free html that I added to the post. So far it seems like a great service. 
Here is the Survey, visit and log your opinion. It takes 2 minutes. survey.html  
Here is the first day results inflantion-crowd.html

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"... Why the world should be alarmed about Japan

Now that Abe is prime minister again, is he going to try more double-speak, behaving as a far-rightist history revisionist in Japan but saying things like “I feel very sorry” (for what Japan did) and “I feel responsible” in the US? We should never let him get away with such a double standard.

Abe appeared on TV on August 28, 2012 and said that Japan could not form true friendship with Korea if the Kono Statement remained unchanged. Koreans might retort that “true friendship” is impossible with Japan as long as somebody like Abe can be prime minister, or even an influential politician; and as long as an anachronistic clique like the LDP rules the country. This sentiment is shared not just in Korea but most probably in the whole of Asia.

Let us repeat the big question again. Is Japan, now with far-rightists history revisionists like Abe holding power, eligible to be a responsible member of the international community?

Shimomura Hakubun, now Education Minister, said in the interview on October 3, 2012:

The “departure from the postwar regime” slogan that the previous Abe administration put forward means revising all aspects of Japan’s modern history, including the Tokyo War Tribunal view of history, the Kono Statement, and the Murayama Statement.

The “Tokyo War Tribunal view of history” presupposes that the International Military War Tribunal for the Far East (1946 to 1948), in which Japan was tried and convicted as an aggressor, is unacceptable as it was a victors’ trial.

But Article 11 of the Treaty of Peace with Japan says, “Japan accepts the judgments of the International Military Tribunal for the Far East and of other Allied War Crimes Courts both within and outside Japan.” This means that Japan accepted that it invaded neighboring Asian nations.

If Abe and Shimomura want to “review” the “Tokyo War Tribunal view of history,” the logical requirement would be that the Japanese government would formally disavow the Tribunal’s conclusions and notify all the forty-eight countries that signed the Treaty of Peace with Japan accordingly. It appears that Abe and his far-rightist ilk do not understand how unrealistic and ridiculous such a move would be regarded.

These forces insistently deny the facts of Japan’s aggressive wars, openly defend the indefensible view of the war as “for self-existence and self-defense,” and condemn any admittance of aggression as masochistic. The fact that such forces grasped power again poses a serious threat to Japan’s democracy and its credibility in the world. It is also a major challenge to the international community, particularly Asia.

We hope the world will counterattack Abe’s far-rightist history revisionist challenge, and once he is outside of Japan that there will be protests wherever he goes, and at press conferences; and that journalists will confront Abe at press conferences with the facts laid out above. This is the only effective way to let Abe know what a shameless human being he is, according to all international standards."


As in "Abe Shinzo, a Far-Right Denier of History" by Narusawa Muneo, The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol 11, Issue 1, No. 1, January 14, 2012 

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How is any Pro-State ideaolgy Far-Right? I always thought of far right as Libertarianism/Anarchy..What is the logic that moves the pendullum from Far Left Communism to Far Right Fascism..Both are Centrally Planned Government Economies that end up w/ the same out come of a political elite and a impoverished population. It seems to me if there is a left/right paradigm it would follow some sort of logic and measurement. Communism being Far Left 100% Government Ownership of property and means of production swinging to the Far Right 100% absence of Government and 100% private property ownership and means of production. Where am I wrong? What is the measurment in this Left Communist/Right Fascist idea?


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part of the meme change that turned red into blue and blue into red. has a better distinction

- Ned

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maybe they'll invade China again. that would be something

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I believe China is hoping they will do something stupid like that. Revenge is sweet.

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Hey, this could get serious.. secret tape of Jap Special Forces rehearsing “take-no-prisoners" invasion.

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There is an element in Japan that believes reality is always a construct built according to one's particular needs, and that saving face comes before all else.  That is why everything can be "regrettable", but no one is ever "sorry".  It also explains why in any post-war cabinet, there is always at least one minister who just can't keep himself from blabbering something stupid for which he will be forced to resign.

Often these fringe views are kept alive by force.  A threat here, a sword attack there, has, for example, shown the Japanese textbook publishing industry that there are very strict rules regarding discussion of the war.

Twenty plus years of playing a peripheral role in the world, coming in the wake of all those pronouncements of We're #1, that echoed so ubiquitously in the late 80s, has left some in Japan open to "rediscovering its greatness" in the worst possible way.  There's always been Shintaro Ishihara, plus the chrysanthemum-stenciled black trucks, but Abe II has a resonance that is slightly disturbing.  Japan's young people are mindless idiots, which is to say vulnerable to a siren's song.

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Regrettable but not sorry. That's it in a nutshell. There is a reason why Japan did not get the same treatment as Germany after the War and it has nothing to do with the misplaced theories of righteous denial evidenced by people like Shinzo Abe.

With regard to their aging demographics, no need for the Japanese to worry about how to field a war. They can use young Americans as cannon fodder.

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Apologies are not offered in a vacuum. 

If there is no evidence that they will be accepted, then there is nothing to apologize for. Reading western notions of morality into the geopolitical situation in Asia is dangerous and could lead to miscalculation.

The reconsideration of the stance toward Korea is perhaps attributable in some sense to the failure of that overture to accomplish anything material with respect to relations.

With China - and this is absolutely key - there is nobody in China who has the political capital to accept a Japanese apology. Nobody. Japans reward for abject apology will be more aggression and humiliation on the part of the Chinese. Who in China would spend their political capital to re-establish trade? Who would tone down the nationalist rhetoric? Who would reign in the North Koreans? Nobody. The Chinese ruling establishment enjoys no such surplus of political capital to do these things.

Sentiment is useless. The Japanese are pursuing the correct realpolitik. You may not like it, I wouldn't blame you, and I don't either.

But expecting nations to act against their rational self interest is foolish. Abe is not mad, he is quite rational.

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He will wind up cutting his countries nose to spite it's face.

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My mom, whom many know is an avid Zero Hedge reader, survived the period of WWII in Japan.

She regularly confirms to me that there is absolutely nothing good to be learned or followed from the megalomaniac "sons of bitches" who ran the country then, nor any of the current political ilk who continue to adulate them.

Pay attention everyone, the current historical relevance of the interwar period is not to be confined to Weimar Germany.

BTW, the Sinkaku situation is on Hong Kong and Chinese television every evening. Not surprisingly, the tone of the news is emotional and nationalistic. This macho game of chicken over a pile of rocks portends serious trouble.

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Japanese Americans Children Pledging Allegiance 1942


California. Friends say good-bye as family of Japanese ancestry await evacuation bus to let's say kind of FEMA camp

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I grew up with Japanese farmers as neighbors to my Dads farm, many of them had sons killed in the European theater of war, also Dad had a brother killed in the Marine Corp in the Marshall Islands, The relationship my father had with those neighbors was something to observe as they were great friends of my father, he respected them and they respected my Dad as they all knew the real cost of war. My uncles when they visited form Oklahoma would observe me playing with the Japanese kids, remark negatively about it and my father would lecture his brothers about thier loss of property during the interment period and reminded my uncles that they had also lost sons while in those camps.

 The prospective of those Japanese people helped mold me in philosophical terms.

Most of them are gone now, but I feel so privledged to have know them and the lessons I learned from them.

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When a now landless man walks out of Manzanar and joins the 442, THAT is the definition of patriotism.

Who among us today has that strength of character and willingness to forgive?

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joining the military was a way out of the camps. but these people were denied citizenship for several decades, although they were here, and were citizens in every other regard, and when the war started they had nothing to fall back on. there was a lot of suffering all the way around. a large portion of America was of German descent, (we were never going to nuke them) and German scientists and artists were being brought into America to help the war effort. (Hitler was sold out the way Hussein was sold out in Iraq. it was suggested (by Geo Bush 1, son of Prescott Bush who did business with them) that America would not do anything if Hussein went into Kuwait, and likewise Hitler was given carte blanche as long as he kept the Russian front open, which was a stategy that not even a mad man would have pursued.) anyway there were no nukes over Germany, no Germans in internment camps (to speak of, a few in ND) although both caught a break under the Marshall Plan. (i am surprised we didn't nuke Iraq, just to give Iran a heads up, but their military was a shadow force by the time of the invasion, and we ended killing a million civilians the old fashioned way)

forgive? from my perspective that is off the table., but you have something else in mind i think

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How long should good men stand by while evil prospers?

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Those people were Americans. And those who still survive understand the meaning of freedom better than most. That is why they have been vocal about monstrosities such as the NDAA and the treatment of Moslem Americans.

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being an american doesn't seem to confer any special privileges, (or is that a drone motor i hear overhead?) what to me is interesting about W2 is the way it began as a scrum, a series of regional wars, brought about by the unfair settlement of W1, and trade policies aimed at keeping japan away from the commodities they needed to industrialize.

vietnam was a rebellion against the souths taxation of peasants, and was reconcocted into the fight against international communism, to make it palable to the american sheeple - somehow W2 became the war between good and evil. (it was not). more people opposed the us entry into W2 than opposed the iraq invasion, (just to show you have far we have fallen in terms of forming critical judgements about these things)

the black american muslims have largely given up the message of malcolm x for the welfare state of barrack hussein obama. and if american muslims have any contempt for the way middle eastern muslims are treated, they haven't said so (interesting)

but the culture of intimidation started before the election in 2000. (just as another administration bandied missiles for hostages with Iran) i am sorry for all this suffering, if you have cross to bear, get in line, (and vote the status quo bastards out, but i seriously admire their lingering anger. it shows that someone is paying attention)

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Their country same as ours. Fake elections, fake politicians and judges. What is  real is the bastards have our printing press and are buying drones to bomb our asses with our own fucking money

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Don't mind poor old Abe, he's just looking for the vending machines with the used panties.

He'll be needing that coin...

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Another Great Job William

Just want to say I liked the old Rising Sun Flag better than the current Setting Sun flag.


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I remember back in the 80s when the Japanese businessmen arrogantly thought of themselves as superior to American businessmen. Japanese companies were buying up assets and even moving their manufacturing to the US, where they believed that their superior techniques and business accumen would make them invincible forever... well maybe not forever.

People are frail and therefore subject to foolish pride and arrogance.

I feel for our Japanese brothers who are at the vaguard of the forces defending against the assault on capitalism. As usual, the America people are slow to wake and take action, even when the enemy is us.

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It's fashionable to bash Japan with its mega-pile of government debt -

But let's recall a brave Japanese finance minister who was very effective, and murdered for his excellence

And whom Japan is trying to follow in this moment

Japan may in fact succeed and be an example for the world, as it goes about applying radical full-force money-supply growth, in line with what a small group of hard-core Monetarists have always held is what works ... and with what historically indeed does seem to work ... a real 3rd way that is neither Keynesian excess nor Austrian scorched-earth liquidationism.

Japan's early 1930s finance minister, little-known in the West but who may in fact have been one of the most concretely effective government finance ministers ever, until he was murdered by Japanese military officers who later led Japan into war.

Japan is « going for broke on multiple fronts with fiscal, monetary, and exchange stimulus.

This is a near copy of the remarkable experiment in the early 1930s under Korekiyo Takahasi ... the man who "brilliantly rescued" his country from the Great Depression ...

Few dispute that Japan escaped from slump and pioneered the world's most successful policy mix -- in strictly economic terms -- from 1932 to 1936. The trick was to act with overpowering force and combine all forms of stimulus, each leavening the other. ...

Takahasi was the first of his era to tear up rule book completely. He took Japan off gold in December 1931. He ran "Keynesian" budget deficits deliberately, launching a New Deal blitz before Franklin Roosevelt took office.

He compelled the Bank of Japan to monetise debt until the economy was back on its feet. The bonds were later sold to banks to drain liquidity.

He devalued the yen by 60pc against the dollar, and 40pc on a trade-weighted basis. Japan's textile, machinery, and chemical exports swept Asia, ultimately causing the British Empire and India to retaliate with Imperial Preference and all that was to follow -- and there lies the rub, you might say.

Takahasi was assassinated by army officers in 1936 when he tried to tighten by cutting military costs. »

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One of Bernanke's heros: Toner Toner Toner

"... was this not a case of social dumping or "beggaring thy neighbor," that is, saving your own trade ship at the expense of others? Was Takahashi guilty of a "reckless fiscal policy" because his introduction of the sale of treasury bonds to the central bank rather than directly on the open market would lead to dangerous inflation after his assassination in 1936? Was not the policy of selling treasury bonds to the Bank of Japan rather than to the public dangerous because it gave finance ministry bureaucrats and central bankers the power to expand the money supply free from market constraints? Did not Takahashi's spending, which went primarily to rural relief and the military, play a vital rule in the rise of militarism and the road to Japan's aggressive war against China, the United States and their allies?"

From Foot Soldier to Finance Minister: Takahashi Korekiyo, Japan's Keynes--Richard Smethurst

Although the author of this book would posit that Japan's Keynes should not be faulted for the political reality of his time. I would say whatever his political leanings, his policies enabled the monster that followed. That monster is not necessarily uniquely Japanese and and can be seen lurking the global stage today.

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To paraphrase Tip O'Neill commenting on the "Reagan Recovery:"

"I could show you a good time too if you let me write $1 trillion Yen in hot checks."

It's all fun and games until the tab comes due...


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It's always best to use fiat currency to steal the wealth from your people and use it to contaminate the entire planet with permanent cancerous radiation that will perpetuate severe birth defects for eternity in all animals once it gets in to the Potasium cycle. Fucking Brilliant.

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you have named the "system" in fed res "system" . one gold star to you


the system has been working perfectly for 98 years.