BaNZai7's DiSPaTCHeS FoR DaVoS...

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"Indeed, there is no risk-off setting for the global economy...leaders from the public and private sectors need to adopt a "risk-on" mindset to catalyzse dynamic growth.

Davos Executive Summary



A functioning police state needs no police.

William S. Burroughs




Resilient and dynamic...

"Strength through unity, Unity through faith..."

V for Vendetta




We said dynamism, not Darwinism!




The Banksters are top of the chain
They're harvest is financial pain
They reap what they sow
Our debt laden dough
This system is simply insane!

The Limerick King


AND THe WiNNeR iS....

Resilient and dynamic!




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Can a Brutha get a Davos Drone...PLEASE?

(Not up close and personal ifin ya know what I mean).

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brilliant WB7!!!!


turn them into Jeopardy or some live TV show! :D

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Classic, Continue Maestro, your fans are appreciative of the effort.

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Regarding your Visual Combat did the nipples get past the Hong Kong censors? Performance art maybe?

<Not that I mind in the least Banzai7.>  :)

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It qualifies as a news image under the Banzai7 Institute Guidelines 

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naked news ... MPKS (more pleez kind sir)

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Couldn't say where she's comin' from,

But I just met a lady named Dynamism

She strolled on over, said look here, bum,

I got a forty euro bill says you cant make me quantum

Yuo just cant do it!

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Teflon Jamie......LOVE IT!

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a note from grammerville: "their" is the correct possessive adjective...not sure why this word is frequently misrepresented by "they're"  on ZH posts...maybe a secret code...we'll all need to  pay closer attention...

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frequently? so- your on the rag this week? I'm not sure why your being a picky bitch.

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That's some excellent shit stacking done by true craftsmen! Unfortunately banksters do not show such skill in putting together their putrid products, as their output without fail disintegrates into steaming piles instead of maintaining structural integrity.


Also, have you ever dreamt of putting an end to your "daily hauling of manure in the rain and snow"? Look no further than the Patz manure stacker:


Kudos on yet another great article

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This Bankster is Too Big Too Jail
The system is just too darn frail
These men are like God
We must accept fraud
Or else the whole system may fail

The Limerick King

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Jamie Dimon Caption:


"Well, I gotta tell ya ... we thought we were in shit up to our ears with that MBS stuff, but it turns out we were only up to here so, ya know, we had that going for us."

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jamie is describing how he gets  timmy g and the bernank to get down and play a little skin flute on him.

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Beautiful work on all of them William.

I am starting to read in 3D now.