As I Said, iBubble! AAPL Drops 10.7%, Subtracting 32 pts From NASD Comp As Predicted Months Ago

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Composite is down 21 points due to NFLX spiking up 38%, thereby adding 1.5 points to the composite. Meanwhile AAPL is dropping 10.7%, which subtracts 32 points from the composite. Where have you heard this iBubble warning before. Read BoomBustBlog: Deconstructing The Most Accurate Apple Analysis Ever Made - Share Price, Market Share, Strategy and All or watch TV, right here 

Here I explained that not only will Apple's share price collapse (called near the all time high), margins will collapse (call thus far executing like clockwork), lose significant market share (check), but an Apple fall will also compress the NASDAQ... iBubble. Go to the 3 minute marker and enjoy...


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I'll give credit where credit is due. You definately got the right call MONTHES ago.

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Does anyone know why RT pulled the plug on Capital Account at the height of its popularity and credibility?

I've speculated that it could be because of pressure from Washington and/or the possibilities of full-on WAR in the offing, via the Syrian conflict and the Western recolonization of Africa, for instance + what's happening with China vs Japan and a veritable "devils brew" of global events which many think could result in WW3.

Anyone have any better ideas for why CA suddenly disappeared with no explanation?

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Lauren Lyster is workign for Yahoo now. I just saw a bit with her and Rickards. RT has gone off the truth reservation lately alot, and Lauren shockingly looked to be part of it - being somewhat militant and condescending to people for example who talk about gold manipulation.


Money talks. Of course I'd like to wear her as a hat.

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Yahoo offered Lauren more fiat, simple as that.

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Apple at $450 looks like a good value to me. I think the market over-shot with the stock down over 12% just today. We shall see if it goes down any more. The P/E for AAPL is near 10 while NFLX P/E is ~183 and AMZN is near 3400 P/E.

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450$ support zone.. good for long speculation on signal.. but with S&P near short term top (I believe), not much hurry

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Reggie took a lot of insults on this one, but ended up right in the end. The same will happen for the gold and silver bugs.

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Yep Gerald Celente got caught with his pants down and it wouldn't surprize me if Max Keiser ends up with silver-plated egg on his face ... not that I think there'll be any winners in what appears to be a bankster-led race to the bottom, lemming-race, Titanic crash, or however one tries to encapsulate current affairs.

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Upload date on video is October 2, 2012 and was directly uploaded by Capital Account, so either the 1st or the 2nd is the date of air as well.

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No more legs and only boring ass-guests at her new Yahoo Finance gig. :(

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No more showing-her-legs opportunities ?! her career is gonna take a dive !.. hahah

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Down 61 is pure panic driven get me out..

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I was "banging the table" also with my AAPL "Hedge Fund Motel" term @ 700.. they check in but they don't check out. RM was correct .. they are trying to escape with no exit in sight.

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Almost back to where RM went "negative" on APPL.. around 400 I believe. Nice analysis but failed to account for bubble logic in the "market".

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Actually it was 250 where I picked up 200 shares been a good short for me, eh Reg.


The only reason this shill keeps blowing his appple whistle is because it is the only time he gets readers.


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Stop hating. Read the link. The short call was right about the all time high for the stock. You guys STILL have an Apple fetish. When does it end???

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The man with the Google fetish accusing people of having an Apple fetish.

Pot. Kettle. Reggie. Hypocrite.

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AAPLs, meet gOOranges

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lol....never before has one guy patted himself on the back so much for making a right call (a call that many who understand contrarian investing and market psychology are not surprised by). alas, the true hallmark of great speculators is not how much they are right, but how little they lose when they are wrong -- the chief determinant of which is the ability to admit when they are wrong in the first place. anyway, congrats on the trade. looking forward to the next 20 posts telling us how great you are for being right. 

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Next up...the popping of the Google, Amazon, and Netflix bubbles.

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Thanks Reggie. I saved quite a bit of coin for some friends who were sitting in the iHotel.

After a few words about margin compression and Google's business model they got the point and found the exits.

You're the man.


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NASDAQ100 worked well to identify the top in AAPL - back in September.

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I do work with one of the major freightlines, the area I work ships to the Pacific Northwest and Western Canada.  We normally ship massive amounts of Apple on a daily basis.  Over the last 2 months, this has slowewd to a trickle.  My first thought was a post holiday slowdown, but we never had this happen the previous year.  My second thought was perhaps they switched truck lines, and that has not happened either.

Reggie's call preceded any slowdon I noticed in the shipping lanes.


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If sales this quarter were bigger than sales any other previous quarters, your first statement about switching truck lines would make more sense, no?

swmnguy's picture

Maybe they were selling inventory they already had in stock?  Just a guess.  Your question makes a lot of sense.

vincent van goo's picture

Perhaps, the slowdown has been going from mid December until now.....not quite 2 months but getting there. 

3.7.77's picture

Yea they are using iTeleportation now with the record sales.


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They should name a candy bar after you!

homersimpson's picture

They did. It's called chocolate-covered PAYDAY!

Mad Mohel's picture

Your dancing on the edge there pal. o_0

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It took awhile , but you made it to the finish line. Hope that is a sign for things to come in the very near future.

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nice fucking job Reggie.  You had the balls to stick with it and not pussy out as the fullretard hedgies continued to prop that fucking pig.


Now, lets continue to squeeze the balls on auditing the fucking crooked Fed, shall we?  Get the air time and do ZH nation proud.

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Reggie, thanks again for your efforts in exposing what the MSM refuses to report.

I can't wait to talk to my friends following the AAPL earnings & stock price.  They told me weeks ago AAPL's earnings were going to be explosive because of holiday sales and that I was taking crazy pills.



Joe moneybags's picture

Lendo, your friends are about to become just some of your acquaintances.

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A shame Capital Account is no more.


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This story is getting long of tooth.

DeficitAlchemist's picture

Long in tooth?

Yet highly currently relevant? Good call and was chastised long and hard for being early but stayed the course..

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seeing AAPL go south never gets old, esp. considering how much heat Reggie took by uninformed eediots on Reggies true position on AAPL.

Some peeps are just too stupid to read what Reggie says - esp. when he says his free info differs from his pay info.

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Great,  another Cramer, good club to be in. 

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5th best earnings in the history of the world

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pimping this since mid 600's - good job!

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pimping this since $200 douche bag, still made a ton of money, obviously not as much previous, but a shitload more than you

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And that obviously equates to a huge drop in an overinflated stock price.

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RM : I hope you make some money out of your own predictions! 

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Mr Middleton... when you're right, you're right. AMIRITE?!?!