DaVoS 2013: BaNZaI7 INSTiTuTe STaTe OF THe PoNZi PReSeNTaTioN

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an eyebrow-shaving good time

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Your DAVOS slides are sublime WB7 !!

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 I haven't watched CNBS for over a week, and my P/L hasn't suffered one ioda. I'm sleeping better though :-)

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Banzai7: So, if the conspiratorial facts as presented are rock solid - as most of us here deem to be the case.  WTF do you do about it?  Become a prepper?  Move your $1mm or so where?  Into what?  Ain't buying gold at $1700.  What's a good course?  I'm near retirement, can't afford to take the risk like I used to.  Pls advise, thanks.

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the outcome of all this (including a complete collapse of the economic system) is a leveling of class status. we all end up with the same housing, the same healthcare, the same food, energy and transportation. in article posted headline here today, the writer wonders if the fed is marxist? well hell yes. (the privileged heads of the system get caviar, but most of us will get canned sardines) if you own gold they'll outlaw it, if you have money in a safe, they'll reissue new currency, if you own property they'll steal it. if they haven't done it yet, it because they know that if they push too hard, they will lose their heads.

the secret is to push just a little. republican presidents push back on individual rights, democratic presidents offer welfare solutions, each one accepts the work of their opposite. Obama buys votes with food stamps, while allowing all the take-aways which Bush implemented. the next Bush will leave the safety net in place and go back to work on destroying the bill of rights. the old one two punch.

if there is any solution it is to stay out of their line of fire. stay away from their subsidies, and keep your rights up close and personal. they can't move too fast, so right now money is better than gold. they will confiscate gold before they reissue money. (after they take the gold then get rid of your money and buy cows or something)

and it will take them even longer to confiscate private property, although if you are in a city which allows emminent domain, consider moving. counties are probably better than cities.

get yourself a nice government job and go to work with a smile on your face everyday, and say that obama sure is a nice fella, then go home and plant your garden, and build your safe house.

most of the changes are unavoidable, we are all going to end up with the same healthcare, riding the same buses, working for the government in one fashion or another. but things happen slowly, they won't take over tomorrow. and maybe the american people will get tired and vote in an independent, and send the jerks packing. and us citizens have better access to their system than anyone, in case you were thinking of expating, which i recommend against.


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"Ain't buying gold at $1700"

That's EXACTLY what I heard several people say when it was $1000, then $1200, then $1400...well, I guess you know where I'm going. Trust me its cheap compared to where it's going. For protecting your self financially while at the same time doing your best to collpase the system in the most peaceful way possible BUY GOLD. NOW. RIGHT THE FUCK NOW. But physical ONLY, in YOUR possession.

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I'm not an investment advisor.

Be that as it may, everyone obviously has their own unique situation and capabilities. Unless you are situated on an Island fortress, there is not much sense in planning to hold out through a doomsday scenario. You can try the bunker approach but you have to wonder could you live that way. In any event, learning essential skills is not a bad idea.

I do have some useful observations as a result of living in HK. The local people, at least the older generations, all have refugee mentalities. They grew up in the shadow of Communist China and consequently instinctively are always prepared to flee. That means be ready to pack light and keep a fair amount of cash in multiple currencies, jewelry and precious metals on hand. They all have a plan B involving relatives in the US, Australia, Canada or England. Many of them who can afford it have second residences abroad. I'm just giving you a sense of how these people think. Light and flexible.

Of course, the Facebook generations could not be bothered.

I hope it doesn't come to that. But you never can tell.

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americans have no experience with forced evacuations. in some ways the preppers are doing a useful thing, being a prepper is considered ordinary in other places. americans should not consider themselves immune from relocations due to political economic or natural disasters. (we recently added some earthquake insurance which pays relocation expenses if we cant stay in our home) good advice wmb7

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I'm a professional, I'm a professional


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my daughter's boss just sold us some dry firewood, $75 for a level pickup truck full. Good deal. She asked that he take it off her pay, but he said he would just put it on her tab, joking, "I'd rather keep you in debt to me" (for things, like house-sitting when he and his wife want to go on business, she makes less) No problem, but it immediately caused me to wonder about this mystery; what is it about the rich that wants them to have slaves? They are just being natural men, that is what, as opposed to spiritual. So don't be surprised when they express natural feelings. NeoFeudal/paganism.

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Intuition?  Read Becker's classic 1973 Denial of Death for some of the answers.  Mix of psychology/philosophy. 

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"Don Vito knows how to return a favor."

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I am getting slowly drawn to the pipers tune....three years plus resisting and no end jn sight...

Notwithstanding your outstanding satire William, presenting the same old criminals makes me puke. 



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They want to wear everyone down and pretend that everything is just dandy.

Oh, let's all jet over to Davos and tell CNBC bimbo tits everything is fine now.

Fuck that noise. I'm not doing it. You can count on me. I've got plenty of steam.

But you know what, I don't let this destroy my outlook. I'm very happy with what I have produced and when I need to be distracted I know how.

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We hear you brother. Same here. How long can one hang on before losing sanity?

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OK, good stuff as usual and just a tad thought provoking.  But, while I do miss things at times, I still do not see any Davos Drones?! 

Now that the UN is on top of all things Drone USA (eye roll), perhaps you are savin' something up for the UN.


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I have a question.
If the two, the Power Elite, their directed history, and the western intelligence agencies creation of permanent enemies for the long war, etc., etc., etc., are not true... aka Conspiracy Theory Deluxe Edition, how come the collection of the rich and powerful at this annual we know where everybody is at any one time, annually, are ever so secure in their arrogant bleatings that the enemies have never ever tried........
Oh neverthefuck mind.
Dumb ass question....

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<== Sh*t Slinging Monkeys

<==Low Brow ZHer's


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Yes,they are all over there complaining about being wrongfully bullied and scapegoated. Fuck em all!

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The other morning I've tuned into Blahberg waking up whilst scratching my nuts and there are all the rich and powerful being interviewed... so I turns up the sound.  And they're bitching.

Fucking bitching!
Bitching, I tell you.
And every single one of them was it's poor me shit wrapped in a thin translucent veil of the greatest good for the ... et fucking cetera.

There's something way the fuck wrong.

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They know the party is almost over and are scared shitless.  Most of these asswipes know that in a "real economy" they have nothing to bring to the table.

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The Empire never ended. VALIS

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This collage is awesome Banzai. I dunno weather to laugh, cry or tear my hair out!

Thanks from a low brow ZHer

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You're welcome...you low brow fringe moron! ;-)

BTW, the recommended antidote is to watch the Davos WEF twitter feed. Certain to restore the numbness...

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this "low brow" thing?did that stem from that pretentious moron that posted earlier in the week?

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I publicly admitted to being a low brow fringe ZULU HOTELier and it seems to have caught on. But don't blame that french guy earlier this week, we are constantly berated on other sites in much more condescending manner.

And I fart in their general direction!

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"First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you, then you win."


Keep up the pressure round 3 is around the corner.


King Arthur  I am your king!
Woman  Well I didn't vote for you!
King Arthur  You don't vote for kings.
Woman  Well how'd you become king then?
Angelic music plays...
King Arthur  The Lady of the Lake, her arm clad in the purest shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur from the bosom of the water, signifying by divine providence that I, Arthur, was to carry Excalibur. That is why I am your king!
Dennis  Listen, strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!
King Arthur  Be quiet!
Dennis  You can't expect to wield supreme excutive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.
King Arthur  Shut up!
Dennis  I mean if I went 'round saying I was an emperor just because some moistened bint had lobbed a simitar at me, they'd put me away.
King Arthur  Shut up! Will you shut up!
Dennis  Ah! Now we see the violence inherent in the system.
King Arthur  Will you shut up!
Dennis  See the violence inherent in the system! Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

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"moistened bints" "watery tarts" - God, I miss Python.

But I wonder how absurdist humour would be received these days. Given the absurdity we see in our financial, political, and military systems, perhaps it wouldn't seem as funny now as it did then.

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The thing that is humorously disconcerting to all those other rats and as lickers is the stubborn old facts.

The facts are slowly but surely redeeming every single alleged fringe financial conspiracy theory laid to bare on this site.

The real shriveled dickheads complain about us and then later pretend that they knew it all the time.

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my wife thinks I'm crazy-but as I tell her-someday she'll thank me

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I've had the same problem, some of the time.  But when I point to 'this' news item and then 'that' she has slowly come around.  Sure as hell doesn't trust the politicians now.  At least we're past the first baby steps.

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Just keep tossing the facts out there.  Sooner or later she will come around.

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William, that suggestion made my testes painfully shrivel up into my torso.  Gotta go take another shower and catch a morning meeting after that mental imagery....