MeMoRieS oF TuRBo TiM GeiTHNeR...[167 Images of a WaLL STReeT DouCHe WeaSel]

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"Fog is often useful in getting things done."

Turbo Timothy Geith-Law




Grid view of entire set: Here

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Enjoyed this thanks for putting this together. Was very humorous, and yes I made sure not to have hot coffee in my hand.

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I believe he will make good use of his retirement by finding the time to now actually get his tax returns done.

Let's see what (not who) takes over his position.

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WB7 thanks! have been suffering mild to medium bouts of depression for a couple of years and in a perverse way found some rehab at Z/H ( your if a picture paints a . .in particular ) ; safety in numbers, comfort or the thought that some of the gang are in a parallel universe, some light years ahead in terms of derangement (bless 'em ).
Disabledvet ( musta been a head would ) struck a cord with his usual statesman rhetoric " sticks and stones may. . . little namby pambies".

All the while greece, even without the drones overhead is burning with the rest of eu disunited including germ(any) a smouldering compost heap ( bags of potatoes not included fertiliser too acidic ).
Hands up when Geordie Pampersdreou threatned to hold a Retardrendum it was one of those fleeting hope moments ( where were you when John Lennon. .? ). 15 minutes later sat opposite jamie demon, floyd blankenstein, timotae gitner and several assorted ecb technocraps greece was sold for half a bill. next to exit was randy bertie berlussconi ( money could not buy him as he owns 50% of milano) who caved in with an offer of an annual Bunga bunga party in the Vatican ( not the city ).

Point is with your ( & LK ) visual art & thoughts and input from the brighter bulbs on Z/H a potent non violent force could materialise ( the kind of material you wont find in those if you can borrow 5 grand a year join the dot collages). sorry for banging on but the arrow currently points at medium depression.

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Your welcome

There are a few artists who depict some of these subjects in a more dark , somber and morose fashion.

I don't disagree with that approach but I have chosen a different methodology bearing in mind the impact on viewers. My view is humor and satire are the best way to attack the villains and concurrently reinforce morale. Humor is also a mental door opener when it comes to creative persuasion.

I don't think I could do this if I had to be dark, somber and morose all day long.

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The Ponsirazzi will look back fondly on these days when words and images where the only weapons used against them, as the mobs storm their Hamptons compounds with former banksters and politicians heads on pikes.

For now, thanks WB7 for the bitter sweet laughs.

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Waiting For the End of The World - Elvis Costello
The man from the television crawled into the train.
I wonder who he's gonna stick it in this time.
Everyone was looking for a little entertainment,
so they'll probably pull his hands off
when they find out his name.
And then they shut down the power all along the line,
and we got stuck in the tunnel where no lights shine.
They got to touching all the girls who were too scared to call out.
Nobody was saying anything at all.
We were waiting for the end of the world,
waiting for the end of the world,
waiting for the end of the world.
Dear Lord I sincerely hope you're coming
'cause you really started something.

Things got back to normal as the train began to roll again.
We got to the station about twenty minutes later.
The legendary hitchhiker says that he knows where it's at.
Now he'd like to go to Spain or somewhere like that,
with his two-tone Bible and his funny cigarettes,
his suntan lotion and his castanets.

He was waiting for the end of the world,
waiting for the end of the world,
waiting for the end of the world.
Dear Lord I sincerely hope you're coming
'cause you really started something.

And then the bride, the groom, the congregation and the priest
all got onto the train when we were three stations east, yeah.
Hiding from a scandal in the national press,
they had been trying to get married since they stole the wedding dress.
You may see them drowning as you stroll along the beach,
but don't throw out the lifeline till they're clean out of reach.
waiting .....

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Nice. ISTARVE is an anagram of the actual motto...

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Timphony Git has not only masterminded the financial rape of world markets and exchanges but has carried it out live on reality tv (in slow motion stills ) for all to see, or not to see.

To see or not to see ( SEC ) that was the question?

Timphony Go Collect Your Conflict Money

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Speaking of tiny Tim, shouldn't that be Dia Rea too?  Shitty little cunt he is!

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a very, very weird little man.  my contact inside the beltway says he exercised GREAT influence over the Beast.  I would bet that influence will continue

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i might be wrong on this- but i'm pretty sure it was his internship at "south of the border" that honed his skills

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My favorite Timmah bit/joke/reference is still the title to this ZH entry:



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I laughed. I cried. I bought several lower receivers just prior to an fortunate watercraft mishap.

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Hey, a little more respect is due to Tiny Timmay. Lest you forget, he was the best Treasury Secretary that kleptogenic fiat Benny Bucks could buy.

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in whats the fequency kennith fashion a long retired vacationing timaha in berlin gets asked[wheres the gold timaya? wheres the gold?]

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Wow toomuch to take at one viewing

Great work

Now I'z gotta go herl

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Amazing retirement gift.  Way better than a barbarous gold relic watch.

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I have no words Sir Banzai. I'm too overloaded from the collage.

To paraphrase the Governator in his earlier 'pumped up' years:

"I'm getting the feeling of Timm'ing in the gym!"

"I'm getting the feeling of Timm'ing at home!"

"I'm getting the feeling backstage of Timm'ing!"

"I'm getting the feeling when I'm in front of 5000 people!"

".. so I'm Timm'ing day and night!!"


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 I suspect, Billy -7 will answer some calls, over the next 36 hours..

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the diagram is f'ing awesome my friend!

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Just looking at US FRN G 45482953 E, one notes that Tim was capable at least of signing his own name. Not so with the replacement idiot. Lew's might-as-well-be-counterfeit FRNs will have some numbers and a squiggle.   

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revolving outhouse door or musical idiots?

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One adjustment to the oft quote by Apu of Simpson fame, "Thank you, don't come again". Would you like a Slurpee? A burpee? A SLAPinsky?

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like i said... i'm pretty sure that internship at "south of the border" s.c. was a formative influence....

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You could say it left a deep and lasting impression

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 Tiimmahh  Better than ever work Billy-7. ;-)

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Tim, thanks for the memories :)