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I was searching for a suitable Epilogue to this week's World Ponzinomic Fiasco and came across this short film by Steve Cutts, which I rate five Banzai7 stars. The animation is superb and so is the musical synchronicity. 

This is a film they would never show at Davos...

An artist's commentary on the evolution of "unlimited growth."



Meanwhile, the MSM was apparently preoccupied with Lloyd Blankfein's two day's of unlimited Davos growth. Just google: "hipsta beard Lloyd Blankfein." 


Behold the Hipsta Squid!




In closing, as they say in Davos...


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What do you suppose the 'FKC' on the side of the chicken bucket means?  I am sure there is an alternate four letter word for Geithner in there.

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She did apologize to the Irish 150 years later , what a gal!!

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The Irish say its not an apology when someone steals your car, then apologizes, but doesn't return your car.

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Geithner is now a four letter word.  Math made possible by ponzi Paul Krugman.

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The video is fine so far as it goes--I like the Grieg accompaniment.  It depicts the despoliation of non-human nature quite effectively, for its length.  But it would have been more complete with some representation of man's inhumanity to man, as well.

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He was focused on man in nature. He also spoofed that evolution chart depicting monkey walking to manhood.

I might contact him with some drone ideas.

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That animated video by Steve Cutts above, that WB7 has linked here, was powerful ... painful to watch in its truth about human beings tormenting the animal kingdom

The torture of animals, with things like medical or research 'experimentation', is as grave a crime as any Holocaust of humans ... I would indeed rather we humans all die younger than subject animals to such satantic luciferian torment

Perhaps indeed we humans are more of a plague species, more of a curse on the earth than not

We ignore our own religious traditions in both East and West that have tried to protect animals from cruel treatment, ranging from Buddhist views that we all may have been animals (and may be so again), to the roots of the Jewish kosher tradition in insisting that animals for food should be dispatched with a maximum of mercy

Perhaps some of the Native Americans were right ... the animals are our equals, and we should pray with sadness, and honour their spirit, every time we do use one for food ... like that great scene in 'Last of the Mohicans' I think, where the American native apologises to the soul of the deer he has just hunted down

Video too painful to watch again ... but it was all too true

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Um, yes, while you're at it, take a walk through the wilderness in Alaska and see if any Polar or Grizzley bears apologize for killing and eating you.

If not, I hear that Great White Sharks off the coast of South Africa will sit down and have a heart-to-heart talk with you right before they shred you into bite size pieces to make it easier to gulp you down.

I also hear that Australia has snakes and insects that will apologize for injecting you with venom. And just before you die they hold your hand and sing Danny Boy.

Anyway, stay away from that bitch of an octopus called the Blue-Ringed octopus, I hear that death is almost instantaneous so there's no time for formal apologies.

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My worst attack experiences in life include a charging badger, a large charging snake, and a charging bull. Don;t ever wish to have another experience like any of those. I guess I should include about a dozen or more dog incidents that were very close in life threatening .

Of course a tour of Nam will give one a unique insight into the depths of how low the human being can go.


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They have their payback moments, but overall they don't stand much of a chance against us do they. Their only hope is that some species will create a new virus leading to our collective demise.

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All I can say is that anyone that thinks humans are a plague species should do the honorable thing and eliminate their carbon footprint in order to help out the environment.

That way there is one less whiney bitch on the planet that needs an audience for it's retarded ideas.

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Maybe you haven't seen the zombies yet.
They don't know they're zombies.

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If they can do it to coffee, they can do it to burgers...


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BTW, have you heard about Britains horse beef Ponzi?



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OT the clump of camel hair in that pasture patty, but doesn't she look exactly like Von Rumpoy, with hair?

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"Let them eat a horse's ass," she says!

She likes her porridge cold but her meat hot.