Obama - "End Football!"

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Well, the Prez didn't really say that. His words on the topic of football:


"If I had a son, I'd have to think long and hard before I let him play football."


This is another big milestone in the football story. We have hundreds of colleges and university that have big football programs; there are thousands of high schools that have teams. And the Prez says he wouldn't let his child play because of the risks? That's a hell of a message to be sending a week before the Super Bowl.


The medical evidence that connects "normal" head hits in football to mental problems years later, is not in dispute any longer. All the schools have this information, so do most of the players and their parents. Now Obama is telling that large group of people, "You're nuts!"


I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's comments end up being more of a factor than the medical evidence. That would be quite a legacy...


This topic came up on ABC this morning. (Link) George Will had this to say about football:


We have parents today, in this bubble-wrapped childhood that we now have, when they put their child on a tricycle, they put a crash helmet on them. Are those parents really apt to let them play football? This is going to be a rebellion, like the president is speaking as a parent, from the bottom up, this game is just not suited to the human body.


Steve Inskeep, NPR, responded to Will with:


There's something deeply American about the violence of this sport.


I think they're both right. America has a violent streak, we need our gladiators (and our guns). Gladiators are supposed to die, right? Who doesn't like this stuff?
















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The war on testosterone is about to claim another victim.


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" Now Obama is telling that large group of people, "You're nuts!""

No he didnt... he said he wouldnt probably let his son play. Same thing? I think not sir.

"I think they're both right. America has a violent streak, we need our gladiators (and our guns). Gladiators are supposed to die, right? Who doesn't like this stuff?"

What are you 12? Noboby talks about dieing or brain injury when they are introduced to the sport, nobody talks about dobing or its effects but thats what you need to make it and this is suppose to be for our entertainment?

Gladiators were slaves, I cant deny that Americans do like to kill eatch other and watch them get hurt and the gladiator fights you are talking about are coming again, first we probably start with some electric weapons that give you a shock and eventually we go back to killing people for amusement, maybe if we are lucky we could even drop drone missiles on some people from our homes? I mean xbox generation killing people from their own homes?

The crazy jock and violence worshipping is the last gasp of an dieing empire. They say Rome went mad because of lead in the water well maybe its time to check our water too?  Maybe its too late since most of the population is retarded.




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I agree with you.  We are getting closer to gladiators.  The same corrupt Senate Rome had. The army off on chickenshit wars while the politicians and their praetorian guard loot the country.

The NFL, NBA and whatever can die for all I care.  Billionaire monpolist lib team owners.  Reatrded fans enjoying the endless brainwashing with TV. 

I don't watch Hollywoods crap or TV.  A relative invited me to dinner and had a movie.  It was Hunger Games.  It was a bit cheezy and boy and girl almost chick film.   As i watched, I thought this is where we are headed.  Starving regions with Wahsing DC, NYC and a few other cities for the elites.


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Between last night and this morning there are multiple posts from different contributors missing.  Did Bruce clean it up or did your minions Dan (Tyler)?  A sad day for Fight Club!

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They have put restirction on hunting and fishing (where I'm at at least), talking about taking our guns away, shutting down ranges and gun shows, now football? What are guys supposed to do, start having Tupperware parties now?

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I was told once by a guy with NFL experience who use to work out at my gym, "It's a stupid game."

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Sorry you stepped in it this time!!

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Lets just get it over with and castrate all US males at birth.

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Wow... term two goes into " Piss off J6P in some new way, weekly" mode. This Obama is like a shit talker, I may "like" him on FB.

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If 0blama had a son, he'd probably be gay. Remember the photo of 0blama looking like a girl riding a bicycle?

How about when he threw out the first pitch-he throws like a sissy boy.

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Check out youtube video of the guy bowling, attacking the pins like an 8 year old girl.  He is a eunuch.

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I suppose next week he'll slip about how "The Prophet's tasty lamb shanks are far superior to apple pie".

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If you don't leave the lazy boy and hold tightly to the remote  you should be okay.

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Aww fuckit, I'll see what happens:


CFL, anyone?

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...because football is much more dangerous than our men and women in the military occupying the Middle East.

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I wouldn't be surprised if Obama's comments end up being more of a factor than the medical evidence. That would be quite a legacy...


Yeah, and the mnemonic that future grade school kids will use to remember his "transformative" presidency will be something like:

sodomy, soccer, seigniorage, insolvency and subordination to the state

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In any case it is not football, it is mostly handball.


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What, you don't recognize Yelberton Abraham Tittle? One of the great QBs from the 1950s thru 1964? Bill O'Reilly wouldn't be worthy of holding his helmet.


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No Obamacare for high school football players.  A nation of docile low testosterone cows. Perfect to trample over.  I'm pretty sure 75% of the men in the US are already owned by a strapon queen as it is.

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That's certainly true of elected Republicans....

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It's a fuckin goon sport,move on.

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Ahhhh,see.Even on the Hedge the bread and circus meaningless shit has that die hard following of sports.Ill work on my tactics when the shtf during the super bowl,those overpaid goons won't do shit for me when the time comes.Neither their addicted fans.

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Take away his basketball and give him a hockey stick. (global warming pun intended as well). 

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Now about that basketball...

Obama Needed 12 Stitches After Getting Whacked in the Lip



And what about those video games he plays with drones?

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The paradox is that Amercian football is only a dangerous game because of all the body armour and helmets.

In the UK, we play rugby but in recent years it moved form being an amateur sport to become a professional sport and the amount of body armour and soft paded fabric helmets players wear has risen dramatically as has the size of the players and the injuries. Modern UK rugby players now wear body armour and helmets similar to those worn by American footballers in the late 1930 and early 1940s. I can see the day quite soon where UK rugby players will wear the body armour if not the helmets of a modern day American footballer.

Body armour and helmets has changed the way players tackle each other. Tacklers in the old days brought players down by tacking round the legs. Now players wearing body armour go into smother tackles stood upright - hence the premium for larger and larger players. The skill of the game has decreased, there is less open play, more attritional play for a few yards between tackles. Just like American football.

There has also been an increase in dangerous tackling (now banned) where two players tackle another player simultaneously and then deliberatley 'spear' the player head first into the ground with the aim of taking them out of the rest of the game.

Some years ago I read an article about American football that said the same phenomeon had occured in the post war period when body armour and helmts cam into the game. More injuries occured and UK rugby.

Get rid of body armour and the game will be safer. Also weight grading players so smaller 'normal' sized players can play will also help.


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Bullshit.  A lot of guys that play this game are pure animals and you can hit them in the hand with a stick and it has no effect.  They aren't like your panzy 150lb cheerleaders that wouldn't be worth their weight as a waterboy in the US.

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Not only that I've had a couple distant family members that played back in the day of leather helmets and not much else.  One of them was invited to play for Chicago and the story was he walked into the locker room and seen a bunch of guys with bruised up faces and missing teeth and turned around and walked out.  Of course that would be a small price to pay for the $ they make now days.  They make gazillions and are well aware of the risks........sign here please.

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In Canada, we play hockey. Due to the speed (remember F=MA) the forces involved are much greater. With its fights, hockey can be considered a "blood sport". But, when played at its highest levels, like ALL professional sports. Its a beautiful game. Obama is a blind pussy whipped idiot.

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I am not a big hockey fan but the skill to skate like that including backwards is amazing.  The speed is also incredible. The problem is a lot of those guys now are as big as NFL players.  The fights are not cool too. 

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Obama is a hamster with a chefon chromozone. What did you expect?

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He can think it but he shouldn't be saying it.  Guess his staff didn't stress the importance of 'bread AND circuses' to keep the populace distracted.....   and as Rome realized, the bloodier and more violent the circuses, the better.


We're following Rome's trajectory - from Republic to Empire, with an increasingly debased money supply and even horses in the Senate.....

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That should be "horses asses" in the senate.


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Now would be a good time to Netflix the 1970s version of Rollerball.

Pay attention, the movie is about the criminal financial oligarch authoritarians that bankrupted the world's countries, took control of them and then eliminated any group of people to which the proles could look up.

Enduring athletes had to go, hence Rollerball where athletes lasted on a year or two, not enough time for the people to feel like they had a hero.

Of course, the new version of Rollerball is completely dumbed down, so avoid that one.

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well... i think fighting MMA in the cage it's freaking more dangerous. but nobody is even thinking about it

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We won't have this "national conversation" about MMA until someone dies in the Octagon.  Actually, more have died from Boxing than MMA in the last 10 years.

I love Obama's, "If I had a son..." comment.  TOTALLY ambiguous to the fact that for African American men, especially in the South, football is often the only "non-gangs/drugs/crime" way out of the hood, thanks to the high rate of single parent homes, the shitty over crowded, underfunded schools they go to, and the income situations for their families.

It's pretty easy for a black millionaire like Obama to tell his son not to play, but his son could literally have the resources to be ANYTHING he wants to be. 

The lower class black, does not.  Therefore, he puts on pads and a helmet and runs through a wall.

As Notorious BIG once said:

"To get away from tha block/

Ya either gotta sling that rock (crack)/

Or have a wicked jump shot!"

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maybe, um, they should think about actually productively contributing to civilization instead of robbing, drug dealing, and sports?

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If you are born into poverty and a dysfunctional family, then it takes an exceptionally gifted person to surmount that bad start in life, whether black, white, or any shade between.

If, on the other hand, you are born into a rich and dysfunctional family, e.g. the English royal family, or the Bush dynasty in the US, then you can be a near cretin (Dubya) and succeed with no effort.

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Bruce, you could say:

"There's something deeply American about the violence of Drones."


Good article. Thanks!

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No wonder he doesn't like football. Have you seen dude's little neck?  That thing would be snapped on the first play from scrimmage.

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He is better suited for sarcastabal. South Park somehow covered this story 4 months ago. 


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Hippocracy has no limits. The thousandths who go to bed hungry every nite and depend on food stamps are not worried about head injuries. I played college football and the benefits for participating far outway the risks, however maybe MR. CHANGE , which none has happened yet can get Bernanke to put some  bailouts to the injured so no risk in playing football either. THis bunch is dilusional. TO AVOID RISK BY GUARANTEEING NO FAILURE IN EFFECT GUARANTEES FAILURE FOR ALL, YOU GO MR. CHANGE.!! AHOLE

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I agree completely about the hippocracy.  The hippos have gone too far this time.

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Perhaps playing college football is the reason for why you cannot spell, nor construct sentences, nor paragraphs which make sense.

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Dain bramage from football? Nah, no evidence for it, especially not on ZH...


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More likely those deficiencies are the result of participating in the American (mis)education system.

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Are we referring to the oath taken by doctors, large river dwelling animals overseeing a society or something entirely different?


another product of a failed educational system...... bad spelling, poor grammatcal structure and far too many caps........

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Alas, the schooling system is a raving success - doing exactly what it was engineered to do.

Folks, if you do nothing else in the next month, learn the Trivium, listen to some Trivium podcasts from Gene Oodening and Jan Irvin (ignore the mushroom fetish -lol-) and learn the logical fallacies so you can practice identifying them in the Vichy MSM.

For extra credit, watch "The Ultimate History Lesson" free on Youtube.

Renaissance 2.0 will be led by critical thinkers who know enough to...

1. Do the research before reaching a conclusion

2. Remove all contradictions before reaching a conclusion

3. Remove all fallacies before reaching a conclusion

You can't remove what you don't understand.

We are the resistance to this diabolical financial tyranny morphing into a police state.

The Federal Reserve criminal are funding the police state that is being erected around you and they aren't doing it so it can be used by the people against the Debt Money Tyrants.

They plan to use it against you, hence, they are funding it.

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If playing football doesn't damage your brain then watching some of the cable TV news stations definitely will. And wearing a helmet will definitely not help there either.

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Imagine the damage inflicted by watching CNBC