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Becky's unable to talk
This sight has left Becky in shock
Her eyes must deceive
She cannot believe
The size of this Kleptocrat's tub

The Limerick King

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Thank goodness it wasn't granny-porn Hitlary.

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I have no idea what you are blathering about. But feel free to continue.

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had to change my vote, This posting lacks additions, we all hate the two.

Banza7i, if you ain't willing to follow up... Don't fuckin post it.

Goes the same for Lemur King

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There's no fool like an old fool.

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Nice work WB!  Best shot I've ever seen of BQ!  Woof!


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Shouldn't her head be underwater?

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    Becky:   Hey Warren, is that a mini-whirlpool or are you just glad to see me??



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Damn, I had the pole position on the main page French Bankruptcy and didn't put a link to

Banzai's (R) rated post

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Great job, King!  Here's my "imitation is the greatest flattery" submission:

There once was a lady named Quick

Who sought in the tub a big "stick"

She imagined a phallus

as exciting as Dallas

But found just a lifeless old dick

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Excellent! You provide some stiff competition...  ;-)

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"Open wide becky here comes tonights buffet" warren shudders and groans while becky licks her lips. "gimme a second warren, you had the mushroom risotto followed by the shellfish". "becky your fucking good". warren pulls up his zip. " warren what about a double dip"? "sorry becks maybe next time gotta go see Obamy, wants me to buy another $10 bill in BofA shares".

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from her expression i would say Warren is hung like a Plutocrat

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Or , she's had another BOTOX injection

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The Limerick King killed this one  xD

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maria with the private jet fetish and now becky with the oraface of omaha is cnbc the goldiggers dating network?

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I don't know who is worse. Becky or Liz Klaybrain on Fox Business. Both drool and grovel in Warren's presence.

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At least Liz has that nice rack.

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Impenetrable:  The Ownership of AT&T

For many, many years in America, companies had investors, shareholders and owners.

Once upon a time, in days of yore, there actually existed American citizens who had an inkling, an idea, of who owned what.

A few realized, back in the day, that the du Pont family owned General Motors, a few others knew that the Rockefeller family owned the Chase Bank (now JPMorgan Chase) and Citigroup; some others were aware that the Walker-Bush family held the controlling interest in White, Weld and Company (which later became Merrill Lynch, now owned by Bank of America).

Today, some abjectly ignorant Americans will robotically repeat the Wall Street mantra that "we all own the companies" through the pension funds and 401(k)s, etc.!

We, kemosable?

Amazing!  There have always been investors, but today the owners have mysteriously, almost miraculously, disappeared?

Some years back, a political action group I was then with was interested in the ownership of an offshore biotechnology trust --- it required an enormous expenditure of time and resources, but we finally ascertained the ownership to be one single entity:  the Rothschild family of Europe.

Why hide the ownership of everything?  Why, indeed!

Officially, on paper that is, AT&T was broken up, or split apart --- on paper, that is.

Today, due to the efforts of a former AT&T executive then at (Baby Bell) SBC Communications, who reconstituted AT&T to its former structure in the early part of the last decade; AT&T is once again, officially, whole.

So, then SBC Communications owns AT&T?

So who owns SBC Communications?

At that time, a hedge fund (with a 3-person office) called AR Asset Management, was the majority owners; easily the majority owner!

So, who owns that hedge fund?  That's the beauty (in the eyes of the plutocrats) of hedge funds --- they are opaque and not regulated --- no one really knows!

The Investment Company Act amendments established that each hedge fund can have an unlimited number of investors --- but that sounds highly contradictory?

Ostensibly, only the wealthiest can invest in hedge funds, so are there an unlimited number of the super-rich, or could there be alternative reasons?

Typically, the investors in hedge funds would appear as follows:  holding company #1, holding company #2, holding company #3, trust #1, trust #2, foundation #1, holding company #4, . . . , etc., etc., etc.

So, holding companies and trusts, traditionally created to obscure, to obfuscate, to hide ownership, are the major investors in hedge funds, opaque entities in and of themselves, which hides their ownership?

Boxes within boxes within boxes.

Numerous laws have been passed which criminalize any serious effort by the individual to uncover ownership of those entities.  Now who do you suppose financed the passage of those laws?

Steve Coll, president of the New America Foundation (financed by oil people known as Pew Charitable Trusts, and the Peterson Foundation [Peter G. Peterson/David Rockefeller]), wrote a book on ExxonMobil (once known as Standard Oil, until it was officially broken up, on paper, that is).  Coll writes an entire book on the oil behemoth, yet neglects to mention its ownership?

Perhaps nobody owns it?

New America Foundation also houses Peter G. Peterson's austerity project --- that's austerity for you and me, and more wealth for them!

The quickest route to uncover ownership is to either arrest, or kidnap, those individuals who meet at the yearly international financial/banker forum known as the Bilderberg Forum.  The last time I checked, the directors of "American Friends of Bilderberg, Inc." were David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, Jessica Mathews, et al.

Let the waterboarding begin . . . .

Special Advisory:

Always please beware of pseudo-environmentalists who act as apologists for Wall Street:  the Post Carbon Institute, James Howard Kunstler, Jeremy Rifkin, etc.

Kunstler is a super-fanboy of the Federal Reserve, loves to spout revisionistic nonsense about it and claims any critics to be "John Birchers."

The real environmentalists will neither excuse, nor side with, Wall Streeters, nor will they support fraud schemes to send more free money to the banks and oil companies:  cap-and-trade, carbon permits, etc.  (carbon tax is not in this category --- which is why they push the others).



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Well Sarge, you had me for a minute, even gave you a up aroow, then I saw Banzi comment, went back and checked out your reference to Kunstler, lost me there, Apologist for the FED???????????? Have you read any of his post on Clusterfuck??

Try out August of 2009 for just a preview of his blog work!!

JHK has present the theory that the love of the automobile has ended up in the largest misallocation of wealth in human history. When you drive the freeway from suburbua to the work center, just look at the money spent on the bridges, tunnels, we have constructed to make the automobile trip to work every day, His condemnation of the way the ring of McMansions have gobbled up highly prodctive farmland. All this in the urban area while the rural towns have dried up to nothing and corporate ag has taken over all the rural land for grain production, bulldozed all the buildings on a farmstead for another acre of land and decreasing the tax base for rural small town schools.

Kunstler has a real working brain, displays his intellegence weekly on blog.

You sir have just posted another great conspriacy rant with nothing to back it up.

I wish I could take my up aroow back!

sgt_doom's picture

"You sir have just posted another great conspriacy rant with nothing to back it up."

Well, you could always look up the tax filings of “American Friends of Bilderberg, Inc.” since they’ve been online now for over five frigging years, sonny!

You might also bother to read some of Kunstler’s books, beginning with his latest:  Too Much Magic, if that isn’t too much trouble, sonny!

You might take the initiative to look up what I stated --- most easily checked, even for the world’s biggest f**kwit --- about the New America Foundation, Colls’ book, Peterson’s austerity project housed with the NAF, and every other effing fact I stated --- ALL easily verifiable by even the world’s most dimwitted f**kwits!

Re: Too Much Magic ---Here’s a brief synopsis I read at a library site which sums up my reading of his book exactly:

Kunstler's book bothers me. It follows a highly intelligent, logical thread, but then when he mentions the Federal Reserve he goes completely ignorant, both historically and from an educated-type perspective, claiming anyone in disagreement with it is a John Bircher --- completely ignorant of the historical fact that the Progressive Faction was against private banks having the power of the American government's money creation. The reason for the GPO was to fool them, together with William Jennings Bryan, into thinking that just because the gov't was stuck with the bill for printing currency, it was actually in control of it!!!! Makes me highly suspicious of him, thinking he's yet another Corporate Environmentalist ? ? ? After all, the Federal Reserve Act was originally named the Aldrich Act, but was changed when the publicity appeared that Aldrich was the son-in-law of John D. Rockefeller (in 1913, that legislation passed, along with the Oil Depletion Act, along with the 16th amendment for the collection of federal income tax to repay the banks for interest on their loans as per the Federal Reserve Act -- that was a busy year for legislation....)






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while you're at it .. hunt down who the owners are of blackrock and vanguard

presumably they are receiving a big chunk of the nank's mbs bankingMedium

williambanzai7's picture

Can you please direct me to the citations where Kunstler acts as an apologist for Wall Street.

sgt_doom's picture

Please read his book, Too Much Magic (published 2012)

(and you might check out my rebuttal to that clod above, also)

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That has to be one of your funniest Limericks yet Mr. King.

williambanzai7's picture

The last line tricked me as well. I thought we were headed for schlong.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I was there. Then I realized I had mentally substituted it in.

Pardon my cognitive dissonance.

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Rub a dub dub,

Must be three feet of tub.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture

The Warren whirlpool; i.e... a game where Mr. Berkshire makes bathtub bubbles with his ass, and the vigilant Becky bites any and all of Warren's bubbles to keep tub from overflowing.

IamtheREALmario's picture

Becky can tell us if Warren smells like "old people".

Mad Mohel's picture

And her husband can tell you that Warren's balls smell like his asshole.

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in that photo Buffetts mouth is almost exactly like Sir Laurence Olivier's from Marathon Man

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Tub doesn't rhyme with anything.

Nantucket does.

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Becky is part of the club

She knows the right "members" to rub

She's good with elites

Under the sheets

And expert "blowing" bubbles in tubs

news printer's picture

William; more pics pls

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WB7 -- this crowd shot is a natural canvas for enhanced visual combat "edification." The first thought which came to mind when seeing this was a re-work along the lines of the "Sgt. Pepper" LP cover.

Still cannot help laughing at the Blankfein capture, regardless of which image that mug is inserted.

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My husband has one of those penis things but it's big and hard

Farside's picture

Oh look... a penis... only smaller...

ebworthen's picture

That looks like Sean Connery's body.

Becky seems to be looking into the tub at Buffet's weiner thinking "My God! I've eaten Vienna Sausages bigger than that."

Not much work for a girl like her to get a lot of "exclusive" interviews; and no stretch marks around the mouth either.

Mad Mohel's picture

Sean Connery's body? How can you tell? What are you, a connoisseur of hairy chests?

ebworthen's picture

Too many Bond movies too many times, but I could be completely wrong; just has that Sean Connery look to it.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

What IS Becky looking at?

<Never mind. I don't want to know and it looks like she doesn't either.>

krispkritter's picture

Miss Becky’s eyes were just too Quick

And she thought she was gonna be sick

For the bubbles did part

As Warren let out a fart

Thus exposing his minuscule dick.