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have you seen recent photos of bardot? france truly is bankrupt

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content so good you will google+ that shit

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If I ever take a holiday, Bluma Berlin can take the com...

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hmm sauces conceived in the first place to hide the stench of rotten meat

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ROFLMAO! That is fucking brilliant

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Nothing like a left wing vengance seeking mob (a look into our future>)



not to offer any defense of the arsonist but read the comments, (apologies for the link to huffpo)

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Obviously it is very dangerous to challenge the supremacy of the banking empire. I am sure that if France could support itself and had something of value to trade then it could exit the Euro and make its own deals with Russia and China. The Eurozone adds nothing of value to France except the ability to create infinite quantities of Euros, which bankers around the world have agreed to accept in lieu of real money.

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do you live in an alternative reality or what? most French proponents of an Euro Exit of France want the Franc back so that they can print (and so spend) more

I repeat: more, not less - in the same way as the Tylers, btw, pick on any tightening of the ECB, and this back to Trichet's times

and what have deals with Russia and China to do with it? do you even know the difference between the EU and the eurozone, since you obviously don't understand the differences between the stances of France and Germany?

I'm probably picking too much on you, but hey, you do sound as if you put some thought behind those incoherent sentences

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they're bankrupt and they want to spend more? well if the ECB is a force to prevent printing their way out of debt and into massive hyperinflation, why shouldn't the Germans be calling the shots? (poor choice of words) actually that should be Austerity Hollandaise sauce, no fat, and gluten free. while the French military defends the remnants of the empire overseas, (to curry favor with Obama, the inscription on the statue of LL should say, give me your tired huddled masses in need of a freely operated monetary printing press - oh Gutenberg, you dog) while the folks back home tighten their belts? The Hunchback of Notre Dame was Hugos other novel.

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you just keep outdoing yourself WB7! Only you could give this blow hard (er) a full head of hair and make us all understand the trail of maidens left abandoned and heartbroken by this handsome beast. sarc if required.

Lets please see in the future what you can do for uk foreign sec namesake Hager Hagues "Temple". thrice establishment of FH class A swing both ways nasty ( and i reserve this word for only the trully worthy )
obamy sarky cameron h.horseshit.reid hicky cliton all tested and proven bullshitters don't come close to this condescending warmongering balls in his mouth at all times smug Dwarf.

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I watched the banned Princess Diana inquest movie over the weekend and am in a lingering fowl mood over the entire British establishment.

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I suspect we don't have to wait too much longer, payback day soon. Fall they must, WB.

Unfortunately, war comes first.

And then "the meek shall inherit the Earth".

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prince harry bragged out taking a few taliban fighters out of the game, (the taliban responded, that it is not a game. which makes me wonder who the voice of the taliban might be, since in essence they are a loosely grouped bunch of fundamentalist warlords without central leadership, but let me trust the MSM to enlighten me.) anyway harry probably had to drink the royal koolaid on why his mother was killed, (for dating an arab)

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The Royals can create foul moods that last for centuries - nasty bunch they.

My solution is to ignore them and do stuff I love.

Rock on WB7!

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WB, you're gonna get a kick out of this book that Balzac wrote because he was chronically broke.

I couldn't find an English translation but it's been printed in French and German. Have at it.


Title: How to pay your debts without spending a cent

sold out on Amazon.FR

now that's funny.

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There must be some English commentary about this somewhere.

Many great writers of the past, another being Dickens for example, were attuned to the social maladies of debt culture.

I have wondered why there is no flowery prose written on what is happening today. Maybe there is but the publishing industry has shut it out.

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le french sneaky bastoords that they are have some (de) gaulle!

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Maybe France should go after the NWO instead of Mali.

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Come on, France hates the rich and "banksters".  Can't believe the class warfare clowns here aren't lining up to blow Hollande.

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1.Blow Holland.

2.Blow Lagarde.

3.Blow Stauss Khan.

4.Blow Merkel.

5.Blow Thorning.

6.Blow Obama.

7.Blow Blair.

8. Blow bush.

Blow the Angelsaxo and Coburg to,the Richchilds Lego!

Blow the sixpacks,blow the sistem,cause its the sistems thats wrong!

Excists Socialist sistems Capitalists sistems,communist sistems,liberal sistems?and they are all what??????


Sistems?its about the overvalue of production,its should go to the people who produce it,not to the what?ones who take a risk?Bondholders Hedgefunds Investments Bankers Igniters of Wars,yes Holland to.

What risk would that be,the risk of beeing Bailed out.

I will admit,beeing a Br br br br,socialist all my life,im social,but not ist anymore,i belived in the best of humans,yes i can hear the chourous,How Naive,is it,then this leaves us where.


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France hates the "rich" and "banksters."

My experiences with the French tell me that there is something slightly more complicated to it than that.  

But I am just a fringe ZH lowbrow, so it's difficult for me to pin down.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall in the bar at the Hotel Cap d' Antibes.

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French Heirarchy is seriously split ideologically on the issue of globalism.

what Sarkozy has done is to pioneer the NWO into recalcitrant GAullist right wing France, very much anchored in the Napoleonic tradition.

THe Left in France has its own divisions; on the one hand Jacobin and austere; near communist; and on the other the new left, more social democrat.

The unifying factor of all French elitism lies in their school structure that fathers the republican elites : Ecole Polytechnique and ENA plus a lot of others. 

This is the backbone of France's Big business cum leviathan state culture. All that France has achieved in the last fifty years is to coagulate these elites in their big company culture. France has a lot of big successful companies, run in top down Colbertist-Napoleonic-soft Fascism tradition : privileged partnerships; where the private and public elites are fed by the same tree of the top schools. So its very unified and fluid behind the curtain. That is the Gaullist tradition and the Socialists abide by it massively on a de facto basis.

What does this do to French society? It makes it VERY small business aversive, as all the deals are done between government and big companies and competition and transparency stifled. Now the French realise that Germany, with its decentralised culture and its networked middle industry traditions, like Italy, has a more reactive and economically flexible model, as we see today so vividly,  than France and its leviathan centralised system of elitist head up ass decision making.

Sarkozy recognised this and tried to use this as a way of downsizing government and opening up the economy to civil society. 

But he also had a NWO agenda, aligning France to GWB's neoliberal hegemony and outsourcing model. The demise of that model has now boomeranged on the Sarkozy clique bigtime. And all efforts to destructure the state, desperately needed, have now taken second priority.

But the ongoing Crisis is making Hollande, a social democrat, not a Jacobin diehard, realise that he has to cut down on government spending to align France to the dominant German model. All the while he tries to save the country from entering into double dip recession.

Given the first world conundrum of debt and deficits, the problem is bigger than what France has bullets to shoot with. They are tied down by the Pax Americana and Eurobanking collapse of capitalism in its current form.

I don't think this socialist government has the BAlls to take on its own voters and cut deep into the monolithic state culture.

But hard times breed clarity into even defective mind sets...we are in tipping times.

The french "ostensible" aversion to wealth comes from the revolution and catholic culture; but in fact the french wealth pyramid is quite steep...probably as steep as in Italy.

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Collapse of "capitalism" - wouldn't it have to exist to collapse first?  Quite frankly, Marx's 5th plank being the most prominent entity on earth as far as financial markets are concerned doesn't quite scream capitalism.

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the best analysis i've seen in ages . Need more of this on ZH. 

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Excellent Falak,  This is my first ever complementary post...because most of them, perhaps like this one, just waste space...but I truly appreciate your insight. 

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Thank you for that excellent summary.

Worthy of being bookmarked, you low brow Zero Hedge moron ;-)

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Play on maestro! Even for the morons! 

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excellent summary, as usual

Michel Sapin's commentary that yesterday got that much flak is actually a step forward, imo: the "bombshell" comment was followed by a request for austerity. The gist of what he wanted to say, but of course big parts of the media left that out.

Austerity would mean less support for the "Big Biz" model, and destructuration/decentralization can follow from there

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France’s President François Hollande is Afraid of His Military High Command

"Security Services Fear a Military Attempt on the Life of the President"




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WB7: Regarding the Eiffel Tower.

"However, Poisson's wife was suspicious, wondering who this official was, why everything was so secret, and why everything was being done so quickly. To deal with her suspicion, Lustig arranged another meeting, and then "confessed". As a government minister, Lustig said, he did not make enough money to pursue the lifestyle he enjoyed, and needed to find ways to supplement his income. This meant that his dealings needed a certain discretion. Poisson understood immediately. He was dealing with another corrupt government official who wanted a bribe. That put Poisson's mind at rest immediately, since he was familiar with the type and had no problems dealing with such people.

So Lustig not only received the funds for the Eiffel Tower, he also collected a large bribe. Lustig and his personal secretary, a Franco American con man Robert Arthur Tourbillon also known as Dan Collins, hastily took a train for Vienna with a suitcase full of cash."


Never Forget!

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Sounds like Helicopter Ben! Lustig would be perfect as boss of FED! 

Do you think HE, BB, conned MIT into getting a pHD out of selling them the spiel on the 1929 crash he had copied from a buddy or stolen from the Bloomsbury files of JMK? 

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Victor Lustig the "Bouncing Czech."

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Mali gold production in 2009 53.7t


53.7 x 7 (years to repatriate the Germans 375t of gold allegedly held in Paris)


= 375.9


strange coincidence???

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here's your "deep storage gold" alright. sure beats buying it on the market costwise, specially because the "collateral costs" will be paid by the french and american taxpayers


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LOL - am I the only one that notices how tanned those French troops in "Zouaves" uniforms are?

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i think the colonial method was to use old tribal hatreds to enlist foreign soldiers in the fight.

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tumbouctou and tea in the sahara (the sheltering sky)! 

good movie. 

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Interesting that there is a watermark on that image that I can't see on my laptop screen but I now see on my iPad.

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Makes me want to join the French Legionannaires. Beats working for shit in this US economy...

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The next step is to put the mammoth tusks on Hollande.