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Some of you may have noticed last week's Davos MSM frenzy over Lloyd Blankfein's new Hipsta beard.



Well he is back in the Big City.






Not to be outdone, Jamie Dimon sporting his own ass well.




But as Banzai7 archives confirm, there is absolutely nothing new about anything these inverted Klepto-Marxist Hipsta, Banksta Bailout Bolshevistas do.



h/t @blumaberlin

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Now I understand the last picture, or maybe I do. EDITS: hah! watched the video. all of the pictures are important. Probably not WB7's vision, but the great ones offer hope to people at all levels.

Lloyd is the techno viking! (internet meme of big burly viking man with a stylish beard, who breaks out into dance with an entourage that follows him around the streets)

Maria is the dancing girl with a blue wig.

The protection racket (gods work) is the first act. (obviously staged)

The girl (pink and blue outfit) is also in the second (foreshadowing) picture over his right shoulder. The "bully" is over the left shoulder, above and in on the giant squid symbolism.

Lloyd saves the damsel in distress from the "bully" (3rd work, close up, Jamey Dimon is playing the part of the controlled opposition, Popeye's Bluto)

Then they All (everyone in on the game) Parties with Lloyd ! starting at 1:27


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{{sigh}} You guys really know how to get into the SuperBowl Spirit ...right?

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I understand that, riding the momentum of his Super-Bowl victory, Ray Lewis will be nominated in the place of the disgraced Chuck Hagel, who was nominated in the place of the disgraced Leon Panetta, who was nominated in the place of a long line of disgraced fucktards, going back to the disgraced Donald Rumsfeld, and even further to the disgraced Alexander Haig.  


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During halftime Congress will pass a series of laws authorizing warrantless searches, declaring government ownership of all hard drives and storage media, repealing the Second Amendment, declaring amnesty for all acts of financial fraud other than insider trading by Indians, TV actors and retired sports personalities, requiring mandatory Federal ID Cards and outlawing lip synching unless performed by females in the nude.

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The money honey Maria had nothing to say to Mark Faber tonite when he pointed out the stock market has risen 12% and the USD has dropped 10%, she had no reply because she is another blood sucking scum on a long list who get soooo much money for being a whore to the money changers that inflation has no effect on her.

I stood behind a black women with three kids at Walmart tonite who didnt have enough money for the food she had in the basket and she had to put some stuff back. I think Obama and the rest of the Wall street scum should try working the check out lines at Walmart for three months before they are quick to say cut cut cut.

Back to Marc Faber, he said "It would be a tremendous embarrassement to the Central Bank if there was a bubble in the stock market and than it crashed due to thier money printing. Again no response from the money whore.

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On that quote re: Marc Faber

F*ck yes.  This rally is the parting Geither gift mixed with the Fed/BoJ/Bernanke 5 year plan to keep the soon-to-be-retiring baby boomer's pension plans bid.  The reality is this euphoric bubble trade is maxed out on relatively tight liquidity. Meantime oil is bid (may touch 99+, Asia will knock it down on USD bids), inflation is eroding wealth on ever corner and  Obama is beyond clueless as America begins it's speedy decent into an economic K.O

So, it will be a huge, fat embarrassment, that Wall Street greed again ran with the lunacy of the central banks when this thing sinks, then drifts into a bear market.  Fund managers carrying on about the great rotation trade should look at the DXY and credit to know they are talking utter sh*t.  This rally is a leveraged up behemoth topped with HFT supported mania and a Wall Street spin.

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bush  is bush

does it matter if its on top or bottom?



“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture



Lloyd and Jamie had best shave upon conviction.  

A friend of a friend had a friend in the joint; and the "brothers" really enjoyed that look on the white weaklings.  

They referred to it as prison pussy.

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Another killer post from WB7

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I doubt that Kimbo Slice is Marxist...

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LOL, they all look like Jihadists!

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Here's my suspicion...


So Lloyd is sporting a beard

His motive itself should be feared

This greedy old knave

has vowed not to shave

'til all of the sheep have been sheared

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"Beard making it hard for rope to find neck," say Chicom hangman (voice of experience).

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I'm seeing an Iron Maiden, Eddie theme for this guy here.




I'm a Rothschild....

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like the look of the tactical beard better. go hang out with the amish. berneke and his beard  is kickin back with some 40s, as is in billions per month

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so many beards and not a barber amongst them! 

I'm dying to meet in my novelista dreams that guy who built the first mosque of Sinan in Stamboul, he was a barber known as he that shaved three heads for the price of one copper coin. He made a fortune, as nobody could shave heads as fast as he, and in 1531 he became the man who had built by Sinan the mosque of 'three heads', the first modest, unknown construction of the Man who would reshape Stamboul...like the turkish Michel Angelo; more so! 

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sadly the DIE HIPSTER website put its last post up on 1-5-2013

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Is she getting a little leg "tingle"?

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Either that or she accidentally sat on Warren Buffets lap and felt a little prick.

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@William Banzai:

Regarding your inquiry as to my statements on James Howard Kunstler:

Please read his book, Too Much Magic (published 2012)

I don't disagree with his writing on the environment, but I've learned over the past forty years that when someone speaks in favor of Wall Street, the corporate culprits and the banksters, chances are they are usually working to co-opt a or the movements.

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I flipped that book in the book store when it came out.

It didn't appear to be a book in favor of Wall Street. I thought he was criticizing the lack of rule of law in finance.

sgt_doom's picture

Since his book, and his writing in that book, is exactly favorable on the Federal Reserve and accuses its critics as being John Birchers --- your response is entirely unacceptable.

You are supposed to be dealing in facts here, not fantasies.


TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

I've read the book and I read his weekly blog as well. Anyone that thinks Kunstler favors or defends Wall Street has a problem with their reading comprehension, as his writings express a view almost diametrically opposite of that.

sgt_doom's picture

You obviously didn't read the effing book if you completely missed what Kuntsler said about the Fed and its critics (calling them John Birchers, etc.)!

You are a full of crap and a confirmed liar.

Anyone can verify that by reading his book, or checking in the index and reading the appropriate pages.

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sgt_doom fucked his face in the ass when he said:

You obviously didn't read the effing book if you completely missed what Kuntsler said about the Fed and its critics (calling them John Birchers, etc.)!

Woooo, using the word "effing" and an exclamation point. You must be super serious.

For the sake of anyone reading this comment, let's recall that you said Kunstler "speaks in favor of Wall Street, the corporate culprits and the banksters" in his most recent book Too Much Magic.

Your current raving and drooling is apparently in reference to the footnote regarding the Fed at the bottom of page 117, which reads in part:

Coteries of the extreme right wing often refer to it as a conspiracy along the lines of the John Birch Society's occult fantasies about the Rockefellers and other wealthy families trying to corner all the world's wealth and impose a "new world order" planetary government. I regard all that as nonsense. While I believe a banking oligarchy exists, I think it was far too incompetent and competitive to have set up the Fed strictly as a looting operation.

Calling the banksters incompetent is not speaking in favor of them. To be fair, though, let's examine a few more passages.

On page 113, he says that Wall Streeters, "cleverly engineered financial instruments that promised to increase their own profits from no productive activity whatsoever."

On page 119, he says this of the period preceding the October 1929 crash:

A sense of intoxication ran through Wall Street, prompting excessive risk taking and wild speculation in any novelty, the participation of easily snookered, inexperienced investors buying stocks with borrowed money ("on margin"), unregulated investment pools that behaved like hedge funds do today, "bucket shops" that amounted to betting parlors, and a great deal of insider banking misconduct around financial markets that were hardly policed at all.

Dicussing how the climate of banking and finance took a turn for the worse in the 1980s, on page 127 he said:

American industry might be dying a slow death, but the landscape of finance looked like a bountiful savannah of juicy fresh meat to the new packs of Wall Street jackals, hyenas, and vultures.

From page 128:

Compared to what would happen twenty years later, the S&L crisis was relatively small-time grift by a lot of greedy local individuals rather than the systematic racketeering operations that would characterize too-big-to-fail banks, which we will get to presently.

From page 145, on the popping of the housing bubble:

The $50 billion or so Madoff winkled out of his clients was spare change compared to the untold trillions that the financial system lost through wholesale financial racketeering during the bubble era.

I could go on, as the chapter covers many other subjects familiar to readers of ZH (MBSs, CDOs, Angelo Mozilo and Countrywide, "Fabulous Fab", Fannie Mae, MERS, robosigning, etc.), but it's not really necessary. Your moronic claim of Kunstler speaking in favor of "Wall Street, the corporate culprits and the banksters" has been discredited.

Finally, let me quickly address the remainder of your spittle-flecked invective:

You are a full of crap and a confirmed liar.

Anyone can verify that by reading his book, or checking in the index and reading the appropriate pages.

If you had, in fact, actually read the book, you'd know that it has no index. If anyone has been shown to be full of crap and a confirmed liar, it is you, sgt_doom.

I'll bet your grandma even called you stupid.

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amazing how the world inverted, and robber barons became marxist revolutionaries, but i don't see it as inconsistent. the social darwinists got tired of chopping each other up, to make cheaper consumer products for the masses, and they decided to take control of the stock market, the commodities market and all three branches of government. then there are governments and there are shadow governments, so we'll see how their plan to take over the world turns out.

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The robber barons always were Fabian socialists, utilizing their riches via tax exempt corporatations to turning the world into a collectivist paradise. Nothing at all got inverted, we simply became more observant, overcoming our cognitive dissonance.

I submit for your enjoyment G Edward Griffin interviewing Norman Dodd evidencing the above assertion.

Start at 5:10 -->   http://www.mefeedia.com/watch/36174212



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in the 30's they tried to kill off the left wing union movement, and by the 80's having accomplished that took charge of the peoples state. (the sworn enemy of communism is fascism, and having goaded the fascists into W2 with the communists, the leaders promptly pulled the double cross, (selling the american people on the great war between good and evil, though stalin killed a lot more) we later repeated it in Iraq, first by goading them into war with Iran, and later into invading Kuwait (one bush to another to another) then SCOTUS rebuked the status of corporations as a public trust, by giving them constitutional rights (written in disappearing ink, see bush and obama). there are no labor unions in communist countries (see China), the collective base is presumed, and efforts to organize are denied. which takes us back to the 30's

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One of the essential ingredients of fascism is the willingness to jettison and switch ideologies as a matter of political opportunity.

Crowd manipulation theory, that is the key.

When I see cronies preaching about the virtues of Randian selfishness while indulging in Federal bailout largess, this is what I think off. Corporatist fascists dressed up as pseudo-libertarians indulging in inverted Marxism.

Whew, that's a mental tongue twister!

There is no point in arguing logic with those kinds of people, because their sole intellectual premise is self preservation. The only language they understand the the shadow of the gallows.

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The over-arching globalist power uniting State Socialism<------->Klepto-Capitalism: Organized Jewry. 

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May we live in fornicating times.--Chinese Proverb

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Fidel-sticking it up the CIA's ass for 50 years-God bless him. Nice $700 whore boots Maria-she was probably pissed that nobody in Davos wanted to hit that old ass-the Bilderbergs' have more of a proclivity towards young boys

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Castro is CIA. Wakey wakey.

gallistic's picture

So is that why the CIA has tried to kill him more than 700 times?

By the way, that number only covers the attempts up to 1976. The information is in the public domain, but most people cannot be bothered to, you know, actually read National Security Archive material.


On one of those many occasions, the CIA sent a beautiful young woman (Marita Lorenz) to poison him. After taking care of business (banging her in a hotel room) he casually handed his loaded pistol to the beautiful lady, stretched back out on the bed and said "don't fuck around with poison, use this."

Say what you will, but Castro is one smooth mo-fo.




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Were you there? Did you verify this from an objective source, if there is such a thing? CIA killed JFK because he was going to shut them down for GHB's Bay of Pigs fuck up, and their overall criminality. james Jesus Angleton probably ordered it. Have some more koolaid.

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no he isn't-batista was. the mob had a good thing going in Cuba and the CIA used it as a offshore base for countering S American and Caribbean commies AND enjoying the mob casinos and whores away from their wives there-after castro that was gone

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Do the math. The cold war was fake. The blood was real.

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Otto, their proclivity is clearly and firmly with FEMEN sextremists



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Giant squid on the left arm. perfect!

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So, its finally cool to be a communista again!

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If only their commando squads were not giong around the country murdering theater goers, people in temples and school children (just as they did no Spain before the civil war) then all would be cool.

... and with one of their own in the Whitehouse, all is definitely not kool.

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no one has yet mentioned MKUltra as the culprit, but most of this stuff is happening in the midwest. 

IamtheREALmario's picture

Ahhh .. so brainwashed commie hit squads creating the problems for O'bummer to solve with a crack down on guns and freedom.