Billions In Blood Money Enjoyed by War Criminals’ Families

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While you might not see them on Forbes’ list of wealthy people, criminals and their beneficiaries are some of the richest people on the planet.

For example, Bloomberg alleges that the heirs of a prominent Nazi are billionaires who own half of BMW who are also closely connected with Daimler. Four of the heirs are worth $1.2 billion each, and much of their wealth allegedly came from slave labor at German concentration camps.

Barclays, Chase, and the Bush family also made money hand over fist financing Hitler.

The Vatican has built a secret property empire worth close to a billion U.S. dollars using money Italian dictator Mussolini gave the church for blessing fascism.

Modern tyrants have gotten wealthy from oppressing people as well.  For example, the family of U.S.-backed Egyptian dictator Mubarak holds $40-70 billion.  Russian leader Putin also has a current net worth of $40 billion.   (They pale in comparison to Libya’s Gaddafi, worth $200 billion.)

Indeed, given up to $32 trillion dollars are being hidden in offshore tax shelters, the amount of wealth accumulated through crime is nearly impossible to track.

What should have happened, of course, is that ill-gotten gains should have been clawed back from the criminals as soon as they were discovered, just as they should be clawed back from Wall Street fraudsters.

But that is not likely to happen, since many political and business leaders are unrepentant and unwilling to root out crime.

Indeed, when the elite profit from things such as laundering drug and terror money, funding both sides of wars and other unsavory acts, no one wants to stop the music.

Balzac may have been exaggerating when he said, “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”  There are some wealthy people who earned their money by honestly delivering a better or cheaper product or service.

But not many

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It’s time to learn lessons of English rebels who brought down judges and tax collectors, bishops and kings who thot they had a divine right to impose taxes/debt on other men without the latters’ consent; the same men, who 150 years later, would guide American rebels.

They both used “the sovereign power”; what other men call the right of petition.

But there’s a problem here, such power is like any fact of reality or invention of man: it may be used for evil or for good.  As long as good men remain ignorant of this power (you can’t learn it from current history or law books), evil men will use it to perpetrate unprecedented crimes; and good men can only look on bound in futility.

Those who perpetrated 9/11, or any grievance that could be named, used the petitioning process to finance and profit from their crimes with cash from government debt.  Why can’t we use it in service for justice?  For example, they petitioned Congress for money to finance their crimes, and to obtain impunity.  Why can’t we do the same to finance investigations of their crimes?  Since those complicit (Congressmen, bankers et cetera) can hardly be trusted to hang or drown themselves, our petition would have the appropriation placed at the disposal of a First Amendment assembly established and supervised by us.

I suspect this proposal is a little outside the matrix of most people; but, with due diligence, that will change.

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It's easy to stay off the list if you are/own the lister.

All Roads lead to Rome:

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GW, while you are correct that politically connected people like the bushes are scum, you do show your colors quite often when you say things like, para..."most people who are wealthy stole it from someone."  The vast majority of wealthy people earned it by struggling to practice what is left of capitalsim.  The sad part is that the ever growing heavy hand of govenrment in business is causing honest business people to not be able to compete with the greasers who cozy up to washington.  Once again, the true villain should be governement for corrupting business through forced compliance.  Dictators on the other hand; I guess the best you can hope for is that they are always eventually deposed for the next scoundrel to then takeover.  Try praising the enormous benefit that capitalsim has reigned down upon the world more often.  The greater message is to try to educate future generations to what could be if we actually had the liberty of free markets then the dirtbags would always come out in the wash. 

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Soooo ... your celebration must be extending to the likes of those great, hard-working capitalists like Bechtel and Halliburton, who have suffered immeasurably at the (heavy) hands of the gubmint.  "Praise the enormous benefit that capitalsim has reigned down upon us!!!"  Hallelujah!!!

Spare me, troll.

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I'm not sure how accurate and balanced your other assertions are, but I think your depiction of the Vatican's role is quite flawed. It glosses over the historical context and ends up giving a very distorted rendition of what had actually happened.

For instance, Italy had earlier taken the Papal States from the Vatican leaving them only with the far smaller Vatican City. Much as was the case in Germany, they had opposed the government but had to make the best treaty they could given the circumstances.

You make it out as though they were just greedy dogs taking as much money as they could for the individual's own power or pleasure. In fact, they gave 100 pounds of gold to the Nazis as ransom for 300 Jews:

How Pope Pius XII Protected the Jews

"Joseph Lichten records that on September 27, 1943, one of the Nazi commanders demanded of the Jewish community in Rome payment of one hundred pounds of gold within thirty-six hours or three hundred Jews would be taken prisoner. When the Jewish Community Council was only able to gather only seventy pounds of gold, they turned to the Vatican. 

"In his memoirs, the then Chief Rabbi Zolli of Rome writes that he was sent to the Vatican, where arrangem

ents had already been made to receive him as an ‘engineer’ called to survey a construction problem so that the Gestapo on watch at the Vatican would not bar his entry. He was met by the Vatican treasurer and secretary of state, who told him that the Holy Father himself had given orders for the deficit to be filled with gold vessels taken from the Treasury."[12] "

See also:

The Church, Mussolini and Fascism
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Many Nazis--including Eichmann and Mengele--were spirited out of Europe by the Vatican via ships docked in Italian ports. FUCK THE VATICAN. The pope should be ass-raped with a crucifix...

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Hey, make a little research on the Rotschild and the Vatican. The Vatican Bank. Money laundering and other "holy" business.

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Spoken like one of the true Knights of Malta.

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Look around you, GW.

In the highly unlikely event that you or your regular readers were educated at Princeton University: this pristine American institution was founded on drug money - by Russell and Company.

Aside from dope running, America's elite has also financed Hitler and ruined Weimar via the Harriman - Dillon - Hapag - Thyssen connection. 

For profit and for empire.


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Truly, the drug runners created the CIA, not the other way 'round.

Russell Trust. Start there.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture



Some win, most lose!


Assholes have been stealing since the beginning of time.


Tell me something we don't already know.



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the deception is that we think the purpose
is one thing and as we do we accept the losses.
if we understood the real purpose of war, currency
wars, who the real adversary is, who has identified
ourselves as the enemy, the losses would not be tolerated.
there is deception afoot. ubiquitous so ..
there goes the neighborhood / there goes your wealth / there goes your government / and everything else.
The Business of War: SOFEX
Breaking The Set with George Galloway
Posted on January 31, 2013 by TearsOfTheMoon
the loses are intentional, the failure is the goal.
the game creates heroes and big winners at the expense
of civilization. as has been said ...

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Ill gotten ...?

Manifest destiny is all about "to the victors the spoils"...As history is written by the victors; ill gotten becomes legitimate spread of civilization and the price of doing it. In such a construct "ill gotten" is what we take back from those shills : the losers!

Good example today : Libya and Q-daffy stash now in the hands of western banks and controlled surrogate local government. Whence the potential that the Libyan Al Qaeda will be the mother of Sahel revolts in the years to come. As they are now feeling the pain of ending up as "real losers" where they were "nominal winners" when Q-daffy got burned. Thats how real power works. Smoke and mirrors by string pullers, roman legions and local Herods. Libyan wealth belongs to those who truly "liberated" it...not to the people in whose name it was done (especially so if they be renegades to NWO philosophy)!

You need to read the other side of the story, that written by the losers, to come to grips with the notion of "ill gotten"...from their perspective.

GW is now taking a "humanist" approach to history, where in the chronics of world history, right and wrong define who earns "ill gotten" based on "the golden principle" criterium of the same rules applying for victors as for losers; something that Socrates said right from day one in his Melian dialogues (in fact Plato using Socrates's alleged speeches). 

This is a concept that NO nation state in history has ever truly accepted and international laws reflect that.

So GW for the chronics of our collective history to relate this reality, this NWO construct will have to bow to something new; not the debates and decisions within a toothless forum like the UN run by the gang of big five; aka just the USA in hard terms.

We will need true world government; or some form of collective decision making using the same yardstick, and everybody TRULY on the same page! 

Then ill gotten will mean something and Caymanista land will not be "off limits" for honestly elected governments to apply rules to. 


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It's OK Georges, chindit says none of that happened, it's all been an elaborate fantasy.


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He did not, he said it was over analyzed and over-explained.

Element's picture

Nope, he does his best to piss on the thought-process of anyone who interprets the world and it's events differently, and likes to assert there's an 'objectivity' that is and only can be consistent with his viewpoints, positions and assertions. Just another deceitful sick arsehole who's intent on pretending none of it's happening, and studiously unresponsive to in-your-face fact. A pathetic pseudo-intellectual retard, but wearing an 'old-normal psychological burka and trying to make it seem fashionable and viable in some way - i.e. a dullard little wanker.

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Re "...Blood Money... War Criminals..."

And no mention of Tony Blair?

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"And no mention of Tony Blair?"

 Hell, I thought this was going to be about the banksters, as in:


12 banks of death 

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LOL, GW, this one is a bit off  "The Vatican has built a secret property empire worth close to a billion U.S. dollars using money Italian dictator Mussolini gave the church for blessing fascism."

what is "secret" about it? Go back in history and you'll see that when Italy approached the long open discussion about the Papal State holdings - remember that during the Italian Unification Wars there was this internationally recognized century-old "kingdom" that got gobbled up in the process, among others - they did nothing else than sign a peace treaty after a war of conquest

and in that peace process and treaty - generations after the war of conquest that France and Austria were unable to prevent - a very small part of the properties that were confiscated by the victorious and newly formed Kingdom of Italy were given back to the recognized sovereign state called the Vatican State, ending the long open (1861-1929) Roman Question with the Lateran Treaty - that then diversified some internationally, for several reasons, but most prominently because of the very fact that those properties and holdings were not inside it's international borders anymore

that's not secret, that's known history - and international law does not recognize a duty of a sovereign state to publish their asset management records to the press

Italy gave back part of the conquered loot to the internationally recognized sovereign theocratic principality as part of the peace process after a nationalistic war of aggression would be more near the truth

and the British press, knowing that the common reader does not know those things and harbours an historical grudge against the Papacy (thanks to the sexual appetites of their King Henry VIII and their international consequences), loves, loves, loves to air from time to time a garbled version of it, particularly this part of "giving something for blessing fascism", which is patently false because utterly out of context - the catholic's church story of support of and criticism of and fight against fascism is way more complex (and based on individual cardinals and clergymen) than that

so it's not "secret", it was not "money", the "property empire" was not "built up", it was not "given" to the "church" and it was not for "blessing fascism", and the whole is really, really old propaganda

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Ghordius its amazing that even after you provide AMPLE historical context people cannot let go of the idea that *The Vatican* (one of the buzzwords for the tinfoil hat crowd) is a secret puppet master for the world...

Ghordius's picture

oh, I have a little theory about that, based on the many "satanist" comments here on ZH

they find it cooooool

hey, imagine being the autocratic ruler of both a state - and so an internationally recognized sovereign head of a country - AND the autocratic head of the biggest church of the world, who's word, when expressed "ex cathedra" is pure religious dogma

there must then be also some additional secret behind it, and hey, screw documented history, which is less boring than most think

actually, if I were the PR manager of the Vatican I'd force them to elect young, womanizing Popes with a couple of addictions and a controversial political agenda, it would increase the wow-effect

the famous Borgias, but also other warlike Popes holding endless girlfriends, declaring their bastard sons "Cardinal Nephew", i.e. designated successors, etc. did not bring down this "racket" (the oldest of the world), it was the gentle ones that did

the funniest thing about this Papal State Wealth is that it's based on a faked document that was made centuries later in order to make the "de facto" to "de jure": the Donation of Constantine, where the Emperor gave the Roman Curia the "temporal" authority over the Western Empire, among other things

nevertheless, if it was stolen, then it's a tiny remnant of what was stolen between 1700 and 500 years ago, and most of it is from a political deal between the Pope and the Franc King Charlemain, which was sealed by his coronation to Emperor in the year 800, the beginning of the second millennial empire

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Actually, several bishops have written entire books about satanism infiltrating the Vatican. Then, of course, there's the problems with the Templars and later the Jesuits.

Luciferianism is the subculture of the elites, and the Vatican is far from immune from it.

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Ghordius I want to tell you I really enjoy your posts, Im new here but have been reading for much longer and Ive always found your comments to be among the most rational and perspicacious here.

What a shame we have to listen to history when it comes to the Vatican, when its sooo much more fun to get our info from the DaVinci Code. What a pity that book was ever written.

Im totally with you by the way, a young womanizing Pope would be just the thing the Vatican needs to stay relevant!

By any chance, did you happen to catch that film Habemus Papam with Michel Piccoli?

Also Ghordius, just a hunch but are you from Germany?

Ghordius's picture

you are too kind, I have to note though that with a week-old account your praise might easily be seen as a sock-puppet's - this place has a fight-club ethos

Fun? How about a 20 years old, good looking, bisexual, murderous, orgy loving three-times pope that even sold once his throne?

See Benedict IX

The funny thing is that a book and a movie about him would smack as utterly unbelievable, and so we have to stick to the "Da Vinci Codes"

what is the "White Shadow Movement"?

Whiteshadowmovement's picture

Hi, yes as I said I joined only recently, I have been reading a long time but I always found the 4-6 waiting period a turn off. The whiteshadowmovement is just a name I was helping a friend come up with for a film project once. We needed a good name for a fake underground revolutionary movement. I just decided to adopt it here as I thought it might fit. Just wondering if youre from Germany by the way because Im originally from Munich, but Ive spent the last few years "im Ausland" (I live in Cape Town at the moment). Best and see you around

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How about that Vatican Bank aka Institute For Works Of Religion who have given us Roberto Calvi, Banco Ambrosiano, and the whole P2 mess...amongst other various and sundry spectacles?


However, in the early 19th century, the Rothschild family of Naples built up close relations with the Vatican Bank, and the association between the family and the Vatican continued into the 20th century. In 1832, when Pope Gregory XVI was seen meeting Carl von Rothschild, observers were shocked that Rothschild was not required to kiss the Pope's feet, as was then required for all other visitors to the Pope, including monarchs.[28]



"Rothschilds... are the guardians of the papal treasure."

-Encyclopedia Judaica, 1901–1906, Vol. 2, p.497



I contend that has continued into the 21st Century as well...So who's really building that 'secret' property empire as it was put?

Ghordius's picture

I'm not contending that there isn't a property "empire", I'm contending that it's "secret" and that it was "built up" since let's say 1806, the end of the second millenial empire

and since Italy gave part of it back it's managed, often badly

If you look a bit more closely, you'll find out that the Neapolitan Rothschild Branch eventually closed business, that the Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris and London branches did not pick up that business with the Papacy, that the Vatican was later embroiled in a scandal in the Latin Monetary Union (counterfeiting silver coins), that the Banco Ambrosiano is always embroiled in scandals, that several bankers and popes have been murdered, most probably over debates on how to manage this "treasure", that the P2 was only tangentially connected to the Vatican, that just in May 2012 Ettore Gotti Tedeschi was removed from his post as head of the Institute for Religious Works for "dereliction of duties" and...

...that history and documented truth is much, much more interesting than what passes for the endless "Vatican Scandal" in the AngloPhone countries, which is old propaganda often more focussed on finding something damning about the Rothschild families than about the Vatican

and of course that some Anglicans and other Protestants love, love, love to read fascinating "news" snippets about that, it sends them shivers of righteous delight down their spines - and "news" reporters know that, and it sells

fact is that it's always based on "treating" the Catholic Church as if it was a church only, instead of a sovereign principality too - in fact the oldest state of the western world

ergo it's nothing a British Parliamentary Commission could "unveil", or the equivalent US one, or even a Vatican one - because the Vatican has no parliament at all, it's an autocratic principality where everything is done as the ruler says (in theory), and no Vatican ruler found necessary to "unveil" his personal business to the press, yet

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Hey Ghordius, have you by chance read Gilmour's The Pursuit of Italy?

I only recommend it because its such a good read, almost a beach book, not because your history is lacking of course...

Disenchanted's picture




"autocratic principality"


There's a very interesting trio of those, "The City" aka The Square Mile(London), Washington DC aka District of Columbia, and Vatican City.


"that the Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris and London branches did not pick up that business with the Papacy"


at least openly...

Ghordius's picture

the City is actually one of the oldest corporations - though it sports a "Minder" in the British Parliament (to remind Parliament of it's prerogatives)

can't prove that the Papacy really stopped banking with the Rothschilds - particularly if it's really a negative, but

- my understanding is that at that time the Rs were only willing to have such a notorious bad sovereign customer because they wanted to get a foothold in the catholic countries of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and the Vatican State (which made up some 50% of Italy), so it was more for PR reasons, with the full understanding that the Pope would never pay back any loans. and they never got that foothold anyway

- also at that time the Rs were providing a service that was rare, including their gold transfers in the above mentioned branches, courtesy of their famous ultra-fast couriers and vast coffers. And bankers were rare themselves. Nowadays, the Pope has his own banks and bankers

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The three main scams:  Money Creation, War and Religion.  These do not exist independently, but are complementary powers which often work in unison.  I.e. Rothschild-Hitler-Vatican. 

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The Queen of England's fortune is based on genocide and theft on a scale that makes those mentioned in the article look like boy scouts.

Queen Elizabeth should be stripped of her crown and every penny she owes... and the money should be given to the descendants of those that England pillaged during the Empire days.


And while you are at it, we should hang every living US president because every single one of them has committed WAR CRIMES on a far grander scale than Saddam

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Please illuminate me on Carter's war crimes.

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Welcome to the human race! You, too, are enjoying the ill-gotten gains of someone else’ immoral behavior, as the land you are living on was stolen from someone else, who had already stolen it from someone else. You are often using technology stolen from somebody, or obtained under duress, sometimes via its labor input. You champion metals almost all of which were mined, throughout human history, in ways that abused either the worker or the environment, usually both. You benefit from medical treatments that might have been discovered under the most horrendous circumstances. I don’t think you are giving any of the above up.

You shouldn’t expect the Quandts to do something you, yourself, won’t do, just because yours are smaller.  Just an opinion.

Clashfan's picture

Cosimo gets a down vote from me every time I see anything from him.

Changed your mind on 911 truth yet, Cosimo? Threatening to report any more ZH posters to DHS?

Vooter's picture

"You shouldn’t expect the Quandts to do something you, yourself, won’t do..."

The problem with that, of course, is that THEY HAVE DONE IT and I HAVE NOT. If I and someone else both have the desire, motive and means to kill someone, and the other person commits the murder and I don't, should I then be forced to excuse them because I had the potential to do the same thing?

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I have taken the blue pill and live life with the understanding that the best things in life are free and there is more to life than power and money.  I know my place.

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Banksters were behind all of the wars ever since banksters were banksters. And, they are the ones behind this war more visibly than the ones past.

The three stoogies present it best. I think this is from the 1930s or 40s

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They can run and they can hide, but they should also be smart enough to know they cannot take all that money with them, nor escape the scales of judgement in the great chamber. 

The true treasures are those of the Heart!


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The additional unfortunate irony is that a significant part of Mubarek's fortune was accumulated by raking off money from US foreign aid programs.  Each year the US government gives tens of millions of dollars to the Egyptian government as a continuing bribe for making peace with Israel.  

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"(They pale in comparison to Libya’s Gaddafi, worth $200 billion.)"


spent in part on Beyonce during New Years 2009/10 in St. Barths

sorry for the poor sound quality of the video but my phone battery was running low

As I recall, Beyoncé sang five songs for the crowd that included Jay-Z, Lindsay Lohan and Usher (who also did the New Year’s countdown); Jon Bon Jovi, Simmons, supermodels Miranda Kerr and Victoria Slivstedt and BET founder Bob Johnson.

Clashfan's picture

Are you sure she actually sang?

otto skorzeny's picture

actually that sounds better than most of the shit that spews forth from her or her thug husband's mouth

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"Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels’ heirs are billionaires who own half of BMW. "

I though Goebbels poisoned all his children in the bunker? 

BMW did not become a profitable car company until the 70's. In WW II BMW produced aircraft engines. The factory (in East Germany) was seized by the Russian army. 

onthesquare's picture

BMW also made car engines for AC in Briton until the mid 50's as part of the war retribution.  When they stopped AC went in the toilet.  They became too complaicent getting German quality for nothing.

Non Passaran's picture

> I though Goebbels poisoned all his children in the bunker? 

See? Do not believe in conspiracy theories.