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1. Has the Justice Department designated certain institutions whose failure could jeopardize the stability of the financial markets and are thus, “too big to jail”? If so, please name them.

Answer: Inside my bra.

2. Has the Justice Department ever failed to bring a prosecution against an institution due to concern that their failure could jeopardize financial markets?

Answer: Watch what you say knucklehead, or I'll squeeze harder.

3. Are there any entities the Justice Department has entered into settlements with, in which the amount of the settlement reflected a concern that markets could be impacted by such a settlement? If so, for which entities?

Answer: In the barrel.

4. Please provide the names of all outside experts consulted by the Justice Department in making prosecutorial decisions regarding financial institutions with over $1 billion in assets.

Answer: See the totem pole of regulatory fears.

5. Please provide any compensation contracts for these individuals.

Answer: Madam never kisses and tells.

6. How did DOJ ensure that these experts provided unconflicted and unbiased advice to DOJ?

Answer: No money, no honey.