CuRReNCY WaR 2013

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The USS Keynes is on route

With missiles and planes prepped to shoot

We'll make you feel great

With the debt we create

While the wealth of your nation we loot

The Limerick King







Abe is a man on a mission
Japan's in an awkward position
They can't seem to grow
So Abe will print dough
As suicide is their tradition

The Limerick King




Finance Minister Taro Aso explains Abenomics...







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So Banzzai,

is Draghi a quack central banker, or does he just run a quack central bank?

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Haso!  I find new website. I am surprise I speak your ranruage.  BANZI!

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debt and programmed sheeple (Goethean Idiots, especially the university pedant class) are really the ultimate weapons to destroy sovereignty and to ensure that the human species remains in chains until They no longer need us.

why with enough debt-based instrumentation one could quietly take over the entire planet and erect a massive control schema, a control scehma so efficient (with regards to control mind you, and little else. in fact, better that it is not Materially efficient, forced scarcity and difficult conditions reinforce the fear/scarcity paradigm) that the march to a post-human borg beehive will seem like a stroll down memory lane (which will no longer exist, as infancy is perpetual [santayana])


plus once you have every nation hooked into the algobot derivatives hologram and have fundamentally decoupled the real economy... heck, in a few generations the Slave Morality will be so ingrained and self-perpetuating you can even start destroying the advanced Western Nations (who, really, should go first as they will be useful the  least longest of any population being the most advanced logistically)


the other nations, who have no real history of free Individualism will fall easy prey to the false values engine and be culturally imploded rapidly - ensuring that no middle class can ever really exist in any of these nations, the march to a New WORLD Order would be a mere matter of decades...


(and now back to the clients, to win my daily bread, which is now GMO wheat, copyright Monsanto, all rights reserved, forever and ever, amen.)


silver dollar stacy and the ultimate political cartooning makes it all better though, the fact that there are people who SEE IT makes it all better - i dont care if the Silver Liberation Army looks rag tag, even one soul that had vision would be enough company today - the underdog will win the war i feel, already all signs point to awakening and I feel as if the enemy cannot advance their singular agenda without speeding up that process as well.

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Europacopolis is  coulrophobic nightmare. I may never sleep again!

Jumbotron's picture

Toner !  Toner !  Toner !

LOL !  Great spoof of Tora Tora Tora !


4:00 am...couldn't sleep....feeling of unease....something in air.  Find new Banzai post.  Feel much better.  Although instead of spewing coffee or sandwhich at screen from laughing.....I was eating some yogurt.  Now I REALLY have to clean up screen or wife will think I'm looking at porn again.

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God, WB... This was a really good batch. Thanks for making me smile.

RumbleGuts's picture

Transformer Ben looks very Shogun like...fantastic batch of pic's wb7, thx for your efforts. ;-)

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Hopium Class Carrier - Priceless!  Really! 

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I'm sending that one to one of my friends on deployment in the ME.!

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The current world monetary system assigns no special role to gold; indeed, the Federal Reserve is not obliged to tie the dollar to anything. It can print as much or as little money as it deems appropriate. There are powerful advantages to such an unconstrained system. Above all, the Fed is free to respond to actual or threatened recessions by pumping in money. To take only one example, that flexibility is the reason the stock market crash of 1987—which started out every bit as frightening as that of 1929—did not cause a slump in the real economy. While a freely floating national money has advantages, however, it also has risks. For one thing, it can create uncertainties for international traders and investors. Over the past five years, the dollar has been worth as much as 120 yen and as little as 80. The costs of this volatility are hard to measure (partly because sophisticated financial markets allow businesses to hedge much of that risk), but they must be significant. Furthermore, a system that leaves monetary managers free to do good also leaves them free to be irresponsible—and, in some countries, they have been quick to take the opportunity. 1996 Paul Krugman

williambanzai7's picture

However, gold is obviously viewed as a subversive element by the Ponzi racketeers and the fact that the central banks are all calling in their gold holdings is not a welcome development as far as they are concerned. It calls into question the viability of the longetivity of their other fav element helium.

williambanzai7's picture

It's actual a Ponzi War...

And when you look at these pictures, you see a different picture from the MSM depiction of Currency War, ie your central bank protecting your jobs.

That may be a collateral effect. But as you can see, the real issue is debt.

monopoly's picture

How does he do that? Truly amazing. Luv it.

Silver Garbage Man's picture

I bet Mr. Banzai7 has some real nice weed kicking around the house.

williambanzai7's picture

Practically speaking, that would be a very risky proposition in Hong Kong.

The weed, not the geishas.

willwork4food's picture

Geishas? Can I come over?I'l buy the beer.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Only top notch Ganja Geisha can twist a mind like that.

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

If we are doing all the right things now, what the hell can the wrong things possibly look like?

misnomer's picture

Dear Mr. Banzai,

Can't pick which one I love best...

Hilarious, yet tragic...

Thank you for being on our side...


A Serf


George Washington's picture

Outstanding work, WB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

H E D G E H O G's picture

GREAT job as usual WB7! Glad you're on OUR side......................

blindman's picture

31 January 2013
William K. Black's Public Eye Speech at Davos - 'Mankiw Morality'
mankiw morality, " damn right we screwed our customers and we will do it again
tomorrow." w.k.b.

williambanzai7's picture

I have been thinking about making contact with him for some kind of collaboration. We have a mind like his and we wind up with bullshit Breuer.

I gave him permission to use my images whenever he wants.

H E D G E H O G's picture

THEY know that WE know that they know, bastards will burn in Hell hopefully.

blindman's picture

i was looking for the transcript for the speech. found this
January 25, 2013
Davos Still Pushes Failed Global Vision
Bill Black reports from Davos that the Global Competitiveness Report pushes countries towards even more deregulation - policies that helped trigger the crisis
"...BLACK: So I researched what in God's name the World Economic Forum actually does. And it has two primary products. One is this global competitiveness index, and the second is a global risk report. And I discovered that this competitiveness index is really a glorified expanded version of the Washington consensus.

And the Washington consensus, to review a bit on that, was what the IMF and the World Bank and the Bush and Reagan administrations and such agreed should be imposed on Latin America in the context of their debt crisis to ensure that we got repaid, our creditors got repaid. And the central policy of all of that was austerity. And no surprise, the World Economic Forum has been big on pushing austerity in the Eurozone. And we've discussed a number of times how that has led to pushing the entire Eurozone into recession in places like Greece, Spain, and Italy, into Great Depression levels of unemployment.

But it turns out that Davos does these indicators, these supposed competitiveness indicators, that also pick up a bunch of the things in the Washington consensus. And in particular they push for deregulation and they push for tying compensation of executives to supposed performance. And it turns out both of those things have been central to creating the criminogenic environments that have produced our crises. So instead of making things better, they've actually made things much worse. And it's particularly nasty because the whole purpose of this competitive index is so you can, whatever country you're in, take the index score for your country and go to your national legislature and say, we need to weaken regulation, we need to give—make it easier to fire employees, because we're not very competitive compared to whatever neighboring nations are or [crosstalk]

JAY: Right. So, to put this in sports terms, this is like international standings of countries in the race to the bottom.

BLACK: Exactly. Designed by business for business to make it easy for business leaders to become ever wealthier at the expense of everyone else. Now, I don't think they intend to make the world a better place for crime, but that is the unintended consequence of what they're doing—and, of course, in some cases it's quite intended by some of the business people that are doing it.

So it also means that this global competitiveness index is ridiculously embarrassing. So I looked at what they rated, places like Ireland, Iceland, Spain, the United Kingdom, in terms of the soundness of their banking system. It has a separate scale for that. And the way they create this is by just taking surveys of business leaders, which is, of course, not a very good scientific approach in any event. But who was top of the charts back in 2006, 2007? Well, none other than Ireland, the United Kingdom, and Spain, and Iceland not all that far behind. And guess who is today absolute rock-bottom the worst country in the world at 144th ranking? That would be Ireland, the one they claim was the third-best banking system in the world at a time when the Irish banks were actually deeply insolvent. Now they say, oops, sorry, it's really the worst banking system in the world. And the United Kingdom, which they said was the absolute best banking system in the world, well, almost every large bank in England was insolvent. Well, they're now 97th in the world.

JAY: Right. When you say that this encourages criminal activity, this is because if you tie executive salary compensation to performance, it encourages phony performance. As long as you can make it look on your books like you've made money, you get more money. It has no bearing on how sustainable or even how real it is.

BLACK: That's correct." ....

monad's picture

You may remember in 08 when the patsy offered the amazing Hilary the SOS job, to 'keep his enemies close'. Could WK Black be any further away, without flying off into space?

blindman's picture

s.o.s., where the would be kings or queens go to have their
integrity shredded by the cia. / to get neutered.

monad's picture

SOS is the titular head of the DIA, NSA and CIA. This one granted foreign spies blanket diplomatic immunity. History will remember her badly.

blindman's picture

you might appreciate this?
Friday February 1 9:00am
1 hour News
Guns and Butter
just grabbed this from a post close w.b. thread>>.
William Cooper-Behold A Pale Horse

blindman's picture it remembers colin powell. (vials of ? anthrax, etc..)

williambanzai7's picture

The objective of Davos is to propagandize the Washington Consenus, roughly speaking, by associating it with movie stars and hip looking business types.

They do this in a place that is totally inaccessible to ordinary people who want to raise a protest. They bribe the media rubes with the elixir of pseudo glamor and fabricated profundity. So the big news is whatever they want to make it.

And who are they? They are basically elitists of the Harvard Soviet school and a core of similar institutions.

A sickening spectacle. I really detest the WEF I'm sure you have noticed.

Why do Russians and Chinese go there? They are experts at propaganda and understand how to play the game of course. It amuses them.

monad's picture

Mother nature is one unforgiving bitch. Its the usual battle for survival, just with new information weaps


willwork4food's picture

Yes it does. But one wonders when they will tire of it and get pissed.Or scared.Or both.

supafuckinmingster's picture

The EURO BAZOOKA is brilliant. Just fucking brilliant. Take a bow billybanzai.

q99x2's picture

The Draghi Chicken gives me the creeps.

andrewp111's picture

I think it is a duck. A quack central banker running a quack currency.

williambanzai7's picture

Rent the movie Freak Show.

machineh's picture

I know nothing about Photoshop.

But 'Europocalypse' and 'Draghi grenade face' strike me as highly sophisticated from a technical POV.

Or maybe it's just the eye of the master, combined with a few deft clicks and mouse jiggles.

williambanzai7's picture

Someone has asked me to do a special edition of that.

It really is the combination of elements that makes that one stand out. The Ruroclown mushroom cloud, the negative rendering of the Brandenberg Gate and the Banksta Dead skeletons.

That Europocalypse series was fun to do.

Grenade face to some time in getting it right. But it sure looks evil and debtabolical.

blindman's picture

info presentation hologram wars ...
straight up dumbfounding mind control combat.
"reality" for sale ! fiat money only accepted as payment.
to the victor(of war)go the spoils and writing of history, to
the systemically connected goes the option to create "reality",
the images and sounds. the minds have little option but to
follow the bouncing balls, what did e.r. murrow say ...
"good night and good luck".
27 January 2013
Edward R. Murrow: Good Night, And Good Luck

Lmo Mutton's picture

I love Pile's SGT.
I can hear his voice chastising bernank

machineh's picture

They coulda been a sweet couple ... but both married someone else.

EnslavethechildrenforBen's picture


Fiat currency drop around the world, by drone and helicopter.

At your doorstep it lands, Global Population Control.

Hundreds of Quadrillions of Dollars  per person land in front of you every hour.

In excruciating pain you watch as every last drop of energy leaves your  soul.

24 hours should suffice.

You walk to the counter with a million dollars.

It doesn't buy a grain of rice.

ptoemmes's picture

The Hopium blow me away.  Wait I didn't really mean that.


Zero Dark 30 Trillion


Drones, still don't see no stinkin' drones ;-)


It really isn't funny, 'cept it is.

blindman's picture

this is my favorite post so far on the freaking' internet.
thanks ! if anyone with a brain survives and looks back
at this they will say, " ..jeez, the low brows knew. what happened
to the leadership and professionals, they must have been
let me just say it is the distribution system and added interest
that are the egregious and criminal elements and that is no secret,
mystery or rocket science topology; that is they know they are
stealing, killing and committing fraud and have embraced it. imo
madeline albright summed it up when she said it is worth killing
a million of those you are publicly claiming to liberate if there
is a possible political and/or financial gain of some kind. then and there
is the statement of the revelation of the nature of the beast and
nothing has changed. they still discuss the same methods in parliament
and in conference in d.c. today. there is no hope for these people
as they are. there is no meaning or point to their living. they are the
walking dead, vampires and such......blood suckers and parasites in
positions of influence.
and we must continue, by god's awful grace, to find humor as
the water rises and the winds blow harder.
the comment from the marine in the first link.
minute 13. the moneyed and "elite" class of people
on this planet have lost their minds.
The Business of War: SOFEX
Breaking The Set with George Galloway
Posted on January 31, 2013 by TearsOfTheMoon
the loses are intentional, failure is the goal.
the game creates heroes and big winners at the expense
of civilization. as has been said ...

peace. ( there a verboten word in the lexicon of
modern day "diplomacy" )

williambanzai7's picture

"yet it was the low brows who knew what was happening..."

A quote from the Age of Ponzi.

Shell Game's picture

The Draghi 'Tyson' tattoo is brilliant. As are the USS Keynes and Bozo mushroom cloud over the Fed.  Fabulous!