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BANZAI7 NEWS--When the Brother From Another Ponzi Planet mentioned last week that he had picked up a new hobby — skeet shooting at Camp Indebted — it was a surprising disclosure by a TOTUS whose main identification with guns these days is his effort to ban assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.

To some, the Debt Brother's newfound enthusiasm for blasting clay pigeons — he said in an interview that he did it “all the time” at his retreat in the Maryland mountains — also seemed a bit suspicious.

So on Saturday, the White House tried to silence the skeptics by officially releasing photos of Debt Brother's shooting retreat on the range at Camp Indebted in August.







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Obama "does skeet shooting all the time." http://www.examiner.com/article/white-house-warns-skeptical-public-against-altering-photo-of-obama-skeet-shoot

But don't photoshop the pic they released. Sounds like they WANT us to photoshop it. Let's see it WB7! Here's some inspiration:


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They are a very funny set.

I sense the backlash against the traitors is increasing by what I'm coming across surfing the net. Banksters are beginning to get hit harder the more they cirumvent the law. Same thing happened in the 30s and then banksters quickly went into hiding and straightened up their act. We are getting there.

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Debt Brother is trying to look more manly, with guns and stuff ... more and more like that president in Idiocracy, just not as good.

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Meanwhile, here is some training footage of Fast and Furious, which was covertly recorded at Camp Indebted ...



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I like the Nosferatu pic. It really captures that mans essence

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That guy really is an affront.

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He is  and my post above should be here instead.   Very funny stuff WB.  Choomgunner so funny with the ever popular Debt Brother.

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By then way, the quote from the Debt Brother was "I do some skeet shooting". Who the fuck says that? What a lying coprophagocytic narcissistic hidebound fecocerebral duplicitous decadent treasonous sociopathic malignant misanthropic pseudo-intellectual thieving cabalistic
elitist hypocritical lickspittle dishonest anal probe.

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Dude, the top one is priceless.


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I knew everyone would be working the White House photo, so I had to come from a completely different direction.

That is a famous image and it resonates now quite nicely, in a very unexpected way.

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"What's become of man's great extent and proportion, when himself shrinks himself and consumes himself to a handful of dust..."


John Donne

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Now i know what obamas poll watchers do when there are no polls to watch.

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Whoever thought this ploy would lead to anything but ridicule, is just another moron.

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The brilliance of your comment is exceeded only its brevity. :)

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Its harder to hit a moving target, so if the police are shooting at you, run behind Michelle. Then Hillary, then Biden. He's last because he's the slowest one. If you're still up after Biden don't worry, they suck.

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I want that DHS logo on a t-shirt. I LOL'ed at that one!

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Hey William, have you heard of a gal maned Amber Lyon, a CNN reporter that got canned, she took fire in riots in Aneheim CA , did some stuff in Baharain that CNN squashed?  I ran across a link in comments here a while back, Quite a story she has!

I doubt Pier will want to interview her!

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Yes, I follow her twitter feed.

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RE: Piers Morgue, the former editor of the Daily Mirror whose Mossad boss, Nazi Robert Maxwell,  stole from the company's pension fund, and dear Piers published fake pictures of British soldiers abusing Iraqis...and dear Piers profited from insider trading when two of his journalists published certain info. They went to jail. He kept the profits.Piers Morgue always sails away with his booty, and leaves others to pay for it. He is a shill for anyone that will pay him.

CNN: Chicken Noodle News, as always.

PS Nazi Mossad agent Robert Maxwell, former publisher of Britain's Daily Mirror when Piers was editor, later 'went missing' off his yacht, 'drowned' in a mystery accident, according to official reports.


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But, but, but, he's a judge on Amerika You've Got Tyrants

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Fuck you Piers, you cocksucker propagandist

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William. Brilliant. No one is buying this latest propaganda, and those who put it up will probably die of embarrassment...unless they are black hearted souless bureaucratic money gubbing two-faced lying Goebbels incarnate. Yep. They are. Eejits.

But I think your words and pictures hit the bulls eye, better than I could or most people. We are disgusted with those Nazis, and powerless ... at the moment. Resist, we must.

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I've shot at pigeons several times in my life. But I would never brag about it as a regular pastime.

BTW, did you know you can skeet shoot pidgeons in a place called Wanchai?

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Camp Indebted, where only the brothers hang out.

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Banzai...you have to re-touch this so he's firing a Bushmaster, purty pleeeze ;-)


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He's gonna need to empty that mag.

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Pull! It! Pull it! False flag muthafuckahs!

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Aristarchan is a good man, send him my regards.

I like the gun belt too ;-)

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i wonder if he's any good? i get the feeling that if someone had killed a dozen children with a bowling ball, that he would be out trying to make that spare (and prove that he believes in our rights to bowl, while putting TSA officers in every lane, but he's big that way, always giving us back our rights. mighty you know what of him)

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"The only time he shot skeet was for President's Cup," said the source, referring to a shooting competition tradition involving the presidential Marine guards. "I was there. He stayed for about five minutes, and couldn't leave fast enough."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/30/obama-keet-shooting-all-time-hardly-sources-say/#ixzz2JnOnpgJI

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OMG!  Thanks for the "No Beverages" warning!  This is too funny!  Thank you!

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the scissors have only 7 in the clips

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We want to see your guns and your IRA account please. Is that a gold filling you have?

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 I can't stop laughing/  Skeet shooting with drones.  ( I love it)  I love all of it!  Nice work Billy-7  :-)

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*chuckling* Yeah, the drone was a nice touch! :)

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I will be using a sheet of the "good stuff" to print that one out.  It's even worthy of a $2. Chinese picture frame from Walmart.  It will be on the wall of our local Trap and Skeet Club within the week.  The "official" Obama skeet shooting picture will end up there, too.  That one will need lamination due to it's use as a target in the urinal.

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I'd love to see Barry, Timmy, and Bennie in a duck blind together.

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As soon as I saw that story I thought of you WB!

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Laughed out loud again, when I saw this one!! Poor ole Piers, shoy by a Winchester model 98 with a saddle ring on the side.

I wish I had never gave away to one I had! Oh well, the guy I gave it too just  gave it too his grandson upon his death. He told his grandson that the guy that gave it to him saved his life in a place called 'the Parrots Break" . WE spent 59 days up their on a firebase, had over run attempts almost every night. When I saw that Apocolaspe Now scene where they stopped on the river for fuel and found a totally out of control, officers hiding in bunker, troops wild eyed and no one in control made me flash back that night, ohhhhhhhhhh what a relive night.

Oh well, just some reminesing of good old times with long gone friends!

I would love to see more stuff on that Pussy Piers, him blowing Ben, nah, Piers interviewing the mother and father of the murdered girl they tapped into the phone on, now that would be a good one.

How about it William, can it be done???


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With Photoshop just about anything can be done.

Parrots Beak, I remember watching it in the news.

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The "clay pigeons" in the skeet shooting are actually clay Republicans.

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No, they're not clay, they are just dried out and brittle.