The President Shoots??

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I started shooting skeet when I was just a kid. In my late teens (and when my eyes were still good), I shot a number of perfect rounds (25 out 25). Competitive shooters made fun of me because I shot a "side-by-side" double barreled 12 gauge. Any serious skeet shooter uses the more accurate over-and-under shotgun. I blew them away just the same.


Years ago, the rules for skeet were that if one missed a hit at any station, one had the option to take another shot. If there were no misses (or one chose to defer the option) in the regular round, the shooter ended up with one shell left out of the box of 25.

At the 8th, and final position on the skeet field, there is (in theory) a shot where both the high and low house targets cross. To get the shot, you have to be crouched low to the ground, and leaning outside of the box. I used to hold onto my option for the last shot in the hope of the elusive double. It was showboating, but one time I hit it, and it was (almost) better than sex. (I was maybe 19 at the time)




Anyway, I know a thing or two about skeet shooting. In this sport you have beginner shooters who don't really know what they are doing, you have amateurs that are "regular" shooters who take it seriously, and you have guys and gals that shoot 25 out of 25, again and again.


The following is a picture of a person who has not shot skeet before. This person doesn't know how to hold the gun properly. This person is going to get a big recoil in the arm that will hurt. No one has bothered to show this person how to hold a gun. This person has not been taught how to position the body to make a successful shot. This person has no chance of hitting a moving target. This person is not wearing the proper clothing for a skeet range (padded vest that has pockets for 25 shells). This person is pretending to shoot skeet. This is a photo-op:





I don't mean to make fun of the President's shooting skills. New shooters are always welcome on skeet ranges. I'm glad to see the Prez give this sport a shot, so to speak.


But the spin from the White House on this story is that Obama is banging away every weekend and he is an avid shooter. The president was quoted:


“I do it all the time”


The picture that the White House has offered up as "proof" that the president is a shooter is "fluff". This is an effort to spin things so that O looks like he is not an extremist on guns. The fact is, this picture tells us nothing, other than Obama is faking it. The WH picture is not of a guy who shoots skeet, it's a picture of a guy who likes to spin images.


Skeet shooters who do it "all the time" learn how to hold a gun and position their body. This is step number one in this (and most other) sports. These pictures are of people who have been on a range, and know the ABCs of shooting. Notice how they lean into the shot. (Also note that they are all shooting over-and-unders. It's like long handled putters - cheating, sort of, in my book...)










This is a picture of Kim Kardashian shooting skeet. This photo is also staged. Look how she is positioned and holding the gun. If Kim shoots this gun, she will get knocked on her ass, and she has no chance of hitting a thing. Maybe Kim and O should go shooting together. After all, it's just for show, right?





Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 7.43.03 PM

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Ambisinister southpaw

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Guy looks like a pussy no matter what the activity. Eight years of rotten pussy. Fantastic.

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I hate to be master of the obvious, but is he shooting the skeet off of somebody's head? His weapon is level. In fact, it has just discharged so the barrel is probably up slightly from his actual target.

He's shooting beercans or slow running tourists at the WhiteHouse.


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The buttstock is to far up his shoulder.

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Look at the paunch on that douche.  I'd dunk on his fatuous ass.

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The PreZ's photo op had to hurt like hell, since the buttstock wasn't tucked in similar to Kim K's.

That is, unless he was using pussy rounds.

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Photoshop this!


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How do you make your post the top one?

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Get a clue. EVERYTHING about this putative president is fake. He is the front man for the final act of the destruction of the Republic, which gathered steam with the creation of the Fed, the 16th Amendment endowing the power to tax non proportionately, and the 17th Amendment, taking away the power of the states to appoint Senators.

This is the final curtain, and the United States no longer exists, since the President, whom is the executor of the laws is not a natural born Citizen and is ineligible for the office. When there is no legal president then there is no law, and no constitution. Seen any law for the Oligarchy? Is Corzine in jail?

Obama was born British, of a British subject father, and that dual allegiance voids any municipal status as a natural born Citizen. He was musceled in SPECIFICALLY for the purpose of voiding US Citizen sovereignty. Why do you think there is no budget and no restraints on the Usurpers power, as he rules by executive order, gives away the Republic's money to political cronies, and claims the power to arrest and detain US Citizens because he says so? THERE IS NO CONSTITUTION now that the criminal bankers and NWO have musceled in an illegal president. They are now free to do as they wish, as the written law is replaced by the law of evil greedy men. They act with impunity. This photo is another finger in your eye-- they are saying Fukc you!

The useful idiots in the judiciary and media protect the Usurper from any discussion of ineligibility or any reason with respect to the proof of Obama's birth origins, but by the story told from Obama's mouth (which may or may not be true-- there is NO PROOF of any of it), his father, married to his mother in 1961, was a British subject, as such, by the operation of the British N.ationality Act 1948, Obama 2 was born a British subject--- just as children born abroad to US citizen parents are considered US Citizens. Obama is likely still British because of the British Common Law concept of perpetual allegiance-- which ended in the US on 7/4/76 (and was replaced by the natural law, law of nations concept of "right of election"-- see Inglis v. Trustees of Sailor's Snug Harbor , @ 114-122 (1830)). Which passport did he travel on to Pakistan in 1982, at the age of majority? Why are we not allowed to know? why does no "journalist" ask? Likely Lieutenant Quarels Harris found out, and he's dead . What did the Greatest American Sniper know about the "killing" of Bin Laden?-- he's dead too, as is ST6.

According to Federalist 68 Obama Sr. is "an improper ascendant" (IMPROPER ANCESTOR), so of course Obama is not a "Child of our (sic) own" (NATURAL BORN CITIZEN-- i.e one born with no foreign allegaince, i.e born in the US of US CITIZEN PARENTS).


OBAMA is a DOMESTIC ENEMY of the REPUBLIC and should be treated accordingly



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Maybe we can get Dick Cheney to take the Prez grouse hunting?...

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Also, he's one of them sekrit mooslims, what doesn't even have a burth certifiake!


Birther McDipShit


Zero Hedge is pretty much just garbage now.

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We're sorry you have this disability about ZH, very sorry. Did your Mother have any other children with all their mental facilities.

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Obama is not an eligible natural born Citizen, no matter if born on the Oval Office desk, and delivered by JFK--- because he was born British-- of a British subject father--- The country of the father is the country of the son.


"The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners".  Minor v. Happersett, 88 US 162, 167 (1874)

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he also holds the gun like a faggot

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No, I know skilled gay shooters.He holds it like a Kardashian. And as descendants of those terrorized, gun grabbed Armenians, the Kardashians should have learned how to hold a gun better, too.

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Oh my goodness, the prez has more things on his schedule than perfecting his skeet shooting prowess. He really should have planned ahead and realize that if he says he does something, anything, he must be expert at it. Lots of people do a wide variety of things. We are not expert in all things. We often don't care about being expert in all things. I have done a lot of things on semi regular basis. Others just once or twice. The picture is of someone doing a sometime thing for a bit of fun. Not competition. At least the story is that the prez occasionally shoots skeet, not the faces of friends and aquaintances.

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Maybe he is "not leaning into the shot" anymore because of the recoil?

A video from WH would have been more convincing.

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Photoshop this!


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I bet he didn't even fire the gun. It's Obama's gun so of course it's just blowing smoke.

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The prez is skeeting the bears.

BULLISH, definitely bullish. Risk on baby!


The Heart's picture

Well, not sure about that, but in our backyard, we have black bears that stand five feet tall on their fours every year. Last year was particularly awesome because this one big coal-black brute that was observed outside the bathroom window one early morn, was doing his best to rip down all the apples on the trees quite successfully.

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Figure I'll get a lot of thumbs down for even mentioning, but when I saw the photos I smiled ear to ear.  I use to "trap" shoot.  Not skeet.  Being a women, dating (for years) a big burly mountain man, he got me started.  He and his buds shot at the gun club every weekend.  I was chuckled at for quite sometime.  Then three years later, the whole club went to an annual shooting event in Washington State.  I shot 25 out of 25 consistently and I beat every single one of them.  They never laughed again! It has been so many years that I have even mentioned that.  Don't mean to be boastful.  It was a joy to read your article Bruce and good job on your skeet shooting.  I miss the hell out of it!!

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Obama won his second term. He does not have to impress or fool anyone about anything. Amazing how the bitching about Everything never ends. Amazing how the bitching about everything never ends. It makes any REAL faults just seem like more bitching. He was reelected because you can't win with just hate. He would be accused of wiping his ass with the wrong hand but then people would ask how the accuser knew and then you would have to take a picture from your toe tapping, wide stance in the next stall.

Freddie's picture

More like you cannot win against rigged elections and late night voting in all the cities in swing states.   F off.

Go Tribe's picture

Then why does he fake it to make them happy?

He's just a fucking faker...or maybe a faking fucker.

notadouche's picture

I'm sure you expressed those same sentiments about Bush, the most hated president in my lifetime.  Not saying he didn't deserve it either but you know something about intellectual honesty.  Those who blindly hated and or blindly followed either one without the least bit of objectivity are the folks that do the most damage to the U.S.

roadhazard's picture

And don't forget Clinton. Why anyone wants that fucking job is beyond me.

notadouche's picture

Yet they all lie, cheat and steal to get it.  The good must definetly outweigh the bad.  I think the are so removed from the people they laugh when the most rabid of the two sides go at it and them.  They don't give a shit.  In the end they laugh all the way to the bank and millions in book deals and speaking fees.  What suckers we apprently are.

Freddie's picture

Lame Cherry is a pretty weird blog but he or she is usually right on target.  I have no idea where they get there info but he knew all about Benghazi and almost everything else going on.   He/she has something about Senator Bob Menendez - D (NJ), the child prositute rapist, being taken down by O.   Also how RINO Christie is O's buddy.  Lame Cherry also has a pretty good analysis of Obama's fake skeet shooting. 

The gun was ported and they also use a really weak shotgun load.  As fake as the telepromter speeches, his birth certificates, et al. 

mightycluck's picture

I agree. I love the message from the White House that no one is supposed to Photoshop the fake skeet shooting photo-op.

I found a bunch of great Photo-shopped pics here:

Love the one of Obama with scissors per Homeland Security's video "Run, hide, attack with scissors against a .45, shotgun, or similar"


Joebloinvestor's picture

Will one be suspended for bringing a copy of this picture to school?

Joebloinvestor's picture

Well the riding around in a tank picture was already used.

notadouche's picture

I don't know shit about skeet but this looks a bit like a Dukakis moment with the tank.  Anyone remember when Bush "landed" on the aircraft carrier?  Man the left was up in arms about that and how it could unfairly make him look cool or some shit like that.  But with O  and shooting a "deadly" gun no less they are all gaga over the photo.  Intellectual dishonesty knows no bounds.  I hope he didn't get lessons from Cheney.  It amazes me how they cream in their pants over anything this guy does.  

Oh yeah, remember when it was reported that the Dear Leader made a hole in one on a par 5 along wiht a record 9 holes in one his first time to play golf. O appears to be taking from the playbook of the North Korean script.

kaiserhoff's picture

I was thinking we might see him swimming in the Yellow River, to prove he isn't dead yet.  Remember that stunt?

Paging our artiste in residence...

rwe2late's picture

Isn‘t it obvious?

The 1930s problem of violence in the Chicago of Al Capone was due primarily to the government’s failure to ban Tommy guns.

If only people had mobilized to pressure the government to strictly ban Tommy guns ...

Nowadays, of course, true progressives have come to understand that reputed links between violence and crime, joblessness, or Prohibition I were of little consequence compared to the availability of Tommy guns.

Carrying that understanding forward, whenever the topic of reducing modern day violence comes up , the discussion is always best focused on ways to help the government ban dangerous guns.

Attempts to introduce joblessness, Prohibition II, neglected infrastructure, the prison system, psychotropic medications, and other such matters into any discussion about violence should be dismissed since they have, as we now know, little relevancy to actually reducing gun violence. And nowadays, violence has been defined as gun violence. Many politicians, for good reason, now understand that a gun ban is urgent. The president says we have to “do something” and right away. Doing “something” can only mean more gun control.

Some claim that reducing the overseas violence of the US government is more urgent than lobbying for domestic gun control. That makes no sense. Why bring up Iraq, Afghanistan, drone assassinations, or the violence done by allegedly despotic and apartheid US allies? That is not what has been the topic on tv. Sandy Hook has changed everything. It’s all about Sandy Hook now, and the only acceptable response is a pre-emptive war on guns (and for now, not even all guns, just the dangerous ones).

Predictably, there are the “gun nuts” who believe allowing the government to do more policing and surveillance, either for gun control or any other reason, would now be a mistake. But the real mistake would be not to trust government on this urgent issue.

Because this is not about the NDAA, the Patriot Acts, NSA surveillance, a militarized Homeland police, Habeas Corpus, torture prohibitions, indefinite detention, emergency executive powers, or personally defending oneself … this time government can be trusted not to exceed, misuse, or abuse any new police powers over gun owners.

The gun nuts falsely claim that the Bill of Rights intends for an armed citizenry, in conjunction with other Amendments, to help guarantee liberty. Actually, the 2nd Amendment was intended to restrict gun ownership, and secure the government against slave insurrections and other dissidents. Clearly, gun control has nothing to do with keeping freedom.

The really important dangers for us are constantly reported by the major news outlets, and have been convincingly depicted by Hollywood.

Everyone should be greatly concerned that a neighbor could be a psychopathic serial killer, and hardly disturbed by the steps needed to have our government protect us.


Having so reasoned, isn't this conclusion obvious?

... people opposed to a government crackdown on gun owners are refusing to look at the big picture.

Winston of Oceania's picture

Just stop this stupid war on drugs and we could welcome home half a million family members who wouldn't hurt a fly...

kaiserhoff's picture

The Kartrashion would break her damn nose if she actually fired that thing.

Well done, Bruce, but you're on the watch list with the rest of us now.

If you are not a fraud, you lean into the shot to counter the recoil, with the gun butt flush and centered on the shoulder, not cocked up like the cock-sucker.  You certainly do not wrap you fingers around the barrel, unless you want them badly burned.

The double barrels are beautiful antiques, but poorly balanced, heavy mothers.  They will wear your ass out if you carry one in the field all day.  That's why god invented automatics. 

Too bad he didn't have WB7's backfire bazooka;)

lindaamick's picture

Edward Bernays taught that the "people" must be brainwashed and manipulated by the "Intelligent", "superior" owners of society.  Adam Curtis' Century of Self documents this effort. 

I am appalled by the juvenile/thinly veiled attempts to "direct" citizens into a manufactured consent about guns.

The Obama photo op is obviously some attempt to get the word out that guns are good in certain settings (ie, with rich people shooting skeet for example).  This will appeal to the gun set as they will interpret Obama to be in support of guns.  The more subtle message that only responsible people will have guns will be missed by the rubes. The corollary will be that we need MORE responsible people with guns.  That means police, Homeland Security and any other body authorized by "gun shooter" in chief Obama.  

It is no wonder Americans have become cynical.  The elites are so lazy in their lasciviousness they can't even construct good subtle, convincing propaganda anymore.

Shame Shame.

Pike Bishop's picture

He'll be lucky if the recoil doesnt drive the stock into his head or over his shoulder.

Think about it. You may have seen photos of the Prez on a golf course. Have you every seen a video of his golf swing? There's a reason for that. It's not quite a Charles Barkley seizure, but it's real fuckin' frightening. It's the only time his Secret Service detail wears head armor.


El Hosel's picture

.....Both hands on the same side of the barrel? Wow, you could hand that gun to 100 people and never see that mount.

Maybe Barry's photo is a touched up version of Kim's, she "does it all the time" too. Maybe Nancy Pelosi photo shopped it for him because it was too cold for barry to go outside?


PUD's picture

Too bad he wasn't just a little bit more inept and swapped ends on that 12ga. Liar and chief!

cynicalskeptic's picture

So.... no issue with owning a scattergun...... after all, the Prez shoots one.       

the grateful unemployed's picture


Well there you go mr President, just when you think you've hedged your positions, something like this happens. First a mass shooting, which you and your party use to make political points. To your embarrassment another black community leader calls you out by making a public statement about the number of gun related murders in your home town Chicago, while you are popping clay birds. This is all wholesome entertainment, we respect that, and shooting in a properly supervised environment is just plain fun. Then another one of your Navy Seal team guys gets murdered at a shooting range.

It doesn't go well for the guns are self defense group either. Okay if guns aren't effective as self defense, and sport shooting is not safe, [see Dick Cheney] then I guess we're right back to your first point, about the culture of violence, which of course you glorify with Drone wars, and your Navy Seal team people who caught Bin Laden for you. Yes sir mr President the only problem with that gun is it should be pointed at your foot, which is already stuck in your mouth.

koncaswatch's picture

This administration is brilliant at executing PR that manipulates the other side of a debate into a dialogue cul-de-sac. Similar to the birth certificate “evidence” release which lead the discussion of presidential eligibility. The discussion should be about the “natural born” clause, but instead is about citizenship; a brilliant diversion.

These gun control PR machinations divert also: The real question in gun control is based upon a law biding second amendment gun owner and the right to own firepower equal to the task of repelling tyranny.

the grateful unemployed's picture

obama has some of that reagan teflon, he's a good guy [or he thinks he is] and a good guy with a gun is okay [even though guns are bad]. if he had really thought it through he would have found some rabid dog and shot it [like Atticus Finch in To Kill A  Mockingbird] but the dog lovers are even more rabid than the gun lovers, so that might havbe backfired as well. very difficult PR issue, especially after Fast and Furious. no matter which side he gets on, he's a complete fool.

Freddie's picture

Wrong Mockingbird friend.   We are dealing with Operation Mockingbird.  Look it up.  Oddly enough - the guy the CIA first got to run it, his wife was sleeping with JFK.  NE WASPs but probably libturds.  Cord Meyer.  Howard Hunt or one of those guys said Cord Meyer was involved in JFK's take down.  Cord Meyers slut wife was walking in suburban DC a few years after JFK's death,  She was in a park and was murdered.  Shit like that did not just happen in parks in the mid early 1960s.

Cord Meyer said on his death bed that she was murdered.   Operation Mockingbird is about controlling the population with TV and Hollywood. 

Bush sucked but the attacks on him by the newsmedia were endless and 24x7.  No one says shit about Ob-MAO.

F TV and Hollywood.