WeLCoMe BaCK To THe ToXiC EuRo DuMP...

williambanzai7's picture



Beware of the whole Eurozone
This dump has undoubtedly grown
With shit that's decaying
From toxic conveying
The contents are simply unknown

The Limerick King






This could be Draghis' last dance
The EU is on its last chance
Rajoy abhores him
And Merkel ignores him
While nations all shit in their pants

The Limerick King



Mario's King Of The Dance
His passion: to playfully prance
He helps banks to hide
Rotten assets inside
Will he pay the price? - not a chance

The Limerick King


Spidey is falling and fast
How long will this web-slinger last?
Will new webs be found
Before he hits ground?
His time for salvation has passed!

The Limerick King






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falak pema's picture

Everything that has been said about me and my colleagues in the party is untrue, except for some things”...Mariano Rajoy.

I can buy Italy's elections  for 3.4 billion Euros...Berlusconi.

We are fighting a war against "terrorism" in Mali and France and USA are on the same page  on Iran... Hollande /Biden. 

I believe that Mr Rajoy has the best interests of Spain  when he acts so courageously... Frau Merkel.

IMF will conduct a stress test of Berlusconi's testicles...ummm,  Italian banks, in early 2013...Lady Christine Lagarde.

Savyindallas's picture

WB7 is one of the great talents of our time. When I look at all that shit which passes for modern "art" at the museum, I think surely WB7 gets a couple of million for each of his far more creative worthy pieces. Well maybe not. I think most modern art is just a scam  -a bunch of unemployed homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that) getting federal grants to create garbage filled with darkness, sex, urine and feces smeared all over crucifixes and such. Then a bunch of gay appraisers and art critics bid up the price like Danny Faulkner did with the I-30 condos and Wells fargo did with California Liars loans during the housing bubble  -then these rich crooked billionairs like Buffet and Lloyd blankfein, who bought a bunch of this garbage for next to nothing and stored it in their warehouse for a few years  -they donate it to some museum and take millions of dollars of tax deductions for their benevolent charity. Soon they'll all get together and hype it up and sellthe rest of their garbage art to a bunch of suckers who have been conned into thinking it's a good investment  -and then the fake art bubble will collapse, and the bagholders will be stuck with a bunch of worthless garbage that's not even fit to be used to wipe your butt.    Bubbles and scams-the American way.

Cathartes Aura's picture

"art" only has value to those who value it.

your descriptive has been understood by many movements, globally, over time, and hence mocked for the ridiculous postures taken. . . who's yer Dada, Andy Warhol?

Banzai is carrying on a fine tradition of punk/DIY culture, from my perspective, and his work will always have more value than a banker can quantify/inflate/corrupt.

enjoy him while we can!

Rock On Bill.

williambanzai7's picture

I'm seeing a banner ad for on ZH for Art Assure: The Art World's Investment Bank.

Warhol was a great artist. But looking back, it really is mostly creative sensationalism. I think he just found his own way to thumb his nose at the establishment without getting overtly political, which is the kiss of death if you want to make a decent living on your art. "I'll reproduce a Cambells Soup can and some idiot will pay millions for it."

Cathartes Aura's picture

Andy had his unique perspective, 'tis true, and one of the smartest things he did was surround himself with the creative misfits of his time, making good use of the camouflage. . .plenty of folks returned his favour, and everyone got used in an orgy of reciprocity that suited the times, spawning music, film, and more.

more difficult to "make a living" as an artist during contracting times, when the majority of folks are more concerned with food and shelter, and certainly when more "artists" are chasing the fewer "patrons" - poseurs abound, on all sides, and the desperation is palpable.

which is why it's good to point at authenticity, particularly when it has heart.

"Art Ass-U-R" eh?  no doubt, lol.

some real brilliance in your work today, here's hoping they use that "mask" well !


williambanzai7's picture

Thank you. And that was a short and concise description of how the commercial art market works today(not that there is anything wrong with that).

mikecagg's picture

Monti is playing real hard,

He wants you to let down your guard,

Just follow the Ace,

It's in the wrong  place,

A game thats played with 3 cards.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

It's a mad mad mad mad world Banzai7. And you ain't doing much to help clear things up. :)

Was that the fat lady singing, or just another fat lady?

acetinker's picture

Hey Cog, Assuming you see this reply, know that I consider you a brother-in-arms.  Just in case some folk here regard us gun-toters...  That ain't the kind of arms I'm screamin' about.  Know what I mean?  Nevertheless, those kinds of arms still are necessary.

Wish it weren't so.

Peace to you and Mrs. Cog.


WTFUD's picture

Let's construct one large toxic waste dump, mummify all of the evil bastards pictured above plus the judges and "money whores" and last but not least the Propaganda Merchants of Shameless DisssInformation!
My Only worry is, would we breach the new carbon/toxic tax laws?
The sheer scale of such a project we know is immence but i am most confident voluntary labour hours could bring it in on time and under budget.

WTFUD's picture

WB7 those look like unopened safety deposit boxes on the periphery wall. If you open any one guaranteed to find a stash of us tbills ready to wipe your arse with on the other side. handy!!

hooligan2009's picture

fairs fair...how about a three way custard pie food fight (courtesy of the SNAP program) between the clowns of europe, US and Japan!

could be a before and after party..

love the "austerity for all" one...trouble is...it can't be "austerity" if the sailors slow down their alcohol intake from 25 pints plus meat pies a day (horse meat of ourse)  to just 24.

the grateful unemployed's picture

just be advised Ducklings, that the USG/Fed/ and Corporate America's branch of the illuminati (see Beyonce) will turn out the lights if they don't like the way the game is going.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

Hey William may be you could do sth around B-movie hero "Toxic Avenger"? 




I'd see Draghi or Van Rompuy playing the part with a big LTRO mop in hand...

williambanzai7's picture

I have a toxic Bernanke, but it is time to do a toxic Mario.

Creepy Lurker's picture


I've just come from Flickr, and I must have "Target Liberty" on a coffee mug!

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

"Toxic Bernanke" That sounds like a codeword for something dirty and sexual. Is a TB when you have someone shit over you on a glass coffeetable, but there is no coffeetable?

the grateful unemployed's picture

we can make the analogy that this euro business is W2 without the blitzkreig. (what are the Germans getting out of all this, a place where they can vacation?) who's painting this spanish revolutions Guernica? Wm Banzai?

the grateful unemployed's picture

your cubism is very very good

can you give me directions to New Orleans? (baby clydesdale is the symbol of economic recovery)

Free_french's picture

I am asking for a favour... We as french would be very interested in a Alfred E Neuman's François Hollande mask... He would fit perfectly in my opinion... Thanks in advance...

Free_french's picture

Merci beaucoup... Quelle tête de con.

the grateful unemployed's picture

he looks like Peter Sellers as POTUS in Dr Strangelove?

aleph0's picture

@BrigstockBoy ... Yeah ... Merkels face is a Masterpiece .

aleph0's picture

Brilliant work William ... Re:  Some countries are just in the toilet, while the others are already against the wall.

BrigstockBoy's picture

Love the Spanish dancing image, made me laugh! Ah, the absurdity of the EU captured perfectly by WB.

Mesquite's picture

You're brutal, WB7 (and good)...hard not to laugh, so I gave up trying.. Thanks for sharing..

Rusty Trombone's picture

Do you think Andrea does anal on the first date?

Winston Churchill's picture

Just needs a stick of LTROGLYCERIN to blow.

fourchan's picture

whatever it takes.

(to reduce humans to slaves through money printing)

Freddie's picture

Welcome Back Kotter or Jimmy Carter.

They need to lynch Baroso and Van Rompouy plus the super goldman Marios.

As bad as it is in Europe - they do not have Ob-MAO the skeetin islamic. 

the grateful unemployed's picture

damn, i have a superbowl hangover, that looks like a can of PBR and she looks like Grace Kelly. (she didn't this morning)

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture
Herman Van Rumpuy as the "Milker"?
the grateful unemployed's picture

The Crisis is Over, Long Live the Crisis.. QE infinitum

WALLST8MY8BALL's picture

I feel like Nigel Farage of UKIP

These Euro weenies are a bad trip

I'm normally placid

And didnt take acid

Like Barroso, I need to get a grip