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5 again William, but whence the Limerick King?

In his absence I'll offer this:


There once was a man of delusion,

Who indulged in a lot of collusion,

He dropped cash from afar,

But could not fill up the jar,

Of derivatives made from illusion.

(Attr. to Sceptic Tank, the BS spotters poet.)

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Nice one.

LK is busy right now.

I_Am_'s picture old lady insists that my brains are in my d..k and what I have on my shoulders is just an empty vessel... so what would you call that William B7??

Then so far as the fricking banksters go, I think that their brains are in their ar.e so maybe there is another descriptive terminology!

It is monotonous to say ... great as always.... but then again





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I must admit this post makes me tear up...

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WB, I always love your work. It's hilarious yet utterly depressing. Sometimes I wish I'd taken the blue pill.


Keep up the great work!

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Do you have a picture of what the 40B frn with the picture of Ms. Green and dated monthly and declared legal tender for redemption at freddie and fannies domicile for bifurcated deeds ben's been using looks like?.

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 Love that (2) ply ( € 200 roll of ass wipes) Banzai. ;-)

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Like Sgt Barnes said to Red, "Everybody gotta die sometime."  And when they do not one penny will go with them.

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Peter Sellars.  Sheer genius.

Would you happen to be a fan of the Goons WB?

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How does this relate to the reptile brain?

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We're limited by a single brain stem.

Fortunately it's easily severed.

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Um maybe unfortunately, because no other species has lost the instinct for perpetuating the species.

Our species is alone with acts of genocidal wars and threats to eliminate ALL species via habitat destruction and nuclear war.

Perhaps these facts, this severance from basic instincts, have escaped your attention?

We have largely become a species of cognitive dissonance and absent our fundamental social/cooperative instincts ... hence the rise of nonsense religions of individualism and libertarianism.

We are the weakest species of all - e.g. lacking early maturation, fur, fleetness of foot, talons, etc. - yet just because we have the intelligence to contrive inventions to off-set our physical deficits, it is delusional to imagine that any of us can survive in isolation.

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Bankers are a different breed of lizard. 

Like losing an iguana's tail, they'd probably just spawn another head, Pez-style, talking out of their ass the whole time...

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Nothing wrong with lizards, nor reptiles generally, nor pigs, nor any other species humans wrongly use to disparage what is wrong with our own species.

No cold-blooded reptile compares with such cold-hearted specimens of our species as Madelaine Albright who said that 500,000 dead Iraqi children were "worth it".

No other species compares with Hitlery Clinton gloating about the torture and murder of Qadafi.

No other species compares with Dubya, who enjoyed blowing up frogs as a child ... then went on to enjoy the blowings-up of the WTCs, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. ... followed by the Obomber making things worse.

It wouldn't be so bad if this sociopathy was restricted to just these individual psychopaths, but the fact is that millions of their willing subjects agree with them and are also dissociated from the basic instincts ALL species depend on for survival.

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I thought they're [only] possessed by the cold reptiles from deep dark, no?

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Burn them at the stake! A simple hanging would be too humane.

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The guillotine seems so inhumane, until you think of bankers. 

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They've counterfeited hundreds of $Trillions of Dollars (with our printing presses) and stolen the entire country from us.

Put them all in an alkali bath up to their necks.

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Yes, and all based on the leglislation of politicians who provide the legal protections for banking cartels as a cover to distort and blur the natural and established laws of "loan contracts" and "deposit contracts", under law. It's important to understand the differences under law to get to the essence of the fraud. Once the laws were distorted, it allowed banks to return to the depositor, a good of less value than when deposited for safe keeping. It allowed banks to accept deposits of certain purchasing power and return them with less. Politicians enabled fradulent bank practices through legal tender laws and legislation of fractional reserve banking models as the legal issuers of money. They legislated to allow banks to skim the value of your savings through dilution via credit extension, using savers deposits for personal loans to politicians and other elites, who get to use the purchasing power of new money before it filters down to the useless eaters.

I've done some heavy reading of this money issue over the years and I have one offering to anyone interested:If there is one book to bind them all, it is "The Evil Princes of Martin Place". A gem on every page; the introduction worth the price of the book alone. The history of bankers defrauding savers is replete throughout history. This is their well worn strategy on the means to steal money of depositors who place their money in their hands for safe keeping. This maps out the ploy. It ties the two heads of the hydra to the one beast; bankers and politicians umbillically joined to the body of a leech.

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And the last nail in the coffin, or financialism totally unleashed (depending on how you look at it) was the repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act, which allowed banks to fully become casinos with depositors money.

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Not to mention the perpetual Federal debt which acts like a giant sieve leeching off the economy in perpetuity.

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Yes because now, instead of relying on interest payments to stay afloat, the banksters are confiscating taxes.

Interest was always really a private form of taxation, but hardly anyone could see that and generally happily paid whatever interest charged by the money lenders, whilst always bitching about taxes ... which stood at least some chance of paying for health care, roads and infrastructure generally (the common good).

Forget all that now.  Taxes now just go to the banksters and largely because the majority of people let it happen.

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All legislated into spending bills, all borrowed from a banker, all under-written by deposits. They will not stop. It is not that they are delusional, they know. We're delusional for letting them practise their mysticism and pass it off as a science.

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Most people have no clue because it is designed to confuse people.

Those who take the time to sort out WTF is actually going on are divided into two camps. Those who are reaping the benefits of the systemic ponzi and those who are outraged by it.

Those who are outraged should feel obliged to educate others. Little by little, one by one.

The bullshit science is no longer a big secret.

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"The bullshit science is no longer a big secret."

Hmmmmmm. I see Obamma got voted in again. Following his tenure there will be another, successfully selling the same pile of shit and passing it off as a ham sandwich.