HoW To ABaNDoN SHiT...

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Holder is Too Big To Jail
As DOJ Head - He's a Fail
Watch Lanny Breuer
Emerge from his sewer
The air was undoubtedly stale

The Limerick King



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Warnings William, please.  This time it was only iced tea. 

Keep telling the truth.  It has to be hell for the klepto class.

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Speaking of iced tea, they make awesome iced lemon tea here. And cheap to.

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Bonz, can you do a graphic for my #geitherbooktitles entry? Mine was:  Swindler's List. Should make a funny graphic.

williambanzai7's picture

Let me think how to do that.

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Better yet, go look for all of the best entries and do one of your series of them. I recall seeing lots of good ones.

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That's some seriously funny "shit" WB.

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Impeach Obama!  Contempt of Country!  & Holder, Pelosi, Reid and the gang of 4.

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Keeping it simple is the last thing "smart " people would wish to do, for pulling the wool over the sheeps eyes is the name of the game; make it all read and sound complex and when it goes pear shaped the excuses appear to the layman more viable. A current example would be the choice of say chief economist in the obahamas administration a) Paul Krugman ( who i think would be on food stamps if he was forced into real work ) or b) Steve Keen who tries his damndest to keep it simple. A second example would be NTs "black swan" ( hard going but enjoyed his references to the good old days when muslims, christians and jews all danced around the maypole together).

It is clear that All of the 2 bob sons and daughters of whores and pimps (aka ruling elite) would choose the "yes" man to get their preferred message across to us dummies via MSM.

Your work WB7 for those of us who find the technical language mundane cuts through the BS and allows others to come on board and get at least a better grasp of reality. Good for us Bad for them.

Last point and i wonder if you can assist my understanding of Tbtf or help join the dots. Bernanke is propping up the stock market at the cost of say savers; the banks who are really the managing directors of the corporations make a lot of money because share prices rise; for example, Rio Tinto (asx) the 3rd largest mining company in the world and its shares are 30% owned by Hsbc and Jpm and 60%+ owned by several other banks and nominees; if you were to do top 100 companies in Oz, US, UK, Japan it would not surprise me to see similar results. is this not fraud? what am i missing here? would appreciate your take.

williambanzai7's picture

It's nor a technical fraud, but it is essentially a fraud because they are trying to convince everyone that share prices reflect fundamentals and positive economic news, whereas all they represent is excess Fed driven liquidity sloshing around in the bilge.

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Look at it as "The Market-Strong Foundation".

Race all you want, but don't be surprised if you lose yer balls.

shovelhead's picture

Look at it as "The Market-Strong Foundation".

Race all you want, but don't be surprised if you lose yer balls.

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Timmy and the Treasury, Ben and the FED, and the Wall Street fraudsters must have listened to a lot of Steve Miller Band when they were younger; they just decided to "Take the Money and Run" in a "legal" (*cough*) way.

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Naw, they're playing the role of Billy Mack (he makes his living off other peoples' taxes).

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It is no secret that many people are leaving the country and abandoning the ship right now. Some are in a bigger hurry than others are. So what's up? Here is a report about someone betting 11.25 mill that something is going to happen in the VIX market.

"Last week somebody put on a call spread on the VIX using the April 20 and 25 puts. They bought 150,000 contracts for a net of $75 per contract. That is an $11,250,000 bet that the VIX will move over 20 over the next 60 days."

Now who could be doing this? This is close to the same situation in which someone had put options just before 9/11. What we see in the near future is isreals Purim on the 24th and 25th. Days to be concerned about. Also, the dreaded attack time during the Ides of March are fast approaching. These evil bankster warmongers typically like to attack around March 21-22, and in new moon time. Next month the new moon is on the 11th of March, so the timing of an attack or false flag event may be moved up from the 21-22 time period. They have to do something to coverup the crash, so ao huge distraction may be in the tube.

One day at a time folks...prepare the best you can now. Something wicked this way comes.


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Portugal's Freedom Day is April 25th. Nationalism leading to default and leaving the Euro?

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I'm thinkin' something wicked already came and we're about to see its endgame.

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Soros and side kick Obama

The Heart's picture

Something related:

Do Wall Street Insiders Expect Something Really BIG To Happen Very Soon? Read more at
williambanzai7's picture

I want to reiterate, that all of these big ass blood sucking scam banks are primary dealers and none of them have been suspended by the FRB for their egregious behavior and lax controls.

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Yeah, but... did you see the size of the flippers on that black babe? She could paddle a canoe on dry land with those propulsion devices.

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numero uno William. love it man, keep the heat on the Shitsters!

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+ 16 TRILLION and counting.......................

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They'll get Holder. Takes time. The right time.

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Who are these "they" people? The ones that suicided Foster, perhaps?

Or the ones that plane-crashed Ron Brown's belligerent ass?

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WB7...Just a hat tip.  It's uncanny how you can present such tremendous content day in and day out.  Even when you make me throw up in my mouth (see above "Holder" image), it's a testament to your craft.  You are a true artisan.

williambanzai7's picture

Thank you

You know finding the precise measure of vulgarity that provokes but does not unduly nauseate the audience is an art in and of itself. You dont want the revulsion to overwhelm the message. That's one thing I learned from from the interwar artists.

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Yeah, but you're walking a mighty thin line with gangsta ho.

That's a gorge-raiser.

williambanzai7's picture

You know that picture comes from the movie Norbit which I assume was rated PG.

NotApplicable's picture

All I know is too start scrolling even faster the instant I see that hat appear. o_O

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Your work is brilliant.  I still laugh at thinking about "Toner! Toner! Toner!".

Comparing to the original you used as a model,

would "Ponzi Dirige Nos"  (Ponzi Direct (or Guide) Us) been a better order of words?

Thanks for the relief you bring to us all.




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But will he be able to out run that guillotine that is stalking his and the rest of 'em's necks?!

Tick, tock--hear that, it's coming for you--tick, tock         hujel

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"Timmy. Do you know the odds of surviving an astroid field?"


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Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends

WARNING - GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tensions in Egypt rise after shocking footage emerges of police beating a naked protestor in Cairo
NotApplicable's picture

I still don't understand how people can consider police brutality shocking, when it's their primary purpose. Then again, this is the media I'm commenting on, so perhaps "people" is stretching the definition a bit.

willwork4food's picture

"Forward By Captain Francesco Schettino"

LMAO. Brilliant W7!

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To Big To Jail says it ALL William!

Great work!!


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I abandoned shit 20 years ago and dove into a sea of debt.  While trying to stay afloat i realized one immutable truth... Paper money is like quicksand.

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It seems to me that the DoJ prosecuting S&P for fraud is just pay back time for them downgrading US debt. This will also send a message to other credit-rating agencies that if any of them try to downgrade US debt any further for Congress and the president walking back on some of sequestration cuts that are supposed to kick in on March 1st, they too will be targeted for prosecution.

stant's picture

capt timmae pissed off the uboat commanders. seems they want thier gold back before the stern breaks off

walküre's picture

Was immediately thinking of someone else when reading the heading.

Goldmanite and master dogfucker Jim O'Neill has abandoned his ship.

NotApplicable's picture


Now there's a worthy title for the man, if I ever saw one.

WTFUD's picture

Do not fret bruv he will LOBBY just as well from One of the other organic Platforms.

What a stench, talk about a Vicious Circle or win/win. From that kind of peak you can get your wings clipped but unlike the dude you cannot fall more than One floor ( think about an employee asking the mob boss for a 3 year sabatical). Too much dirt could not allow him to mingle with the riff raff.

So no worries he'll land on his feet ( maybe only 4 bodyguards though)

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was watching FARGO for the umpteenth time, but paying more attention to the white collar crime in the background, the car dealer making fradulent claims to the GMAC division, the accountant from the central office trying to get the serial numbers. always thought the end of that movie was wrong, thought the car dealer should have gotten off (everyone he knew was dead). now i realize, its a parable on modern banking.

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Awesome stuff by WB, but he still fails to expose the true way back to restoring the republic--- CALL ATTENTION to the ineligibility of the Usurper domestic enemy Obama. Mass awareness of his ineligibility would set the criminals that back him, including the treasonous Congress on both sides, on their heels and on the defensive. Obama was musceled in by election fraud by the NWO specifically to effect the voidance of the US Constitution and US Citizen's sovereignty--- when there is no legal president then there is no law and no Constitution-- since the POTUS is the executor of the laws.

So far the useful idiot media and treasonous judiciary has ignored and ridiculed those that dare ask questions about the Usurper Obama's eligibility, and that is why it has been allowed to happen. Alternate media, like ZH, only help the public stay ignorant of what has been done to them. Wake up WB!! GET A CLUE. EXPOSE THE TRUTH, and it shall set you free. Don't be afraid of the Alinsyite defenders of the Usurper. First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win.


"The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners". Minor v. Happersett, 88 US 162, 167 (1874).

Obama was born British of a British suibject father, therefore Obama Sr. is "an improper ascendant" (an improper ancestor), and Obama 2 is not a "creature of their own" (natural born Citizen)--- see Federalist 68. Obama is not eligible because he was born at best a dual citizen. Natural born Citizens are born of singular America citizenship, on US soil to 2 US Citizen parents-- a security measure. Obama is exactly whom the founders were preventing from the office.

Exposing the ineligibility of the domestic criminal Obama goes a long way to restoration. Have some sense!!!


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I'm normally patient with off topic posts.

However, if you want to come in and once again assert that I am engaged in some kind of anti-birther grammarian cover up...Get The Fuck Off My Thread!

That's right, I said grammar, English grammar you moron.

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I'm normally patient with off topic posts.

However, if you want to come in and once again assert that I am engaged in some kind of anti-birther grammarian cover up...Get The Fuck Off My Thread!

Flog the fvker with the snake until the snot oozes.