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(Red Saunders / Leon Washington)

Hamdrone! Hamdrone!

Hamdrone, hamdrone
where you been?
Round the world and I’m going again
What you gonna do when you come back?
Take the remote and shoot you in the back!

Hamdrone, hamdrone
Have you heard?
Potus gonna buy me an iron bird
And if that iron bird don’t sting
Potus gonna buy me a tungsten ring
And if that tungsten ring don’t shine
Potus gonna take it to the Fed and sing

Hamdrone, Hamdrone 
Where you been?
Round the world and I’m going again
I just skinned a Qaeda cat
To make my wife a Sunday hat
Took the hide right off a jihad goat
To make my wife a Sunday coat

Hamdrone, hamdrone
Where’s your wife
Out to the kitchen, eating skeets and rice
Hamdrone (2x)

Hamdrone, hamdrone
Trying to skeet
Ketchup on his elbow, pickle on his sleave
Bread in the basket
Chicken in the stew
Sucka's gonna fire at me and you

Look at him holler, look at him moan
That Debt Bro cat sure can hamdrone
Hamdrone (2x)



















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JR's picture

 I just got a call not to miss this one! Banzai. When this tyranny collapses, Banzai, there’ll be a credit with your name on it. Like Paine, you’re turning the public tide! No possible way to say Thanks!

flapdoodle's picture

Awesome WB7, just awesome! The funniest damn picture series you've ever done IMHO.

WB7 - the artist who turned Photoshop into a revolutionary artform!

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

william i still have to understand why someotimes you associate marijuana with obomba?

JuicedGamma's picture

I never smoked.
I smoked but didn't inhale.
I inhaled but didn't like it.
I grew it in my backyard.
I sold it to the adults.
I sold it to the kiddies.

Funny thing is its easier to buy weed in HI then get a six pack at the grocery store.

andrewp111's picture

Back in the day, when Obozo rode around Hawaii with the Choom Gang in an old VW van, he kept the windows rolled up to conserve smoke.

Peter Pan's picture

America has gone from being the envy of the world to being the enemy of the world. The nation that once was the bulwark against nations and regimes of lesser ideals has now stooped to being a tyrant in just about every aspect of life.

WB7 is dangerous  to such regimes because he has captured the pulse of truth which in turn makes him a marked man.

I often wonder how long it will be before they knock on his door and make him a job offer he cannot refuse.

In the meantime allow me to add my thanks and admiration for your outstanding work.

hairball48's picture

Just hysterical. God, I love wb7's stuff.

joego1's picture

I'm making a Bonzai collage with my kmart photos. I want in my bunker with me when the end comes.

Rogue Trooper's picture

Folks, things are changing and the word is getting out albeit at a glacial pace.  I have finally convinced a co-worker that he (O) is nothing but a neo-facist fraud and no matter which colour Red or Blue the end for you is the same.  It took two years and I'm afraid we do not have enough time convince enough of them before TSHTF.

Short-wave on... they have to turn the web off and manage this cyber 'terrism'!

Cue "Skynet"

If you're on ZH you are the resitance...Good luck everybody... we are truely fucked.

Great work WB7 you have moar balls than us all combined.

the grateful unemployed's picture

sorry to go off topic but something is going on in the Chandra Levy case, dead over ten years now, she was until recently represented as a congressional intern to Gary Condit, with whom she had an affair, and he was accused of murdering her. he was exonerated, but lost his reelection bid due to the bad press.

now she is being represented as an intern in the Fed Bureau of Prisons, (wikipedia, scub a dub dub?)  but at least one site, Rense.com thinks this is the case, ( and therefore the MSM was given a line of crap - either way it smells - and that she knew something about Tim McVeigh in that capacity. something has been buried for a long time here, thinking the truth..

Levys murderer, is a member of the major Salvadoran gang, operating in the US (byproduct of the governments illegal war against the rebels there in the 80s, and later Nicaragua) he wasn't bought to trial for ten years, (though he was in jail for violent rape of several other woman in the same area, it seems likely he was the guy) as soon as the head of the DC police retired the new chief took the man to trial, and put him away, on the testimony of his cellmate, and other circumstantial stuff (the killer once said Condit paid him to do the hit, but later retracted that, although perhaps it was someone who said he was Condit.)

there were two 9/11 hijackers were in SD in 2001, (Levy murder, 2001) and arrived in DC just days before WTC, and were helped by some Salvadoran immigrants (coincidence?). the priest who arranged their SD meeting when the pair arrived in the US (on a student visa?) was later killed in a drone attack in Yemen by the skeet shooter in chief (US citizen i believe, murdered by a non citizen President, that would be weird?) 

the judge in this trial, has suddenly thrown a blanket over the whole thing.


AchtungAffen's picture

Obama sho' loves his guns... like any good merikeen...

the grateful unemployed's picture

 heard Brennan defending the drone policy in front of committee, as only used against people who are immediate threats (especially those childen playing outside during the attack), but i guess if you accidently kill someone it doesn't really bother your POLICY, sort of like Bernanke accidently destroying free markets, and savers in a wake of the collateral damage brought by QE style fraudulent attacks against asset deflation. we all hate asset deflation, right? right

WTFUD's picture

Something more Upbeat as these WB7 images kinda swish around and throw out another idea just when you had been called downstairs by your missus to peal the potatoes!

There is a Corridor running through the Sahara and stretching from north africa Morroco ( incl. some points on the Med ) Mauratania, Algeria ( over 1 million sq km across border ) ,Libya, Chad, Mali, and others right up to Nigeria ( with most of the above mentioned having a Border with land locked Niger) called the "Maghreb Sahel".
Amazing history of Peoples / Tribes / Language / Cultures if any off you might just tap in the bracketed "MS" it will provide a clear picture of a vast desert ( nearly Lawless and unsecuritable ) and which right now makes the Wild West look like a Bar Brawl.

Flitting cross borders back and forth are a mixture of Child Trafficers ( a man in Kano, Nigeria with 3 existing wives fancies adding a 13 year old Touareg girl from Agadez in Niger to his fold $500 + a few cows or goats, maybe a camel ); Drug Smugglers ( with new columbian routes through western africa into northern ready to pacage in maybe Spain or northern europe through Algeria ); Kidnappers, and Now courtecy of USofA Gun/ Heavy Duty Weapon Runners Amonst other Assorted Professions.

The French who Cant Let Go ( heh guys we're still your big brother so Sign here here and here, and you El Hadgi Emir Ruler of you can use your thumb print ) you must All have a common currency (cfa french francs and We Agonna tie it Solid Like to our Euro even dough we get rid of our rather messy franc) are currently playboying in SansToupe ( Mali ) shifting reinforcements to protect the Uranium producing mines in Agadez and Irlit, northern Niger from Any Other Limited Company who might spring Up or Broker a collectively bargained Deal from Said Assorted .
Will stop now but it's amazing how one picture can flush out images and thoughts regarding All our Futures.

Yen Cross's picture

  Careful POTUS! You're liable to put a cheekbone out. (A Christmas Nightmare)

WTFUD's picture

Ok after viewing the visual and digesting the prose i have an idea on how to cut down the Spend on ( is that your toilet seat your sitting on sir?) PRIVACY. Let each and everyone of us who is slightly miffed to plain hurt or just damned furious in that having been dealt a piss poor Hand from the bottom of the deck ( by the Washington DEALERS& other sick assorted Fucks) with little Hopium of improving that said Sorry Lot anytime soon, lets All Congregate in a few specified Soft Targets thereby Saving Heaps of Money and Shadow Spooking and Much Much Worserrrrrer Wondering if Our Neighbours on either side or opposite are Spying on US.

mendolover's picture

goddamn you work keeps getting better and better WB!  More Asian hotties!!!

New_Meat's picture

men: so-called "visual combat"

and a greenie on ya!

- Ned

{of course, there are reasons ...}

q99x2's picture

Hambone welldone.

tailgunner's picture

WB7  I would be worried about Chuck Conners coming after you.  He had a temper.  Otherwise just outstanding.

williambanzai7's picture

I was thinking this weekend what a shitty agent he had for letting him do Branded.

joego1's picture

Check out this page on the riflemans rifle;


No need for the finger on the trigger. Kind of like the way the Fed prints money these days.


Bastiat's picture

When I was a kid we nicknamed it:  Mucus McCaine and his son, Snot.  He probably wouldn't have liked that.

Rusty Trombone's picture

GODDAMN !  - IS anyone following whats happening in L.A. ?  The LAPD is shooting anything that moves right now.

To watch all the media coverage you'd think this is just another nut job "it bleeds it leads" stories. After reading the so-called manifesto, these aren't the rants of a madman. He has named, dated and documented specific events that shed light onto the underlying bigger problem. From his writings he follows a strict code of honor which he believes down to his very fiber. This is also the same code of honor he alleges others, including his superiors have long forgotten. I believe that this highly trained and skilled warfighter has been pushed to the brink. What do you do when the cover up runs from top to bottom? What do you do when the powers that be can manipulate the truth, especially the truth they give the media and they turn it around into a witch hunt. I don't condone the taking of lives, but I can understand why he's doing what he's doing.

Stud Duck's picture

It appears that this guy in LA may have read "Unitended Consequences" and decided to use what he learned.

Tim McVeigh read it while in prison awaitng his trial and execution, said "if he waould of read it reather that The Turner Diaries, he would of done thing much differently!

Unintended Consequences, by John Ross, check it out if Wikipedia. It changed my preceptions of what was going on 15 years ago!

Whoa Dammit's picture

The searches they are doing are pretty scary too:

"Department of Homeland Security officers search vehicles at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in San Diego on February 7 as they search for former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner." Photo linked below.


And in the Big Bear Lake area: "He could be anywhere at this point, and that's why we're searching door to door,"


We have no Constitutional rights anymore.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

The bad news is that this is any police dept my man. The problem is that 50% of police are good guys, and the other half is crooked as fuck. Until the good ones are willing to get rid of the crooked ones, it's gonna fail. 

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture


The sad part is that even now, he won't name names. He should name EVERYONE, and shine a little light on these roaches. I wager they have quite a fight on their hands with this one.....

williambanzai7's picture

One thing is certain, this guy is now wanted dead not alive.

andrewp111's picture

There is nothing more dangerous than a cop gone rogue. He knows all the cop procedures and tactics, and now he got nothing to lose.

williambanzai7's picture

Don't forget to include a cop searching for a cop gone rogue in the list.

monad's picture

The frightened sneaky POS who hide their crimes behind undeserved, unmerited authority? I pray for copycats. Its about fucking time. 3 million banksters, bar members and lobbyists should be shitting themselves right now. Rise

SoCalBusted's picture

True.  You should see pictures of the shot up pickup driven by two women that was mistaken for his.  It is amazing the two women lived.  There were dozens of rounds shot at that truck.  Clearly shoot first, ask questions later.



Stud Duck's picture

I checked out the video and read the article, wow , looks like the police are a little afraid of this guy! Shooting first, asking questions or giving apologies later. Funny how the MSM is overlooking these incidents that make the PD look like idiots,

monad's picture

Two things: he's a real American. Godspeed, Lieutenant Dorner. Happy rat hunting.
Rats: you can run but you can't hide. You gangsters aren't the law.

putaipan's picture

anyone wanna throw a lil' gas on the fire of a false flag revolution ....... ?

blindman's picture

link? and not this one..
http://hiphopandpolitics.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/uncensored-manifesto-f... fficer-christopher-dorner/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed %3A+DaveyDsHipHopCorner-theBlog+%28Davey+D%27s+Hip+Hop+Corner%29.

Seize Mars's picture

You know, here's something you just don't see: some guy of debatable mental health, committing mass murder.

I love the part where he praises Feinstein.

God the CIA under the Bushes was sooo much more professional.

prains's picture

Willie B where do you find the time ??

williambanzai7's picture

This is a good example of how I work. I've been doing these since last week, a few at a time. Some I already posted over the weekend, such as the Rifleman and Choom Gunner,

But the story of course keeps elaborating. As I predicted, the skeet shot turned into an Internet meme and then this stupid drone memo comes out.

The drone memo is icy on top of te crony cake. It is such a piece of lawyerly trash I don't know where to start except to say Hamdrone!

So I did Hamdrone.

And instead of dong my homework when I was a kid, I watched Sandy Becker and Soupy Sales;-)

RocketmanBob's picture

I couldn't pick a favorite out of this suite of art if...a gun was held to my head!

Awesome, as usual

My regards

Half_A_Billion_Hollow_Points's picture

When WB7 uses the statue of liberty shit gets real

williambanzai7's picture

You are right, she is a sacred symbol for all Americans.

metastar's picture

With Liberty for "Just Us" not All


cpnscarlet's picture

What would Sandy Becker think???

Well done.

williambanzai7's picture

I think Sandy Becker would give me the Hambone salute.

MOLONAABE's picture

One of my co workers just pissed her pants she was laughing so hard it was epic....