Google Moves to Destroy Online Anonymity … Helping Authoritarian Governments In the Process

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 Google Moves to Destroy Online Anonymity ... Helping Authoritarian Governments In the Process

Governments Move to Destroy Online Anonymity

Gene Howington reported last year:

The history of anonymous political free speech in America dates back to our founding. The seminal essays found in “The Federalist Papers” were written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay under the nom de plume of “Publius” although this was not confirmed until a list of authorship complied by Hamilton was posthumously released to the public. As previously discussed on this blog, the right to anonymous political free speech has been addressed by the Supreme Court. Most notably in the cases of Talley v. California, 362 U.S. 60 (1960) and McIntyre v. Ohio Elections Commission, 514 U.S. 334 (1995). In Talley, Justice Hugo Black writing for the majority said that, “Anonymous pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and even books have played an important role in the progress of mankind. Persecuted groups and sects from time to time throughout history have been able to criticize oppressive practices and laws either anonymously or not at all.” In McIntyre, Justice John Paul Stevens writing for the majority said that, “Anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority. [… ] an author’s decision to remain anonymous, like other decisions concerning omissions or additions to the content of a publication, is an aspect of the freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment.” That seems clear enough in defining that citizens do have a Constitutionally protected right to anonymous political free speech.

Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge points out (with slight editing):

Though often maligned (typically by those frustrated by an inability to engage in ad hominem attacks), anonymous speech has a long and storied history in the United States. Used by the likes of Mark Twain (aka Samuel Langhorne Clemens) to criticize common ignorance, and perhaps most famously by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay (aka publius) to write the Federalist Papers, we think ourselves in good company in using one or another nom de plume.

Particularly in light of an emerging trend against vocalizing public dissent in the United States, we believe in the critical importance of anonymity and its role in dissident speech.

Like the Economist magazine, we also believe that keeping authorship anonymous moves the focus of discussion to the content of speech and away from the speaker – as it should be. We believe not only that you should be comfortable with anonymous speech in such an environment, but that you should be suspicious of any speech that isn’t.

But governments – especially authoritarian governments – hate anonymity.

A soon-to-be-released book by Google executive Eric Schmidt -  called “The New Digital Age” – describes the desire of authoritarian governments to destroy anonymity.  The Wall Street Journal provides an excerpt:

Some governments will consider it too risky to have thousands of anonymous, untraceable and unverified citizens — “hidden people”; they’ll want to know who is associated with each online account, and will require verification at a state level, in order to exert control over the virtual world.

Last December, China started requiring all web users to register using their real names.

But the U.S. is quickly moving in the same direction.  Gene Howington explains:

Do you have a right to anonymous political free speech?


According to the Supreme Court, you do. According to the Department of Homeland Security, you don’t. They’ve hired General Dynamics to track U.S. citizens exercising this critical civil right.




The full DHS policy statement regarding its activities can be viewed in the DHS Privacy Compliance Review of the NOC Media Monitoring Initiative (November 15, 2011), but’s summary spells out the basics:

“Under the National Operations Center (NOC)’s Media Monitoring Initiative that came out of DHS headquarters in November, Washington has the written permission to retain data on users of social media and online networking platforms.


Specifically, the DHS announced the NCO and its Office of Operations Coordination and Planning (OPS) can collect personal information from news anchors, journalists, reporters or anyone who may use “traditional and/or social media in real time to keep their audience situationally aware and informed.”


According to the Department of Homeland Security’s own definition of personal identifiable information, or PII, such data could consist of any intellect “that permits the identity of an individual to be directly or indirectly inferred, including any information which is linked or linkable to that individual.” Previously established guidelines within the administration say that data could only be collected under authorization set forth by written code, but the new provisions in the NOC’s write-up means that any reporter, whether someone along the lines of Walter Cronkite or a budding blogger, can be victimized by the agency.


Also included in the roster of those subjected to the spying are government officials, domestic or not, who make public statements, private sector employees that do the same and “persons known to have been involved in major crimes of Homeland Security interest,” which to itself opens up the possibilities even wider.


The department says that they will only scour publically-made info available while retaining data, but it doesn’t help but raise suspicion as to why the government is going out of their way to spend time, money and resources on watching over those that helped bring news to the masses.” –

This question about the right to anonymous political free speech is also asked over the background of the Electronic Privacy Information Center filing a FOIA request against the DHS to find out the details of the agency’s social network monitoring program.




As part of recent disclosures related to the EPIC suit, it is revealed that the DHS has hired and instructed General Dynamics to monitor political dissent and the dissenters. The range of websites listed as being monitored is quite impressive. Notably, is not on this list [Howington's essay is a guest blog on constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley's website], but equally of note is that this list is by the DHS’ own admission “representative” and not “comprehensive”.




Some of the more high profile and highly trafficked sites being monitored include the comments sections of The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, the Huffington Post, the Drudge Report, Wired, and ABC News. In addition, social networking sites Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are being monitored. For the first time, the public not only has an idea who the DHS is pursuing with their surveillance and where, but what they are looking for as well. General Dynamics contract requires them to “[identify] media reports that reflect adversely on the U.S. Government, DHS, or prevent, protect, respond government activities.” The DHS also instructed General Dynamics to generate “reports on DHS, Components, and other Federal Agencies: positive and negative reports on FEMA, CIA, CBP, ICE, etc. as well as organizations outside the DHS.” In other words, the DHS wants to know who you are if you say anything critical about the government.


Anybody thinking of the name “Goebbels” at this point is not out of line.

Indeed, valuing online privacy could even get you labeled as a potential terrorist.

Google Moving to Help Destroy Anonymity

Google’s motto is “Do No Evil“.   And Google notes in a patent application:

When users reveal their identities on the internet, it leaves them more vulnerable to stalking, identity theft and harassment.

So you might assume that Google is fighting to protect anonymity on the web.

But Schmidt’s new book reveals that Google will support the destruction of anonymity (via Wall Street Journal):

Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.

Search Engine Journal explains:

[Passages from Schmidt's book] confirm what many industry writers have been passionately clattering away about for months now.  Google+ is an identity verification network.  As the network continues to grow, content associated with a verified identity will rise to the top of Google search rankings.

(Google+ is now the world’s second most popular social network.)

In other words, Schmidt acknowledges (in the first quote above) that authoritarians want to destroy anonymity … and Google will help them do so.

We are not saying that Google likes authoritarians. True, there are potential ties between Google and the government.  For example, the head of DARPA now works for Google, and Internet powerhouse Vint Cerf has worked at both institutions.  Wired reports:

Long before it reportedly enlisted the help of the National Security Agency to secure its networks, Google sold equipment to the secret signals-intelligence group. In-Q-Tel [the CIA's investment arm] backed the mapping firm Keyhole, which was bought by Google in 2004 — and then became the backbone for Google Earth.

And a former high-level CIA officer alleges that the CIA funded Google with seed money.

However, the focus of this essay is on Google’s profit motive.  Specifically, Google will do business with anyone … and will cowtow to authoritarians they happen to do business with.

Google is doing this to make money.  Remember, Google gathers information across all of its platforms, and personalizes search engine results based upon what you’ve looked for in past searches.

After all, Google is primary an advertising company … not a search company. See this, this, this and this.

As the Daily Mail reported last year:

A former Google executive has lambasted his ex-employer … claiming that the search company has been turned into an ‘ad company’ obsessed with harvesting people’s private information.

James Whittaker, a current Partner Development Manager at Microsoft and ex-Engineering Director at Google, posted the 1328-word attack on Google on his Microsoft blog this week.


‘Perhaps Google is right,’ writes Whittaker, ‘Perhaps the future lies in learning as much about people’s personal lives as possible.


‘The Google I was passionate about was a technology company. The Google I left was an advertising company.’




The move comes in the wake of Google’s controversial new ‘privacy policy’, which allowed the search giant to ‘pool’ information from 60 separate services including Gmail, Google Search and Android phones, to create ‘personalised’ advertising.

The bottom line is that anonymity reduces Google’s ability to monetize personal information and sell it to its advertisers.  So Google is on a campaign to destroy anonymity … and unintentionally helping tyrants in the process.

As INeedHits laments:

We knew a day would come when privacy was a thing of the past, but Schmidt clearly spells out that day is sooner than we had expected.

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thisandthat's picture

I must be the real life ungooglable man, as I still don't bring up anything against my name, despite being on the internet for longer than Google :)

Hannibal's picture

FIre Google: Complete anonymity use:

Firefox with Torprogram, with Better Privacy, Adblock and Https add ons. is a free private webmail, can be used with Thunderbird search engine does not capture/record ip address nor places tracking cookies.

orangegeek's picture

We are likely heading into depression/deflation.


This first line item to get slashed on the income statement is advertising.


Google is going to take a big hit.

IamtheREALmario's picture

So basically Schmidt and anyone who works for Google and HSA are traitors to the human race, serving ANONYMOUS masters ... like we could not have guessed.

Does anyone every think about how there seems to be an infinite pool of "so called" advertising money that continuously grows to support the intrusiveness of the privacy molesting pervert online media? It is not a zero sum game (which economics should dictate) ... far from it. How?

ableman28's picture

The single most useful tool for anonymity is the prepaid cell phone.  Google, in order to get a gmail account, requires a cell phone number these days.  The assumption being that a cell phone, via the credit info used to set up the cell account, tracks back to you.  Interesting that the ONLY people who can access and verify cell phones are the authorities.  In any case a prepaid cell phone, provided you BUY IT WITH CASH AND NEVER PURCHASE ADDITIONAL MINUTES A CREDIT CARD, is the simple way to provide a cell number for the activation verification.  Any  and all other info on the gmail account (and for that matter on the yahoo account) can be selected at random.

devo's picture

Use Firefox and add-on Ghostery, Adblock, and Better Privacy (blocks FB and Google's nasty cookies). Then get Hostman (host file editor) and block all ad servers. Your life will be better for it.

Also, ZH ironically drops a Google+, FB, Adsense, and Analytics tracker.

Non Passaran's picture

And Google account owners can go to their account settings and delete your Google+ profile (be careful not to delete your Google account instead!)

Periodically it's also good to visit your Google Dashboard ( and wipe out (if they really do that, probably not...) all stuff Google has collected on you.

“Rebellion to tyranny is obedience to God.”-ThomasJefferson's picture



I always assumed Google is a government agency.  Same with Facebook.  I wouldn't be surprised if Apple is either.

AnAnonymous's picture

I always assumed Google is a government agency.

No. Google is an 'american' corporation. Therefore a creature of an 'american' middle class society.

It does the bidding of the 'american' middle class.

As such, the government has to follow.

The demand for less anonymity comes from 'american' middle classers so they can easily recognize their own.

IamtheREALmario's picture

A little funding for a few favors easily turns into two organization joined at the hip and interdependent.

Randy Goodnight's picture

Eric Schmidt is a deadbeat scumbag!! His venture fund Innovation Endeavors owes my wife's consulting company $600-$700 and hasn't paid.  Fuck him and google.  He kisses the governments ass and licks their ball sack.


Loose Caboose's picture

Yup, it's enough to make you paranoid.  I watched "Return of the Jedi" tonight and then went on Youtube and Google to look up stuff about Boba Fett, my favourite character from Star Wars.  After viewing many scenes that include Vader and stormtroopers, I come to Zerohedge to get caught up on the news and see ads for body armor.  Okay, so now according to the internets spyware, I'm a domestic terrorist shopping for cool duds to pull off a skirmish any time now.  Maybe a drone is coming for me.  Just 'cause I like Boba Fett?  May the farce be with me.

DarthVaderMentor's picture

But in the US the government already knows who you are when you are on the internet. You are not anonymous except for very few instances which require pre-planning and most are transient. Even for an anonymous procsy, all they have to do is go to the carrier records, which they have detailed access to on a regular basis.

IamtheREALmario's picture

Sure ... everything the normal user does is tagged BOTH with the IP address and the MAC address of the specific device used. It is simple "if they should ever need it" to tie the IP and MAC address to individuals by creating a home address and then tracking the MAC address even if it moves from the home location to different domains... thereby creating a profile, that includes mobile activity.

My guess is that "if they should ever need" has become "when feasable based on technology and resources". IMO, real anonymity only comes from blending in... and that can be destroyed at any time. So, now tell me again who "Anonymous" is.

Oldrepublic's picture

In the coming war between tyranny and freedom, we have a champion of freedom in Kim Dotcom and his future vision of complete privacy for internet users

Kim Dotcom wants to encrypt half of the internet to end government surveillance (FULL RT INTERVIEW)

Quoted from the interview with RT

I decided to create a solution that overtime will encrypt more and more of the internet. So we start with files, we will then move to emails, and then move to Voice-Over-IP communication. And our API [Application Programming Interface] is available to any third-party developer to also create their own tools. And my goal is, within the next five years, I want to encrypt half of the Internet


IamtheREALmario's picture

The Hegelian dialectic tells us that there can be no winner in a war between tyranny and freedom. There can only be a resolution when some greater principle joins both opposing sides.

Take the situaiton where democrats and republicans or even various governments around the world who perceived themselves as independent opposing forces, are faced with the realization that they are not independent and in fact there is a higher force controlling all of the activities of both them and their counterparts. It would change the landscape under which they interacted while at the same time creating a dialectic between those who know and those who do not know.... and most likely one between tyranny and freedom... because those who do not know would not perceive the higher imperative that abrogated freedom.

Setarcos's picture

@ bank guy in brussels.

I Googled Dr Les (Leslie - Leszek) Sachs and found numerous entries - reputedly 4,180,000 in all - so I skimmed a few, including a couple on Google censorship(?).

Quite a character this Dr Sachs, are you sure that all he says is true?

He comes across as a rather paranoid jewish convert to christianity, perhaps retaining a legacy of victimism and self-aggrandizement.

His attacks on Patricia Cornwell as a lesbian of ill-repute are possibly libellous and I note that Google has removed some articles because of legal action, not therefore actually censoring.  (I'd never heard of the woman until you, BGIB, raised this Dr Sachs a few posts back ... readers can scroll back to your post, not too far down.)

Why did you cite him as an example of Google censorship, when even a quick search reveals that he was not censored per se?  Also that he possibly a bit unhinged - am I really to believe that he has the Belgium State, the Belgian police and the Royal Family firmly behind him in protection from Washington?

His story of 'escape' from the US reads like a pulp thriller novel.

But the nub of it is supposed to be how evil Google is ... and I fail to see that it is.

I now use g+ a lot, Google of course and YouTube ... someone from the Ukraine tried to hijack the latter account, YouTube blocked it, informed me immediately and suggested a password change.

I have no illusions about major corporations, but I've never had any trouble with Google, though I did with Farcebook ... my account being hacked and more.

andrewp111's picture

It is pretty obvious when ads appear on ZH, Drudge, and elsewhere that are related to a recent google or amazon search.

Zer0head's picture

What does Twitter know about me? My .zip file with 50Mb of data

and This excellent WSJ article from 2010 on Dr. Schmidt

"The power of individual targeting"

Advertisers and local business would likely want to know where Doc lives so that they can distribute the appropriate sales circulars to his mail box  at his summer home in Nantucket

and Doc's house is at  45 Cliff Road conveniently excluded from street view,-70.101249&spn=0.0...

but you can get a closer look if you spend time at where he has a couple of properties hidden behind LLCs with barnyard names like Big Hen LLC etc and this stuffed sheep thing going on at the main house; clearly no symbolism in this image bahhhhh bahhhhh

and this

disabledvet's picture

the best the Nazi's could do was "create detailed files." Now we have entire databases which in effect "paint a picture of who we are better than we even know ourselves." It is unfortunate that we give this data over freely (though not voluntarily i might add) so it's hard for me to see how this doesn't end in a full fledged Constitutional crisis with a commensurate breakdown of "law and order"...or at least "something the media can't take advantage of." Clearly if we're all forced to turn over our "private parts" to the internet in order to just be on it "the thing needs to be regulated." I can't think of a WORSE place "National Security" since they have a revolving door policy with the media...and vice versa. Spying has never been so easy. The irony that we are all far less informed...indeed we're just being lied to so regularly now...should be lost on no one. The "information revolution" has almost entirely become "the disinformation retardation." Phuck off Big Media and your useless mouth pieces. If you want to know why every urban entity in the USA is on the verge of total bankruptcy look no further than yourself.

deeznutz's picture


Remove all of your Google accounts. Make a new one for any android phones you use, don't use your name, etc. Don't use the email for this account. Do not sync your contacts. PHONE ONLY

Setup a VPN via your home router, I use OpenVPN as built into my Buffalo 300N. Change your exit location weekly, monthly, etc

Don't use Google search, ever. Duck duck go is great. Consider blocking in /etc/hosts

Remove your Facebook account. WASTE OF TIME ANYWAY.

Establish paid email hosting outside the US: Norway, Iceland, etc

Use TOR, Adblock, etc. Ghostery may have a data collection tool that sounds spooky to me.

Firefox ! Not Chrome for FUCKSAKE!

edit: also block facebook in /etc/hosts

NuYawkFrankie's picture


AP Business Newswire - Breaking - Google... Schlitz statement....


"To better reflect our current Business Practices (cravenly kowtowing to authoritarian regimes - both home and abroad) GOOGLE will henceforth be known as GROVEL (symb:GRVL).

Also, GROVEL's new motto has been slightly adapted to: "First, Do No Harm - Unless, Of Course, You Can Make a Nickel Out Of it!"

Dont forget - Keep GROVELLING and have a NIce Day"


- Eric Von Shlitz, GROVEL CEO

JOYFUL's picture

Shame on you Frankie...your comic vignette paints a misleading picture of Mr Schmidt and his operation....

far from being a 'groveler', Google and it's main man are both part of the grovelled-to...that shadowy caste to whom the fruits of your labors are dedicated by government decree now...and as written in the talmud back then...


Schmidt: German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name from Middle High German; no von appellation needed...they are the new nobility unto whom you are but cattle.

ebworthen's picture

"John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt, that's my name too!"

I get creative filling out any online information forms.

I try to be male half the time, female the other half.

My birthday is often January 1st, but sometimes December 25th, July 4th, or April 1st just for the fun of it.

Sometimes I grew up with Howdy-Doody, other times Scooby-Doo, or even the Wiggles.

"John Smith, 1227 Oak Street, Peoria, IL 61614"

Yeah Google, that's me, or is it Jane Jones?

Google search has become pretty useless.

What you want is 10 pages in, past ads.

Hey .gov, all that tracking stuff needs electricity, air conditioning, and would get wiped out with a good EMP - not to mention some hacking.

Carry on!

WTF_247's picture

Nothing to worry about here.

Use the principle of "Follow The Money" -

There are simply too many highly monied interests involved in many of the internets top properties - Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr.. the list goes on and on.

It is no small secret that likely 50% of the accounts on these sites are either duplicate (user has more than 1 account) or fraudulent (computer created, posted).  Move to force users to use their real name and all a sudden half the accounts are gone on these properties. Most properties only allow 1 account per user.

 No longer could an individual create 10 Facebook accounts under different names, 200 Twitter, or 500 Wordpress acounts if they like.  In SEO it is common to create 1000s of accounts, used only to boost the rankings of certain websites.  They are all computer controlled - creation, login, posting.

These sites (including Google) have used inflated growth numbers for years to extract high advertising rates and raise VC money.  Just think what would happen if they had to go back to all their big sponsors and say "Oops .. we lied.  We do not have 400 million accounts, there are only 16 million once we filtered out the fake and duplicate accounts".

Google would be shooting themselves in the foot here.  The whole internet space would likely implode and lawsuits would flare up immediately.



TalkToLind's picture

Just make sure you're not logged into G-Mail when you surf;  Google can track you with greater ease when they can associate your web sessions with a specific G-Mail account.  And clear your browser cache often...CCleaner.exe, bitchez.

New_Meat's picture

Load up your machine, have lotsa' stuff goin' on,  Then watch a ZH page load.

NB: the various domains that are loading (attaching?) to the page.

- Ned

ForTheWorld's picture

Install Ghostery as a browser plugin - it prevents a ton of those adverts and other tracking options from being loaded.

I understand those that run Zerohedge wouldn't want to keep reaching into their own pockets to pay for hosting and traffic, but if there were a way for people to anonymously donate to some sort of Zerohedge charity which will use the funds to keep the site running with less advertising.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

I turn off my filters and click the ads on ZH once a week to do my part for TD. 

Rustysilver's picture

A couple years ago, Intel was making CPU with a unique ID. There was some uproar about it and Intel said that they removed it.  My guess is that they disable it but the silicon is still there.


reader2010's picture

Many 19th-century philosophers argued that the capablitiy of modern technology would eventual lead the world into one totalitarian government.

israhole's picture

Goyim will continue to be surpised until they realize they live in the Jew World Order.

bigkahuna's picture

You guys need to draw the differntiation between the Jews and the zionists. Are you going to blame the Christians for the actions of the neocons and neolibs? These people claim to be Christians. 

Do real Christians and Jews engage in droning and random deaths from this type of activity? It is the zionists who are whacked out enough to use the term "Goyim" and harbor the belief they are superior (just like la raza, kkk, and black panthers) same racism, different people.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Simple don't register a profile with google and use all search engines through a redirector outside their jurisdiction or one that purges all records in under 24 hours. Rule number 2 when they ask for a real name you use something like Heywood Jablowme and an address of someone else like Obama's house address in Chicago for example. You guys need to have a little fun with this stuff too once in awhile.

lakecity55's picture

Ja, ZHers. I love to have fun with tricks and phony names.

I been in business long enough to know IF they want you THEY will get you.

However, you should not make it easy.

CC Cleaner is good, all the other stuff.


Proxy servers, etc. spoof your MAC, spoof your IP.

"When you put your hands in a pile of goo that a minute beofre was your best'll know what to do."

_GEN George S Cisco


Father Lucifer's picture

Went to join Google plus yesterday but gave up because they wanted a verified real name. Gave me a whole page of reasons why it's best for me to use my real name. I gave them the finger and didn't join. Internet search is getting useless as everyone wants to install a tool bar before you get anything. Oh how I miss 1998 when I was one of the first users of eBay and selling and buying there was fun and the people were connected. It's all bullshit now. Only the porn and zh are real and I envision the day that I go to zh and simply get 404. Well it was fun while it lasted. As I've done most of my life I spend most of my time with my music collection which is the one thing I have that has really benefited by the digital age. I really don't miss vinyl and mag tape at all.

ForTheWorld's picture

- Install HTTPS Everywhere.
- Install Ghostery.
- Use duck duck go dot com. It doesn't save search results, and the interface is actually way better than Google. You just keep scrolling down, and it keeps loading more results.

However, if the storage device you're using to store music stops working in a spectaular fashion, that music collection will cease to exist fairly quickly. There are times when it's simply impossible to recover data from hard drives.

ExpendableOne's picture

Eh, https does nothing to protect you when your data is flowing through google's data center.  https is simply a transport level protocol.  Machines and browsers are "fingerprinted" via various unique features (MAC address of ethernet port, motherboard serial number, installed software versions, browser, etc, etc).  You are already "known".  Want to be anonymous?  Good luck.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

HTTPS is worthless against BB. They have all the private keys, so it's a snap for them to reverse the encryption. 

Bandit und Buster's picture


Look at Facebook, another zionist/jew orchastration, same thing. 

The same folks that brought us the Soviet revolution of 1917, and the French revolution before that!

Now it's Amerika's turn.

Questions?  See 'The Nameless War'

From an article written on 12th April, 1919, in a paper called The Communist, at Kharkov, by one M. Cohen:

"The great Russian revolution was indeed accomplished by the hands of Jews.

There are no Jews in the ranks of the Red Army as far as privates are

concerned, but in the Committees, and in the Soviet organization as

Commissars, the Jews are gallantly leading the masses. The symbol of Jewry has become the symbol of the Russian proletariat, which can be seen in the fact of the adoption of the five-pointed star, which in former times was the symbol of Zionism and Jewry."   Quoted in “The Nameless War” by Archibald Maule Ramsay


"Jewish history has been tragic to the Jews and no less tragic to the neighboring nations who have suffered them. Our major vice of old as of today is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and good fortune of the rest of the world."

Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, page 18.

-          "The world revolution which we will experience will be exclusively our affair and will rest in our hands. This revolution will tighten the Jewish domination over all other people." - Le Peuple Juif, February 8, 1919. 


Umh's picture

Be honest most of the assholes in our police state claim to be Christians. If you keep looking for Jews in the shadows the Christian assholes will get you and maybe they will get you anyway.

otto skorzeny's picture

This police state of which you speak is nothing more than a standing mercenary army for the 12 Tribesman that run the banks, the Fed and DC.

CH1's picture

These tools are just trying to derail the conversation, and Jew hate is about the best way to do it.

Guess who they work for.

otto skorzeny's picture

tell us who we work for oh "Chosen One"? after the banks and AIPAC's US Congress fucked everybody over in 2008 people are lucky to have any job. I'm guessing you and Las Vegas Hebe work for Mossad.

Rustysilver's picture

About 70% of NKVD members were Jewish.