STaTe OF THe BaNaNa; PoSiTiVe CoNTaGioN; DoRNeR UPDaTE...aND a PeNGuiN!

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Jamie is watching Barack
The guys in the crowd are in shock
Boehner is crying 
Barack must be lying
As he demos the size of his cock

The Limerick King





These Stoners are blowing some smoke
They're hiding the fact that they're broke
The only contagion
Is growth that they're stagin'
It's time drugged-up sheeple awoke!

The Limerick King





Be on the lookout for Toner
A mask wearing Ivy League loner
He's killing a nation
With printed inflation
And Kleptocrats give him a boner

The Limerick King






Human pixels: the background image at the Pengiuin Games is a constantly changing image. 30,000 North Korean children are forced to continually turn flip cards to make the new images of Dear Penguin.

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Kill first and ask questions later!
Grandmaster Shaftus the movie. He came, he saw, he shit himself! I ask myself every day, why does a man who seeks leadership of the free world wish to imprison it?

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Hey check this one out, I just did a Checklist of Governments in Terminal Decline (kind of stolen from Simon Black) in-terminal.html

steveo77's picture

big bro aint got no fro!

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William did you notice the proposal to give drone operators medals?  Via AP

Pentagon reveals new medal for drone operators, cyber attack troops: Distinguished Warfare Medal Medal is designed to recognize members of the military who may not be on the front lines of combat, but perform an ‘extraordinary achievement’ in a military operation. I know it presents a juicy target for your work.
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This guy should be shot just on principle.

ShakaZulu's picture

All the Dorner look a likes can breath a sigh of relief.

WTFUD's picture

The Great Dictator. Such is the lack of moral fibre, leadership skills and good old fashioned Intelligence within his own party and that of the opposition to an even greater extent, that One man, possessing mediocre life skills at best, can wield the power of life and death and go unchallenged, is soberly frightning.

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The silence from Calypso Louie and the Reverand Wright is deafening.

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OK, so who at Turner Network decided to run Citizen Cane during the State of the Union address?


And if Susan Alexander is Mr. Obama, is Mr. Soros or Mr Bloomberg Mr. Cain?  Is there a third possibility?  Perhaps Patty and the SLA instead of Officer Droner on split screen would've worked just as well. 


Welles should've written books of prophecy for the Old Testament.  Or maybe a "Revelation" according to Orson.




Where's the rest of my warm red wine?





the grateful unemployed's picture

they're running Oscar month ahead of the ceremonies. [just like they handed out the peace prize before POTUS went to war] so maybe we can all sleep believing the press is there to fulfill a constitutional mandate [what is freedom of the press without a press?] and make a corporate profit of course. Kane was an instant historical masterpiece, Wells was making a parody, but no matter how much he guffawed his way through trite stories, fancy camera angles, and faux art, people took him seriously. [Touch of Evil, Heston wearing man tan and a finger painted mustache, - was he the original dirty sanchez? - god that movie is hilarious. Marlene Dietrich making that silly speech, what is a man?] perhaps at the end Lady From Shanghai, did he ever get all the pieces together, (with his star wifes money, who he shot in the final scene in that mirrored funhouse, how did a man who couldn't tell a joke get to be the patriarch of american film?) well he was young and talkative and he a flair for the dramatic. why not? why not bush, why not obama? they don't count the voters anyway. relax, the oscar balloting is far more righteous (unless they're handing out honorary oscars to the Brits for making films about their royal family, even oscar has to pay his dues)

blindman's picture

Cargo Cult, how gods and religions appear
i think this goes here?

blindman's picture
Participate in the SOTU
so many dick cheny look alikes in the crowd.
progress to report. brave men coming home.....
etc ...

q99x2's picture

I recognize that keiser ad.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Thanks William I pasted your last State of the Banana across Facebook about 25 could cut the air in the room with a knife!!

joego1's picture

Mommy what country is this?

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My subjects, I stand before you tonight to tell you the banana republic is strong!

(Applause from cronies)

I promised that, under my rule, I would be transparent. And I have. I rammed through the largest, most unconscionable forms of taxation on you serfs that has ever been done and you witnessed it all. It even has my name on

(Whistles and cheers)

I also signed off on Dodd-Frank. This piece of legislation was crafted and ushered through Congress by two of the most contemptable, morally vacant, ethically challenged men in Congress, who are unfortunately for me, no longer there. They listened carefully to the former Wall Street lobbyists on their staffs and crafted this law especially for the investment banker.

(Dollar bills drop from the ceiling onto a smiling Obama)

Furthermore, while I was biding my time and plotting to take your guns away, I unleashed the DOJ with instructions to get guns into the hands of Mexican drug gangs which met with great success. Building on that success, I approved running guns out of Benghazi to jihadists from Syria to Mali.

(Applause from cronies & the Allah Akbar amen corner)

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How long will it be before the "mass games" start in earnest here?  With Debt Brother's face in the cards...

Moon Pie's picture

Bitchin stuff Willie B VII.....LAPD Alert is genius.

willwork4food's picture

Love the Kaiser report billboard.

whoopsing's picture

Thats some f unny shit right there William..I'm bustin'

DoneThis2Long's picture

It looks like the chia-o'bozo!!!


Careless Whisper's picture

More and more rumors that Janet Yellen will take over the Fed Reserve Cartel next year, so I hope Mister Banzai7 is gearing up.

DoneThis2Long's picture

Is Vegas offering odds on how many times Dear Leader will be blessing us us with "I' ...."me" ..... and otherwise self seving and congratulatory statements ???

Someone must beoffering something along those lines.

Boxed Merlot's picture

Vegas offering odds...


Don't know for sure, but the "take a shot" game with the rules you've described will likely see fatalities in the ER tonight.  (Even with a diluted Makers Mark.) 

mt paul's picture

he will use a half dozen 

" you know's "

to give him time to find his place

on the telepromter...

blindman's picture

speaking of what seems impossible. that burned out
truck with the broken axle. followed by extensive man hunt
and he got away? really? really? presumptively, it was
either he was never there or he is dead, pick one. presumptively.
either way we are dealing with a high degree of disinformation, imho,
but that is the signature of our failure to date.

monad's picture

Allegedly they found him and he returned fire, killing 1 and injuring another cop. I imagine the manhunters are having a field day. This tragedy will be over soon.
But I heard this from the same CFR tools who lied about everything else. Its probably all bullshit to manipulate public opinion.

Seeking Beta's picture

Hahaha....Can't stop laughing!

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Droner, Toner:  LOL!

Yes, Dorner is a murderer suffering from an epic episode of Cognitive Dissonance turned to destruction, but the bigger criminals who are killing innocent Women and Children from above, raping the Constitution, devaluing the currency and pushing us to the brink of collapse have their meals cooked for them and served on fine china with sliver cutlery and are lauded as "saviors".

Hell on wheels.

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The true satanic component to it is that they get americans to pay for it. I was watching some CNN today and they were lamenting that it is "too soon" (10+ years) to pull the troops out of afganistan. Followed by a panel that said "americans dont really care about the war in afganistan" 

blindman's picture

cnn is the devil's blow-horn ! all bullshit all day everyday,
pretending and acting, like they do journalism or something
close to it. they have no idea what america cares about other
than what they can cajole america into caring about, or forgetting.
shame on you for letting them infect your steam of consciousness.
just kidding about the shame thing.

wisefool's picture

Amazing as always. Thank you William.

otto skorzeny's picture

ben and mario's loose money actions convince me they've been smoking a lot of "tied stick"-you know - that shit that's tied to a stick

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here's the theme for tonight, because of our brave men in Afghanistan, we're winning the war, and we can start to withdraw troops (see closeup medal of honor winner, and polite applause) because the economy is improving we anticipate fewer people on unemployment, and food stamps (huge applause from the GOP), and we can start to wind down the stimulus programs for banks, (which weren't doing any good any way) and current levels of growth we will be operating under the current debt ceiling in another year (light applause, some big yawns), that's why its important to stay the course. we plan to educate people about the dangers of guns in the home, and we are already seeing lower levels of gun violence, (just not in Chicago) which demonstrates this approach is working and we can actually reduce gun registration bottle necks, while seeing that only the mentally competent and decent gun users have guns (just like its says in the constitution, only the people who meet my definition of sane are allowed to have guns) i promise you that no drones will be used to spy on or attack americans. (we have a kangaroo court which will immediately reclassify anyone we want to assasinate as an enemy combatant, and once reclassified you have no right to appeal, so there) now in the real news i want to announce a cabinet shakeup, I am going to be the new POPE, head of the Vatican. Mr Bernanke will take my job, and Ms Clinton will be Secretary of War, a new cabinet position. I will work toward Peace from Rome, while our Sec of W (catchy acronym huh?) will continue to keep the unbelievers in line. Thank you its been a lot of fun serving you all.

CompassionateFascist's picture

Actually, Sec. of Defense used to be called Sec. of War. 'Course that was back when Mordor-on-the-Potomoc didn't lie about everything all the time. 

The Heart's picture
"Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful!" Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.
SmittyinLA's picture

Pssst I have a van full of toner 

goldfish1's picture

I like "poser" for the bernank caption.

The Heart's picture

Falling off the chair...grasping for breath...cousins Cheech and and prayerful tears fall.

Gawd!!!...we all love it.

Big giant huge pats upon your back Sir Billy Bob for unparalleled good works.

No one does it like you good one.

Gratitude and appreciation BIG!...from the Heart.