Bush Was a Total Disaster ... Obama Is WORSE

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More Redistribution of Wealth to the Richest

Sure, Bush made the rich richer.

But Obama has actually redistributed wealth from the middle class to the very richest more than Bush.

Specifically, income inequality has increased more under Obama than under Bush.

Indeed, inequality in America today is worse than it was in Gilded Age America, modern Egypt, Tunisia or Yemen, many banana republics in Latin America, twice as bad as in ancient Rome  – which was built on slave labor – and worse than experienced by slaves in 1774 colonial America.

A new study shows that the richest Americans captured more than 100% of all recent income gains.  As Huffington Post notes:

The top 1 percent of households by income captured 121 percent of all income gains between 2009 and 2011, during the first two years of the economic recovery, according to new research by Emmanuel Saez, an economics professor at the University of California at Berkeley. (Saez is a renowned income inequality expertand winner of the prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, an award that the American Economic Association gives every year to the top economist under age 40.)


How was the top 1 percent able to capture more than all of the recovery’s income gains? They became 11.2 percent richer while the bottom 99 percent got 0.4 percent poorer, when accounting for inflation, according to Saez.


Saez released the updated figures in late January after finding last year that the top 1 percent had captured 93 percent of all income gains in 2010, the first full year of the economic recovery.


Overall, between 1993 and 2011, the top 1 percent’s incomes surged 57.5 percent, while the incomes of the bottom 99 percent grew just 5.8 percent, according to Saez.

One of the reasons why the super-rich are becoming much richer and everyone else poorer is that Obama is prosecuting fewer financial crimes than Bush, or his father or Ronald Reagan.

And by pointing out that inequality is skyrocketing, we’re not calling for a redistribution of wealth downward.  We’re calling for an end to policies which allow wealth to be concentrated in a few hands.

Without the government’s creation of the too big to fail banks (they’ve gotten much bigger under Obama), the Fed’s intervention in interest rates and the markets (most of the quantitative easing has occurred under Obama), and government-created moral hazard emboldening casino-style speculation (there’s now more moral hazard than ever before) … things wouldn’t have gotten nearly as bad.

Indeed, crony capitalism has gotten even worse under Obama.

We noted in 2011:

All of the monetary and economic policy of the last 3 years has helped the wealthiest and penalized everyone else. See this, this and this.




Economist Steve Keen says:

“This is the biggest transfer of wealth in history”, as the giant banks have handed their toxic debts from fraudulent activities to the countries and their people.

Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz said in 2009 that Geithner’s toxic asset plan “amounts to robbery of the American people”.


And economist Dean Baker said in 2009 that the true purpose of the bank rescue plans is “a massive redistribution of wealth to the bank shareholders and their top executives”.

More Trampling of Civil Liberties

The Hill reports:

A majority of voters believe President Obama has been no better than his immediate predecessor, President George W. Bush, when it comes to balancing national security with the protection of civil liberties, according to a new poll for The Hill.


Thirty-seven percent of voters argue that Obama has been worse than Bush while 15 percent say he has been “about the same.”




The results cannot be fully explained as party line responses. More than one in five self-identified Democrats, 21 percent, assert that the Obama administration has not improved upon Bush’s record. So do 23 percent of liberals.

We’ve reported for years that Obama is even more brutal than Bush, and that he’s claimed some tyrannical powers that not only Bush – but even Hitler, Stalin and King George – never claimed.

The former head of the National Security Agency’s global digital data gathering program – William Binney – says that he pervasiveness of spying under Obama has only “gotten worse”.

Obama has prosecuted more whistleblowers than Bush and all other presidents combined.

Obama has dramatically escalated the use of drone assassinations, which are creating many more terrorists than they are killing.  Nice job creating more terroristsyou morons. The former chief military prosecutor at Guantanamo says that Obama’s drone surge is as damaging to our country as Bush’s torture program.  I think he’s actually underestimating damage from the program, as drones have become the number 1 recruiting tool for Al Qaeda (especially since children are now being targeted for drone assassination …  Oh, and torture is still happening on Obama’s watch; background).

Bush destroyed much of the separation of powers which made our country great.  Under Obama, it's gotten worse.  For example, the agency which decides who should be killed by drone is the same agency which spies on all Americans.

While some try to say that at least Obama didn’t start any disastrous wars, Obama has in fact launched wars in Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan and up to 35 African nations. And the Obama administration has probably supported even more terrorists – in Libya, Syria and elsewhere – than Bush. See this, this, this, this and this.

Even mainstream Democrats who support Obama’s national security policies more or less admit that they are simply falling into a cult of personality.

So Bush was a disaster … but Obama is worse.

Postscript:  Obama apologists say "at least Obama has created jobs".  But some economists argue that unemployment has actually skyrocketed under Obama (and see this).

Given that government policy is ensuring high unemployment levels, that Obama - despite his words - actually doesn't mind high unemployment, that virtually all of the government largesse has  gone to Wall Street instead of Main Street or the average American, and that a “jobless recovery” is a redistribution of wealth from the little guy to the big boys, Obama's actions in the area of employment don't change our conclusion.

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There's little evidence that Obama has any clue what's going on around him. They didn't even wake him up for the Bengazi attack. 

MickV's picture

Doesn't matter. He is doing what he is told, and he was put there to effectuate the dissolution of US sovereignty, the Constitution and the rule of law---- His existence in the chair is enuf.

MickV's picture

The law of nature (law of nations--- see A1S8C10) stipulates that no matter where a man is born, it will only be his place of birth if his father is a foreigner, the country of the father is the country of the son. Natural born Citizens are born in a country of that country's citizens (see Minor v. Happersett, 88 US 162, 167 (1874), see also Vattel's Law of Nations, Book 1 Ch. 212). Obama even told us so in "Dreams FROM My Father". Obama is a foreign agent of the NWO, put in place specifically to effect the dissolution of US Sovereignty--- if the President is illegal then there is no law---- seen any law for the Oligarchy? There is no US anymore, it was Usurped by the NWO criminal Oligarchy of Bankers, Corporations, the political class, and Sychophant "celebrities", and protected by the Useful idiots of the media.

Federalist 68, by Alexander Hamilton (March 1788) gives us the reason for the natural born Citizen--to prevent the foreign influence of "an improper ascendant". The word "ascendant" was used for a reason, as it means "influence" and "ancestor", i.e the improper influence of a foreign ancestor (Barack Obama Sr., a British subject of Kenya, who was never a US Citizen or leagal resident, thus Obama can never be a natural born Citizen).

"Nothing was more to be desired than that every practicable obstacle should be opposed to cabal, intrigue, and corruption. These most deadly adversaries of republican government might naturally have been expected to make their approaches from more than one querter, but chiefly from the desire in foreign powers to gain an improper ascendant in our councils. How could they better gratify this, than by raising a creature of their own to the chief magistracy of the Union? But the convention have guarded against all danger of this sort, with the most provident and judicious attention." Federalist 68


"Raising a creature of their own"--- Raising from birth the son of US Citizen PARENTS. Speak the truth GW, and it will set you free. You are aiding the deconstruction of the Republic by not contributing to the necessary mass awareness that there is no US--- it has been Usurped.

Sudden Debt's picture

Yawn... Who's the bigger idiot?

Obama or the morons who voted for him?


on the other hand... it's not like there where many options... you had to pick on between a total moron and a total idiot...



NuYawkFrankie's picture

Dumb & Dumber - JIm Carey / Jeff Daniels

Worse & Worserer - Dumbya / O'Bummer

Element's picture



A quote from the master-fascist and grand Statist propagandizer (no, not O-baaaah-mah, who is a mere crap-on-the-rug of hystery of Statism) regarding the nature of the sheeple, and of the paranoid, and of the more dangerous 'awaken' ones.

So why even quote Hitler? Is anything he said relevant?

The reason is that the people who constructed the situation we're now in read Hitler, and they constantly utilise his basic insights. Oh, they may not have been taught this stuff directly from Mein Kampf itself, but they have certainly re-written and expounded on the principles within Mein Kampf to great extent subsequently (by those who did read and learn the propaganda precepts contained within Mein Kampf). They no longer need Mein Kampf, only because they have written a version more suitable to their particular cuntry's needs.

This quote explains a great deal about why we have a vile murdering little creep like iBigEars following on from iBush, and why duel-citizen-infiltrated democratic statism leads to these fascist police-state hyper-militarised warmongering outcomes. Such a society is not just financialized to oblivion as Govt is destroyed by corruption, it's concurrently 'militarized', until a state of TOTAL WAR comes about.  Everything is smashed, they renounce the evils of money-printing, reject the police-state and fascism (that was "just following [statist] orders"), and the-criminals-that-be then kick it all off again ... weee!


" ... One visible result of wrong educational system was the fear of shouldering responsibility and the resultant weakness in dealing with obvious vital problems of existence.
The starting point of this epidemic, however, was in our parliamentary institution where the shirking of responsibility is particularly fostered. Unfortunately the disease slowly spread to all branches of everyday life but particularly affected the sphere of public affairs. Responsibility was being shirked everywhere and this led to insufficient or half-hearted measures being taken, personal responsibility for each act being reduced to a minimum.
If we consider the attitude of various Governments towards a whole series of really pernicious phenomena in public life, we shall at once recognize the fearful significance of this policy of half-measures and the lack of courage to undertake responsibilities. I shall single out only a few from the large numbers of instances known to me.
In journalistic circles it is a pleasing custom to speak of the Press as a Great Power within the State. As a matter of fact its importance is immense. One cannot easily overestimate it, for the Press continues the work of [Party State] education even in adult life. Generally, readers of the Press can be classified into three groups:
First, those who believe everything they read;
Second, those who no longer believe anything;
Third, those who critically examine what they read and form their judgments accordingly.
Numerically, the first group is by far the strongest, being composed of the broad masses of the people. Intellectually, it forms the simplest portion of the nation. It cannot be classified according to occupation but only into grades of intelligence. Under this category come all those who have not been born to think for themselves or who have not learnt to do so and who, partly through incompetence and partly through ignorance, believe everything that is set before them in print. To these we must add that type of lazy individual who, although capable of thinking for himself out of sheer laziness gratefully absorbs everything that others had thought over, modestly believing this to have been thoroughly done. The influence which the Press has on all these people is therefore enormous; for after all they constitute the broad masses of a nation. But, somehow they are not in a position or are not willing personally to sift what is being served up to them; so that their whole attitude towards daily problems is almost solely the result of extraneous influence. All this can be advantageous where public enlightenment is of a serious and truthful character, but great harm is done when scoundrels and liars take a hand at this work.
[we don't seem many of these at zh]
The second group is numerically smaller, being partly composed of those who were formerly in the first group and after a series of bitter disappointments are now prepared to believe nothing of what they see in print. They hate all newspapers. Either they do not read them at all or they become exceptionally annoyed at their contents, which they hold to be nothing but a congeries of lies and misstatements. These people are difficult to handle; for they will always be sceptical of the [Party-State's] truth. Consequently, they are useless for any form of positive work.
[We see a LOT of this second group at zh]
The third group is easily the smallest, being composed of real intellectuals whom natural aptitude and education have taught to think for themselves and who in all things try to form their own judgments, while at the same time carefully sifting what they read. They will not read any newspaper without using their own intelligence to collaborate with that of the writer and naturally this does not set writers an easy task. Journalists appreciate this type of reader only with a certain amount of reservation.
[There are not many, and not enough of these people anywhere (let alone at zh) hence they are ignored by the first group, whether in a democracy, or in a dictatorship, it makes no difference. Stalin and also the little red book ChiComs just had the third group exterminated, the second group went to a gulag re-education slave labour camp, and were generally fucked-up and irrelevant from there on.]
Hence the trash that newspapers are capable of serving up is of little danger much less of importance to the members of the third group of readers. In the majority of cases these readers have learnt to regard every journalist as fundamentally a rogue who sometimes speaks the truth. Most unfortunately, the value of these readers lies in their intelligence and not in their numerical strength, an unhappy state of affairs in a period where wisdom counts for nothing and majorities for everything. Nowadays when the voting papers of the masses are the deciding factor; the decision lies in the hands of the numerically strongest group; that is to say the first group, the crowd of simpletons and the credulous.
It is an all-important interest of the State and a national duty to prevent these people from falling into the hands of false, ignorant or even evil-minded teachers. Therefore it is the duty of the State to supervise their education and prevent every form of offence in this respect. Particular attention should be paid to the Press; for its influence on these [Group #1] people is by far the strongest and most penetrating of all; since its effect is not transitory but continual. Its immense significance lies in the uniform and persistent repetition of its teaching. Here, if anywhere, the State should never forget that all means should converge towards the same end. It must not be led astray by the will-o-the-wisp of so-called freedom of the Press, or be talked into neglecting its duty, and withholding from the nation that which is good and which does good. With ruthless determination the State must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the State and the Nation."
Mein Kampf - Chapter 10 - Adolf Hitler

(emphasis added)


And that is the simple clear understanding about human societies that all these sick statist fucks utilize against us, and against the possibility of sanity emerging in human affairs.  Most humans simply are born to be group #1.

And this is why no matter how corrupt and how opposite to the truth these leaders are, and are presented, the majority will still ignore the facts and the implications, and follow these despicable arseholes like iBigEars to their absolutely assured painful brutal decimation, impoverishment and starvation.

The populist masses will always be group #1, and the predator state will always be leading them by the nose via the press. And look at who controls the press and follywood - on behalf of the Obuma-Police-State.


The truth about humans ain't pretty, nor hopey/optimistic.

DoneThis2Long's picture

Sadly, those of us, who'd like to think that belong in the "turd" group .... we've been left with precious little source of credible info. The recent anti-gun movement has truly exposed the mindless sheeple in the media. Not a fucking one with an independent mind .... contrary to their inflated egos and beliefs. Mostly intellectual midgets.

In my worst nightmares I never thought, I'd be parsing RT and Al Jazeera for some hint of credible news. I am now eyeballing Ethiopian News as they lack any sophistication and I expect livestock to cross the stage at any time, while I wait for them to slip some kernels of news others would rather keep hidden.

The level of decay is simply stunning. And the corruption likewise.

Just look at the damn "assault weapons ban" ..... they blast the fuck out of a semi AR, most versatile of all, in case of emergency, you can use it to hunt some game, feed or defend a family .... whatever. But when you read the request for a quote of 7000 weapons, a fully automatic "Personal Defense Weapon" which fits the description of an  AR to the slightest detail, including 2 30 round mags, yet, the semi version of it, in civilian hands is an "assault weapon", in LEO's hands is a "Personal Defense Weapon", and all government officials need not comply with the ban!!!!!

What the fuck!!!! Really ..... How in God's name can any self respecting journalist, regardless of 2A beliefs, cannot question the proposal being floated????

Absolutely no different than saying a keyboard in my hands are a propaganda tool, but the same thing in the hands of some bozo at CNN, or WaPo or ... or ,,,,, is a journalistic tool and as such, I am not protected under 1a, but he is.

So long as the sheeple buy it .... it goes.

Bloomberg is about as close to a Nazi as one could get. And he is no longer hiding it.

Maddening .... just maddening.

Element's picture

Agree RE RT, one of the few telling it like it is in many areas, but the online comments are quite full of "Group #2".  Personally I have a very hard time telling the difference between Al Jazeera and the BBC, change the TV logos and you really would have a hard time telling the difference via the content and narratives.

I don't buy the idea that communism or Nazism or liberalism or democracy-ism is the culprit', nor the press per-sec, the real problem is the state, it's the ravening brutalizing predatory lie-mongering monster they all coalesce around.

But when you see the accuracy of this simple generalized appraisal Hitler made about the nature of human societies, it can't help to leave you rather disappointed in human beings, because its something that's acutely evident once pointed out and you focus on this practical simpleton-ness, the shear dedicated gullible stupidity of most humans. Homer Simpson is not an urban myth, a mere cartoon character, he's a lampooned Americanized Archetype of the broad-masses within every society.

And the non Group #1 people will always be entrained, captured, swept-up along with these wonton idiots. The STATE makes sure of it, and that we are thus impaired and held back and exploited, as much as it can arrange. And the dutiful deluded Group #1 will always enable the State to do that.

That's the truly maddening thing, the deeply-disappointing prosaic feature of humanity, as expressed in 'the state'.

DoneThis2Long's picture

Agree RE RT, one of the few telling it like it is in many areas, but the online comments are quite full of "Group #2"

I never read their comments. Hell, been to their site once maybe twice. They are on basic TV so I use them as background noise until they get on my nerves, which does not take long, and off they go.

I've noticed a decent amount of spin on their live, on-air commentaries, but truth be told, the subject matter (our doings) is also so manipulated for domestic consumption that they kind of negate each other.

Agreed on "All-Jeez" .... it does have BBC written all over it. They correctly figured that the westerners would see through the beheading and US flag burning, the (not so) "veiled" antipathy towards the West, so they figured they better hire some retired BBC faces and reel in some fat-asses from the west, and see how they can slowly be converted.

And to think that CNN had the world firmly in its hands, especially with the 30 minutes rebroadcast of no opinions, no spin, no bullshit .... "just the facts Jack". Then Time Warner & AOL moved in and killed it. Now even Nancy Grace seems like an intellectual pursuit program compared to the fountain of shit they keep pumping out. I guess, today they pretty much decided to engage MSNBC in a race to the bottom of the shit-bucket. They are not far from speeding past Springer on the way down.

Speaking of which .... That show alone is a testimonial to the level of societal degradation gripping the nation. How anyone in their right mind could watch that shit is beyond me. But what do I know.

The internet and computers offered a wonderful opportunity for widening of horizons, unfortunately, the corporations quickly moved in and took over ensuring equal opportunity stupidity. The amount of garbage across hundreds of channels is just mind warping. The thing is, if people demanded more and better, and took action if let down, they'd make a world of good, but ....

Anyways ... gotta split. Nice chatting with ya' See ya' on the boards. and g'luck.

Element's picture

Yup to all that. The issue is also that where there's real conversation occurring online, Statists now spurge tax-payer dollahs to employ and train Group #1 drones to interfere with forums and blogs which are too factual or truthful. They're actively interdicting to prevent 'non-drone' intelligent willful behavior emerging that might militate against the stranglehold they have on the masses of society, via the tool of their thoroughly domesticated and self-censoring MSM poodle-press.


AnAnonymous's picture

'American' servants to the middle class are going to take their cuts on any operation demanded by the 'american' middle class. There is no doubt on it.

But the article misses the big point: the redistribution of wealth from the former middle class to the consolidated middle class.

At present times, despite all their intelligence and means, 'american' servants to the middle class have figured out no other solution to save the middle class but to sacrifice part of it to ensure the survival of the remaining part.

The biggest redistribution plan is how part of the middle class's wealth is being taken to be given to the rest of the middle class so that the latter can endure the end of the globalization process.

That is the way it is.

AnAnonymous's picture

Obama is just the continuation of the previous president.

Bush and Obama are 'americans'. They all serve(d) the 'american' middle class. So they will keep doing what the 'american' middle class order them to do.

In this case, it is just a simple matter of order. Obama would have come first, would have acted on the same level as Bush while the Bush coming in second, would have acted on Obama's level.

A mere question of order, one is the continuation of the other, as 'americanism' dictates the terms of governance.

Hopefully for 'american' propagandists, the next president, the one after the 'american' negro in Washington, will behave as a continuation. So a very similar article shall be written in five or six years.

Aint 'americanism' a beautiful thing? It provides to 'americans' from all stripes opportunities to perpetuate their little business.

AnAnonymous's picture

You have to give that to 'americans', their 'american' nature gives them that 'american' special humour touch.

That it must be explained to them how it is possible to capture more than 100pc of recent income gains shows how 'americans' are now imbued with their own propaganda and fantasy.

In no growth environment, the rich man's gains are the poor's losses is straigthforward but this might also happens in a growth environment.

But hey, as long as there are Indians to steal from, it is all okay, 'americans' can deny at will that little fact.

Oh, wait, I've just received a little memo straight down from reality: holy cow, it reads that Indians are a very scarce commodity these days and that 'americans' who are thieves by nature, have no other choices but stealing from themselves to keep expressing their eternal nature.

Element's picture

but .. but ... you say it like it's a bad thing!

DoneThis2Long's picture

I am joining this party a little late.

My take is somewhat different.

Shrub was bush-whacked by 911, and all that was related to it (and by that I am speaking of all aspects of the aftermath .... homeland, Gitmo, etc) therefore all terrorist rooted.

As I see it, I trace all those to Billy-blow-me -Clinton, whom IMO was greatly overrated. He was one lucky SOB. On the economic front, he benefited from:

  • the PC entering the workplace, something which he had absolutely nothing to do with, other than being at the right place at the right time,
  • PC revolution, not only created a whole new industry (PC production), but many branches thereof (software, internet, telecom, and computerizing of older industries, such as manufacturing, etc, etc)
  • increased productivity many times over. The productivity increase, while eliminating many jobs, was not felt due to the economic expansion which in turn created jobs in the new industries thus, absorbing the displaced employees
  • modernizing of the military, and otherwise older industries cannot emphasized enough
  • and lets not forget the huge huge ~trillion+ in "peace dividend" which went into ballancing the budget he so much crows about, something he did not do but inheritted from Uncle Ron Reagan.

I give him credit for not fucking around with the evolution and progression of the computer age.

On the other hand, he's made some huge blunders, which seem negligible at 1st blush but had, and continue to have, huge and long lasting, if not everlasting effect:

  • repeal of Glass-Steagall act ... we know where that led,
  • got way too comfy with the chinese and allowed way way way way too liberal of trade policies with china to get started, and once started there was no turning back. In effect he allowed the planting of so many horrible policies which only blossomed and multiplied from there,
  • following the cold war, I opined that instead of dismantling so much of the military and shadow-box for training, he should have turned the military to hunt for narco traffickers, which in effect would have been much like dealing with the terrorists - in so many ways same strategies, but the biggest of the big, not taking on the terrorists which were just starting to fuck with us ...
    • '93 1st Twin Towers attack
    • '95 Riyadh U.S. military headquarters, killing 5 U.S. servicemen
    • '96 Dhahran truck bomb exploded outside Khobar Towers military complex, killing 19 American servicemen and injuring hundreds
    • '98 Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: truck bombs exploded almost simultaneously near 2 U.S. embassies, killing 224 (213 in Kenya and 11 in Tanzania) and injuring about 4,500
    • I think in '98 there was a bombing of a disco visited by our servicemen and 2 more were killed (as I recall)
    • '00 U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole heavily damaged when a small boat loaded with explosives blew up alongside it. 17 sailors killed.

By the time Bubba took over, AQ had already evolved so much so that it took over Afghanistan.

Also, lets not forget the charlatan Chalabi (sp?)who bullshited Wolfowitz (as I recall) into believing that if the US took out Saddam, he and a team of capable expats, would take right over for a smooth transition ....., As it turned out Chalabi was a bigger crook than Saddam and his charming children.

In going against Iraq, the turks, our beloved NATO friends and allies, fucked us over well, when they denied access to our troops using their soil so to open a 2nd front from the north. Our fleet was awaiting just outside their waters for I forgot how many days/weeks while their parliament jerked around, yet we desperately needed to get moving. They ended up denying the request, so the troops arrived many weeks late (major fight was over by the time they arrived) - Ironically, instead of turning our back on them now, we are defending their asses with a couple of Patriot batteries.

Perhaps the biggest fuckup was not dropping a dud on Iran delivering an "air mail" note informing them that if they interfere in the least, we'd drop many live versions of the dud. We could have attacked many military and government "points of interest" not to mention taking out their nuke sites.

There is more that could be said but what boils down to, Clinton wanted to make changes but respected the due-process, the Constitution and it was not win at any price. His intent was not diabolical nor destructive of the American way.

Bush 43, was handed a bad hand from Clinton, and was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was patriotic and pro America.

As for Barry, for openers, I am not sure he is even eligible to be America's president. As for his abilities, intent and desires ....I honestly believe he is deliberately sabotaging the nation, driving it to financial ruin, and making irreversible changes by destroying virtually every single "system" which made this nation what it was. Our medical system was 2nd to none but it will not withstand obamacare. Our foreign relations have been virtually annihilated along with our credibility and trust, our military .... hell, our soldiers are offing themselves just to get it over with, in numbers the enemy cannot match, not exactly conducive to future volunteers tripping over themselves be it for benefits or out of patriotism. Banking system has been reduced to 4-5 uber banks, allowed to charge rates of 26%+, which in the 70s & 80's when prime was about 16-18% would have been considered loan-sharking and prosecuted accordingly. Many of our landmark corporations have been dismantled and their intellectual properties stolen for pennies on the dollar (Kodak one spectacular example), many of them falling prey to unfair business practices for the chinese owned and supported corporations. Cronyism unlike anything any of us have ever seen. Completely hidden and veiled governing practices - contrary to campaign promises of open government. Hardly any campaign promises kept. But perhaps most damaging of all, narcissistic anti-Constitutional, anti-American destructive and irreparable policies, based on deep rooted hate for the American nation and Americans in general, a nation and peoples he so benefited from.

Under his presidency, more wealthy and well established Americans have either moved out of the country, or/and denounced their citizenship than under any other president that I am aware of.

And now he is trying to pass perhaps the two most damaging policies yet: "immigration" (12,-15 million illegals, plus millions of hardened criminals) becoming one of us soon to be followed by another 40-50 million other family members, most adding to the expense side of the equation not to the income (ie tax revenue), adding further competition for fewer jobs and education opportunities,

And last but not least,  "gun control" (more like annihilation of 2A), his goal in establishing a totalitarian system, 180 degrees opposite of what the founding fathers had in mind, and what millions of Americans died defending and fighting for.

Why this bastard has not been impeached long ago is beyond me.


EDITED to add: "and lets not forget the huge huge ~trillion+ in "peace dividend" which went into ballancing the budget he so much crows about, something he did not do but inheritted from Uncle Ron Reagan."

steveo77's picture
Would they tell?From Oct 22, 2012

If the Earth was going to fly through a "cloud" of meteors, would "they" tell you?

Supposedly, something as small as 400ft across could have earth devastating effects.   What if we were going to fly through a high density zone of meteors say 50 ft to 600ft in diameter?   And take maybe 200 serious hits?



nothing can go wrogn's picture

"If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal." ~Emma Goldman

Element's picture

black is the new white

murderous self-righteous preening arsehole is the new 'good-guy'

I think we all knew this already george.

q99x2's picture

It will also be Obama's problem more than it was Bushes as the NWO continues to crumble. Elite's are begining to turn on each other.

Depends on how long he can continue to believe his shell game. It is a dangerous confidence game they are playing and everyone believes they will be able to control it once it gets out of control.

Oh well.

The meteor thing is less likely to be a problem. Unexpected shit always happens at the worst time. There is a connectedness of the outside to the inside that is not well understood. Mass hysteria after a loss of confidence is not likely to be controlled. Best bet: prepare to go underground and wait it out.

blindman's picture

today, home is where the heart is eaten by ghosts and goblins.
it is sytemically de-man-ded, easily de-fied and de-nied.
de-fy and de ny ..... fight and accept, re collect. ongoing
mort gage .....ga- ....mes

Curt W's picture

My 72 yo mom and I were talking last month, and she mentioned how much the world had changed in her life. computers, cell phones, robots on mars ect.

Then she asked me, "Iwonder what it will be like when Shaun(her 3yo grandson) is 72.

I answered he will probably be back to riding a horse.

She was shocked, I said the Egyptions, Greeks, and Romans all had their society fall, there is no reason this one won't too.

She is suddenly paying more attention.

SmittyinLA's picture

Obama is a seamless BOOSH continuation . There is no difference .

joego1's picture

All these guys are briefed by the man before they are anointed. They don't expect any surprises from their stooges.

Joseph Jones's picture

Everyone I know (including myself) collects varying levels of wealth distributed by the government.  Yet we all think it's going to hell in a hand basket.  Would someone please explain this? 

dolph9's picture

In just 16 years these men have destroyed the greatest show on earth.

Heckuva job!

DoneThis2Long's picture

Throw in Billy Bob Clinton's tour of duty and you got my blessing. Much begun during his period (see my ramblings below). It has been a race to the bottom ever since.

One distinction though: Clinton and Shrub, had America's better interest in mind, and were patriotic to far greater extent. On the other hand, IMO Barry is greasing the skids of destruction, and I'd go as far as treason!!!! Just remember how many classified details were leaked just for feel good purposes. We spent billions on keeping secrets, like number of nuke warheads, yet, the traitor-in-chief via  the Clintonesa released the formerly "top secret" #w. What good did it do?

I do believe he is working hard at splitting the nation..... and we are idly allowing it, and watching ~250 years of progress be destroyed, and our piece of the pie being handed over to foreign interest.

boogerbently's picture

Carl Sagan had a good analogy about nuclear proliferation.

He said, imagine two enemies, locked in an elevator awash in gasoline, bragging who had the most matches.

Yes_Questions's picture



Obama is worse and no False Flag.  That's an achievement, really.

And watch the hybrid (jackyl/cocroach/human) hatchlings occupying the RNC advance the hive's leader to run the WH, and win.


What a show.

If only elections made a difference in Congressional/Presidential races.




swmnguy's picture

I remember this very well.  I was doing a hair show in Beijing in May of 2008 (ok, a little weird, but a guy's gotta make a living).  I was in an e-mail argument with my oldest friend, since we were 5, who had just "come out" as a fairly rabid partisan Republican.  That didn't surprise me, his oldest friend; he has always been a very conservative Catholic, and considers himself to be an anti-Communist Eastern European, even though he was born in Michigan.

Anyway, I was sitting in the new, mammoth Beijing airport, waiting for my flight to board.  He was going on about Obama's ties to Bill Ayers, or whatever shite he read on Drudge.  I posted back to him that there was nothing to worry about, from his perspective, about Obama.  I had just seen something that Obama was getting more Wall Street campaign money than either McCaiin, or Hilary Clinton (the sitting Senator from New York at that time), and while Obama hadn't yet clinched the nomination, he would, and the fix was in for Wall Street, the wars, and everything else.  I told him not only was Obama not a Marxist or a Progressive; he wasn't even a Liberal.  Obama is, was, and always has been, a cautious center-right politician; a product and promoter of Empire, and if anything, a semi-passive Authoritarian.

He thought I was just being snotty.  Of course, I was, but I was dead serious.  And I was right.  Everyone else I know, most of whom thought Obama was some kind of progressive, has been slowly and sheepishly taking back the vitriol they've been tossing my way these past 5 years.

Obama is what Bush would have been had Bush been smarter.  He continues the Clinton tradition of triangulation.  Clinton did all the things Reagan and Bush I couldn't do because they were Republicans.  Bush II did all the things Clinton couldn't do because he was a Democrat.  And now Obama does all the things Bush II couldn't do because he was a Republican.  If a fellow didn't know better, he'd start to suspect they're all on the same team.

Whatever.  I voted "Lizard People!"  That's a reference to the Al Franken/Norm Coleman recount, for those who didn't know.

jack stephan's picture

It's been celebrity hot tub party with velvet jones for 4 years too long.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Every election since Gerald Ford I've said that the next President couldn't be as bad as the last one.  I've been wrong every time.


Lordflin's picture

You ain't seen nothing yet... See what this pack of low life's offers up in 2016... Assuming we make it that far...

the grateful unemployed's picture

obama has been tossing the core of his party a few bones, (which you saw in the SOUA disguised as lots of social LIBERAL issues, against gun violence, and in favor of education - i think his plan on preschool is to write a whole of bunch of student loans for parents of these kids) There are a lot of liberals (what was that Southpark label? Aging Hippie, Liberal Douche??) who figure the government is always going to spend more money than they have (true enough) the government might as well go broke buying these bologna loafs an extra two years of school, when they already spend too much time learning the kind of crap he regurgitates. sigh. we dont need no education president (see Bush one and two)

Michelle's picture

We all know why the richer got richer and prosecutions aren't enough. We have to end the reign of the banks holding the 99% hostage.

If every person on ZH started a grassroots effort to recruit friends, family, co-workers and acquaintenance against the banks that have a stranglehold on our lives then maybe things may change. Nobody will do anything, they've given up.

Enjoy your igadgets, see you in hell.

tony bonn's picture

bush and soetoro are brothers - there is no distinction.....both murderers were selected by the rockefeller axis of evil to dismantle american sovereignty, to destroy the economy, pursue endless wars of imperial aggression, and re-establish the nazi state which prescott bush and his wall street cronies did in germany startng in the early 1920s....

bush sr murdered jfk, bush jr murdered the people in the wtc, and soetoro murders american citizens with and without drones because they are on his shit list....

pragmatic hobo's picture

... if mccain was elected instead of obama, or if that mormon fella was elected instead, would things be any different?

Mark Noonan's picture

I have a much higher opinion of President Bush than expressed here, but the reality is that neither Bush nor Obama are really responsible for what is going on - while Gore would have done some things differently (and, I believe, much worse) than Bush and while McCain would have done some things differently (but a bit better) than Obama, the plain fact of the matter is that we're living in the political and economic house built by Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  There were some taps on the brakes on our route - most notably by Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan - but direction has turned out to be inexorable:  an economy built on a baleful partnership between Big Government and Big Corporation and a moral collapse engineered by people who are contemptuous of Christianity in all its forms.  Quite honestly, if Obama wssn't doing it right now, there would just be someone else doing it, just a little faster or a little slower and with, perhaps, slightly different emphasis.  The time when we went off the rails, so to speak, was when we transitioned from Grover Cleveland vetoing a bill because he found no constitutional warrant for it to the time when Theodore Roosevelt asserted that if the constitution didn't specifically prohibit it, then it was licit - there is  world of difference in the two attitudes and all it took from then was people in government ever expanding the "if it don't say I can't, then I can", with increasingly large doses of deliberate misinterpretation of what the constitution says thrown in to the mix.

There have been plenty of opportunities to arrest matters and return to rationality - most notably when Truman should have been impeached for sending us in to Korea without a declaration of war and when Johnson got us in to Vietnam, also without a declaration of war.  You'd think that when its a matter of our sons and daughters being sent to bleed we'd have been awake to what was happening, but political courage was lacking.  By the 50's people had already got used to the idea that if the government is doing it, it must be ok (this narrative was greatly helped by an MSM which became a cheerleader for government rather than an adversary - no surprise when Big Corporation owned most of the MSM and was, thus, in partnership with government).  As an aside, cold calculations of political reality actually called for us to war in Korea and Vietnam - but not without a declaration; and the fact that those two wars (and so many others) have ended to miserably was because we didn't go through normal, constituitonal procedures as to whether or not we'd fight...sliding in to a war means you are directionless and will get it wrong:  actually having to convince the people that on This Day we are to fight, then you have to focus on what you want and you'd better darn will go for all out victory.

It is time to get away from any idea that Obama it the problem or that ObamaCare, for instance, is the death knell of constitutional government.  That knell was rung more than 100 years ago.  All that we have wrong today stems from "I can do it unless I'm prohibited".  To reform America means returning to the "unless I'm authorized, I can't do it" government.  That takes a revolution - a revolution which I do believe we can carry out peacably at the ballot box, even with all that has thus far gone wrong.  But doing so will require a lot of people to bury hatchets and cease allowing the Ruling Class to divide us in to mutually-hating groups.  We'll see if we have the courage and the wisdom to do this over the next 10 years or so.



TheMerryPrankster's picture

Truman should have been impeached when he signed the National Security Act, creating the CIA.

It wasn't a good idea to put the banking families in charge of their own government spy agency.Giving them the ability to classify their own crimes and hide them behind the veil of secrecy aka National  Security was brilliant and particularly pyschopathic.

Government is a toy for the rich and a collar and a whip for the rest of us.

Boiling Frogs's picture


US Marine...and the pile of shit who pilots the Cocksucker and Cheif in Marine One. 

Yankee White my ass.

9.8 m/s^2 bitchezz

jharry's picture

You know you need to ease off of this stuff.  Getting upset about things you can't control just makes things worse. 

Obama is getting us out of the wars in the Middle East sort of.

And he's letting Colorado and Washington smoke weed.

And he's helping some people, my disabled sister and elderly mom, have a place to live.

And he's trying to institute single payer health care which is really needed because medical insurance is too high and doctors and hospitals charge too much.

And he's not taking our guns, but he's asking us to compromise.  However, I do like my assault weapon. It's easy to shoot and very effective at keeping the buggers away and providing pork for my table.  Besides, the cops are too far away and busy to do much but hand out citations afterwards.

And education is being changed by Khan Academy.  Khan (three degrees from MIT) and his childhood pal (four degrees from MIT) are the Billy Beanes (manager of the Oakland A's who won 20 straight games and changed the game with his methodology) of education. I learn more from their lectures than I have in many college classes.  Obama needs to talk to them. They are BRILLIANT!

As for the drones, well they don't cause as much damage as a B52 strike, and it's a problem that some US cititzens are taking up arms against their country, they are traitors, sort of.

So let's all kick back and not be so damned paranoid. Life is short.

The Dude




cynicalskeptic's picture

Obama was a gret 'brand' - a marketing gimmick designed to absorb the wave of revulsion generated byt he Bush Presidency.  We were promiosed 'Hope and Change' by a bright young black guy - he wouldn't lie, would he?.  TPTB couldn't risk a real progressive like FDR getting in after Bush (though I think they expected Hillary - another bought and paid for - to get the nomination.  

That's the genius of the current system - an illusion of choice where they control ALL the choices.

Democrat - Republican - same coin two different sides.  Keep the masses distracted with matters that don't matter while the looting continues.

Using Obama was actually brilliant.  Thik what the reaction would've been if McCain did EXACTLY the same things Obama did......  no financial prosecutions, torturers let off scot free, more giveaways to Wall Street, suppression of OWS and ANY dussent, slamming whistleblowers, expanding Executive power.......

But Obama can't be evil..... he's doing the best he can... really.....  blame the Repubs in Congress....   keep those excuses coming.....

Ned Zeppelin's picture

Obama is a disaster but Romney would have been one too. We are screwed.

Ned Zeppelin's picture

Been saying it since 2008 - Obama is Wall Street's best friend, bought and paid for. Has been since day 1.  He should be ashamed of himself.  Forget all the rest of the reasons people complain about him - it is his "non-pros" policy that is the most telling, since nothing happens.  The superrich let him play with the governmental toys like healthcare and guns as long as he stays far, far away from Jamie Dimon and the boys. Look at the pig man pick for SEC head, Mary White.  Ex. A. 


Your witness.  

MickV's picture

Of course Mr. Washington dances around the real truth--- There is no legal POTUS (Obama is not a natural born Citizen because he was born British, of a British subject father) thus there is no law, and no Constitution--- since the POTUS is the executor of the laws---- DUH!!! get a clue and speak the real truth. Obama is the perfect  example of WHY a natural born Citizen was required-- he has no allegiance or attachment to the US or its founding principles. As bad as Bush was, his presidency did not void US Citizen sovereignty--- Obama is the endgame of the NWO-- as in checkmate--- there is no United States-- it is something different-- only the blood of tyrants and patriots can restore it

TNTARG's picture

If you allow your gvts to keep going on invading and conquering countries you could end up with an afghan in the White House (!).

Wood suggests that historians take a different approach to fifth-century Gaul by attempting to understand end of the western empire "from the standpoint of shifting perceptions of identity".


The Fall of the Roman Empire Revisited: Sidonius Apollinaris and His Crisis of Identity



A divided society is certainly not a good basis for a strong nation.


dugorama's picture

Hawaii was already a US state at the time of his birth.  Regardless of where his daddy came from.  You probably woulda preferred McCain, who was born in Panama.

You are also upset that he's a muslim member of a bigoted Chuch of Christ with a radical socialist ideology who's the best friend of Wall Street?

Or do you hate him for his freedoms?  

No doubt you're upset that he's gonna take away your guns, though gun sales have been at record highs during the entire years of his presidency.  With a huge fraction of them sold at flea market type gun shows free of any pretense of registration. 

But since you're a patriot and feel like only your blood can restore "order", then go for it.  We need the infotainment.

No, he's not much of a president.  But that has absolutely nothing to do with his father being a black man from Africa.

MickV's picture

It matters not if Obama was born on the Oval Office desk, and you repeat the dogma of the bootlicking internet operatives of the Usurper and his handlers. It is not racist to require that a "creature of our own" serve as chief magistrate. It is a security requirement designed to be a security barrier to foreign influence. Even if Obama were born on the Oval Office desk (and he has not proven place of birth anyway--- a pic on a website is proof of exactly nothing). It is enshrined in the Constitution that the President be a natural born Citizen-- a thought as ancient as the bible (see Deuteronomy 17:15-- thou shalt not put a foreigner over thee who is not thy brother). Natural born Citizens are born in the US of US Citizen parents, where no foreign allegiance exists.


jharry's picture

You know you need to ease off of this stuff.  Getting upset about things you can't control just makes things worse. 

Obama is getting us out of the wars in the Middle East sort of.

And he's letting Colorado and Washington smoke weed.

And he's helping some people, my disabled sister and elderly mom, have a place to live.

And he's trying to institute single payer health care which is really needed because medical insurance is too high and doctors and hospitals charge too much.

And he's not taking our guns, but he's asking us to compromise.  However, I do like my assault weapon. It's easy to shoot and very effective at keeping the buggers away and providing pork for my table.  Besides, the cops are too far away and busy to do much but hand out citations afterwards.

And education is being changed by Khan Academy.  Khan (three degrees from MIT) and his childhood pal (four degrees from MIT) are the Billy Beanes (manager of the Oakland A's who won 20 straight games and changed the game with his methodology) of education. I learn more from their lectures than I have in many college classes.  Obama needs to talk to them. They are BRILLIANT!

As for the drones, well they don't cause as much damage as a B52 strike, and it's a problem that some US cititzens are taking up arms against their country, they are traitors, sort of.

So let's all kick back and not be so damned paranoid. Life is short.

The Dude