HaPPY ZeRo HeDGe VaLeNTiNe'S DaY MaSSaCRe...

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Would they tell?

If the Earth was going to fly through a "cloud" of meteors, would "they" tell you?

Supposedly, something as small as 400ft across could have earth devastating effects.   What if we were going to fly through a high density zone of meteors say 50 ft to 600ft in diameter?   And take maybe 200 serious hits?

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Give me a home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope Playeeeee.
Sideshow Ben & his hatchet men are playing Casino dishing out $$$$$$$ to Players to Asset Strip.
JPM takes freeish cash and purchases large stake in Findus ready trash meals substituting beef stew for horseshit stew. Why the long face Jamie D?
Tomorrow if i paste up a sign and stand outside Tesco Asda Udda major soddummarkets Ye Olde Bill be down on me like a tonne of horsemeat and wheeybin me away. Tesco Asda Udda have become TBTF. Neigh

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and then heard this ....
the art of perseverance, story telling....
what we miss.
old hawk.
minute 7, minute joseph m marshal , minute 17 .......
minute 90 ...
KEEP GOING by Joseph Marshall III
Joseph Marshall III ~ The Journey of the Journey of Crazy Horse


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Brings new meaning to little bear.

miDgit tossing.




edited for spelling and, B7illiAnt!

Thanks William.  Every great newspaper was so because of the graphic humor.  ZH (us) are lucky to have you.

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Be Mein - absoulute best Hitlerbama ever rendered !!!!

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14 February 2013
Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - The Art of Currency War
short list of links to take all your time and just scratch the surface.
but funny in a "that isn't funny" sort of way. tell me mr. siegal, how
do i get out of here?
Irredeemable Currencies and the Fate of Europe
By Keith Weiner on February 11, 2013
Posted on February 13, 2013 by
Chris Hedges: Failure of Liberals
link o mania continues !
Obamikado ? I?ve Got a Little List ? Subtitled
Horse meat v Nazi Slave Labour private corp Camps
Cargo Cult, how gods and religions appear
[KR406] Keiser Report: Horsemeat Burger vs Dutch Sandwich
and last but not least ....
Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal
by William Torbitt
and there is more ..sadly much much more.
How To Do The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush
never mind the disposable sea slug penis and the 42% body weight cricket testicles !
happy v day, love u !

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Okay, I want to know how much the cutie in the red valentine outfit goes for.    (that's the oriental, not the other (shudder) one.)     For some strange reason my dogs started salavating and couldn't stop.

Thanks WB, a mixture of sweet and sour on this valentines day!


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for your service to the ZH community, may you be knighted on this special day, Samurai~style, by this one:




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Oh my, that one is going into the Visual Combat collection!

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Breaking News: A judge just ruled Pistorius' case doesn't have a leg to stand on.

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Lol WB7 you are a bit of an asshole for that one, i almost spilt my drink on my keyboard

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That wisecrack took off on twitter. ;-)

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Crony love it's drivin' me mad
It's makin' me crazy

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You deserve a Valentine. A vote is like a Valentine, you send your love to whichever candidate you choose. (and they send the love back, depending on the size of your contribution). You DESERVE a real VOTE, (depending on the size of your contribution), and I know how to pander to you, and to browbeat you at the same time, and you whore around looking for a job, (i can help) and then give me your money, that's how it works, because you need me you see. You love me, you DESERVE me...  

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Luv it!!

Going to have to take my blood pressure meds...

Old #7 Jack, lemon juice, and honey

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Well done once more wb7!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for St Paddy's day and Easter LOL!!!!!!!!!

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Luv your work!!!

Satirical images that push the boundaries a bit, are (IMHO) the most effective way to make a point.     One well done image can convery the central "sense of things" better than 1000 words.

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There are certain edges I normally stear clear of as a matter of personal taste.

Nevertheless, the way to avoid being discounted away by the targets as being merely vulgar or pornographic is to convey the truth. The truth is always what makes it sting.

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just don't let them collapse your colony

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And you sting like a bee!


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William is that a Vargas girl from Playboy??? it reminds me of those old monthly girls quite well. some very fond memories!! Thanks for the time trip!!

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God Bless America!


 Thanks W7.

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Nafta has helped me go from rich to poor.

Zero Hedge posts will make me go from laughing to crying.

 W7 posts make me go hard to soft...

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LLoyd's never looked happier!  Tighten the nut vice!

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Valentine's Day for Wall Street, Ash Wednesday for the rest of us.

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The biggest difference in life, is between those who have been in love, and those who have not.

                                                                        Bayard Taylor

Fascinating, romantic, but untrue.

The biggest difference in life, is between those who have done an honest day's work, and those who have not.     


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You political free speech may soon be found vulgar. Visual Combat indeed!

Keep up the fight.

Politician moves to make vulgar Photoshopping illegal ...


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I have a picture of that guy, but I decided he is an unstable lunatic and not worth the headache.

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If St. Valentine was a hippie

would the cards be free?


Happy Love Day Everyone

I expect cards




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Chrissy LaGardeN is an old fashioned french Poodle who refuses to shave her pubes! So let's not call her a Cold Cunt.

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Pleeeze stop! you're killing me!!! rolf

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Be Mein..LOL losing it over here!!

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Dom Merkels stage name is Rusty Ring! What a cunt, she can open a beer bottle and suck the cork out of a bottle of liebfraumilch using her pissflaps.

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Excellent stuff William.

The "Be Mein" is a classic, I want that on a Zazzle Coffee Cup!

It is, at the same time, chilling because of the truth events lend it and Obama lends to it.

Hey, BTW, you get some really special ads on your ZH page, don't you?

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Liebe macht frei!

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I'm pretty sure zazzle bounces anything to do with Nazis. :-(

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Its funny how poorly Nazis are treated in this society run by Nazis.

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Now that's a devastating comment, and in just 13 words no less.



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it's an Orwellian thing

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They don't want people to be reminded of it. Like it never happened or can't possibly happen again.

But if you go back and read about it, you understand that it is already well on its way to happening again.

The discarding of the rule of law is the first great step.

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Yes, and Skeeter just Drones and Drones during his speeches, like Adolf.