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WHeRe'S THe MeaT?

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The Queen wants to know "Where's The Beef"
Her subjects are in disbelief
Rampant inflation
Is harming her nation
By way of a BoE thief

The Limerick King


Mario Draghi Medium Rare...






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Thu, 02/21/2013 - 02:25 | 3262419 Dead Canary
Dead Canary's picture

A corpse is a corpse, of horse of horse.

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 02:18 | 3262416 thomasincincy
thomasincincy's picture

and the sand paper bitch on the neck (monedas) I think... I will punch in the face woman or man no questions black eye or tooth

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 01:58 | 3262398 thomasincincy
thomasincincy's picture

Ok, here's one. How about the black and red and silver baloons... Your going to die. How about I'll step on your fucking neck?

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 00:54 | 3262303 thomasincincy
thomasincincy's picture

William, you have become my new friend..

Thu, 02/21/2013 - 00:17 | 3262252 scrappy
scrappy's picture

Very well done.

Thanks for the laughs WB7.

What's really in our food?



Wed, 02/20/2013 - 23:51 | 3262201 WTFUD
WTFUD's picture

2 droner kebabs and a portion of you chickenless nuggets please to go!

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 23:41 | 3262166 Gmpx
Gmpx's picture

Sientific questions.

Is there horse DNA in horse shit?

If you feed a cow on horse byproducts, can the cow meat contain horse DNA?

What about kissing? I have heard that after kissing DNAs mix.


Thu, 02/21/2013 - 05:56 | 3262528 Ar-Pharazôn
Ar-Pharazôn's picture

lol. mixing dna of a living creature, actually, instantly kill the creature

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 21:56 | 3261910 nmewn
nmewn's picture

ROTFL!!!...I don't know whether to say neigh or mooove over I'm angling for my favorite teet!

 Either way, never put pasties on em, I like em just the way they are ;-)

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 21:51 | 3261897 Lumberjack
Lumberjack's picture

What was that about Heinz ketchup again?

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 16:47 | 3261022 Jason T
Jason T's picture

times like this, the Amish have every right to point their fingers and laugh at modern society.. yet they don't.  Admirable.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 16:00 | 3260817 Walt D.
Walt D.'s picture

Just when you thought all the horses arses had been elected to Parliament, they show up in your hamburger!

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 15:42 | 3260740 stiler
stiler's picture

SPAB burger : Something Posing As Beef

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 14:52 | 3260475 Maos Dog
Maos Dog's picture

I know horses and I know cows.

Cows are fucking dumbshits without two braincells to rub together, fit only for food or riding around in a rodeo.

Horses are smart, beatuiful animals, and they love people. Eating horsemeat is a terrible thing, it's like eating a dog, like eating something smart that loves you. 

I've been reading these horsemeat articles and the question I have is where all these horses are coming from, and, how it's cheaper economically than cow. Abandoned horses? Wild horse heards in Eurpoe?  None of the articles have this info.


Wed, 02/20/2013 - 17:19 | 3261145 Bandit und Buster
Bandit und Buster's picture


Wed, 02/20/2013 - 16:01 | 3260815 gratefultraveller
gratefultraveller's picture

A lot of Spanish are abandoning their horses into the wild because they cannot afford the feed anymore. In Romania horses and donkeys seem to have been banned from partecipating in road traffic recently, in addition in SE Europe there seems to be a very contagious deadly horse disease on the roll that kills many of them.

Why pay for getting rid of the corpse if you can sell it for good money?

What makes me suspicious is that right from day one an enormous percentage of forum posts in Germany (Spiegel Online, looked like 30% roughly) tried to convince people that horse meat is actually healthier and more expensive than beef (= people shouldn't complain).

Suspicious, because usually 95% of posts are anti-system, at least for the last couple of years. Paid trolls?

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 20:37 | 3261738 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Very interesting

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 15:38 | 3260721 DutchR
DutchR's picture

Info: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/stories/afp_world/view/1254192/1/.html

Whatever you think you feel about a animal, when SHTF you will eat everyting (or die), hell you wil probably have donner party.

Smart chicken (think obout your nugget) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDl17fgOOWQ    [/s]


Wed, 02/20/2013 - 15:57 | 3260806 Maos Dog
Maos Dog's picture

Exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the link!

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 15:37 | 3260710 Omen IV
Omen IV's picture

the horse meat is from seahorse farms in the south atlantic - billions of these seahorses - almost endless supply  - the meat is tender and tasty and cheap to produce

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 15:06 | 3260540 Citxmech
Citxmech's picture

What about pigs?  They're arguably smarter than dogs or most primates.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 18:16 | 3261348 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

Most smart phones are smarter than their users.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 15:02 | 3260520 Binko
Binko's picture

Here in America (and probably to a lesser extent in Europe) there are millions of "pet" horses that are kept in rental stables so rich people and their kids can go "horse-back riding". People get tired of them. Also, in Eastern Europe in particular, I believe there are a lot of working horses still on smaller farms. 


Wed, 02/20/2013 - 14:10 | 3260249 q99x2
q99x2's picture

That Mad Cow gets me every time.

The Draghi meat looked bad (expired; past its deadline.)

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 13:54 | 3260169 whoknoz
whoknoz's picture

I thought the story was that the truck-in-the-night pulled up, dropped of a dozen horses, and then ran off with the beef...

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 13:50 | 3260149 Nobody For President
Nobody For President's picture

A picture is forming in my head...It's Uncle Ben Godiva, riding a horse naked and scattering money as he goes, through downtown Wall Street, as all the bankers close their windows and refuse to see the sight...But there is a peeping Tom...

(I would vote for Schumaker, but that's just me.)


Wed, 02/20/2013 - 13:38 | 3260074 FeralSerf
FeralSerf's picture

It must be OK cause it sorta tastes like chicken.

Does anyone remember what chicken tastes like?

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 14:29 | 3260352 donsluck
donsluck's picture

I slaughtered my own. VERY chicken-y. Too gamey for most. Gotta kill 'em YOUNG.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 13:53 | 3260165 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture

Rat tart

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 13:12 | 3259905 Winston of Oceania
Winston of Oceania's picture

I can remember back in 1980 when I was young and very poor a "bargain" on three meat tacos from Jack in the box, three for a buck. After taking advantage of this for a month or so a story came on the news in Austin, a story of uninspected horse meat from mexico in those bargain tacos. Worst of all the bargain ended and I had to get lunch elsewhere...

Don't think it can't, won't, or isn't happening here right now. Horsemeat, it isn't just for Euroland.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 13:48 | 3260136 FeralSerf
FeralSerf's picture

"In 1981, horse meat labeled as beef was discovered at a Foodmaker plant that supplied hamburger and taco meat to Jack in the Box. The meat was originally from Profreeze of Australia, and during their checks on location, the food inspectors discovered other shipments destined for the United States which included kangaroo meat."


I seem to remember that they entered into a consent decree with the Dept. of Commerce agreeing to not sell horse meat in their burgers without admitting that they had done so in the past.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 16:19 | 3260891 BigJim
BigJim's picture

Wild Australian Kangaroo is almost certainly better for you than factory-farmed beef.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 22:12 | 3261947 Diogenes
Diogenes's picture

Unless transformed by a boomerang

To zestful, tangy Kangaroo meringue.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 18:12 | 3261340 Anusocracy
Anusocracy's picture

Depends on how long they have been lying on the side of the road.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 12:33 | 3259739 falak pema
falak pema's picture

that horse is perfect for the EU regulatory committee...

In fact its what the continent has always wanted; a horse that moos and a cow that neighs; like that nobody knows if we are north or south bound. Monti could ride that horse in name of Lombardia while the Mafia milks it à la Sicilia. 

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 12:35 | 3259757 the grateful un...
the grateful unemployed's picture

yeah i seee Draghi riding that half horse half cow jousting at monetary windmills

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 12:30 | 3259730 stant
stant's picture

3 big rigs pulled up to a stockyard near me in the middle of the night and made off with 180 head of cattle about 360k. others have cut fences and stole several. but the oddest thing there have been several shot in the field and butcherd on the spot leaving whats left .

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 14:05 | 3260225 aardvarkk
aardvarkk's picture

Holy crap.  I've driven a big rig...one with 60 full-grown head of cattle would be WAY overloaded.  I wouldn't want to drive the thing.  Or own the trailer.  Wouldn't be worth much when you were done if you went any distance.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 14:27 | 3260341 donsluck
donsluck's picture

Hmm, 1,500 lbs average (sorry about the lbs rest of world, I live in the US), times 180 is 270,000 lbs or 135 tons, far in excess of any trailer I am aware of. The space shuttle weighs 165,000 lbs.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 16:31 | 3260948 BeansBulletsBandaids
BeansBulletsBandaids's picture

Most stockyards don't sell cattle ready for the slaughterhouse/ packing plant, unless they are breeding age cows. Most likely it would be young steers and heifers in the 300-500 lb range destined for a feedlot....

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 12:34 | 3259749 the grateful un...
the grateful unemployed's picture

Rancho Deluxe

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 12:21 | 3259685 the grateful un...
the grateful unemployed's picture

only the front half of that beef chart is kosher, which tells you about the royals and the eurocrats

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 12:14 | 3259646 earnulf
earnulf's picture

I have seen more horse jokes in the past week than I have ever seen.    Of course most are just horsing around.   Too bad people with principals have been replaced with people who just don't give a rat's a**, unless it's going into the blender with the other meat by-products!

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 14:37 | 3260392 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

It's called "Gallows Humor."

We're all fucked, and deep down, we all know it.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 14:14 | 3260279 donsluck
donsluck's picture

Although I abhor the fraud, horse meat is safer than cow. Except here in California, where if you eat horse or cat you can be arrested.

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 11:58 | 3259552 dontgoforit
dontgoforit's picture

OMG LOL, etc  - funny stuff Banzai7

Wed, 02/20/2013 - 11:54 | 3259523 Iconomissed
Iconomissed's picture

"This steak still has marks where the jockey was hittin' it." ~ Rodney Dangerfield


Wed, 02/20/2013 - 11:51 | 3259509 williambanzai7
williambanzai7's picture


Wed, 02/20/2013 - 13:43 | 3260106 Nobody For President
Nobody For President's picture

Fiat Pudding is THE best picture of Uncle Ben EVAH!

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