ReTuRN Of THe BuNGa WaRRioR...

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@ William

"Dracula and horse meat"

They (Romanians) found horse or maby donkey? meat in some reservoir in Romania, approx. 1 tone 

More in Transilvania TV :)


And some inspiration; maby U know the film Innocent Blood 1992  - trailer

there was a scene when Machelli ate raw meat; not included in trailer.


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Interesting report here about the Bunga Warriors stepping up to the plate to actually DO something to preserve their right to do the bunga bunga.

Answer to the last question she asks, HELL YES!!!!

Statement of fact: It is too darn bad that in America, a country that was founded with a truly informing free press, has to go to the Russian TV news to get real stories and the truth about it's own country. Now how freaking Orwellian is that!

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You gotta love a politician that bunga bungas random meter maids. Just watch what bunga bunga does 10 seconds into the clip.


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He who sucks sloppy-slime cuds from the bottom of the scorney scum bucket through a very long slippery straw comes to mind.

Very typical of the evil that is REAL among these so called world leaders. The US congress critters and senate toads are among the worst of offenders. There are still new names to be made up to describe the evil of the profiteers from war and death. New hells to be created also.

Do you abide by the evil in the mind, or the Love in the Heart?

Choose well.

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Since the troublesome issues are cultural and structural, and there is nothng that can be done to correct it "within" the system; vote for the worst candidate, and help along the coming destruction. Anything else is just self-delusion. There is no removal or replacement of the squids without collapsing their regime. So get on with it; vote for Bunga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“There is little choice in a barrel of rotten apples.”

Except perhaps the Comedian.

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Thanks for the memories, William.  Spaghetti Westerns are hysterical.  Really well shot and directed, until some ancient Guido wanders in with a fez hat and his donkey.  Those were the days.

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Yes, But Berlisconi Bad For Squid...Correct??


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You know me, I feast on the bizarre.

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Hail to the King of Visual Combat!

Talk about bunga-bunga - I like this quote from Der Spiegel interview with Romano Prodi:

Prodi: ..... But Berlusconi won't give in. He has lost his magic, but I am convinced he will try again. 

SPIEGEL: Are you afraid of that?

Prodi: You cannot imagine how I have suffered in the last years. Wherever I went, it was all "bunga bunga". In Beijing, they laughed at my wife and I. Even in Kenya, the park rangers pointed at the monkeys in the trees and said, "Look, they are doing 'bunga bunga'." that's real LOL imho..

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Ugggg...did you know the Chinese are selling pig bunga as calamari rings? Yep. all frozen and battered up nice and sold to US restraunts as "immitation calamari".  Seems on one can tell seafood from pig ass after it is deep fat fried.

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And that explains why the Chinese insist on buying their seafood at the wet market.

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LOL - poor Prodi, my heart bleeds

He has to suffer the same way Americans had under the Clinton Lewinsky scandal, eh?

Sex really warps the mind of some, eh?

Prodi, stuff your "technocrat sensibilities" where the sun does not shine, will you? Bloody aristo-leftist, I still remember what you did with Italy's state industries and afterwards with your technical government

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The Germens are no stangers to bunga-bunga...and of course "Ordnung muss sein":

According to Handelsblatt, the prostitutes were marked by color to indicate which services they would provide. "The women wore red and yellow bands," one guest said. "The first were there as hostesses, the others would fulfil all other wishes. There were also women with white bands -- they were reserved for the executives and the very best agents."


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you wear the wrong dress to a party and you end up sucking some truck drivers dick. or bill clinton..

sorry i'm channeling Joan Rivers this AM, Fashion Police (she is very funny)

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You could actually throw a party like that in HK without breaking any laws.

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As many of yours know, I'm Italian and I live in Italy.

I'm going to vote now. 

As the 20% of Italians, I still don't know which to vote. Anyone, but Berlusca.

I'll cast my choice in the polling station, at the very last minute, as I usually do at restaurant, with the menu chart in hand,  in order to choose my pizza.

Bersani?  Monti? Grillo?

God bless me (and strike with lighting Berlusconi) 

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when we say anyone but in America, we usually end up with that candidate

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I personally would not vote for him this time - mainly for one item in his "agenda". But I did, previously, and I find his track record, in the sum, as positive. I wonder: what is your position on Italy's labour laws? Particularly on the key item there of the minimum wage?

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" I wonder: what is your position on Italy's labour laws? Particularly on the key item there of the minimum wage?"


My personal position? Or the position of Berlusconi?

Mine is similar to Monti. My intention, was to vote Monti, before Christmas, until his alliance with UDC. That alliance was a Faustian pact to me. Inside there are  Mastella and Buttiglione, the worst politicians of the old republic, relics of  the cristian democratic party and colluded with Mafia. The other party colluded with Mafia is the PDL of Berlusconi, so remain Bersani and Grillo. But Bersani si going to make a coalition with Vendola, and Vendola has far-left ideas abouts labours laws. Instead Grillo has far right ideas about labours, so extreme ne somehow similar to Mussolini:

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Good Spaghetti to you, I mean God Speedo ;-)

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For a second there, I mistook you for a Pastafarian!

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I am the first to confess a great love of Italian food North and South.

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Seriously though, for a minute, how could anyone vote for this man? Again? I suppose on the basis that "In a democracy you get the Government you deserve" Italy will get what it deserves. Good luck with that.

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Seriously seriously? Nobody "votes for him", except in the one district where he candidates. And there are plenty of others in his party that aren't him and voted differently than him on several issues - some even in a very honourable way

Even Beppe Grillo's party has some candidates I'd vote for, hell, even the left has some good ones which don't let the party whips push them

It's Members of Parliament that Italians are called to vote for, not Presidents, and this in an electoral system where nearly every vote counts

It's just a sign of our times that some mistake the homework necessary for a good, honest vote as too bothersome - the hallmark of the consumer, seeking easy solutions - Bunga, Squid, Enraged Clown or Socialist?

Note that even the dumbed down version offers four choices, not two

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Seriously though, for a minute, how could anyone vote for this man? Again


My mother. She is an old woman living in Italy. She spends her days in front of the television, especially the TV channels of Berlusconi. She is simple and almost without memory, so she doesn't  remember old promises that Berlusca made some years ago, or his trials, even 99% of his scandals. She remembers only new promises of Berlusca, and his broad smile....

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Berlusconi is my favorite EU politician. I want to see the EU break up. A vote for Bunga is a vote to break up the EU and plunge the continent into civil war.

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This is what makes it so macabre and bizarre. A true Morton's Fork. Two horrible alternatives leading to misery.

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Seriously though, for a minute, how could anyone vote for this man?


Thought the same thing about Obama and yet.....there you go.

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Collaboration with @blumaberlin

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yikes Triumph of the [Monetary] Will

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Reichs! Triumph of the [Monetary] Will

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I like the new rosy Rosa luxembourg look about her; more Luxembourg REich less Rosa, except when it comes to singing :  Euro Reich Comrades to Club Med!

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Can we have Ruby back as well please??

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He is a real man, unlike some other technically male political leaders.

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just get off my lawn

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not just cutting up the enemy

but healing the psychic wounds from the enemy's relentless death by 1k cuts assault against liberty