On the Global Numbers - CIA Edition

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The CIA has some new 2011/2012 numbers for the world's economy. These numbers are as "good" as the countries who post the individual data, so it's safe to be suspect. That said, I found them interesting.


There's 7B of us. I love the CIA's precise estimate.




Only 47% of the population is in the workforce. 28% of the population is under 14 years of age, 8% is older than 65.




Of the 3.3 potential workers, fully 9.2% are unemployed.




I was surprised to see that the global unemployment rate had risen in 2012 by .8%. That's a big change, It comes to an additional 26m people. Overall, some 300m people are looking for work. The numbers are big, the direction is bad. There is a case to be made about political stability with this many people not working.

The estimate for the USA is that 13m people are now unemployed. The US share of world unemployment is 4.3%, while US population is 4.4%. In other words, the US is right in the middle of the pack on unemployment. Not bad for the leading industrial economy........


2012 was a so-so year for global growth, down YoY and down significantly from 2010.




The CIA measures total GDP, it came to a whopping $83T in 2012. The US share is 19%.




Global GDP rose $2.2T in 2012. How did that happen? Easy, more debt, money and inflation. The stock of money rose $6.1T, about 3Xs the increase in GDP. Given this, why is gold falling?




Where did all the new money come from? Debt, of course. Domestic and cross border debt marched ever higher:




external debt

Domestic debt rose by $5.1T, while cross bordered indebtedness rose $5.4T. Total debt is up by $10.5T while GDP rose only $2.2T. From this I conclude that it takes $1 of debt to produce a measly 20 cents of growth. Who was it that said that debt was an efficient stimulus for growth? There is no evidence of that in the CIA numbers.


The world is running a budget deficit. The government deficits increased by 3.8% (Vs. GDP of 3.3%) and by $2.7T (Vs. $2.2T of real growth). On balance, for each $1 increase in government debt, GDP rose by 80 cents.


budget surplus




Total government debt as a share of GDP is now at 65%.


publicdebt in percent

The large deficits are happening even though global tax rates are high. There is not much blood to be had from the taxpayer's stone:




Inflation was tame in 2012. With all that money sloshing around, one would think that the inflation numbers have to be headed higher.





The CIA data for 2012 is a mixed bag. There is no crisis at the moment, but there are troubling signs:


- Unemployment is dangerously high, social problems will be the result.

-Global growth is occurring as a result of ever higher debt loads, and a rapidly expanding money supply. Total debt is rising much faster than economic output. Every year we get more leveraged. The "efficiency" of debt is waning.

-Inflation is not a big issue today, but there is every reason to believe that this can't be sustained.



Spy versus Spy

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robertocarlos's picture

In Canada chicken breast costs 19 dollars a kilo and is on sale for 14 dollars a kilo fairly often. Thighs are almost as much maybe 2 dollars lesss. Split chicken breasts might be on sale for 5 dollars a kilo. As always, in bulk you get a better price. I like buying whole free range birds for 7 dollars a kilo even though they are 3 kilogram birds.

If I was in Africa I could feed a family of four for a month for 30 dollars. That would cost 700 dollars in the USA.

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"...-Inflation is not a big issue today, but there is every reason to believe that this can't be sustained..."

i see another graduate from the herbert stein school of advanced economic studies who told congress in the early 1970s with a straight face that inflation could be tamed by removing items rising in price from the basket of goods used to calculate inflation...

inflation is much higher than reported and the artificially low interest rates poised for an epic blowback....no crisis - fine. i don't follow europe either.

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The workforce number should go lower; women should all drop out of the work force and get back to the home and raising their children once more, the little barbarian beasts.

kareninca's picture

Most women don't want to have more than two kids, and I don't see that changing.  Even if they stay home with them for some reasonable amount of time, that is not a very long time out of the workforce.  Do you really think that then they should spend the remaining decades of their lives at home, crocheting doilies?  That's just as insanely boring for women, as for men.

Thank god my mom worked.  She would have driven us CRAZY if she had stayed home.  My dad would have made a great house dad, however.

You really have to separate out the consequences of having both parents work (bad; fewer jobs, and neglected kids) from feminism.  I don't know any women who want to go back home.  And I don't know any men who genuinely want them to either; most men LIKE having the security of a second income, or at least the option of it.

The big problem is that people want to have kids, but they don't want to spend time with them.  They find them boring and annoying, and think tending them should be someone else's task.  THAT is the problem.  If they actually wanted to raise their own kids, they would manage to.

Sartre said that the biggest existential question was whether to commit suicide.  Nonsense.  The biggest existential question is whether to reproduce.  And it turns out that the more people ponder it, the less likely they are to do it.  And as long as their not having abortions, I say god bless 'em.  Seven billion is really quite enough.

It's especially amusing to see articles that claim women should have more kids, so that there are more workers supporting retirees.  As a female, I find that hilarious.  F*** them.  That's only one step up from saying women should have kids, to keep the armies big and strong.  If they want more kids, they need to find something about the experience that makes women find it a PLUS to have more than two.  I'm not holding my breath.

ebworthen's picture

kareninca said:  "The biggest existential question is whether to reproduce. "

Our problem is that we can ponder whether to reproduce or not.

kareninca's picture

How is it a "problem" that we can ponder whether or not to reproduce?

Are we supposed to be like non-human animals, simply acting on instinct?  Breeding like bunnies?  No matter how little food is around?  Should women have been producing as many kids as possible, during the potato famine?  During the starvation times in Ukraine?  During wartime?  Right after a nuclear blast?

I can see being opposed to abortion.  I can't see being opposed to birth control.  And I REALLY can't see being opposed to being able to PONDER.  Are all humans, male and female, supposed to have their brains removed?

Are we supposed to give up all pondering?  Or just pondering re reproduction?  Do tell.

Religious order that practice celibacy do so as a result of pondering.  I guess you think that priests should be forced to be fathers?

Ebworthen, I bet you don't have kids.  And that you have no prospect of finding a female who wants to have kids with you.  And that is why you think women should have to have kids, whether they want to or not.  So that you have a shot at reproduction.

ebworthen's picture

I have children.

I am not speaking of so much of the individual choice but rather the consequences of having the choice for both genders, societies, and the species.

bunnyswanson's picture

Having children in 3rd worlddeveloping nations tends to be the result of creating a family who will be able to bring in an income eventually, help with chores and when older, assist in taking care of the old folks.  Not every nation has senior citizen homes.

Or they were raped.  Seduction and romance is not needed in deserts where nomads and guerilla warfare meet face to face.

Mothers I have known want to be with their kids at least until the kids start school.  I haven't known a woman yet over the age of 18 who is a mother, and who has said she is bored with her children. (that is fucking hilarious). 

Churches have promoted multiple childbirths.  The bigger the congregation, the bigger the stipends, the bigger the steeple.  Mother Theresa, god bless her soul, handed out bibles to starving children....God is for the dying.


How about birth control?  Give out free.  Vasectomies for the men (reversible).  Tubal ligations for the women. 


When economy is strong, people may have less children because they are able to feel secure in the fact that they will be old one day and not open to the devastation poverty has on the elderly when they've reached a point they can no longer earn a wage.  

Having a child is creating a legacy, to carry on your name. They should be able to observe their parents because this is how we learn to develop life skills - by watching how our parents operate.  Once, fathers taught sons their trade/skill which was carried down from one generation to another.  Life has little meaning for some without children.  Family is important part of the infrastructure.


kareninca's picture

Of course women and men don't SAY that they find their children boring and annoying.  However, they ACT as if they do.  And that is good evidence.  I know loads of people in recent years who could easily have lived on one income, if they cut back.  However, they much preferred put their kid into daycare, or hire a nanny, rather than spend their time with the him/her.  Look at what people DO.

I'll admit that things have changed economically in the last few years, and that cutting back might well not do it.  However, for a LONG period of time, it was an option, and people didn't take it.  They ACTED like they found their kids to be a drag.

Re kids being a legacy  -  well, sometimes it works.  Right now I and my neighbors are regularly visiting a former neighbor in her nursing home, since NONE of her three sons visit her EVER.  And I just got to know a woman who is not even 60, who is dying horribly of cancer, and her son has not visited her in YEARS and is giving no sign that he plans to before she dies; yes he knows of her condition.  She is hoping and hoping that he will visit just once; it is really awful to see.  My a**hole brother hasn't spoken to my elderly parents in 5+ years because they stopped sending him money he didn't need; I get to make up for him being a total sh**.  Some legacies are better than others.

ebworthen's picture

"I - I me - me mine!"


Post WWII generations have become increasingly selfish, self-centered, and narcississtic; it is an epidemic.

bunnyswanson's picture

You have more customers when you entice individuals that to Be SomeBody, you must buy their product.

"Over the years there have been literally hundreds of studies"..."these studies show that considerable information capable of informing decisions and guiding actions is perceived even when observers do not experience any awareness of perceiving".

Philip Merikle, Department of Psychology, University of Waterloo.

When the nightly news covers the release of a new product, it's a "grande opening" and the news is a sales pitch.  buy this and you will be smart, fit in, have good taste and be what everyone strives to be...the owner the lastest I-Phone.  Without it, you missesd the bus, aren't keeping up, and are a ~loser~.

Who are you people?

kareninca's picture

Yes, it is an epidemic.  It is horrible.  However requiring people to have kids wouldn't help.  I know a LOT of narcissists who have kids.  In fact, I know people who probably had kids, *because* they are narcissists.

bunnyswanson's picture

Were you adopted? 

When you are old, and the ability to do anything beyond blink and have bowel movements is a mere memory, you will realize why people have children.  No guarantee to their caring for you but you are treated better when there is a family member who can contact authorities if mistreatment or exploitation has taken place, even if they do not visit.  Vulnerability cannot be overemphasized when very old and frail.  Crippled and slow to think, see, hear..even for a SS check, what can happen to an old person only requires that you use your imagination for a minute.  Kids are an investment if raised without damaging their psyche.

kareninca's picture

I've seen very few people whose kids were much use to them in their old age.  I have seen many old people whose kids neglected or ignored them.

When visiting my mother in law in her nursing home, I could count on one finger each time the number of other visitors, to other patients, that I saw.  Or less.  On weekends.  And that was in Pennsylvania, a reasonably family-oriented state.

Anyway, I would think it was morally wrong to have kids as a means to an end; as some sort of insurance policy.  Ick.

And, I don't really want or intend to reach the stage of being "crippled and slow to think, see and hear."  So that is not a problem or an issue.

No, I was not adopted, and I hope to give my parents the same excellent attention in their old age, that they gave their parents.  My parents were EXEMPLARY children in every way.  I have no need for someone to do the same for me.


Mike in GA's picture

Kareninca said, "I have no need for someone to do the same for me."


bunnyswanson's picture

You get what you give in life, I am convinced.  I, on the other hand, have seen people care for their parents, see to it they were comfortable, and adhering to a respectful and compassionate approach to helping another in need.  There is a 73 year old woman in a house near mine who has cared for a middle aged man with cerebral palsy, since his birth.  If she had put him in a home, she said, she'd never been able to stop worrying.  You instinctly know that there arepeople roaming the earth in search of vulnerable people.

Alright, you have cancer, you need chemo, you are so weak and ill after 3 days, you're unable to drive...but there is no one available after the lady from the county agency called in sick.  Or you get there, get into the room with the doctor, who is telling you information that is vital to your life to know, but you are incapacitated from stress, fatigue and the treatment, (stress from work/the cost/the fear/the complexity of the situation) and don't hear a thing he said.  A family member in the room is vital in the doctor's office under these circumstances.

Family is the safety net.  I do not have one.  And believe me, it is costing me dearly for having believed I could do this alone, and be alright.  No.  Children who are raised...right...and again, they learn by observation, it is embedded in their neuropathways to repeat behavior they witnessed on a routine basis as a child.  Especially when the curtain goes down, will we revert back to the pattern/routine of our learned childhood environment, what we were exposed to daily.  

So, you are pushing barrenness onto the globe.  It's not a matter of influence, it is a matter of individual preference.  This is not a fad.   It's a family.  Who eat together, work around the house together, buy each other gifts, photo album memories, milestones, accomplisments, tragedies.  It's like having your own country but in a building.  A strong family doesn't have to be perfect.  But the only thing required to pass the test of being a member of the human race is:  Can you walk in their shoes and know what they feel without turning away?  Empathy is found in wildlife clips, rare but moving events of creatures saving the baby.  Communities are in place to protect the children.  

Your opinion is like anything else, just another asshole

or opinions are like assholes, everyone has one

you can sound like you know what you are talking about, but it does not mean you do.

kareninca's picture

Bunny, it is interesting that you say that you have seen people care for their parents  -  and then you give an example.  However, it is an example of A PERSON CARING FOR SOMEONE ELSE'S MIDDLE-AGED KID!!

Of course some kids take good care of their parents.  My parents did with theirs, and I hope to do with mine.  However my parents raised me and my brother the same, and my brother is a worthless pig.  My in-laws raised their sons the same, and my husband's brother didn't visit his mother ONCE in the 15 years she was in a nursing home, and he lived only a few miles away.

if you think "you get what you give" in life, you haven't read a history book.

kareninca's picture

You don't know how to read, Bunny.

Your post doesn't respond to what I said.

I never advised anyone not to have kids; reread what I wrote.

Unfortunately, no matter what you want to believe, there are many humans who were raised with much care and love, who neglect their aged parents horribly.  If you want to put on blinders, go ahead; you can be in denial if you want.

Using profanity just shows that you don't have an argument for those situations; you just want to wish then away.  Go to an American nursing home sometime and you'll see the reality.

Of course people care for one another.  I'm trying to care for the old folks whose kids are worthless to them.  So are other people.

Open your eyes.

Orly's picture

Well said.

And one day, she'll understand why I go to the store more than once every two weeks so that I can care for my twelve-year old autistic son who has never spoken a word and is still in diapers.

He'll never be able to take care of me, unless a miracle happens.  I worry every day what will happen to him if I were to become infirm.  I could have sent him to the state long ago and lived the life I wanted.  I could do that tomorrow if I wanted to.

Truth be told, he is the happiest person I know and I share in that joy of life.  And because he has a routine where he goes with me to the store, takes his Dr. Pepper out of the cooler and puts it on the check-out does not make me either manic or in need of "getting a life."

That's why I go to the store every day.  He needs that.  Now, if she'd like to walk a day in my shoes, I would be grateful, for I could use a break.


kareninca's picture

Orly, you too are responding to a straw man.  If you actually read what I wrote, I did not say that people should not have kids.  I did not say that they should not tend them. I did not say that the DO not tend them:  clearly they do.  What I said was that the CHILDREN often do not tend their PARENTS.

Your situation confirms that, alas.

Also, you describe your shopping in your posts, as shopping, not as having an extra purpose.  You go on and on about the shopping aspects of it.  You really troll the subject, in that capacity.

That's too bad about your son.  I know lots of kids with disabilities; fortunately they are perfectly happy. And fortunately their parents generally end up being taken care of BY OTHER PEOPLE.  That is the great thing about humans; they take care of people who AREN"T THEIR OWN PARENTS, AND WHO AREN'T THEIR OWN KIDS.  Alas, they have to in the case of the parents, since so many kids are no good.  At least, if and when your son can't care for you, you can point to his disability.  The people I know can't, with their kids; the kids are just awful, despite being raised with great care.

How hard is reading comprehension?

You and Bunny find it tough, it seems.

Orly's picture


You Said:


Water/saline pumped chicken, BGH cheese, sodium nitrate and high fructose corn syrup.

Sounds like "stroke belt" food."

And also:

"You shop for groceries every day?

Good grief, you have no life.

Isn't there anything you could read, or make, or grow, or ANYTHING that would be a better use of your time??

I shop for groceries twice a week; that is more than enough to hit the sales.  Every day  -  that's compulsive behavior."


Maybe I do have a "reading comprehension" problem.  Or, maybe you're just a young, know-it-all smartass who wants to sit in judgement over other people's lives?

Why don't you take your bullshit somewhere else, sugar?  I've had enough for the day.


kareninca's picture

Um, that's not an answer.

I'm sorry, but that's not great food, in fact it's pretty bad.  In no way healthful.  You might read Bill Kaysing's "Eat Well for a Dollar a Meal."  What he describes cooking would be a lot better for you and your son, and you might save some money.

bunnyswanson's picture

This past decade of reckless disregard for the laws and ethics has left many without a home, has broken up families, sent them into bankruptcy, or forced to move to another region to find work.  This is an exception due to the manipulation of the economy with these consequences in mind.  The communities have been fragmented, no one knows their neighbors, the familiar world we grew up in is gone and now we have Agenda 21 and drones hovering overhead. 

You are presenting a vision that does not even exist...but whatever.  That's why they call it propaganda.

I will use this space to put this out:

http://oathkeepers.org/oath/2013/02/18/ann-bressington-exposes-agenda-21-club-of-rome/  Austrailians awaken to find Agenda 21 ..nonbinding....(grants issued are binding).


Who funds Agenda 21?  Find out just who is pushing for a global agenda to "sustain the water, soil, and climate" - middle class is the cause of this burder, it has been concluded and the middle class lifestyle nonfuckingsustainable bitchez.  Urban sprawl is more deadly than the deforestation of the rain forests.  Water use for farming...food production...unsustainable.  Golf courses. 

But this is what will follow the completion of transfer of wealth from developed nations/working class -  Corral, categorize, cull.

We suggest that you look carefully at the members of the Funders' Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities to see where the UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development money trail leads. Money and power flow back and forth along these channels. Enterprise Community Development and LISC, for example, are on the list. They are for-profit affordable housing developers who benefit hugely from subsidies in smart growth and redevelopment (urban renewal) zones. Wal-Mart is a partner. The Orton Family Foundation is a partner. You'll find over 100 foundations and corporations on the list. Take a look. and look at this too, as an example of who funds the Smart Growth conferences.

On the issue of devaluation of property through regulatory means, we find it reprehensible that counties and cities recognize that development rights have value when they're being purchased in conservation easements, but they have no value when they're being taken away through regulations. You won't find many General or Comprehensive Plans that don't embed sustainable communities strategies in their elements. Most states require it by law through their legislation. These policies fund and support UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.

More and more non-profit organizations are being created, fragmenting from others, spinning off and creating more non-profits. Funding comes from state and federal grants, from your taxes and fees, private grants, donations (tax write-offs), and from lawsuits

Orly's picture

Now, that was a real CIA operation.  Gloria Steinem was a spook.  Don't believe me?  Ask Bing.

Twice the tax revenue and a whole new industry (child-care...) opened up when "women's lib" was thrust upon America by the banksters and CIA.

Dr. Sandi's picture

'Women's Lib' happend in my family because Dad couldn't afford a cottage, boat, snowmobile and second car on just his school teacher's salary. So mom abandoned us to work retail to pay the grocery bills left over after the bills for the other stuff overwhelemed daddy's ability to cope.

The CIA might have been behind the idea that we needed all that crap to make our lives worthwhile, but mostly it was just old fashioned greed and keeping up with the Joneses.

Arkadaba's picture

You sound bitter.

That being said, I have wondered why it is impossible to raise a family now on one income when it was possible 40 to 50 years ago. Is it inflation as Ripsomething suggests? Or as you suggest, the corporate overlords have succeeded in brainwashing the populace into thinking they need certain material goods so two-working parents are required ? I don't know but would tend to think it is a combination of flat wages and inflation in essentials such as food and housing.

And did you ever think that your mom liked working? Raising children can be extremely rewarding for some (men and women) but it isn't for everyone. I too had a stay-at-home mom and then a working mom. I liked the working mom better. (Disclosure: I was 13 when she started working so ....)


bunnyswanson's picture

You sound like you are from London. 

Dismantling the communities and now dismantling the families....What is even better than cheap labor in foreign land?  Slave labor.  This is an industrialists wet dream.  The black slaves were not permitted to be families.  They broke the spirit of the father, raped the mother and indoctrinated the children to accept their plight as being normal and acceptable.

There is a time and place for everything.  But children need to know their parents.  They need to hear their grandparents tell stories from the past.  The children should be exposed to the operation of a home and what it takes to run a house.  This is not something you absorb from the cosmos; it needs to be taught.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byxeOG_pZ1o  (short version)

Bush and his presentation of view of the "new world"  The unique and extraordinary opportunity which can emerge from occupying a foreign nation by force.  An era when the nations of the world can prosper and live in harmony - that "elusive path to peace"....the new world struggling to be borning, quite different from what we know.  A world where we recognize the shared responsiblity - A vision of the world where there is one govt.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iUX3yP9M8g (long speech)

"And we will"

Pejorative Requiem's picture

Man, you sound like Al Gore talkin about his sister that died of lung cancer. Either you've sold your soul to your ideology, or you just gotta learn to put some shit behind you. If the former is the one, here's a lyric you can google "so we open up a quarrel between the present and the past; we only sacrifice the future, it's the bitterness that lasts."

riphowardkatz's picture

mostly it was inflation. no it was all inflation. 

you sound like an ungrateful p&*^ 

Dr. Sandi's picture

As a luddite, I would rather have had a family life rather than the first color TV on the block.

vato poco's picture

Old enough to be a "Dr.", yet still sniveling about how mean ol' Mommy and (especially)(of course) *Daddy* fucked up your childhood by not being the people that you - many decades in the future - that you have decided they _should have been_?!?

This tells us rather a lot, "Dr.". Let me guess: Sociology? PoliSci? Journalism? Education? Womyn's Studies?

Dr. Sandi's picture

paid for by the Tyler Durden for President PAC

Dr. Sandi's picture



This tells us rather a lot, "Dr.". Let me guess: Sociology? PoliSci? Journalism? Education? Womyn's Studies?

Actually, I'm a proctologist, and you seem very familiar.

ebworthen's picture

Now, now.

What I heard was he would have rather come home to his Mom and a more content less materialistic Mom and Dad.  Sounds like Dad felt like he had to have the toys, but he was probably competing with the other Men to please his Wife - or at least appear as a good "hunter", if you know what I mean.  Vicious circle.

What would you prefer?

Now the argument has turned to "guns" killing people, when the root of the problem - and so many others in our crumbling society - is the destruction of the natural family.

Oldwood's picture

having survived 20 years into my third marriage with no children to show for it I can honestly suggest the selfishness and the need for "things" has probably never been greater than today. And living in a time where we can tell ourselves that the lack of procreation is saving the planet, others are actively taking our place. Acts of self destruction are all the rage now, especially in regard to our progeny. One can't help but wonder what the values of the next will be. Homosexual nihlists who purchase their children online? No one knows because even those who do reproduce are having their children raised by strangers.

Orly's picture

Lincoln walks with everything except Best Picture and Best Director.

Those go to Ang Lee and The Life of Pi.


otto skorzeny's picture

Hebeywood fucking sucks-like Marlon Brando told Larry King " Hollywood is run by the Jews"

chump666's picture

Yes and a damn fine actor too.

What have we got these days? 

Orly's picture

Johnny Depp?  Again?  Being as strange as possible?

chump666's picture

Depp is cool, forgot him, but yes he has that cynical hard boiled look.

Orly's picture

I hope you're selling this JPY jump.

Aussie is looking bleak.  Remember, I mentioned some months back that the AUDUSD is hanging out in the top half of the wedge pattern and that was very strange?

It closed right on the border of the upper half last week and then jumped down into the lower half on the Japanese news on open this week.  It is not too promising for the Aussie.

Of course, that could have something to do with the Chinese mop-up job last week and copper taking a major tumble.  But it may be more than that.


chump666's picture

HSBC PMI came in weaker.  I think the YEN shorts are done, on IMMI chart shorts are falling off cept for the housewives.  I hate calling equity tops, but, we could have our top for risk, more so from commodities (like you said).  THe AUD smack-down was gold moving close to the 1500.  DXY longs, shorts have collapsed etc etc etc


hyperbole2000's picture

The statsitcally proven 100% guaranteed way to rdecrease the  population growth rate is to increase development and make everyone rich.

Due your dilligence.

Hannibal's picture

Die Weiße Rose.

We will not be silent.

"...It is the time of the harvest, and the reaper cuts into the ripe grain with
wide strokes. Mourning takes up her abode in the country cottages, and there is
no one to dry the tears of the mothers. Yet Hitler feeds those people whose most
precious belongings he has stolen and whom he has driven to a meaningless death
with lies.

Every word that comes from Hitler's mouth is a lie. When he says peace, he means
war, and when he blasphemously uses the name of the Almighty, he means the power
of evil, the fallen angel, Satan. His mouth is the foul maw of Hell, and his
power is at bottom accursed. True, we must conduct a struggle against the Nazi
terrorist state with rational means; but whoever today still doubts the reality,
the existence of demonic powers, has failed by a wide margin to understand the
metaphysical background of this war.

Behind the concrete, the visible events, behind all objective, logical
considerations, we find the irrational element: The struggle against the demon,
against the servants of the Antichrist.

Everywhere and always demonic powers lurk in the dark, waiting for the moment
when man is weak; when of his own volition he leaves his place in Creation, as
founded for him by God in freedom; when he yields to the force of evil, he
separates himself from the powers of a higher order; and after voluntarily
taking the first step, he is driven on to the next and the next at a furiously
accelerating rate.

Everywhere, and at times of greatest trials, men have appeared, prophets and
saints who cherished their freedom, who preached the One God and who with His
help brought the people to a reversal of their downward course. Man is free, to
be sure, but without the true God he is defenseless against the principle of
evil. He is a like rudderless ship, at the mercy of the storm, an infant without
his mother, a cloud dissolving into thin air...,

Isn't it a riddle and awe-inspiring that things can be so beautiful, despite the
horror? I've seen something wondrous peering through my joy in the beautiful, a
sense of its creator...Only people can be truly ugly, because they have free
will to separate themselves from this song of praise.

It often seems they will drown out this hymn with cannon thunder, curses, and
blasphemy. But I have realized they will not succeed. And so I want to throw
myself on the side of the victor.”

Sophie Scholl

The White Rose
Fourth Leaflet
Munich, 1942

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Mike Peled - The Israeli General's Son http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TOaxAckFCuQ

How iron that the persecuted turn to the persecution of others.

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What would you expect from someone who's career highlight was rescuing Mussolini?

Sadly, few know history.   We seem to be headed down the same path - but with those aspiring to absolute control having FAR more powerful tools of control at their fingertips.   I fear that the Third Reich WOULD have lasted for a thousand years if it had the means of control and the weapons we now have available.

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Expensive tripe: it cost 22 year old Sophie her head.