Are You Being Sucked In By Zero Hedge?

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Yes, I acknowledge that it's doom and gloom, with a fair share of worldwide death for everyone. However, let us consider this.

Not so much, what if you're wrong, because it's almost a 99% certainty that you're right based on your own judgement. (At least the judgement of others i.e. Zero Hedge, because the best capitalists learn and immitate. At least the successful ones who don't bitch about the state of captalism. I'm sorry about your wife.)

Rather, the question of: "Why doesn't everyone believe my sound, rational theories and how can I empathise with them more?"

It's true. We get frustrated at people who have a limited understanding of this world, as they babble on about some bullshit of how socialism would work in the ideal world, or how we have enough money to feed the world's poor, even though it never happens and never will.

Empathy is important for a number of reasons, however it's a process that will make you more familiar with your fellow human being, which is the very idea of being human. To promote harmony and peace, a common goal for those without derrangement. 

Not to be confused with the idea that we should accept them for who they are. Instead to come to a perspective that helps account for their way of understanding. We're all individuals and in order to appreciate this fact, you must understand the people around you.

Because humans aren't stupid. 

We may be irrational to the point of submission and dileriously gullible, but we're not stupid. 

People have been motivated to the point of destruction i.e. Hilter. Power and influence certainly isn't stupid, especially as another man holds a gun to your head, under a set of circumstances that saw your children hunted by an above drone for suspected 'treason' in the playground. Hello Obama. 

So even though socialists, deconstructionists and every other kind of -ism ideology exists out there, people are still completely capable of influencing the world and satisfying their own personal success, just as we are.

That is the true aim, is it not? To satisfy that personal grudge within us via success? That one thing we will never have as idealists. 

How'd you think Wall Street got so big and why do you think this website exists? Who is truly delusional?

It was never a matter of morals or even prosperity or growth. It was all about the ideas that are being influenced by the people in control. We have no control. 

We complain, mock and portray other ideas negatively because quite obviously, we have no influence OR power. Otherwise, we would not be in this position. Homo Erectus looks down in shame.

Evolutionarily speaking, we are weak. Yet we claim righteousness, which has no basis on this earth. 

Moving on, if A is stupid and B is stupid, who is more stupid?

Both subjects, babbling idiots who ponder upon this idea of world control. The U.S. is feeling a little homesick from all the terrorism abroad, however thank you China, for what looks like a good day for imports. 

There is only one reality, and that is the one we are currently living in. All kinds of different global and local perspectives, manipulating people to do things we don't love. Yet the set path, while not ideal, is not wrong. 


Because no one said life had to exist as it currently does, nor exist at all. Expontential growth has really screwed us in this regard. The function that has no intelligent design, seeks to promote itself as the one and only alternative to death. Oh, the contradictions.  

If you treat life as one big chemical reaction, anthropology would suggest that the present and coming events were entirely predictable. 

Furthermore, anyone can provide any sort of logical argument to support their case, be it as irrational as it may be, because there are other people out there who grew up with the same values and ideas as them. That's why you have a mass of followers that then become an entity. Religon, I am looking at you. As you have more people, so does variety increase.  

We shout our lungs out to suspecting truth seekers to no possible avail.

You can only attract so many people, because we are so, so stupid.

Julius Reade

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 I have been on this site for 3+ f#$#king years and all i know is 3 years ago i could have invested in the c fund(S&P) in my TSP plan and could have increase my earnings  by over 50%,but instead listen to all gloom and doom markets going to crash bullshit,should have listen to the dude who was investing in the markets that you all made of all the time. who laughing now

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"...what you've just said ... is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul..."  <Billy Madison>

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Looks like somebody has tried out their new NLP skills on us.

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Yank this kid off the server

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I'm thinking we should do an anagram and figure out who this "Julius Reade" really is...

Any takers?



Nabokov would be proud...


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Jail Used Rue

Usual Id Jeer

A Duel Juries

Jar Duel Use I

Lenay Kekua ;)

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I am not being so sucked in by ZH that this article appears to be anything more than a mindfuck.

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Tyler just blew me - so does that count as being sucked in by zero hedge?

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ZH Hacked by chinese, gets the above article post.

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Impossible --- not a single mention of "US 'american' citizenism".

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This guy is exactly right.

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Best ZH post evah.


Or not.


I can't tell...

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It was the best of posts, it was the worst of posts.

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He could have meant that we are coming into the thick of it and this puppy is soon going to look like Denzel Washington's airplane with an aileron snapped off.

It is a "hang-in-there" speech.  Keep your wits about you because, even though you are drunk out of your freakin' mind, people are looking to you to fly this thing upside down and try not to kill everyone on board.

Of course, Tyler can't go around calling tops, so he is just flashing the "Fasten Seat Belts" sign.

(Am I close?)


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What process of editorial approval permitted this illiterate, incoherent ramble?

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what did he just say??

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Wow. If the intention was to discredit ZH, well done. Rambling, inchoherent drug-addled homeless people can now freely post articles to ZH?


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Now now Howard!

I'm sure that he is not homeless.

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Agreed ...

Re the article -

Huh ?