GeDDoN iT oN!!!

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I always knew that little gimp Bill English was a plant - Ha ha leveraged buy out bitchz - Goldman fucked the Greeks and now Kiwi gonna get it Greek style ...

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GEDDON IT ON?  Not GeDdON iT On?  Somebody hacked your account.

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 Great vid of T.Rex. Marc Bolan with a Silver Jacket. COOL. Years ahead. Polliticians in any country are flaming ASSHOLES. 

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Was that Elton John playing piano ! HA !

I dig the girl in the yellow at :42

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and god said the newyork times is dead and the wars begun

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Can I be scared now? really, really scared?


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moar Italian horsemeat for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muchograciaswilliam.......................

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i think the first rule of the monetary fart club is not to allow any sort of  gaseous (or notional wealth) to actually inflate your assets. (dont' crap your pants!)

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Mr Sikorsky himself

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You either loved Salvador Dali or perhaps Alfred E Newman...maybe both.

Either way..or not at all.





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the flying monkeys will set fire to him

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Straw man for the Banksters

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Me thinks he's spitting straw after blowing Lloyd in the hey ....

I'm missing some family pictures of the Stg. Blankfein's Bankrrupt  EU-Band ... Delacroix format . 

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whatever it takes = whatever we can take

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Ah --  I think the LSD just kicked in!

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At this point I am very comfortable saying you won't find this anywhere else.

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"Ah --  I think the LSD just kicked in!"

Ah...way are some more of those hooey-balooie pictures to trip out on:


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I woke up this mornin' with the sundown shinin' in
I found my mind in a brown paper bag but then
I tripped on a cloud and fell-a eight miles high
I tore my mind on a jagged sky
I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in


Some of banzai's finest work here.

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Oh god, the images are warping my mind! Got to stop doing this log in, go to Banzi and warping the mind when I am stoned! Just got in from loading firewodd for the big blizard, and this hits me in the face!

Willima I gotta take a quick break from the outside world! 15 inches of snow and 35 mph winds comming this evening thru tommarrow!

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She's so easy on the eyes!  Thanks Mr Banzai!



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Reminds me of the Avengers..Emma first love..especially in the balck leather there's a relic you could peruse upon!


superb as always

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Re Nigel Farage -

He is a great, effective speaker against euro-zone idiocy


Very sadly, Nigel Farage and his UKIP party apparently support extremist versions of Zionism, bullying of Palestinians, war against Iran, etc. ... and they punish party members who try to disagree

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Lots of anecdotal evidence points to Farage beeing one sane man amoung a ton of lunatics at UKIP.

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Ah, yes.. the good old days of constant and never ending RGAs (students' assemblies) and plenaries and the ever so vocal MRPP (constituted mostly of bourgeois students, such as Barroso, btw), who's main enemy was "revisionist" communist party, not the right wing, itself, and who was so "radical" even Mao's China didn't want anything to do with them (they were refused entry once, I believe), preferring the much more "tame" UDP (now part of Left Bloc, with Trotskyist LCI). It's leader, Arnaldo Matos, "the educator of the working class" (sic!) was a lawyer for Shell, during dictatorship, and went underground when police went to arrest him, but their claim to fame is mostly their murals, some of which are now preserved as mural art and a testimony to those times, and which granted them the epithet Wall Painters' Reorganizing Movement (from Proletariat's Party Reorganizing Movement (same initials)).

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hahahah best one in awhile

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Yes, this is a masterpiece of Visual Combat

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I find it interesting how even with the Internet our emotions still betray us. Just "what" those emotions betray has been a great source of debate for some. I would think many a bear out there has learned "the renewed focus of maintaining focus" given the total obliteration of the bear case oh these many years. Not saying we might be on the cusp of a "Japanese scenario" of course. Isn't the lesson of Japan's bubble bursting that it only get's harder to "normalize" does it not once "the PPT stops working"?

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I wonder what Jesse Livermore would say about whai is happening. I think I know, but it is another rewarding exercise in critical thinking.

If you don't think for yourself, you wind up being a calm fool on the deck of the Titanic, which once again is the perfect metaphor.