Nuclear Expert: “The Melted Core Cracked The Containment Vessel, There Really Is No Containment” At Fukushima Reactors

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Steven Starr - Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri/Senior Scientist at Physicians for Social Responsibility - said:

The Japanese basically lied about what happened with the reactors for months. They said they were trying to prevent a meltdown, when in fact they knew within the first couple of days Reactors 1, 2, and 3 at Fukushima Daiichi had melted down, and they actually melted through the steel containment vessels.

So there was a worst case scenario that they were trying to hide, they even knew that at that time enormous amounts of radiation were released over Japan and some of it even went over Tokyo [...]

The melted core cracked the containment vessel, there really is no containment. So as soon as they pump the water in it leaks out again.

Asahi Shimbum notes that the location of Fukushima melted fuel is unknown. It could be ‘scattered’ in piping, vessels ... “we’ve yet to identify all hotspots” around plant.

While the Japanese government tried to cover up the lack of containment with "mission accomplished" type announcements of "cold shutdown", the loss of containment has been known for years.

For example, AP wrote in December 2011:

The nuclear fuel moved as it melted, so its condition and locations are little known.

AP noted a couple of days later:

The complex still faces numerous concerns, triggering criticism that the announcement of “cold shutdown conditions” is based on a political decision rather than science. Nobody knows exactly where and how the melted fuel ended up in each reactor ….

We noted last year:

If the reactors are “cold”, it may be because most of the hot radioactive fuel has leaked out.


The New York Times pointed out last month:

A former nuclear engineer with three decades of experience at a major engineering firm … who has worked at all three nuclear power complexes operated by Tokyo Electric [said] “If the fuel is still inside the reactor core, that’s one thing” …. But if the fuel has been dispersed more widely, then we are far from any stable shutdown.”

Indeed, if the center of the reactors are in fact relatively “cold”, it may be because most of the hot radioactive fuel has leaked out of the containment vessels and escaped into areas where it can do damage to the environment.

After drilling a hole in the containment vessel of Fukushima reactor 2, Tepco cannot find the fuel.

As AP notes:

The steam-blurred photos taken by remote control Thursday found none of the reactor’s melted fuel ….

The photos also showed inner wall of the container heavily deteriorated after 10 months of exposure to high temperature and humidity, Matsumoto said.

TEPCO workers inserted the endoscope — an industrial version of the kind of endoscope doctors use — through a hole in the beaker-shaped container at the Fukushima Dai-ichi plant’s No. 2 reactor ….

New video of the inside of the torus room in Fukushima reactor 1 shows piles of sediment:

As nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen pointed out last year:

Tokyo Electric ran a probe into the basement of Unit 1. This is not inside the containment, this is outside the containment. On the top of the water surface they found lethal radiation, 1000 rem an hour.

But then they put the probe down into the water and what’s even worse is the bottom, the sediment on the bottom, was thousand of times hotter than that. And what that indicates is that fuel, nuclear fuel, has left the containment, as particles, and settled out on the bottom outside the containment. So, I think that’s a pretty clear indication that the containment was breached. It just makes decommissioning these plants… it was going too be hard already, but this information makes it worse.

Loss of containment of nuclear fuel also exists within the spent fuel pools at Fukushima.

For example, Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer says of new video released by Tepco showing extensive damage and debris in Fukushima spent fuel pool 3:

Plenty of heavy steel beams and refueling equipment that must be cleared out of the way in order to see how badly damaged each fuel assembly is.

There is little doubt that failed fuel exists, which is highly radioactive.

Asahi Shimbum notes:

The water [inside Fuel Pool 4] was muddy and brown.

The Fukushima fuel pools continue to be one of the main threats to Japan, the United States ... and all of humanity.

And the Fukushima accident is presently causing higher and higher levels of contamination hundreds of miles away ... and is still contaminating wildlife thousands of miles away.

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diogeneslaertius's picture

stop being conspiracy theorists and pass me that bottle of deuterium-232 ketchup

Poor Grogman's picture

How can the world learn from this and help end this ongoing catastrophe if the govt and/or tepco won't even tell people what's going on at the site?

How many planes had to crash before black boxes began to shed some light on the disasters.

The only possible lesson from Fukushima is that nuclear power cannot be made safe.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

What's the "hot" new entree at all of America's fast food restaurants?  North Pacific Cod!!

No joke.  They're "feeding it out" as we like to say at the barn.

medium giraffe's picture

Guys & Gals - please please please watch this video re. Geoengineering. 

Feel free to ridicule me etc if you don't agree, but please watch and see what you think.

If you give a shit about the planet.  Not a scam or a suspicious link, just a video on youtube.

If you agree, please pass it on.

Yes it's chemtrails.

No I didn't believe in them either.


Forewarned is forearmed:

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"This video has been removed by the user."

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Fed balance sheet #3....

scrappy's picture

For the latest on Fuk, LA Sinkhole, and much more,  this is the news source.

George Washington's picture

I've said many times: is the single best source for updates on nuclear issues ...

Element's picture

Which is why you entertain such a warped sense of disproportion regarding the topic ... as do they ... disinformers are not the same as informers Georges ... try harder.

mendigo's picture

When this thing broke, ZH called it on the money almost from day 1. I was stunned to see the disconnect between the bullshit the japs were spewing and the disinterest among the msm and ZH telling it real. That's when I knew ZH was the real deal and that the msm is a complete waste of time.

Well at least maybe this will help to put the little incident where we nuked a civilian population (twice oh snap) behind us.

We are less than dirt but the fuckin japs should be very ashamed that no one has been held accountable in a big and public way. China will be doing them a favor when they overrun them and take thier women.

de3de8's picture

Maybe nobama could come up with some stimulus funding and recycle into green cars or something like that. Could be a two time peace prize recipient!

monad's picture

Revelations 8.11

The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.

Mission Accomplished. 

stiler's picture


Rev  11:18

And the nations were angry and Thy wrath is come and the  time of the dead, that they should be judged and that Thou should give reward unto Thy servants the prophets and to the saints and them that fear Thy name, small and great and should destroy them that destroy the earth.

Isa 24:5

The earth is also defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. (Gen 8:15-9:7)

monad's picture

Treason against the United States shall consist only of levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. Article III Section 3, The Constitution of the United States of America

stiler's picture

yeah, by two or more witnesses shall it be established. language right out of the Bible. Breaking laws established in Gen 9, such as, be fruitful and multiply; the UN says drastic depopulation. Nation staus is good, UN says One World. Eating meat is good, UN says bad. Male is male, female is female, the world says no, male is female, female is male. This CANNOT stand. And of course a paper note is money, when we know that it is really worthless, just an IOU for GOLD.

monad's picture

Providing Aid and Comfort to 30-45 Million Illegal aliens is enough confessions to move to adjourn and proceed to the hanging... I mean sentencing.

NoWayJose's picture

Japan is hoping another tsunami comes along, pulls the reactors out to sea, and they wash up on a Chinese beach.

NoWayJose's picture

In 2500 years when the radiation levels are only half what they are today, the place will be crawling with asian cockroaches.

The Miser's picture

The Japanese movie industry will have new and better monsters to film.  Only this time they will be real, real big.

bjfish's picture

I'm no nukular expert, but perhaps this radioactive release is a good thing. It will help build mankind's us to develop the appropriate anti-bodies n'all.  Hey, they got microbes that eat crude oil, so why not.

de3de8's picture

U can't be that stupid!

torabora's picture

Come On! Screaming Meteor of Death!

lindaamick's picture

And because there's no profit in maintenance activities most of the US nuclear reactors, being more than 40 years old, are also accidents waiting to happen.   

The thing about nuclear power is that the waste sticks around forever, contaminating all things living.


gregga777's picture

And Senator Harry Reid killed the Yucca Mountain high-level nuclear waste repository. So the last +70 years of nuclear waste will continue to sit dispersed, mostly at the originating site, with questionable safety, security and accountability to the public.

Oh, and by the way, the nuclear power plants are all owned and operated by some sort of PUBLIC electric public utility entity. Their rates and the resulting profits are set by the various Public Utility Commissions or the like. There is as much profit in maintenance as the PUCs will allow. If the PUC approved of it the electric company could charge their customers to: provide their executives a new pink Cadillac every year; weekly manicures and pink fingernails; a corporate wet bar featuring a bevy of high-class blonde escorts (I want a fiery red-head) on Friday nights; and anything else they so pleased (and thought they could get by the electorate).

The point being that if the public so demanded and was willing to pay for it with higher electricity rates (or should we go back to whale oil and finish off the cetaceans?) the entire array of nuclear power problems, not to mention the elderly national power grid that is already well into decrepitude, would have been solved years ago.

Face it, despite all protests to the contrary, WE as people are too cheap to pay the costs for what necessities that can be conveniently ignored. We have to keep those rates low so that Las Vegas can be lit up as planet Earth's ultimate red-light district beacon, to entice visiting aliens to stop over for the night, without having to land in Washington, D. C., to ask for directions to the closest brothels in this spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy. They hate to ask for directions, too.

At one time almost every power company maintained crews to routinely trim trees away from power lines. But some peoples clamored that their electric rates were too high. As opposed to what? Cooking with wood- or coal-fired stoves that roasted you in summer and smoked you out in winter? Lighting their homes at night with whale oil lamps? As if one-out-a-thousand has ever heard of whale oil. [Did you buy at the corner BP whale oil and mini-mart? Did BP drill off-shore whale oil wells? Back then did BP violate Federal whale oil worker and environmental safety laws? Did they spill whale oil all over the Gulf back then, too? Was the white whale in Moby Dick really an allegory about greedy, manager-for-hire mentality?]

Many PUCs obliged by eliminating that cost from recovery. My electric power company quit trimming trees as a Green-initiative. A number of years passed with out interruption. Everyone was happy. Right? I watched the trees grow lush and Green and embrace the powerlines in their resplendent Greenery. They were happy. And Green. The Greens were all so happy.

One day in early winter, after the deciduous trees shed their once bright Green leaves, a huge windstorm and heavy rain descended from the sky upon the fair, not as Green land. The once, so very lush Green trees, now bare of leaf, embraced the power lines as they toppled over, taking down aged powerlines, poles (averaging 20-years beyond replacement schedules), and transformers (averaging 30-years beyond design lifetime).

A huge, ancient maple tree on the steep hill across the road from my ranch fell across the only road leading into our fair vale. The tree's massive trunk struck squarely atop the power pole, splintering it like a toothpick, smashing my transformer like a Coca-Cola (TM) can underfoot, severing the only electrical power connection (and telephones, too, by the way) to my ranch and everyone in the rest of Cherry Valley.

A nearby neighbor, a residential tree trimmer (oh, the irony), found the tree blocking the road as he came home. He fired up his chain saw and cut the ancient, maple tree into manageable logs. I hauled and split logs for hours, day-after-day, keeping quite warm while doing so. That tree kept my fireplace burning, keeping me warm, all winter long. Which was quite fortunate because the few voters in our valley of ranchers was a much lower on the power company's priority list than the dark cities full of angry voters without fireplaces or ready woodpiles.

The 50-year old switching station transformers, already averaging 10-years older than their design lifetimes, and with a decidedly inconvenient two year factory back-order, failed in a cascading series of spectacular explosions, their PCB-contaminated oil feeding raging fires. The lights and heat went out all across that fair land. Which was once so Green before the leaves fell. And the peoples' electricity no longer came gushing into their homes on the once-so bright and shiny copper powerlines, now so Green with corrosion.

The power company, whose maintenance budget had been continually raided by the PUC commissioners, like it was a piggy bank, in order to keep electricity rates low, lacked the required resources to restore service as quickly as their customers believed was their right.

And the media talking heads, so self-righteous under caked layers of make-up, interviewed distraught customers whose homes were dark. And cold. And they dared not to ask the questions: Why the company did not store during a time of plenty to carry it through a time of famine. Why the people did not have candles, or kerosene lanterns and few gallons of safely-stored fuel? What did the Public Utility Commissioners decide every time company management wanted to increase rates to amortize costs of new capital equipment to replace aging infrastructure? Or to stockpile emergency supplies of long-lead equipment such as massive sub-station transformers?

Oh, no! Those would have been decidedly not just unpopular but outright dangerous questions to air. The unhappy city folk might become a mob. And the IQ of a mob is approximately--zero.

But, hey, in the end, we all got what we paid for.

BigInJapan's picture

One should never underestimate the Japanese propenisty for apathy. Besides, the new AKB48 single came out yesterday so who the fuck cares about radiation, right?


gregga777's picture

Who makes the AKB48? Does it use the AK-47 or the AK-74 magazine?

are we there yet's picture

Thank goodness AKB48 is not radioactive, but they are hoter than anything I touch.

Praetorian Guard's picture

I see from GeoMar that within 10 years (from the initial incident) the Pacific is DEAD... BAD SHIT...

Not Too Important's picture

In ten years lethal amounts will have spread far beyond the GeoMar simulation. We only have a few generations left before we're all gone. In 5-6 generations the children will be mostly sterile, and whatever kids might still be born will be horrific mutants with no one to care for them.

Falconsixone's picture

"My skins falling off mommy".  "Here's an aspirin and a glass of flouridated water, now go play outside mommys lungs are bleeding".

besnook's picture

i have only read one article addressing the real possibility of radiation contamination of the drinking water supply and how it would create a huge barren area off limits because of the lack of potable water or water for any use.

are we there yet's picture

Water is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen. Hydrogen is  incapable of being radioactive, and Oxygen has no lasting radioactive isotopes. So H2O can always be filtered to be fit for drinking, now and in the future. Food though can contain elements higher up the periodic table of elements such as sodium, calcium, iodine, etc. that have problem isotopes that can be made radioactive by reactors that are hard to remove if distributed uniformely in our food chain.  For example, every banana on earth is very very slightly radioactive from trace ammounts of a potassium isotope that occurs among normal potassium atoms since the earths formation.  The pacific food chain is damaged long term though. I now prefer atlantic salmon and eat less tuna because they feed at the top of their food chain.

gregga777's picture

You should swear off coconut, too. The coconut palm has a decided preference for certain radioactive isotopes created in the Bikini Atoll thermonuclear bomb tests conducted there by the US Military-Scientific community in the 1950's. I do not recall which isotopes. The Bikini islanders had to be removed again, this time permanently, because of that discovery. Radioactively the island was safe but the coconuts were very hot.

are we there yet's picture

Apology sort of. 2 neutron hydrogen with a low energy half life of 12 years can occur but is relatively harmless emitting a harmless anti neutrino and simple electron about 5.6kev (  ), and Oxygen can have isotopes (half life of a few minutes), but both are negdegable Fukashema concerns.  They do not move up the food chain in the pacific ocean as does iodine, cessium, and other elements. H2O isotopes dilute to nothing measurable in the pacific ocean. But I appreciate your correction. Still the H2O of the ocean is not becoming radioactive in an of itself.

akak's picture


Hydrogen is  incapable of being radioactive,

Um, tritium?

and Oxygen has no lasting radioactive isotopes.

If they were lasting, they wouldn't be radioactive.
However, if by "lasting" you meant "natural", then you are correct --- there are 17 known artificial radioactive isotopes of oxygen, with the longest lived, 15O, having a half life of 122 seconds.

Not Too Important's picture

Aerosolized enriched uranium and plutonium has contaminated the whole world's drinking supplies. It's in the rain, the air, the oceans, the food, and if you were breathing in the first 40 days after 3/11/11, anywhere on the planet, your lungs are full of it.

Extensive testing of car air filters around the world confirmed it. We're fucked, and we don't have much time.

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Here is what I got to combat this...


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scavengers such as glutathione and the polyamines (e.g, spermidine and spermine) can inhibit

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Absinthe Minded's picture

Link? Proof? If this is for real I would like to know how much time we all have left.??? Ah fuck it! Does it really matter...

gregga777's picture

They should stick those industrial endoscopes up the ***es of those lying politicians. Maybe we could finally find out what politicians use for brains.

rsnoble's picture

Regarding the first video "Obama's election was rigged" comment:  Was it not considered the republicans candidate was a rancid piece of fucking dog shit?

I also hate Obama so hold that thought.

rsnoble's picture

Shits flying apart, it's just one fucking group of clowns vs. the other in taking it down to the next level and somehow maintaining control by use of kill crush destroy which they are using everywhere else and is working so well I might add.



Walt D.'s picture

"They should send John Corzine to vaporize it!"

Eureka! Now we know what happened to Sadam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction - he gave them to MF Global for safe keeping ... and then they disappeared without a trace!

Walt D.'s picture

"Yikes - the China Syndrome!"

After this bores through the center of the Earth, it is going to come out in Brazil or Paraguay.

Rusty Shorts's picture

The 9.0 EQ damaged the reactors severely, they were toast before the Tsunami ever hit!!!

NidStyles's picture

I guess they should have gone with Thorium.

Matt's picture

Because U-233 cannot meltdown if it loses cooling?

Mi Naem's picture

At the embedded "TruNews" program embedded at the top, FF to 33:40 for Fukushima info with Steven Starr. 


I just wish moderator Kirk Cameron could pronounce an "s" without whistling though his dentures. 

TSA gropee's picture

I wish people such as yourself wouldn't nit pick such stupid and irrelevent shit such as the way someone speaks. Fuck you. Like he could really do anything about it. At least Kirk is speaking out on such an important and urgent matter.


Thanks GW, outta sight, outta mind is not where this issue should be.

de3de8's picture

Come on, could not help but laugh, comment worth it on that alone!