HaPPY SeQueSTRaTioN DaY 2013...

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Observers are lining the deck
They're viewing the oncoming wreck
They look unimpressed
From watching this test
As long as stocks rise, what the heck...

The Limerick King




Barack has an elephant trap
So those on the Right take the rap
They can only ascend 
By agreeing to spend
He knows that the plank will then snap

The Limerick King






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ShakaZulu's picture

M.I.C.?  Military Industrial Complex?

WTFUD's picture

Every day week or month these blowhards as WB7 illustrates come up with a diversionary Day ( this d w m it's sequestration ). This propaganda as we know distracts from the Only important issues of THEFT and MURDER and the consequences thereof!

the grateful unemployed's picture

removal or separation; banishment or exile. 2.
a withdrawal into seclusion; retirement. 3.
the sequestering of property. b.
confiscation or seizure. check out the 3rd definition there, in case you thought all this was about was reducing government spending

ShakaZulu's picture

OMG!  That it too FReAKy!  You have exposed his soul!!!

Jena's picture

We can't help what we perceive. Somewhere there may be a Dorian Grey portrait that shows another visage but this is what I see, too.

Awesome news about the prints, William!  I wish you all the success in the world (and suspect youu will have it)!

williambanzai7's picture

Thanks Jena. So far the response has been great. It will help alleviate other worldly distractions so I can continue down this path.

blu's picture

Bill, I keep looking but I don't see where you made any editorial statments about the President. You are sometimes just too subtle! Come on, let us in on the joke, what did you change here?

williambanzai7's picture

That's a photo of him before he got his dental caps.

Fezter's picture

Sea Quest Rations......you must make do with a little less Plankton.

Dagny Taggart's picture

Pennywise always kills me lol.


Obama just said: "... and not paint horns on my head,"

That part was for you Banzai.


As always, thank you for your hard work.

williambanzai7's picture

Thanks for your support Dagney. ;-)

Jena's picture

No kidding.  Flashing a red cape right in front of a satiric Photoshop artist extraordinaire was just asking for something special.

trichotil's picture

is that pistorious' bloody cricket bat underneath o.j.'s glove?

they both keep kosher doncha know?

pisto retained the legal services of dershoshitz?


offing your galpal gets you vip seating at satanic talmud celebrations

(not to mention a magical get out on bail free card).


what's with all the tight security, what did god's chosen ever do to piss anyone off?

cant happen here eh?


stant's picture

happy s-equestrian day indeed . line up all the msn money bunnys like ponygirls after all that biting at the bits


rlouis's picture

Please sir, may I have a banana?


NO! No banana for you!

Banana Master

Ben Bernanke

the grateful unemployed's picture

the Elephant Trap, great work WMB7 and Limerick King

Nobody For President's picture

Corzine Glove and Lubby Dubby on the same day... Genius!

I vote for the coffee table book - damn the price. I don't have enough wall space to put up 1/2 the singles I want.

El Viejo's picture

Does the equestration in sequestration mean this has something to do with horsemeat???

Bandit und Buster's picture

EXCELLENT WILLIAM!!  Love the Ice Pond scene!

El Oregonian's picture

I'm confused. Is it Sequestration or Secastration?

Liquid Courage's picture




There’s no danger with irradiance,
So they say but I’m taking no chance
The others are fools,
I’m protecting my jewels,
By wearing lead-lined underpants.

williambanzai7's picture

Great news, January consumer spending was up due to utility bills.

Who comes up with this shit.

the grateful unemployed's picture

i was feeling pretty good about myself, so i took off the wool cap and the down jacket and turned the themostat up to 62.

blu's picture

And February spending will be up due to the price of gasoline.

They call it a "wealth effect" but for some reason I feel more poor every day. Maybe I'm not doing it right.

williambanzai7's picture

They've returned to the Green Shoots paradigm. They really think we are morons, fringe lowbrow morons.

digalert's picture

+1 clown in the sewer...I'm waiting as well.

wisefool's picture

Great work. Isn't the sequester crisis basically 2008 for statists? As TARP was to Keynesianism?

If you don't give us outrageous ammounts of tax money to fuel oppulence and waste in our religion ... people will lose faith in the paridigm ... so we will roll tanks (pennywise) on the streets?

DaddyO's picture


Groupon finally does the right thing...http://www.forbes.com/sites/petercohan/2013/03/01/groupon-fires-its-ceo-...

Just bit a late don't you think?


HeadintheGame's picture

A Tird In A Punch Bowl for sure....


Offered IPO Mid 2011 @ $30!


52 Week High $19.88; 52 Week LOW $2.60. 


MS and GS, Too Big To Jail!



irie1029's picture

Hey its a Mog... always when they are eating!

earnulf's picture

As usual WB, an excellent compliation of artwork spearing the powers that be.    Keep up the amazing work, especially the cuties!

ShakaZulu's picture

Darn, I'll buy whatever you want!  Let's work on getting you some clothes first...